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11 living captainsThe Walk with Shay team sent me the next in their series on living club captains and their incredible raffle.  The first can be found here, goo luck to all participants.

“The countdown is now on for the Walk With Shay Green Raffle Army prize draw on 25th May 2017 at Paradise. There is still time left to purchase raffle tickets to win our Club Captains of Celtic Away Top, covering 53 years of our Clubs unbroken history and a host of other amazing Celtic prizes, but don’t leave it too late.

Here is the next part of the club captains story”

Captain No 3: Tommy Boyd-November 2014

Tommy Boyd

Tommy was an inspiration as Club Captain and still raises the bar high amongst the Celtic family as a Club Ambassador; giving up free time, and taking part in numerous fundraising events within the club and with the supporters, always taking time to talk to fans, signing autographs etc. Indeed, when we had a few beers in Mollies, he spent the entire night happily being interrupted by fans asking for photos and signatures. He obliged them all without a moan or groan. His wife told us that he loved the attention and was in his element. I had gone to the toilet at one point and a Chelsea fan who was standing next to me as we passed the time of day, asked “Who’s that you’re with? And I said to him joking, “Imagine, not knowing that! That’s Tommy Boyd, he played for your team”. I thought nothing more of it, until the boy appeared beside Tommy, ten minutes later asking for a photo.  I later told Tommy, that I had chatted him up in the toilets earlier, for him.

For Tommy’s signature, I got in contact with Tommy’s CQN buddy who agreed to put the wheels in motion to assist with Captain number 3.  A couple of days later, I was in the Kerrydale Bar having a pre-match beer with CQNer, TTTT. It was very busy, but who appears in front of me, as if by magic, Tommy Boyd. We had a brief chat and I said to him that I needed a favour as I was looking for him to sign the two tops. He said” Sure no problem”, and gave me his mobile number and told me to call him. The next week after a call, there was Tommy Boyd in my office at work signing the two tops. Tommy still claims to this day that he was the only Club Captain that came to us, to get the Tops signed… At this point, I had told Andy F about my plans and had enlisted his support and help in the search for the 11 club captains. There was still a long way to go and I started to realise that to complete this momentous task, that I would need help.


Captains No 4 and 5: Danny McGrain and Scott Brown-May 2015

Danny McGrainScott Brown

Thanks to Andy F, this was a breeze in the park, as he got in touch with Tony Hamilton, CEO of Celtic FC Foundation who agreed to help. We duly and slightly nervously handed the tops into Celtic Park for signing in due course. The tops had never been out of possession up to this date, but we knew that they would be well looked after by Tony.

Danny had taken ill at the time, so we knew he had not been working at Celtic Park, but Tony went out his way to get both Danny and Broony to sign the tops, within a short space of time. The significance and uniqueness of the tops started to dawn on everybody now involved in collecting signatures, but we still had a long way to go to achieve the dream.

Captain no 6: Billy McNeill – March 2015

Billy McNeill

Billy, I had thought would be one of my easiest signings to obtain given his previous assistance on the Bringing Martin Home and Wee Oscar 4 Life campaigns. It was a joy to be invited into the McNeill household and for Billy to recall various Celtic stories. His wife, Liz was also lovely and they both knew my youngest daughter, Niamh who went to the nursery ran by Billy’s son. In fact, there was many a day when Billy popped into the nursery with lunches for the kids and I would have great delight in telling Niamh, just who the man, that regularly brought her lunch was.

