Watching the central defender space


I have been keeping an eye open for whispers on the central defender front. Although we have already brought Marvin Compper in this month, Brendan could be tempted into trading a few (cough) of the existing squad, so there could be more arrivals.

Reports in Poland this morning suggest Arsenal’s 20-year-old central defender, Krystian Bielik, could be heading on loan to Scotland, despite Legia wanting to loan back their former player. Celtic have worked the academy system at PSG and Manchester City recently, would not be surprised if we were scouting Arsenal too.

The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP28) with former Celtic director Tom Grant

Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by Celtic’s ex-director, Tom Grant, who offers a fascinating insight into the running of the club in the 1980s and 1990s.

Tom Grant explains exactly why Celtic refused to complete the Mo Johnston transfer in 1989, and lifts the lid on audacious efforts by Billy McNeill to recruit Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce.

Tom Grant also dissects his relationship with Fergus McCann, and the impact of the ‘Celts For Change’ movement in overturning the ‘family dynasty’ board in 1994.


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  1. KINGLUBO on 11TH JANUARY 2018 2:28 PM


    Personally, I have never been a fan of loan players,




    In the past,me neither,but times change.Far too quickly.Everybody wants us to get in the quality ,especially for Europe,but its outwith our grasp.Take Musonda.To try and buy him would be in the 15 to 20 million.We cannot pay this.They were talking about midfielders sold last night that I had never heard of for 11 million.IMHO,to get a class act in for 1 year,to 18 months,is better than to have no class act at all.No one is saying fill the team with them,but 1 or 2 to compliment the class acts we can bring in on a permanent deal,like Moussa,Ntcham,Sinclair.

  2. Turkeybhoy



    We employ a chief scout at I’m sure great cost.


    You’re right… we can’t compete with English teams on transfers.


    It is however a big world out there.


    Surely we can attract a quality Centre Half that isn’t injury prone and capable of coming right into our team and improve it ?


    The Virgil money would more than cover the fee for Danny Ward.

  3. “Salah,da da da da da da,Oh,Mane Mane,da da da da da da,Robert Firminiho,and we sold Coutiniho.




    Cant get that bloody song out my head.

  4. Not a fan of agents, but Dembele’s agent might be worth asking about re available players, he could have moved the big guy on for plenty before we got him.

  5. I watched Krystian Bielik play a couple of times for Birmingham City and he impressed me. I know he’s very highly thought of at Arsenal.



    If Celtic were to sign him I can only mean BR doesn’t think very much of Ajer.

  6. Loan signing of a CH would be pointless IMO. Loan signing an Arsenal CH, they don’t do defending, would be crazy. Even if Erik and Jozo both leave in this window we still have Ajer and Compper (hopefully as first choice), Bitton and Boyata as back up and even Lustig and Tierney in an emergency. We could also follow up the rumoured interest on Jack Hendry from Dundee, again a better than a loan deal to teach someone else’s defender how to defend.

  7. BURGHBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2018 2:47 PM






    I know what you are saying,but that big world has shrunk.Most teams are all now looking for the same as us.Bigger teams ,financially.


    Is Ward even for sale.Going by recent sightings of Liverpool keepers,I am surprised he is not 1st choice.


    A CH is not a problem restricted to us.Anyway,I believe Ajer is the answer.



    Roll on Brechin.

  8. Burghbhoy


    Tell wee Mhairi I wished her all the Best and me and Olivia are thinking of her today.




    Almost, just like BCW, Mohammed Salim


    Remaining answer #6 Alec McNair


    Hope you enjoyed the wee diversion



  9. !!BADA BING!! on 11TH JANUARY 2018 2:49 PM


    Not a fan of agents, but Dembele’s agent might be worth asking about re available players, he could have moved the big guy on for plenty before we got him.




    I would think Brendan has him on speed dial.These young Frogs are the business nowadays.Closely followed by the Belgians.

  10. Danny Ward seems to be waiting for his chance at Liverpool:





    Coleman, who handed Ward his international debut with Wales, wanted him between the sticks at the Stadium of Light on a loan deal until the end of the season.



    But, according to The Sun on Sunday, the 24-year-old has no interest in making the switch.


    Ward played a major role in Huddersfield’s shock promotion to the Premier League last season.


    He was expected to challenge Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius for the No.1 jersey upon his return to Anfield.



    But Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has used him in just one EFL Cup fixture.



