Watching players on the edge


I like watching a professional perform on the edge. We watched Anthony Stokes do just that at the Cup Final, where despite two superb goals from Gary Hooper, he was clearly head and shoulders above everyone else on the field. This has not always been the way for Anthony, so has too often failed to command a starting place, and live up to the form he promised all those years ago at Falkirk.

Celtic have put a contract in front of him but it will be considerably lighter than the contract Hooper has no intentions of signing. It’s very much up to Anthony now. Deliver and the riches will follow. Don’t bet against him.

Only just catching up on the somewhat demeaning promotion of a football club hiring a new team bus. Every time I see the coach/manager at that club, buses, or to be more precise, Blakey, from On the Buses comes to mind. These people lend themselves to parody so unselfishly.


Inspector Blakey

The fascinating part is, only one of the two above was trying to be ridiculous. You enjoy another day of being a Celtic fan.

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  1. Gretnabhoy


    Added to possibles list..


    Last time mini and her friends went to the outlet centre in gretna.


    I went to hotel across the road for a couple.Malorbhoy goes there occasionally

  2. Celtic_First on

    If Gary Hooper has no intention of signing his contract, we would perhaps be better off doing business sooner rather than later.



    It’s tempting to think he should play in the CL qualifiers, but if his heart is not in it, experience tells us that we’d be better off without him.



    A shame. I like him.

  3. BT if mini has just returned from a jolly jaunt in the med then as for your borders busman’s holiday



    She can like it or lump it

  4. There is great confusion in the media at the moment. It looks like some of the truth is being told but they are obviously still a bit scared to go the whole hog.



    They (Record) are gunning for Whyte (Motherwell born billionaire with wealth off the radar), who, was bouncing along on the terraces with the fans after DAVID MURRAY’s assurances that he would only sell the club to a man with the club at heart.



    Unfortunately, it was a cold, black heart of s SPIV.



    Then there was the Yorkshire rascist



    Now we have dodgy bus company owners



    We are being lubed up for admin 2, the return. Make no mistake, this will happen unless they have another share issue or a very rich idiot enters the fray.



    Hail x 2

  5. Bhoys thanks to all who signed the petition. every bit of pressure that can be applied to the council regarding these clowns needs to be applied.







  6. BT that’s an old haunt of mine, when it was known as the Crossways. It’s now The Gretna Inn, I think. Know a couple of lads that go in. Ask for Johnny Linton. A good Tim or Woody, but he will be pissed!!


    The Gateway is my worst nightmare. She who must be obeyed always insists in goi g there but I disappear for a couple of hours and meet up later at a pre determined time.

  7. South Of Tunis on

    Never slow to miss a —– Look it isn’t just us —- opportunity –an Italian radio journalist joyously reports that Ian Livingston ,UK Trade Minister [in waiting ]owns 20 million quids worth of BT shares .

  8. Quick word on the AICSC charity dinner dance in City West last Saturday night.


    Really enjoyable night with plenty of craic and singing. Might be an idea to incorporate a golf classic on the day, great course adjoining the hotel.


    Highlight of the night ? Lennons speech in which he slagged the duo of Tony Watt and Joe Ledley, both of whom were there with red faces.


    On Watt; Seems he asked to stay in Dublin that weekend, he learned it was the Gay Pride annual parade.


    On Ledley; Seems he was very homesick when he first signed, but that disappeared after the first away game against Aberdeen, all the beautiful sheep made him feel that he was back in Wales.


    The new Balde got a great reception and I’m sure he is wondering just how big and historical this club is !


    Well done to the organizers.

  9. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    Is this where they got their new coach fromhttp://www.atlaseditions.co.uk/collection/Great_British_Buses/Great%20British%20Buses.html

  10. Madrarua


    I have been to a couple of the st Margarets dances in Drocheda. They are also good events. Next one is September

  11. Greetings from sunny Turkey.I see Grant from the Herald questioning the financial situation at “The big hoose”today.Virtually saying they are greatly overspending.Right on the ball these hacks.


    Regarding the exits of Goian and Bocanegra.With a year still left on their contracts,which going by reports was running at £15,000 per week,would there not have been some kind of a pay off?.I cant imagine they would just have said”Ok,thats fine,we will be off then,we know you are skint,bye”.Considering the Daily Mail has us being”Snubbed”by Rogne!!!!!!!!!,a player we were desperate to get off our books,I am coming to the conclusion that these hack chappies just dont tell the truth concerning us and the other mob.Maybe I am being a bit judgemental,and they are all upstanding,truthful,intrepid,get to the bottom of any story,type of fellows.



  12. South Of Tunis on

    blantyretim @ 12 30 .



    I know —it probably took the journo @ 2 weeks to have the original UK reportage translated .



    The Berlusconiowned media love a bit of whataboutery ———– I have high hopes of scenes from the Royal Mile popping up on one of his news channels. He loves to do that – look at this lot thing .

  13. Golf Alert – Kano Foundation Invitational



    For all you golfers out there …..




    We are having our annual golf day on Friday September 6th at Mount Ellen Golf club in Glasgow.



    The first tee off time is 11am .



    We will have tea/coffee on arival along with a breakfast roll.Afterwards , its back to the clubhouse for the trophy presentation and a two course dinner.



    Hopefully we will have some special guests along with us this year.



    The cost for the day will be £50.



    If you would like to attend please email contactus@thekanofoundation.com








  14. hoopeddreams on

    I say, turkeybhoy. If you demean those pillars of the free press any further, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they challenged you to a bally duel.

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