I contacted Liz via text shortly after I had come up with the idea of the tops, but there had been no response. Billy was struggling with his illness and was going through a difficult time at this period. I had sensed that all was not well, and decided to put Billy’s signature on the back burner. It was actually not until the following March, that Liz got word to me, that they were waiting for me to pop in, so Billy could sign the tops. I arranged to pop in and since it was March 17th (St Patrick’s day), I bought 4 cans of Guinness for Billy and some wine and flowers for Liz and took them across. You could tell that Billy was struggling, but as they always did, the McNeill’s made me welcome in their house and we chatted for ages.  Billy signed one top and Liz told him that it was a poor signature. I jumped in and say it was wonderful, Billy proceeded to sign the other top. He still regaled some great Celtic stories from years ago, but you could see at times how he struggled to remember and that he had a tear in his eye when he talked about Jinky.  I gave him the four cans and he said thank you, to which he then said to Liz, “Am I allowed these?” She replied “You can have one can tonight, due to your medication”.  I smiled as here was the legend Cesar being closely marked and had little or no room for manoeuvre.

Little, did I realise, that the signatures I had received that day were probably one of the last signatures given by Billy, due to his deteriorating condition which would restrict him from signing in the near future. It says a lot for the McNeill family that they had went out their way to help us, when this should have been the last thing on their minds at this difficult time, but this was the McNeills’.

Club Captain no 7: Neil Lennon-August 2015

Neil Lennon

We took a few months out in the quest for the Club Captains signatures, and started to push it again in August 2015. My Dad’s friend was Neil Lennon’s agent’s father (less than six degrees of separation!!) and I had previously pestered my Dad to speak to him to see if his friend could help. Eventually, it all came good and I was to pass the tops over to Lenny’s agent, Martin Reilly, as he was travelling down to Bolton to catch up with Lenny and Johan Mjallby. The tops were duly passed over to my Dad, with the instruction “Lenny only please” and he passed the tops over to his friend with the same message.

I got a call a week later to pick up the signed tops from my Dad’s friend house, and popped in after work as he lived just around the corner. As he brought the tops out, he said there was a little problem and told me that Johan had signed the tops as well, but it was ok as he was a Captain as well. I tried to hide my look of horror and not trying to sound ungrateful and I said “Thank you, but he wasn’t a Club Captain though, but never mind”.  I thought “How am I going get around this one? Can I hide or cover it up, perhaps? Maybe even rub it out!” It is amazing what runs through your head at times.  I was also struggling to get hold of Roy Aitken, and a crazy thought came into my head for an instant; “Perhaps I could kid on it was Roy Aitken’s autograph?”. As I looked at Johan’s signature more closely, I saw the number 35 next to his signature, I thought “Nope!” And dismissed the mad thought in an instant. This was going to be our Celtic kinder egg!

Captains away Captains home

Part 3 to follow soon.

The countdown is now on for our amazing draw on 25th May 2017 at Paradise, but there is still time left to purchase (or sell) raffle tickets to win our Club Captains of Celtic Away Top, covering 53 years of our Clubs unbroken history, and a host of other amazing Celtic prizes.

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  1. WITS



    With no political will from the British government until 94 if I remember correctly (John Major) do you honestly believe a political solution would have been enacted by the British government without continued threat from freedom fighting republicans up to that point?



    If the Provisional IRA had turned to politics only in 78/79/80 the situation for republicans in the North of Ireland would be exactly as it was in 69/70.



    Unpleasant as some of the tactics were with regards civilian targets without those episodes it would still be as it was for nationalist in the North.



    You have been fortunate to live in a time were your part of Ireland has not been under English influence (football apart). Again a freedom fought for by Irish republicans raising arms to push out their oppressors.



    The Provisional IRA along side it’s political partner Sinn Fein won republicans and nationalists their voice via the ballot box via, bearing arms, hunger striking and determination both with armalite and political negotiation. Political negotiation that would not ever have been successful without threat of armalite.



    I would say the Provos and Sinn Fein won the political solution that will through natural course see a United Ireland in our lifetime.




  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The answer was in the article I posted When you initially asked, as I said it’s hardly my fault you didn’t bother yer arse reading it.



    You really really don’t like being wrong, even when it’s evidently staring you in the face, Sinn Fein at Stormont and now all over the free state, was achieved through a military victory.



    I think you have an issue with what you perceive what is a military victory.


