Watching the central defender space


I have been keeping an eye open for whispers on the central defender front. Although we have already brought Marvin Compper in this month, Brendan could be tempted into trading a few (cough) of the existing squad, so there could be more arrivals.

Reports in Poland this morning suggest Arsenal’s 20-year-old central defender, Krystian Bielik, could be heading on loan to Scotland, despite Legia wanting to loan back their former player. Celtic have worked the academy system at PSG and Manchester City recently, would not be surprised if we were scouting Arsenal too.

The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP28) with former Celtic director Tom Grant

Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by Celtic’s ex-director, Tom Grant, who offers a fascinating insight into the running of the club in the 1980s and 1990s.

Tom Grant explains exactly why Celtic refused to complete the Mo Johnston transfer in 1989, and lifts the lid on audacious efforts by Billy McNeill to recruit Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce.

Tom Grant also dissects his relationship with Fergus McCann, and the impact of the ‘Celts For Change’ movement in overturning the ‘family dynasty’ board in 1994.


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  1. Tontone Tim.



    I was at that game at Anfield,I’ve never seen that many bottles getting thrown at a Celtic game,


    and it was Celtic Supporters that were throwing the bottles,surprisingly no one died that night,


    there were thousands of bottles thrown,most of the bottles landed on the Park,but 100’s landed in the crowd.



    The trouble started when Bobbie Lennox’s goal was chalked of for offside, which the Referee admitted he made a mistake the next day, to me Lennox was onside and the goal should have stood, but just another mistake by an effing ref.



    But the bottle throwing was a step to far.

  2. BOONDOCK SAINT on 11TH JANUARY 2018 5:16 PM





    That Reserve team had some good players that weren’t given much of a chance. Raymond McStay, Big Gerry Britton to name a few



    *Gerry Britton had formed a remarkable partnership with Dugald McCarrison and yet Gerry Creaney was favoured. Hmmmm as some would say.





    That Dundee Utd mob,unexpectedly winning 3-2. Takes me back to 67 and 83!!!


    Natasha corrigan




    @CelticFC @Leighgriff09 @ScottBrown8 @Scotty_Sinclair @OlivierNtcham @patrick7roberts @kierantierney1 @StuArmstrong16 my two boys just turned 6 and just turned 4 Celtic Daft big brother teaching wee brother ☘️☘️



    god bless you NATASHA and your 2 wee bhoys.

  5. boondock saint on

    Tontine Tim,


    I couldn’t figure it our why Big Gerry wasn’t given a chance as he was banging in the goals for our reserve teams. I was lucky enough to play with him and those others for a few years till I got injured. Dugald was a very good striker as well, but like a lot of people, needed a kick up the arse.

  6. according to reports we have pulled out of the race for daniel sturridge but still in for mawson and musonda. newsnow .com .

  7. Big Packy, There is an industry of dodgy sites that attaches itself to football. These make their living from Advertising and are constantly coming up with eye catching stories & statements to lure in fans.


    No harm at all in looking but it is just click bait & a pure waste of time.

  8. okay what shall we talk about now, lets have a bit of fun seen as theres no celtic to watch at the moment, dont forget its not serious only fun which sevco players past and present would you have liked to have seen wear the hoops ill go first jim baxter and willie johnston.

  9. Not keen on loan deals per say, but understand why we do them. I dont want a young guy playing at centreback, prefer experience in there, but if we are gonna play a young player then let it be our own player like ajer (sign up on long term deal) or another purchase. That way the player will make mistakes, learn the positions and we will get benefits longer term in play and in resale.



    Tbh dont understand way we look to be selling sumonivic while keeping boyato. I get that eric does not figure and wants to go!!



    Ps dont expect much coming and going despite all the noise




  10. Why do so many posters call Boyata, Boyato ?


    Am I missing something or is it a predictive text issue.

  11. Me, I’m not a greedy person. All I want is for my beloved CELTIC to sign a “Lubo” type playmaker, that’s not asking too much, is it????




  12. BOONDOCK SAINT on 11TH JANUARY 2018 5:47 PM


    Tontine Tim,



    I couldn’t figure it our why Big Gerry wasn’t given a chance as he was banging in the goals for our reserve teams.



    *I know Gerry is now a lawyer, was he outspoken in the dressing room, there are factors other than ability that can hold a player back, not just a player but elsewhere in the workforce. Believe me I know as I was a wee bit outspoken when younger.

  13. BIG PACKY on 11TH JANUARY 2018 6:27 PM



    okay what shall we talk about now, lets have a bit of fun seen as theres no celtic to watch at the moment, dont forget its not serious only fun which sevco players past and present would you have liked to have seen wear the hoops ill go first jim baxter and willie johnston.



