Watt ready to push Hooper


There were so many pleasing aspects to yesterday’s performance.  Perhaps most importantly, we won a game and scored goals without our primary creative fulcrum, Kris Commons, and without playing our backup fulcrum, Charlie Mulgrew, in a creative position.

Several players will return for Wednesday’s Champions League play-off decider against Helsingborgs but Tony Watt has given Neil Lennon plenty to consider.  He was by some magnitude the best player on the field, and was considerably more threatening than his strike partner, Gary Hooper, who has had no genuine competition for the main striker position since arriving at Celtic two years ago.  I’ve felt for some time that Gary needs to be pushed.  Tony might be the man to do this.

Do you remember six years ago we mocked Paul Le Guen’s Rangers with, “You’re fourth in the SPL…”  Poor Sevco are fourth in the fourth tier of Scottish football.  Give that guy McCoist another 5% of the shares, he’s absolutely priceless.

We Oscar 4 Life’ have organised a bucket collection for Dundee home game at CP on 22nd of September and require a Lorry Load of Volunteer collectors. To volunteer as a bucket collected please email us at weeoscar4life@gmail.com.

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  1. celticrollercoaster says please join Wee Oscar's Green Bucket Army on

    Heard a wee song today, could get quite popular!!!



    “When you play for Celtic”- a wee song for Wee Oscar



    From a CQNer



    Watch this space







  2. celticrollercoaster says please join Wee Oscar's Green Bucket Army on




    I cleaned a bucket for you today and it is now nice and shiny. Just waiting for your admission form :-)







  3. celticrollercoaster says please join Wee Oscar's Green Bucket Army on

    RRC & petec



    You bhoys are enrolled, be in touch soon, Thanks







  4. petec



    I could talk about the Bible all day


    Coming to Christ changed my life.


    19 years ago and I’ve never quite got over it :-)

  5. celticrollercoaster says please join Wee Oscar's Green Bucket Army on




    There will be other days for you my friend







  6. BB/CRC – I take it that Celtic FC have been made aware of this bucket collection and will put sumfink on the website?



    Was in the Dolphin yesterday and asked if I could put a collection can or bucket and was told by Stevie that it wisnae on as they collect for St Margaret’s Hospices only. Will try The Smiddy next week.

  7. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on




    23:38 on


    26 August, 2012


    How long does it take to register with CQN?



    Depends who your talking to



    Badda boom

  8. Watching the game again what a great corner from AM for the first goal not the usual curled in corner kick just a floater.



    Floaters could be the way forward ?

  9. Second corner from the othe side by FT floated in also danderous



    Third corner by AM floated in and dangerous too



    Interesting as its really frustrating when people , not just celts, try to curl a corner in and don’t get the height / clear the first man



    Hope this is something we continue with great early goal from first corner



    Fourth corner taken short :-)




  10. To round off a hoot of a Sunday (barring the forelock-tugging goat-felcher’s ‘decision’ to rule out the Berwick winner), the line of the day belongs to the raging Rangers of FollowFollow:




    trueblue42 trueblue42 is offline


    1st Team Regular



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    Default Re: tomorrows press conference at murray park



    Q: Ally, why on earth are we playing a style of football that would have made Joe Kinnear’s Wimbledon look like Guardiola’s Barcelona?


    What about the corner from Berwick Rangers in injury time?



    Belter of a goal to beat the huns.




  12. Berwick goal should have stood against sevco shame cause they ,like Celtic have been practising set pieces ,don’t think the sevco management(?) are very good at that kinda thing.



    The signs are good woe fir them joy fir us








    They don’t have to when they get decisions like that one.



    Pretty sure the ref has form for poor decisions against us,from ataony amaowbray days,but then,don’t they all.



    Off oot for a wee drive round the Wiltshire/Oxfordshire/Berkshire borders,kills a few hours……


    Oooops-hit “a” instead of “caps lock” a few times there.



    Dearie me….