    For a small part time volunteer force facing the might of a full time army with the resources of the British establishment behind it, victory was never about overrunning London, Belfast or Dublin, it was about the nationalists in the north having the right to democratic self determination, a right forcibly denied for over 30 years. That was the purpose and that was/is the victory.


    You can deny this till yer blue in the face but the facts and history are all there waiting for you when your ready to make your peace.



    Havering about the losses/victims on both sides is a disingenuous obfuscation in an attempt to grab at some moral high ground, not suited to this discussion or what the discussion was about.



    For your information and as a reminder, it was about a whether the IRA and Provos should be considered a humiliating embarrassment by Celtic Supporters, no distinction was made by the objector as far as he/she is concerned fighting oppression in Eire was a humiliating embarrassment and should be treated as such. Sad to say You obviously agree.

  3. Mark Atkinson


    Wednesday 16 May 2007 08.08 EDT First published on Wednesday 16 May 2007 08.08 EDT



    Celtic have signalled their intent for next season by confirming the signing of Scott Brown from Hibernian. The Scottish champions are believed to have agreed a fee in the region of £4.4m for the 21-year-old midfielder, who has signed a five-year deal.



    Brown, a dynamic, driving midfielder, is widely considered the most exciting young player in Scotland and made his first start for the senior national team against Italy in March. He has reportedly been courted by Rangers, Everton, Tottenham and Middlesbrough. Boro had held talks with him earlier this week. His signing, then, represents a considerable coup for Celtic.



    Despite his abundant options, Brown today insisted the decision to sign for Celtic was an easy one. “Everyone knows Celtic are one of the biggest names in football and the opportunity to join a club of Celtic’s stature was one I had to take,” he said.



    “Celtic have enjoyed a great season, lifting the SPL Championship and making great progress in Europe. The club has a magnificent support and I will be doing all I can to make sure I play my part in delivering more and more success to these fans.”



    “I would also like to thank Hibernian FC and the Hibs fans for all they have done for me,” he continued. “I have enjoyed my time immensely playing for Hibernian for a number of years and have nothing but praise for the club and its staff and supporters. I wish everyone involved with Hibernian the very best for the future.”



    Brown is the third player in two seasons that Celtic have signed from Hibs, with Strachan signing Gary Caldwell on a Bosman and Derek Riordan for £100,000 last summer.



    However, of the clutch of players that have recently come through the Hibs youth system, Brown is considered the best of the bunch. He made his debut for the club at 17 and has since been a mainstay in the side. Noted for his combative tackling and dynamic attacking instincts, Brown can play on either wing, in the centre of midfield and up front.



    The transfer is a blow to Celtic’s rivals, Rangers, who were widely tipped to capture the Dunfermline-born player after his teammate and friend Kevin Thomson moved to Ibrox in January for £2m.



    The transfer is now the biggest fee traded between two Scottish clubs, eclipsing the £4m that Rangers paid Dundee United for striker Duncan Ferguson in 1993.

  4. I have been politically involved in the struggle for a United Ireland since the age of 16, I’m almost seventy now.


    War is horrible and every death & injury on either side is a tragedy.


    Unfortunately however sometimes things can get so bad that there is no alternative to physical force.


    I believe the young lads of the 6 Counties who banded together to defend their Communities and who thus spawned the Provisional IRA, were totally justified in their actions.


    Once a conflict begins, the genie is out of the bottle and horrible things happen on all sides.


    Did the Provos win?. I’m not sure. They certainly achieved a lot and the North now is a totally different place then it was in the seventies.


    Would the same progress have been made without the armed struggle ?, possibly but when you are living in a ghetto getting the shit kicked out of you and worse still watching those you love getting the shit kicked out of them, it is difficult to be philosophical & take a long term view.


    Hindsight is of course a brilliant tool and anybody can now look back & pontificate and sound clever.


    I honestly believe it’s not a subject that should be debated on a blog like this. I know I have previously got involved in spats with various posters on the subject but now tend to steer clear whenever it kicks off.