    Reds Under-23s boss Neil Critchley has urged Ward to remain patient.


    “I don’t think his development as a goalkeeper is unusual for a young goalkeeper,” Critchley told ESPNFC. “He’s still young — you’ve got to remember that.



    “He’s got competition at Melwood, but he’d expect to have that. Danny believes in himself and he’s a fighter, so I’m sure he’ll keep performing and training like he is to give the manager something to think about.



    Sunderland boss Chris Coleman is on the hunt for a keeper “He’s brilliant. He’s a big character, Danny – a really good character. I think he’s matured so much since I’ve known him.”



    A new keeper is high on the agenda for Sunderland boss Coleman, whose side has leaked 38 goals in 22


    league games.

  11. Wakey wakey Kev J if you’re about



    I see the SPL attendances are up from last season. Only Dundee and St Johnstone showing a slight decrease.



    Celtic are up 4% according to recent statistics .



    I agree with much of what you say; but emptying Paradise will only harm our club.It seems many thankfully agree.




  12. South Of Tunis on




    Treviso ?



    Been @25 years since I was there.I’m not in the position to make any recommendations.


    The food will be good and the wine (Prosecco in particular ) will be Very good.

  13. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 11TH JANUARY 2018 10:17 AM


    GENE @ 10 07 .



    Liverpool 66



    Home leg -huge crowd .Celtic were profligate . I was disappointed by Liverpool . Really negative . Smith a dirty B.



    *Liverpool fans in the hun end were jubilantly singing ‘ee aye addio one’s not enough” near the end.



    Tommy Smith aka the Anfield Iron was claiming disability when he was caught on tele taking a penalty in a half time shoot out with other ould personalities. Had his benefits stopped.



    Away leg — my first European away game . Hitched it from Glasgow . Bad decision from a Ref . Blootered twerps throwing bottles .. Mate got hit on the head by a bottle . He never went to another football match.



    *had a ticket for this game, planned on calling in sick and arranged for a seat on a supporters bus. On the Friday, the day after the 1st leg, was elated in work when I was told to attend the office, wee bit concerned but when I got there the Apprentice Master as he was called was waiting for me, a big bit concerned now.



    “Congratulations Tontine, you’ve just won the apprentice of the year award and for that you will spend some time with the civil engineers in head office, show up on Monday morning”, this would prove beneficial in later life as I became one, that night as I happily told my mother my da said right away “give me your ticket for Anfield as that’s out”.



    On the Tuesday night while I was training for fitba the bhoys were being robbed. Just before I left the house David Coleman was previewing the game as the highlights would be shown later, the camera went over tae the ground where as he said the crowd were in full voice, wisnae the kop as all you could hear was “some have come, from the land beyond the sea”, before they switched back to the studio.



    As for the bottle throwing, and no excuses here, Bob Kelly always maintained that Liverpool fans had started it first after a foul by TG on a home player, as I said no excuses though.



    Incidentally I later found out I had won the same award the year before but they widnae give me it as I had long hair and it widnae be becoming having a “hippie” in head office, when I did get it I now resembled an extra fae Quadrophenia. Full blown snobbery which emanated fae Hammersmith.

  14. South Of Tunis on







    I was arrested in Hammersmith.A weekend in the jail and then a fine for something I hadn’t done.4 London Met Plod stood in Court ,lied through their teeth and committed perjury.Pathetic !

  15. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    I’m a fan of loans .


    But from us to other teams


    Some guys like Tierney can come through, no problem ,but others need to be tested against experienced pros.


    Maybe we would’ve had a better return on youth investment if more young lads went out on loan

  16. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 11TH JANUARY 2018 3:53 PM








    I was arrested in Hammersmith.A weekend in the jail and then a fine for something I hadn’t done.4 London Met Plod stood in Court ,lied through their teeth and committed perjury.Pathetic !



    *head office was there and the CEO had a knighthood so a wee long haired hippy wisnae flavor of the mot back then.

  17. HOT SMOKED on 11TH JANUARY 2018 9:54 AM



    My first footballing `Hero`was Pat Crerand so that may have won him the spot over the wonderful Bobby Murdoch.



    *My 2nd after Bobby Evans, when I met him several years back I suggested that if he hadn’t left we would never have heard of Bobby Murdoch, his response was ‘don’t be daft son (I was in my early 40’s BTW) if I hadn’t left you would never have heard of me again, Bobby was a far better player”. To hear one of your heroes talk like that shows the humility of the mhan.



