Warning from 2012


A whole lot of hard work in this season’s title race was done since last we gathered at Celtic Park.  Six goals scored, two each by Mooy, Maeda and Kyogo, and two conceded were enough collect four points and maintain our 9-point lead at the top of the table.  Even more impressive is that this was achieved with the fog of illness hanging over the squad.

Kilmarnock at home has been a banker for generations of Celtic fans.  In 82 home meetings since a loss in 1955, Kilmarnock have gone home with a win only once.  That defeat came when Celtic were on a multi-season high, just a few days after a 2-1 defeat in Barcelona and 10 days before winning the return leg by the same margin in the 2012-13 Champions League.

The SFA’s current Head of Refereeing, Crawford Allan, was ref that day, awarded the visitors a penalty and ruled out a Celtic goal.  Them’s the breaks, I suppose.

Players are not machines and there will be an inevitable drop in adrenaline since the festive results.  I have no doubt the same happened in games around our Champions League matches in 2012, opening the door for an historic Kilmarnock win.

Kilmarnock’s recent form is matched or bettered only by the top three in the table and, interestingly, Dundee United.  Derek McInnes has done well to gain promotion and slowly build results in the Premiership.  He has been to Celtic Park many times and knows how to win there.  There are reasons for us to be concerned.

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  1. paulsthroughball88 on

    Tempting to think it’s ‘only’ Kilmarnock at home, but there’s a big incentive tomorrow, win and we send Sevco up to Tannadice knowing anything other than a victory will leave them facing a double-digit points deficit come Sunday night.

  2. Once you see the head of referees,ex referees or so called refereeing experts being wheeled out by the smsm then you know that Celtic have been


    cheated !!

  3. I don’t think Ange was providing Celtic with an idea for next manager when he brought Harry Kewell in.



    The only “succession planning” involved was in trying to continue our success with Ange at the helm. Ange has rarely worked with the same staff assistants more than once. Some of the Aussies he has helped promote have gone on to success but Harry Kewell had not coached with Ange nor had he any prior success as a main coach.



    But Ange knew he had some qualities. Here is what he said at the time of recruitment to the Asst. coach role:-





    Ange Postecoglou believes Harry Kewell brings an “energy and enthusiasm” that can help Celtic step up a level next season.


    The former Oldham and Crawley boss was recruited to his fellow Australian’s


    backroom staff ahead of the 2022-23 campaign.


    “We had a successful season last year but we know we have to go up a level


    this year,” Postecoglou told Sky Sports.


    “I think sometimes if players come in and see no change I don’t think it sends


    the right message.


    “Harry has had a crack at trying to be a manager and he wants to carve out a


    career for himself and he brings some real energy and enthusiasm for us.





    I wish Harry all the best in this important role with us but I cannot see him being offered the top job without prior success as Head Coach elsewhere.



    Some coaches are great training ground coaches like Steve Walford. Others are great assistants- a buffer between manager and dressing room like Sean Fallon and John Robertson. Some guys can kick on from these positions to the Head Coach role but many are suited to the positions they occupy and cannot nor should not make the transition.

  4. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I think Ange has spoken very well today on a varied number of Scottish football topics.



    Thanks Ange.



    I’m one of fifty thousand Celtic supporters at Celtic Park, there after the final whistle, applauding the effort you give us.



    It’s a good day out.

  5. Ange called it perfectly, he said individuals in charge of decisions….not VAR specifically

  6. “I keep tabs on different coaches, young coaches in particular because [a lack of opportunities] happened to me,” Postecoglou told Open Goal.



    “There was a period in my career where I couldn’t get an opportunity and I believe in myself, so I thought ‘why doesn’t someone give me an opportunity?’



    “A bit of luck and a bit of circumstance, and I got an opportunity to coach again and since then my career has gone off. So I thought there could be other people like me out there.



    “I follow as many young managers as possible to see how they’re going and it’s not about them having success.



    “Harry, if you look at him, he’s really wanted a crack at having a career and he’s done some really tough gigs, and it hasn’t worked out for him.



    “Watching him from afar and talking to people, they said: ‘He’s got plenty of energy, great enthusiasm, great knowledge and just needs to be in a good environment’.



    “So I thought, you know what, I’ll bring him in here and he’ll add what he’s got, because he has played at the highest level and won a Champions League, but he can also develop by working alongside some good coaches here and being in a good environment.”

  7. Melbourne Mick on

    Fekin hell Kev, I told you and all your pals, well, just the wee


    waitress who couldny count, just be coherent when you’ve a


    point to make.


    Hope you are good and keep taking the pills, remember the


    doctors know better.


    H H. Mick

  8. Good morning cqn from a dark and wet matchday in the Garngad




    I could make the shipwrecks tea party yesterday next time hopefully.



    MM – I can assure you any of yer auld birds will go wobbly at the knees when they see this Dashing young debonair, cheeky chappy from the Garden of god.😂 Hope you and the family are all well.



    So I have heard the bhoys had a ball in the Shippy.



    Is there any odds on BRRB having a hangover??



