Waste management in Buckinghamshire


News that a new company, “Glasgow Rangers Limited”, has been registered today with an address matching a waste management company in Buckinghamshire, has delicious irony but in itself means little.  After Rangers owner, Craig Whyte, laid out all sorts of medium-term scenarios for the club in media interviews last week a land-rush for fresh rangers intellectual property, including a company name, should be expected.

If those with secured property rights over Ibrox are busy forming a new company, they are unlikely to be the only ones.

Still, waste management.  It’s perfectly scripted.

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  1. The Singing Detective on

    Sir Kojo…



    I cherish the hope that BangBang could yet become our new Reggie Blinker…….


    As long as our coaching doesn’t waste him !



    Still,every cloud has a Silver Lining .


    Our ever-lengthening injury list will ensure that our exciting Under19 gems will be given ample opportunity to sparkle …as we overhaul NuForm Huns in spectacular fashion .

  2. The Battered Bunnet says:



    25 October, 2011 at 17:40


    Is Gerard Moran High Wycombe’s most wanted Tim?




    Moran as in Roman?????????

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    And lo…



    Isn’t Gerard Moran registered as a director of GasElectric Renewals Ltd of 1 Bishops Court, etc etc High Wycombe, as well as Contract Renewals Ltd and Credit Agreement Auditors Ltd.



    Hey ho.

  4. This may make your eyes water



    A woman who admitted biting off her boyfriend’s testicles has been warned she could be jailed.


    Maria Topp, 44, from Wrekenton, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm at Newcastle Crown Court.


    She bit Martin Douglas, her partner of five years, during a drunken brawl at his flat in February. She was granted bail to be sentenced next month and Recorder Robin Mairs warned her: “All options are open and that will include locking you up.”


    Topp, a mother of four with a blonde bob, bit Mr Douglas’s testicles off at his flat in Waterloo Street, Newcastle, during the early hours of February 18. She cannot remember biting her partner, but can recall their fight, and the court accepted that violence had been used by both sides.


    Caroline Goodwin, defending, told a previous hearing: “The defendant was on her back with the victim straddling her.”


    Mr Douglas was so traumatised by his injuries that emergency services staff struggled to understand him when he dialled 999. The 45-year-old DJ later required 19 stitches to his wound.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Some suggestions for renaming of the all new (but not neccessarily improved) post administration huns



    Ken Dodd and his Diddymen f.c.




    Lester Piggot f.c.



    In honour of famous figures from the history of tax avoidance.

  6. Kojo at 17:21



    I read the news about Alex Milosevic and must say that in my opinion it’s total propaganda.


    When was last time when you beat Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea in the race for the player?


    Somebody is fooling Celtic scouts again.

  7. My dear,dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective.



    Personally Speaking…and is there any ither wey?



    Personally, Ah feel Sympathy fur Boom Boom.



    And that is not me.



    Na.. it’s never me.. mebbe you.. but.. . no me.



    Some kinda foist.



    There is so much dependin’ oan him coming guid.



    Fur.. We dae need A Shot in the Airm.



    We hiv only wan Live Wan.. in the Striking Dept. and that’s Stokesy.



    Gary is Deid… Murphy is Gone…and Sammi .. is.. well gone..



    So we are really depending oan Boom Boom.



    Noo that he is injured.. then …



    That Pits us right doon the Coal Hole.






    If anything Happens tae Stokesy???



    So ye see…



    It is Staring Lenny in the Face… that he must bring in Tony Watt.



    A real no Brainer.





    yer pal…who likes ye aloater

  8. David Peter Deans on

    Good evening guys.



    Just to change the subject for a momment.



    Last Thursday i sat down to watch the game v Rennes and was highly delighted when Celtic took to the field in the famous Green & White hoops as opposed to the various away kits they normally wear.



    I felt more confident, strange as it may seem that we would do well. It felt like i was watching the real Celtic, instead of some team with the name Celtic in different colours.



    So can the powers that be at Parkhead please send the team out in our famous hoops whenever possible, the ones which are famous throughout the world. Hope the support agrees.

  9. glendalystonsils says:



    25 October, 2011 at 17:52


    Some suggestions for renaming of the all new (but not neccessarily improved) post administration huns





  10. wdh



    I have been saying for months that they shouldn’t have had a licence, good to see CU and Phil getting their claws in, I suspect Phil will be taken more seriously.



    I think the shareholders should be doing something about this, screaming from the rooftops imo.

  11. The Honest Mistake (Sickened) on

    Yet. Were you able to open the link? Think that proves henke rates the player, recommended him to Celtic and that Neil Lennon was involved in his transfer.