    I know where WITS comes from politically, I would be from a different stand, I disagree with him but I also believe he is a sincere & upstanding person who believes in social justice and who loves & cares for both his Country & his fellow Countrymen.


    I also believe that Canmalar is equally sincere & upstanding & genuinely cares for the same Principles, & I hate to see people like them argue.


    As the song goes What’s done is done & What’s won is won and What’s lost is lost & gone forever.


    Personally I will never forget those who sacrificed everything, Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes etc but I’m done with getting involved in online spats.


    I appreciate those who agree with me and I’m old enough to realise I am not going to change the mindset of those that don’t.

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I know where your coming from but I think you know me enough to know that if someone decides to frame the Irish struggle as a humiliating embarrassment for Celtic then I’m not going to bite my tongue.


    I’m still a bit lost on what WITS was trying to do. Apart from his usual oneupmaship with me I think he aligned with the wrong people on this, his prerogative he’s backed a few loosers eh :)

  6. What is the Stars on

    Cork Celt


    Well said





    I agree that there was no political will for a settlement on the British side,they believed they could contain the situation ( even after the sacrifice of the hunger strike) however I also believe there was no political will for a compromise on the provos part until the 90s.



    Canamalar. You are putting words into my mouth that I have never spoken and attributing attitudes to me that I don’t possess. It’s a regular ploy of yours during argument and it is rather tiresome.




    if someone decides to frame the Irish struggle as a humiliating embarrassment for Celtic then I’m not going to bite my tongue.






    Point to one post where I said that or stop telling lies.

  8. What is the Stars on



    What I was trying to do was dispute your statement that the provos won


    You accompanied this by saying that the Queen apologised to both ?


    This statement ( apologised to both) had me bamboozled, as did your statement that the provos won.


    No point going around the block with it again.


    In the context of Northern Ireland nobody won.


    Maybe that was the best outcome we could have hoped for

  9. What is the Stars on

    Cork Celt raises an interesting point about whether the same advances on behalf of the nationalist people in the north could have been made without resort to a prolonged campaign of violence.


    I think they could have been. .If and only if the government in the south had stood up to the plate and actively campaigned on behalf those people in the strongest terms possible. They didn’t, they abandoned them to their fate and apart from a few gestures like taking Britain to the European Court of human rights over their treatment of the hooded men, they effectively threw northern nationalists to the wolves.

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Nothing regular about it but it’s a regular accusation from you, I understand how bamboozled you might be but when you jump into a discussion making the same arguments as the previous antagonist then it’s not exactly a leap to lateral thinking to believe you share the same perspective as the original antagonist now is it ?


    I answered your question immediately with an article which you chose to ignore the points relevant to your question, then spent the next three posts accusing me of avoiding answering, something else I am accused by you of usually doing.


    After spoon feeding you the relevant parts as I was unaware of the severity of your bamboozlement you fire off at a tangent.


    It’s quite obvious that you are not interested in serious discussion with me, it’s a juvenile point scoring game for you and the subject does not matter nor the perspective you choose to answer from else you might have thought twice about joining this discussion, I had clearly stated more than once the argument was about whether the Irish struggle should be considered a humiliating embarrassment for our club, you argued against me therefore it’s only natural you are aligned against me, innit.


    It was not a case of putting words in your mouth, they wouldn’t fit with all those feet in there as well.

  11. WITS



    Until such time as the oppressor was viewed to be willing to talk to the oppressed seriously I cannot see how they would ever have shown willingness. I agree Sinn Fein/IRA were not a willing partner for the majority of the armed struggle with regards a willingness to talk until such times as the British government were seen to be serious about negotiating a peaceful solution. Their will to negotiate was always going to be based on trust that the oppressor was willing and trustworthy.



    Thankfully John Major saw sense and his vision was followed through by Tony Blair and his government. Without John Major showing willingness to create peace and give the nationalist/republicans a real voice in the corridors of power that will on the part of the oppressed nationalist community would not have come to fruition. It is a two way street. You can’t talk to someone about peace until both parties are willing and have a mutual trust to some degree in each other. If the republicans had laid bare their arms in the late 70’s of 80’s it would have left the nationalist community in stale mate without a voice or equal treatment.




