Waste management in Buckinghamshire


News that a new company, “Glasgow Rangers Limited”, has been registered today with an address matching a waste management company in Buckinghamshire, has delicious irony but in itself means little.  After Rangers owner, Craig Whyte, laid out all sorts of medium-term scenarios for the club in media interviews last week a land-rush for fresh rangers intellectual property, including a company name, should be expected.

If those with secured property rights over Ibrox are busy forming a new company, they are unlikely to be the only ones.

Still, waste management.  It’s perfectly scripted.

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  1. man in a suitcase on

    Just seen this on internet when searching this guy, i think he had a bit of a shady past as well did he not??





    Graham Duffy: I will put Rangers fans 
in charge of the club



    Darrell King





    28 Nov 2009




    EXILED Rangers supporter Graham Duffy has unveiled his grand plan to wipe out the club’s debt – and put the fans in charge of the club.



    He may be thousands of miles away across the Atlantic – but he feels the pain of the club’s plight as much as the rest of the Ibrox faithful.



    The 42-year-old Glaswegian, who has made millions from property deals and 
various business interests, knows that one cheque, one 
signature, would be enough to wipe out Rangers’ whopping £31 million debt and get the Ibrox club back on a level footing.

  2. Does Graeme Duffy know Whyte?



    Or could we have the (Wee arra) Peoples Front of Judea fighting with the Judean (We arra) Peoples Front?

  3. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Scrolling back, after a most enjoyable weekend in Stonehaven.



    BT and Gordon_J get well soon.



    And no podium chasing you two.



    You are not as young as you……….



    Ach, go for it!

  4. Just checked on Co’s House and if I really wanted to for £20 I could register:



    Rangers 1873 Ltd


    Ibrox Rangers Ltd


    Rangers Cheats Ltd


    Rangers Scotlands Shame Ltd



    decisions decisions

  5. Summer of Sammi



    If Celtic can get a bit more cohesion into their game then anything possible.The players that have come in looked good for a few games then they seem to fall away.Are they getting trained out of what football knowledge that they had before they come to Celtic.


    These signings are making a mockery out of our signing strategy?,surely the scouts aren’t as bad as these signings are trying to make them out to be.by the way I’m not talking about individual signings,they all seem to be taking turns at being crap.



    Is there coaching staff a Lennoxtown?,if there are then they are failing miserably imo.I think they”Celtic” should bring in coaches to coach the coaches? that are picking up unearned wages every week.



    Just my opinion.

  6. Duffy is the guy who “tried” to buy the huns about a year ago, but had no money so didn’t go through with it. No, not that one, the other one who wasn’t the guy who backed out as well, capiche?

  7. man in a suitcase on

    Here’s more from stv, def a good match for them!!!



    Rangers fans have started asking questions about Graham Duffy, the man who has been talked about as Rangers’ potential saviour. The Florida-based Scottish businessman revealed himself at the weekend as the man behind a possible fan-based consortium to take over the club from Sir David Murray, sparking optimism amongst supporters about their team’s future.



    However, fan website Rangers Media have taken a more cautious approach to the man referred to by Murray as a “mysterious Florida millionaire” and have taken a closer look at his UK business activities. Those enquiries have revealed concerns about businesses trading as part of his Grantly Group Limited, giving Gers fans a better look at his dealings.



    Despite boasting a portfolio containing £119m of assets, it has been uncovered that Duffy has a myriad of companies in the UK – under the Grantly banner – that are either in the process of being dissolved, in compulsory liquidation or have failed to submit accounts to Companies House for various years.



    Their research states that Grantly Developments (Scotland) Limited’s annual return is overdue and the company is listed in the Edinburgh Gazette with a proposal for the company to be struck off. The Edinburgh Gazette publishes a weekly supplement list of all companies in Scotland which are to be struck off or wound up.



    Furthermore, Grantly Commercial Limited – which gives its business nature as ‘retail of fruit and vegetables’ -has failed to file its accounts since it was started in 2005 and its most recent annual return is overdue. The company featured in the Edinburgh Gazette in July, with a proposal for the company to be dissolved.



    Further subsidiary companies of Grantly Group Limited – as listed on its website –show up more anomalies. The annual return for Grantly Developments (Paisley) Limited is also overdue from April 2009. Grantly Construction Limited is in compulsory liquidation and is late with both its annual return and its accounts. And Grantly Residential Limited – which is still listed as one of Grantly Group’s subsidiary companies – was dissolved in 2008.



    It was also reported in The Herald last week that Duffy and his business partner Richard Crocket were made bankrupt in 2001, both losing their homes when a buy-to-let development in Mount Vernon turned sour.



    He was also involved in Grantly Developments (Parkhead)’s sale of land designated for the Commonwealth Games in Dalmarnock. His company demanded £8 million from Glasgow City Council, leading to the company being accused of holding the city to ransom. The sale was eventually settled for £5.5 million

  8. Philbhoy


    I’m fine mate, just a bad back..


    g_j has a far worse scare than I have ever had…

  9. e Scotland Many Neil Lennons – formerly known as Malone19,



    some one posted the otherday since the sports science guy we had from lille was let go we have been


    getting nothing but injuries,

  10. Could be Anyone



    Uncomfortable at the news desk,


    Searched but couldn’t find a fact,


    Never known for being that fussy,


    After all we could just retract.



    A charitable donation has been rewritten,


    Quick mention about anger on a blog,


    Add in the name of the Green Brigade,


    Some old news to thicken the fog,



    A cheap shot fired with no substance,


    Printing innuendo disguised as news,


    These angry bloggers could be anyone,


    Who set out to bewilder and confuse.

  11. danso-pretty sure Aiden gave huge credit to the French guy,improved his speed and strength using his methods.Better employing him than a Garry Parker for example.

  12. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    !!bada bing!!



    I believe the bhoys paper hanging skills have improved though.

  13. Phil’s tweets suggest the end is nigh in Govan. I really hope so. They’ve kept us hanging on for long enough.

  14. BlantyreKev says:


    25 October, 2011 at 14:44














    Company No. 07821576



    Status: Active


    Date of Incorporation: 25/10/2011


















    Company No. 07821463



    What are you saying whyte is going to give huns a new name when they go into admin I’m lost m8..

  15. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    get yer ass up to lennoxtown, theres loads of bad back to choose from ??



    I see we have the usual blethering idiots babbling about physio’s, we sit and watch players being assaulted week in week out without protection or even punishment of the offenders and still they’re asking why we have so many injuries, some people looking too hard to criticise the team any way they can.

  16. Looks like the ole Ragers will be cutting down on their delicious Bears Pakora’s since they are suddenly into waist management.



    Oh the Rangers are s….



    Oh the Rangers are s….

  17. Mo Bangura’s injury came about when he attempted to kick the ball in a general goalward direction; even though the coaching staff had a note from Mrs Bangura that under no circumstances should little Mo attempt to score a goal.



    No one can say they weren’ t well warned about the rashness of this reckless tomfoolery.

  18. Also lodged at Companies House today:



    Glasgow Improvised Rangers Football United Yardbirds



    or GIRFUY as they will be known.

  19. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    lucky bag ??



    honestly, who gives a funkeys muck about bangura, we have better players in the youth team.


    you’ve found a player injured at training that never happens to any other team eh ?

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