    Incidentally he also told us that his lhad would often go up and attend games with his ould mother, I believe they were both at Love Street ‘86



    He mentioned a deputation of manure players and staff that would go up for the hun and European games, Chalky and Ashley Grimes were 2 names that come tae mine, he said there was one that supported deidco, he couldnae remember who it was but thought it might have been Steve Bruce, of course I never liked big Bruceie after that but it seems that may have been incorrect as his son Alex played for the Republic before switching to NI and I’ve also been led to believe he can sing a good reb, oh aye and his name is spelt with a “P”.

  18. Paul67 etal.



    I have to laugh when posters say that we are signing too many young players now?,I don’t know why people think like that,


    there will come a time, if it hasn’t all ready arrived IE Kieren Tierney is one that comes to mind,


    and I think that Ajer could be another,there are a lot of youngsters that could make the grade to the first team.



    Why it makes me laugh is when I think of a player who played in the World Cup in 1958 in Sweden at the age of 17 years and 258 days (could be a bit wrong in the days,but not by much,



    His name was Pele, at the age of nearly 18 years I think he scored 4 goals in 6 games and would go on to be known as the best Player that the World had ever seen,So if Brazil can bring on a youngster and make him into the Worlds best,


    Why not us.

  19. boondock saint on



    In reply to your question yesterday. The game was on a Friday night but Stevie Fulton scored the winner. raymond was too old for the BP youth team at the time.



  20. “Black pudding saved my life” – a butcher trapped in a walk-in freezer used his oversized sausage as a battering ram in order to escape his freezer



    BBC England



    i always felt Stevie Fulton was a potentially great player ruined by poor management and expectation.


    First saw him destroy Aberdeen in a reserve game at Pittodrie and he was a class above everyone else on the park.


    The ridiculous comparison by McNeil to Baggio gave the anti Celtic mssm fuel to ridicule him and they went full throttle with their agenda.


    Also remember when McStay got injured in pre season in Ireland and a Fulton and Collins partnership had us flying but when McStay returned to take Fultons slot our form stuttered.


    Not a criticism of McStay but i never felt he and Collins had the right balance in midfield.To often they were within a few feet of each other and leaving gaps for teams to counter.They were to similar in my opinion.


    Fulton was a different type of player and added a balance to the midfield.


    After that he played more wide and was never as effective as he could have been.

  22. SEÁNP1916 on 11TH JANUARY 2018 10:12 AM



    Back to Burley though I will never forget his performances against THAT LOT especially that New Year 2-0. No question in my mind he was a critical factor in me seeing Celtic lift a league title for the first time and for that I had to give him an honorable mention. In my opinion if it hadn’t been for John Barnes and his total ineptitude Burley would have went on to be a great at Celtic over many years.



    *I’m so glad you mentioned this, there are some supporters out there that make excuses for Kenny and Charlie Nick but love tae put the boot intae big Craig.



    IMHO was very influential in the stopping of the crooked ten and always seemed to relish his goals against deidco. When we were looking for a new captain I fancied him more than Paul Lambert, who was a good choice tae.

  23. ” Celtic supporters want to be proud of their club. It’s all they want, it’s what they deserve”



    We are proud of our club and have responded in huge numbers. In that respect we have fulfilled our part of the deal. However it’s 2018, times and supporter expectations have evolved . We should have facilities to reflect 2018 . That is what we also want and indeed expect.




  24. boondock saint on



    Stevie Fulton was one of the best players I ever played with. His left peg was brilliant. I do think the comparison with Baggio was terrible. That Reserve team had some good players that weren’t given much of a chance. Raymond McStay, Big Gerry Britton to name a few

  25. TICKET holders are reminded that the deadline to secure their seasonal seat (subject to UEFA requirements) for Celtic’s UEFA Europa League clash is 5pm on Friday this week (January 12).




  26. Our Academy team are easily the strongest in Scotland, in comparison Dundee United are bottom.


    Prior to today The Arabs had played 13 won 2 drawn 1 & lost 10 Celtic had played only 6 but were unbeaten winning 5 & drawing 1.


    Celtic were a shoo in for a win and were leading 2 nil with 8 minutes left.


    Would you believe The Arabs scored 3 in last 8 minutes & won 3-2, incredible but that’s football.