    *hmmm the hill o’beath bevvier didnae make it down south, could he still have maintained his partying lifestyle with the hoops, Bob Kelly widnae have put up with it and the smsm would have been all over him like a dose of the ?????. Come tae think about it don’t think Macca or wee sleekit face would have survived Bob, mibbees Charlie Nick as well.



    As for the Fife ned, nae chance, seemingly we were looking at him the same time as the huns. Glad they got him, he made the sine died wullie woodbene look like St Francis of Assisi.

  14. Stairheedrammy on

    I was off today with manflu and watched a 1949 drama film set in the Glasgow shipyards. They really had the culture of the place to a T, the apprentice had a picture of The Rangers (RIP) on the wall and constantly spoke about them while the gaffers were regularly off to the Lodge for a meeting. They were a bit tongue in cheek about the co-star apprentices name though- who would believe someone called Tim would get a job in the yards.

  15. boondock saint on

    TonTine Tim,


    Gerry was a laugh. They used ti call him George McFly. I knew he as a lawyer. Good guy. There were guys like Charlie Nick, Tommy Coyne, Mark McGhee, Big Jackie, but Gerry would always score in the reserves.

  16. CORKCELT on 11TH JANUARY 2018 7:04 PM



    Why do so many posters call Boyata, Boyato ?



    Am I missing something or is it a predictive text issue.




    You say Boyata, I say Boyato


    You say potato, I say World Class Fried Breakfast Scone…



    It’s just the way of the world/wuruld…

  17. It’s definitely slow on here when Gerry Britton getting pumped up from good reserve player to a star in the making:-))

  18. BSR at 7.52



    By a weird coincidence, I was clearing out the loft over Christmas and found an old VCR player and some tapes, one of which was the entire collection of It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum.



    Now, I’m not too sure what to think of it! But if you view it from the same perspective as, say, Blazing Saddles, it is pretty damn funny. I’m just not sure it was written from that same perspective.



    My kids definitely didn’t know what to make of it. But Michael Bates, and the chai wallah and the punka wallah, did a decent job of showing how the occupying power could be stymied by simple locals!



    I thought Mr Lah di Dah Gunner Graham did a great job of conveying absolute hatred of Sgt Major Shutup, much like Sgt Wilson did with Capt Mainwaring in Dad’s Army.



    Sgt Major to prevail in a fight vs Lofty. Unfortunately.

  19. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gerry Britton , the last I heard he was the heid honcho in Thistle ‘s acadamy or the football developement guy for them.



    I used to go to a number of reserve and youth team games in the eighties . There were always a few players who stuck out . Dougie McGuire was one of those , unbelievably skilful but , to me, did not have a lot of football intelligence . He would have team mates in great position but would delay releasing the ball or take on another defender then the chance would be gone.



    Gerry Creaney impressed me with his finishing when I saw him in the youths/reserves . He scored a spectacular goal against Motherwell reserves, he was up against Tom Boyd , a volley from about 25 yards out. Gerry was not everyone ‘s cup of tea but he had a great record scoring in big games once he broke through to the first team .



    With regard to Stevie Fulton , I had videos of our games on Sportscene and Scotsport from 1980’s and up to about 1993. When I last watched the ones from 1989 onwards , the amount of goals Stevie Fulton assisted in with some great passes and crosses , was more than I thought he had. He was a very good passer of the ball.



    I dont think he enjoyed the hassle of playing for us . I read an interview with him where he said he went down to London after our home Saturday league games, his girlfriend lived and worked there, to escape the goldfish bowl as he was anonymous there .

  20. Just googled Gerry,he was born same year as me,he played for Celtic,that’s where the similarities stop :-)))




    Every time ‘grass’ gets mentioned in the Celtic End of the internet Lee Wallace pops up, I’ve no idea


    why? :-)



    Interesting contrast given our eponymous hero Mel Brooks is on record as saying he got alot of inspiration for


    Blazing Saddles from……..Carry on Cowboy ( Sid James et all )



    Congrats on the ‘Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ tapes.

  22. On past players.(potential)




    Played against Friar Tuck (mcLuskey) – was a great young player. Big J took him under his wing….but injury…




  23. BSR



    I did not know Mel Brooks had said that about Carry On Cowboy. Amazing.



    I’m away to revisit Blazing Saddles.



    ‘Need any help?’



    ‘Oh…all I can get.’



    ‘Man drinks like that, he is gonna die!’






    A girlfriend once left me because she said I was racist for laughing at Blazing Saddles. She just didn’t get it. Oo…er, Vicar.