    Celtic are under attack just now in a campaign of disinformation just now and people are falling for it.

  12. My dear,dear,dear,dear,friend… Mr.Z



    Alexander.. No.. Slobodan..is a Brammer.



    collie, says so..



    So… Ah wid welcome him tae jine us..



    That wid gie us.. let’s see..



    Ach.. Ah hiv loast coont oan hoo many Croatians/ Serbs/Swedes? that we hiv oan oor Books




    How did awe these.. Croats , Serbs and Yugoslavians get intae Sweden?



    Are there Any in Poland??



    Let’s hope that Alexander is a Guid Wan..



    The Odds Tell us that He Must be the Exception that Proves the Rule..


    AH am anxious tae find oot.



    Of Courrse, there ye go agin ,kid..talkin’ Sense..



    Ye are Right.. if Liverpool and the Rest really want this Youngster..



    We wullnae hae a chance tae get him… Nae Way!



    So that tells us?






    Well, that tells us.. like ye pointed oot… so damn sensibly..










    Then that MEANS…



    THAT LIVERPOOL and the Rest..



    DINNA WANT HIM, and hiv hid Second Thoughts aboot Signing Him”



    Which Means..



    Celtic, wull be makin a Big, Big Mistake…






    You are so smart,pal.. it Hoits.





    yer pal.. who thinks yer swell.

  13. Good evening friends.



    Can anyone explain to me about the facebook / twitter links now available. If I link into those accounts what does that actually mean when I then post something on CQN – it doesn’t also then appear on facebook and twitter does it?




  14. David Peter Deans on

    I see that Mulgrew is now a doubt for Wednesdays game. More changes needed at the back. Is our luck ever going to change. We must set up not to loose the game first and foremost in my opinion. The defence is going to need help from the midfield big time.





    Mathews Rogne Majstoravic Wilson


    Ledley Kayal Wanyama Forrest


    Stokes Hooper



    If Mulgrew is fit he would be my choice over Majstoravic.

  15. My fellow Tims I’m now glad phil is looking into the dodgy doings of the corrupt SFA regarding champions league spot.


    We just have to look at Neil’s ban by Mr Peat and Pauls recent article regarding SFA 1 year


    on and the SFA still spouting religiously offensive correspondents.

  16. a friend has just texted me to say he’s off to necastle city hsll to see ‘a question of sport’. I have asked him to ask ‘are Rangers cattle trucked? ‘ any other sugestions ?

  17. Thanks for the advice.



    So basically we post as normal but if we think we’ve said something wonderful we click the ‘share’ and it then get’s posted on facebook and/or twitter? Isn’t that wonderful.



    Away to tell my Choir the news…. Christmas is only 2 months away you know.




  18. The Honest Mistake (Sickened) on

    Tet. You need to add the two parts of the link together. I can’t paste it in full as it wrecks the page.

  19. Rangers FC 2012 participation in SPL Results so far.



    Since I had to pay a wee fee to use the zoomerang survey/poll website I have also now created a wee survey (4 questions) to gather the views of as many supports from as many Scottish clubs as possible re. Rangers FC 2012 and direct entry back in to SPL if/when the exist Rangers FC experience a liquidation event that sees the death of Rangers FC 1873 to 2011.



    Please pass to friends/relatives/other football clubs supporters websites via facebook, twitter, email, txt etc.



    Take the survey




  20. tommytwiststommyturns on

    DPD – it looks like Mark Wilson will also require a knee op at some point, so I’m not sure if we can throw him in just now. El K should start at LB, that’s what we brought him here for.


    I would drop JF, especially in an away cup-tie, as he’s been almost anonymous recently and start with Commons or McCourt.



    With all the injuries, the rest of the team picks itself at the moment. Although, a case could also be made for Zaluska getting a starting place.



    Can anyone remember such a bad run of injuries during the first few months of a season?




  21. The Singing Detective on

    Good to see Jobo safely returned from his sojourn as Oor Man in Tunisia.



    I was having visions of General Gordon in ‘Khartoum’……



    When comes to EK morning weather forecasts….Nobody does it Better !



    And that’s just gone ‘viral’ on Twitter .

  22. Kojo



    Many Polish clubs have players from post Yugoslavia countries.


    Legia Warsaw have four foreign players doing job for the first team. They are: one from Slovakia, two from Serbia and one from Croatia.


    I like them very much. They are fighters, have no problems with language, assimilating culture and game very fast. Our experience is that we get from them what we ask them for.

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