    Mon the Hoops.



    D :)

  9. So long as we win today, I won’t be going out of my way to find out the hun score tomorrow. That’s the stage I’m at, their scores are irrelevant so long as we keep winning. We’ve an opportunity over the next few weeks to tick off these league games and get closer to the winning line.

  10. Now that players can use their hands to palm away shots on goal (so long as the ball is in the general vicinity their face), I assume we’ll see an end to defensive walls setting up to stop a free kick with their hands behind their back ? Just leave the hands down by the side and as soon as the ball comes anywhere near their face, punch it away and clear the danger. Simples.

  11. I had a great wee day oot yesterday with some of the Bhoys.


    BRRB, I hope that you got home safe and sound mate.


    Thanks to Big Leggy who sorted my problem with BT SPORT.


    Thanks to the Two Bar Girls for providing HEAPS and HEAPS of tasty sandwiches free of charge once again.





    ALL your auld dancing partners are PUTTY in ma hands mate.





  12. Celtic and the fans will pay tribute to Frank McGarvey today.💚



    Clearly noticeable no other club other than St Mirren did last week. 🤬



    They have no class that shower down the river.🙈



    We will win and score a few and the good ship that is Celtic will keep sailing.







  13. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. I’m good to go again today at Paradise. Meeting Prestonpans and his bruv for a small refreshment at 1pm, Oak Bar. I shall be available for selection in McKinnons from 10am, Ange has me on standby for left back berth.

  14. Soon be on my way to from Arbroath to Dundee where we will board the Dundee Flyer from the Airlie Arms.


    As Celtic supporters, I can undestand some of the condern on display yesterday re today`s game but I think the reality will be a sound victory.


    If an under par performance is enough for an Away victory against the second best team in Scotland, then surely even an average performance at Home is enough to demolish Killie?


    Cheerio for now.

  15. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Bus leaves in an hour so me and my brother will be on time👍



    Miss Prestonpans is wedding dress shopping in Edinburgh with Miss Prestonpans the younger. Whoosh there goes £1000🥲

  16. McIness will fall into the same dire football shoite as all other teams in spfhell today.


    2 banks of 5 and go for a draw and we will pumpvthem 5-1.



    I wish other teams would just come and have a go as the end result will be the same, they loose 3 points.


    So have a go and you know what they might just knock us off our stride, but we will never know.



    More than ever these teams will rely on VAR and the corrupt cabal to help them.






    D :)

  17. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the Scottish football league



    They come from bonnie Scotland, they come from county Cork,



    They come from dear old Donegal and even from New York,



    From every street in Glasgow they proudly make their way,



    To a place called dear old paradise and this is what they say.



    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the Scottish football league.



    There’s Fallon, Young and Gemmell who proudly wear the green,



    There’s Clark, McNeill and Kennedy the best there’s ever been,



    Jim Johnstone, Murdoch, Chalmers, John Divers and John Hughes,



    And sixty thousand Celtic fans who proudly shout the news.



    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the Scottish football league.



    Repeat to fade CSC

  18. Melbourne Mick on




    So much respect for you bhoys, all about determination to


    just be there and give the team support.


    That’s what makes our club special.


    H H. Mick

  19. Walsh has the whistle today to take up the position of blocking a quick pass out to our left winger from midfield and Kev Clancy on VAR …. What could possibly go wrong !

  20. Melbourne Mick on

    Very quiet tonight bhoys and ghirls,? is there any lovely


    ghirls still posting ?


    Just looking through some old vids of Celtic goals.


    So a wee question, what was your favourite goal by a Celtic


    player versus der hun ?


    Mine is going back a bit, and I realise some of you bhoys


    won’t realise the relevance of it, but it sticks with me to


    this day.


    Obviously Henke’s goal when he nutmegged the hun cb


    will be foremost in peoples mind, but I think my pick had


    much more importance.


    Wee Jinky at the midden, mud heap, took on the cloggers


    and wallop a left footer into the top left corner, boooom


    H H. Mick

  21. Doing a risky trip today. 11.35 departure to …….Edinburgh. ETA 12.30. If I make the 1pm bus I’ll be fine. 1.30 bus and cutting it close. Don’t want to think of anything later than that.



    On plane waiting to head out to runway.




  22. MM – As you say Henrik but 1 of my other great goals is not against Der Hun but Dundee United 1985 Scottish cup final winner. So many memories of both those games and the whole day/night.



    D :)

  23. Melbourne Mick on

    DAVID 66



    Yes, and what a team Dundee United had then, and just as


    a little puzzler, how many would you think would have loved


    to pull on the hoops, 50%. 70 % ?


    H H. Mick

  24. MM 11.27am



    Henrik’s chip very memorable, he actually “missed” a lot easier chances before that, as well as Klos making decent saves …



    But for me as a teenager …



    Joe Joe Super Joe … in the 1989 final, brings great memories and it stopped the cheats getting an EBTreble … happy days



    AoW 1.28am … terrific memory for you mate, the good times will eventually be far more relevant than the sad times

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