Warning from 2012


A whole lot of hard work in this season’s title race was done since last we gathered at Celtic Park.  Six goals scored, two each by Mooy, Maeda and Kyogo, and two conceded were enough collect four points and maintain our 9-point lead at the top of the table.  Even more impressive is that this was achieved with the fog of illness hanging over the squad.

Kilmarnock at home has been a banker for generations of Celtic fans.  In 82 home meetings since a loss in 1955, Kilmarnock have gone home with a win only once.  That defeat came when Celtic were on a multi-season high, just a few days after a 2-1 defeat in Barcelona and 10 days before winning the return leg by the same margin in the 2012-13 Champions League.

The SFA’s current Head of Refereeing, Crawford Allan, was ref that day, awarded the visitors a penalty and ruled out a Celtic goal.  Them’s the breaks, I suppose.

Players are not machines and there will be an inevitable drop in adrenaline since the festive results.  I have no doubt the same happened in games around our Champions League matches in 2012, opening the door for an historic Kilmarnock win.

Kilmarnock’s recent form is matched or bettered only by the top three in the table and, interestingly, Dundee United.  Derek McInnes has done well to gain promotion and slowly build results in the Premiership.  He has been to Celtic Park many times and knows how to win there.  There are reasons for us to be concerned.

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  1. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Imagine a country where it is totally acceptable to label a club & it’s entire support as paranoid. Imagine the media saying that a club actually coaxes their fans to be paranoid.




  2. For avoidance of doubt EBTs might have been the 2000s but they were at it on the 80s as well … no way Butcher & co came up here because of European football they came because of the “cash” probably brown paper bags back then … with non payment of taxes :-)

  3. fourstonecoppi on

    I often like listening to off the ball on a Sat….it’s funny!


    Today Cowan has now showing his hatred for us……..



    All i can say to him now is ‘SHUT YER HOLE FATBOY’

  4. Melbourne Mick on

    Thank you bhoys for the reply’s


    Won’t be on now for a week or so, wee Grace has got


    my sole attention, surf boarding, sand castles, and fitty


    on the beach.


    Just before I go, when the bhoys win tonight, that will be


    Zwolf.. Dodici..Twelve.. Douze.. nae pressure there then 🤣


    H H. Mick

  5. ALMORE on 7TH JANUARY 2023 11:28 AM


    Doing a risky trip today. 11.35 departure to …….Edinburgh. ETA 12.30. If I make the 1pm bus I’ll be fine. 1.30 bus and cutting it close. Don’t want to think of anything later than that.



    On plane waiting to head out to runway












    Respect. 👍 👏



    H H. Mick






    👏 👏 👏

  6. CQN Leader October 12th 2004



    Questions for the Celtic AGM



    With the Celtic AGM coming up on Wednesday what questions would we like answered?



    The AGM is notorious for delivering little real news to fans and small shareholders. I am looking for some suggestions on what questions we really need answers to. If you have a good question let everyone know it, as your chances of getting an answer is greater if there are several people with their hand in the air looking for the same question to be answered.



    Questions I would like answered:



    I would like to know what we are doing to progress out of the SPL. Dermot Desmond is still talking as though this is on the horizon. If there is an effective strategy then lets hear it.



    I would also like some confirmation/dispute on my belief that we will have a significant transfer budget next summer.



    The way we scout players has been well debated here. When we are chasing Dwight Yorke on the last day of the transfer window we are doing something wrong. What went wrong and how will we prevent a re-occurrence?



    Thanks to regular contributor rumoid for getting the debate underway.

  7. Not listening nor would I but Cowan is only saying what he is with the approval of his employers BBC Scotland.



    Was going to come along to the Oak bar, but I managed to get into Kerrydale bar 👍

  9. Greenockbornhundredaire on




    Dicey Riley’s in Puerto Rico show the games. Not too far from Maspolamos.

  10. Patrick’s Bar


    Calle San Cristóbal de la Laguna, 0 S/N, 35100 Maspalomas


    Las Palmas





    Dicey Reilly


    35130 Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria


    Las Palmas




    CSC: Dicey Reilly CSC



    Shows Celtic games? Yes







    I never got back to you on Greenock fire station, rue end street picture.


    Aye, that is the only original building from that 68 picture that still remains.



    I am always fascinated by that area due to running about outside the Greenock Shammy club on hundreds of occasions from my young life in the 70s and 80s.



    Imagine allowing a pack of kids to run about docks and open quaysides nowadays.



    Here is another.



    Pic of the day number 1018, Rue End St, St Andrew St, 4-10-66.



    Greenock. Eugene Mehat Collection (restoration 2022) ©McLean Museum






    the following night, Celtic would beat Zurich 3-0 in Switzerland, I dont know how that european campaign worked out.



    I was 7 months by the way.



    right paradise awaits,



    can i implore, plead, cajoule, encourage that the in game bloggers support the team, the managers selections, the formations, and in particular giver out a positivity if things are not going to plan.



    7 goals today for frank mcgarvey please.



    i agree also, tam cowan talking absolutey shite today with kenny clarks assistance,

  12. Showed the Starfelt incident to an American friend.


    “Yes it’s a penalty”


    Me: Why


    ” he rakes his studs down the back of other players leg”


    Me: It’s the guy in blue who get the penalty


    ” how the f*** do they explain that”


    Me: the ref supports rangers



  13. Arrived in time for 12.55 bus. But it was full. 😩



    On bus now. Think I’ll make it. 😅




  14. CELTIC: Hart, Johnston, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt, Bernabei, McGregor, Hatate, Mooy, Jota, Kyogo, Maeda.


    Subs: Bain, Jenz, Giakoumakis, Abada, Turnbull, Kobayashi, O’Riley, Forrest, Juranovic

  15. Greenockbornhundredaire on

    St Stivs.



    Great photo. I don’t remember the original “Peter Smalls”, but was in the one in Cathcart St. a few times. Lots of pubs around that area no longer there; including the Shammy (my old man was a social member but only went to Morton games – my big sister’s boyfriend later husband took me to the games and also to Polonus’s before and afterwards), the Bogle, the Marine and Fred Flynn’s.

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Ha, ha, knew it.



    They’re wheeling out Kenny Clark on Shortie😂



    Circle the wagons.

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