Warning from 2012


A whole lot of hard work in this season’s title race was done since last we gathered at Celtic Park.  Six goals scored, two each by Mooy, Maeda and Kyogo, and two conceded were enough collect four points and maintain our 9-point lead at the top of the table.  Even more impressive is that this was achieved with the fog of illness hanging over the squad.

Kilmarnock at home has been a banker for generations of Celtic fans.  In 82 home meetings since a loss in 1955, Kilmarnock have gone home with a win only once.  That defeat came when Celtic were on a multi-season high, just a few days after a 2-1 defeat in Barcelona and 10 days before winning the return leg by the same margin in the 2012-13 Champions League.

The SFA’s current Head of Refereeing, Crawford Allan, was ref that day, awarded the visitors a penalty and ruled out a Celtic goal.  Them’s the breaks, I suppose.

Players are not machines and there will be an inevitable drop in adrenaline since the festive results.  I have no doubt the same happened in games around our Champions League matches in 2012, opening the door for an historic Kilmarnock win.

Kilmarnock’s recent form is matched or bettered only by the top three in the table and, interestingly, Dundee United.  Derek McInnes has done well to gain promotion and slowly build results in the Premiership.  He has been to Celtic Park many times and knows how to win there.  There are reasons for us to be concerned.

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    Unconscious bias? You’d need to have been unconscious not to have seen those 3 examples as penalties





    The alternative approach is that Celtic tell the SFA that all the refs are Huns , good luck with that



    You often find that many poor decisions by refs are actually made by incompetent linesman … against ICT the idiot official standing behind the goal didn’t give it , he was 8 yards away , Madden on Griffiths , ref was directly in line and needed the linesman to flag which he didn’t …. Last season Madden at Dundee Utd missed mulgrew hauling back Sakala clear shirt pull at a corner , Madden was again directly in line and missed it and the linesman was sleeping … so maybe the officials just aren’t very good and when push comes to shove they knee jerk with unconscious bias ….



    Only my take on things but you can be sure, come the game the ref will be getting stick from my vantage point in the North Stand



    Anyway the ref I usually worry the most about is Kevin Clancy , for me he can’t control a game for 90 minutes and there is a chance that he makes totally mental decisions for either team




  2. Following Ange’s shot across the SFA bows, its time the GB put all their efforts into highlighting the corruption with weekly banners. They will get noticed and not only in Scotland. Expose it to the max and get the SFA and Lanarkshire Ref Ass. squirming.

  3. Interesting comments from the boss. He hasn’t been directly critical of the refs, more of the SMSM reporting of events. Quite clever.


    No doubt Alan Crawford is pouring over the comments for something to sanction over.


    Will be interesting to view the media response.


    Wagons may be being circled as we speak.


    VAR has shone a light, of that there can be no doubt.

  4. Can’t wait to hear that prk McIntyre on Shortbread tomorrow talking about Ange’s ‘inflammatory comments ‘,well said Ange,and not before time,we have sat on our hands for too long.

  5. paulsthroughball88 on




    Is that what Ange is saying then?



    I don’t think you can rationalise those examples away, to me they were all worthy of being publicly challenged and then investigation demanded. McLean had at least as good a view as the assistant ref of that handball, but must have thought, “safety in numbers, I’ll blame him”.



    So when egregious decisions are made, make a fuss, demand answers, it never ends up in more than a slap of the wrist for Sevco, and Collum’s lack of Sevco matches shows they get their way.



    So, if we don’t, there’s another question for them to answer.



    Make sure you have your throat pastilles handy up there in the North stand.

  6. WBC- I think you misunderstand, McIntyre and his Laptop Loyal brothers,will turn his comments around,and start blaming him for the upcoming referee strikes……they are all struggling for an out,to deflect the hun pain.HH

  7. bournesouprecipe on

    Sources confirm that a baseball bat found at IBrokes was originally owned by Babe Struth



    via cosgrove67 @ THB

  8. Sorry Ange, you got it wrong >:) it’s not inconstant refereeing and decisions, it’s totally consistent, everything has against us and for them, that’s the fact of the matter.

  9. Weebobbycollins on

    Bada Bing…so you believe there will be upcoming referee strikes over Ange’s comments?

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Any comments about VAR should have come from Michael Nicholson just like any comments during the closed door Covid season, should have come from Peter Lawwell. Ange has been on it, since the first day at Tynecastle.



    Let the board earn their coin CSC

  11. I have the feeling that Ange’s presser today was a shot against our boards bows and not the SFA, more than once he said it wasn’t his job, I know the implication that I took from that, and again I implore the suits to back him or he will walk, you can take that to the bank.


    As for the corruption in Scottish football, it’s on record that they have cheated, it’s been proven in a court of law and yet they still try to justify that they are clean, hunbeliavble but normal.


    Oh and BTW, there doesn’t have to be a conspiracy as there is an institutional bias against the Irish and Catholics in Scotland, ref Shug fra Bonkle just a few short years ago.

  12. I’m all in favour of Ange leading the charge against the mib’s – he’s in a perfect position with the press conferences – at least people will take notice – whether it will have any impact who knows.


    I’m not letting the board of the hook – they need to be openly backing Ange.



    I googled what’s the driest substance on earth – answer Celtic’s powder.

  13. Both STV and BBC Scotland sat on the fence, letting Beale claim that it was not a penalty by the letter of the law. Neither asked whether the deid team’s penalty was legitimate.



    Evenhanded? Nae chance. I would love to hear them squealing if we ever get a decision against the deid team, not that it is going to happen any time soon.

  14. All that matters now is the perf tomorrow and hopefully no injuries from the Shipbank😎



    On a tangent, I’ve missed Haskabanivic in the last few games. With good coaching that guy could be devastating

  15. I remember getting called a Hun on here back in 2005 for quoting the 89 cup final as an example of when we got a wrong decision in our favour



    In a later bout, i had several examples as my pride made me justify myself



    My argument then was to re-watch the game imagining you support the other team



    Sometimes that evens out the emotion; not always



    I think it is more effective if you think we played pish.



    Makes you realise how talented our players are

  16. Ange’s commentary on the events at Ibrox was very intelligent. He did not cite the O’Riley ‘penalty’ nor did he mention the Bernabei travesty. His focus was entirely on Goldson and the abject failures of the officials. So, his case was cast-iron and undeniable.

  17. Jackiemac



    Thanks pal but in the early days of CQN there was a lot of paranoia!



    The ‘hmmmmm’ meant a lot

  18. I have an image of the Shipwrecks now



    Got home, told off by missus (if applicable), eating sausage supper with Celtic DVD on the telly and ‘nodding dog syndrome’ kicking in🍀😎

  19. Coneybhoy.



    You probably interrupted an amortization debate lols







  20. Leftclick





    You stepping out tomorrow to the game? Would be good to see you.hope all good and hny :-))




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