  12. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on









  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The humiliating embarrassment for the manager having to make a press statement about singing songs of freedom, the longest and most important component of the Irish cultural heritage. Over 800 years of oppression and the uprising that removed one of the mightiest imperial forces, in itself a mammoth task but in your book not a suitable part of the cultural heritage worth singing about eh.


    Better to appease they might like us one day.




    I do find it humiliating if the manager has to speak out against our fans. That’s not the same as



    “if someone decides to frame the Irish struggle as a humiliating embarrassment for Celtic”



    You say appeasement. I say reconciliation. People are trying move on. If supporters at Republic matches can do it, why can’t we?

  15. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    TOSB, can you post that picture?



    Corkcelt, well said, you have a knack of cutting through hours of circular argument and making a point.

  16. What is the Stars on



    Some day I will have a serious discussion with you.


    Without obfuscation and silly insults.


    Your post at 11.41 is as usual full of inaccuracies about the conversation


    usual nonsense


    Good night

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Afraid I don’t think your capable of anything but your agenda, my post is easily checked for accuracy, the thread is going nowhere, it’s all there to see. Not that it will make any difference to you.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Go to republic maches and sing the anthem loud and proud if that’s your preference. Nobody’s telling you what and what not to sing.


    I think the idea of having a national side is enough of a reminder about who won, don’t you ?

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    “The IRA have nothing to do with Celtic. If it was part of Irish heritage then you would hear these songs at Republic of Ireland matches.”



    Really, 800 years fighting oppression has nothing to do with Irish heritage.


    A silly billy

  20. you may remember this we dames christening, next week she will be two we went to get her first strip, guess who we bumped into??? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10159373296700377&set=pcb.10159373296880377&type=3….. i have now been told by her dad that i have to get another strip as the signed one is to be framed. bertie signed it …to rose good luck bertie 67 claiming that was his age i said ‘aye right’ with a smile he said ‘hey you’with a stoney look ….he aint lost it….but rose did steal his lollipop !!!!

  21. FYI


    the guy and his wife pictured at the players on the weekend is a member of the Bramalea Celtic club on holiday in florida


    He is the organiser of our golf league


    Glad to see he made the headlines


    Hail hail




    Twisting my words yet again. If singing IRA songs was such an essential part of Irish heritage then you would hear the same songs at Ireland matches. You’re assertion that they don’t because we have a national side is ridiculous. People are trying on move with their lives and shape a better future for their children free from than the divisions and bitterness of the past.



    You don’t want to move on. That’s your prerogative. I really don’t want to continue the conversation. So please stop twisting my words and I’ll have no reason to respond to you.

  23. ..



    Oh How time Fly’s..



    I see Today is the 10th Anniversary since One of CQN’s Finest and Weeist.. Ole TinyTim.. Told CQN that His Source had told Him Scott Brown had Parked under the Kingston Bridge waiting for Ole David Murray to Ring Him to tell Him where his Private Jet was going to Pick Skoosh up..¯\_(ツ)_/¯



    Therefor doing a Sooper Mo on the Ole Celtic



    Only Kiddin TinyTim..【ツ】






    Oh Jesus Jumpin Josè..!!



    I’m sitting here Half Watching the Racing Channel..



    A Horse with Number 10


    Colours are Basically Celtic’s Lisbon Lions Jersey on has Just Won the second race..at 7/1.. :-(



    Summa of CelticSourcesVsCelticHorsesCSC

  24. Good Morning CQN


    8 days to go



    Todays weather in Lisbon will be Sunny ! No rain forecast, and an expected high temperature of 77 degrees



  25. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Confirmed in attendance freestate, TOHG , Tommy Stevenson and 1 fat baldy bhoy



    See you Saturday

  26. Good morning friends from a wispy clouded, dry and bright and most pleasant East Kilbride.