  15. BMCW



    Agree bud but we are light years ahead o them and they will never live down the shame we’ll make sure of that no matter how hard they try and no matter who they have on their side



    They are no longer the majority they are a minority and a pish one at that



    They’ll always be sevco to me



    Make them suffer





  16. Lord Haw Hawdges delays his report. As predicted. All to cement the reality of ‘rangers’. That,and the continuing corruption in full view yesterday,should leave no one in any doubt as to what’s going on.


    That,and the admission by McC. that they got the money for Davis….an outright criminal fraud.


    Will nothing EVER actually be done about the scams that are just being allowed to happen as if it all doesn’t really matter?


    They say and do ANYTHING they like,and NOTHING happens. Nothing apropos of their actions,anyway.


    But hey,they arra peepil. So that’s okay. We can all sleep soundly at night knowing that nothing will ever change. Safe as milk. Sound as the pound that set this ball rolling into full view.


    Like all the most heinous of criminals;hiding in plain sight. Sticking two digits up to the rest of us mug punters.


    Welcome to The Machine.

  17. Miki67



    I/we share your frustration.



    We can but hope the wider public will see the truth that they are not the people they are the zombies (WATZ)



    We now see more of their jerseys on the street once again with no indication that anyone will intervene and shout they are to be liquidated and the club IS the same as the company as they were incorporated.



    Do they not have till the end iod August to pay their debts outwith Scottish football(which are massive)



    Uefa and FIFA already recognise they are dead perhaps when clubs outwith Scotland realise they won’t see their cash but this zombie club intend to carry on as normal we might see some action



    No one in Scotland is going to do anything about them , their all to scared



    They are now a sad minority



    Ps no one buy anything from sports direct




  18. Sports Direct is a $h0!£€ shop anyway….fit for der hun. They must be screamin’ desperate to want the kinda slobs they’re gonna have trundlin’ round their emporiums demandin’ the XXXL tops they won’t have and then have to deal with the fat orcs throwin’ a fit like a baby cranked up on sugar.

  19. Just looking forward to wed night bit early but I’d go with











    Although I’d love it if TW played instead of FT either way reckon we can do it



    If you ain’t got a ticket go get one ya maddy!




  20. Paul67,


    would agree that Watt was MOM, however, I thought that Hooper showed a new more dilligent side to his play. Constantly losing his marker, dropping deep and linking play, selfless running and intelligent hold-up work, he’s learning in a way that “can’t be taught(Kris Boyd) and i for one am impressed. Like when McGeady decided to pick up the pace over 10 yards and became greased lightning.


    HailHail,to the backroom staff,



  21. Good morning CQN



    Great result up at Inverness on Saturday


    Well done to a team full of young players


    The future looks bright



    Well done BR a cheating ref took away your perfectly good win




    Keep the Faith




    Hail Hail

  22. Morning all – have a great day!



    Don’t forget to rip the p**h to all the orcs you meet today!



    Off to water the tomatoes before it gets too hot.





    How strange-seems I can only open CQN on IE by c&p to Chrome-which is already open anyway.



    I give up-the pub’s open in ninety minutes!


    Tallybhoy 0627



    That’s how they got The Godfather-get the hired help to do it,haha!


    TALLYBHOY 0632



    Down in Swindon,I make people an offer they canny understand.



    Not my fault they have problems with my accent-as you will recall,the Kilwinning one can be particularly guttural.



    They always get the sweary words though,strangely enough…..

  26. gerrys son



    04:09 on


    27 August, 2012



    No Paddy for me on Wednesday .



    He played really well on Saturday and has great skill but I don’t think he’s got the energy / stamina we need against helsingborgs – not to start anyway.




  27. Good morning CQNers,



    Whilst we sit on the verge of a Champions league place it amusing to read the words of McCoist blaming his team for their performances.



    Mind you he and his club have a history of refusing to accept responsibility for their actions, I do hope he stays around for a while, he steered his last club into oblivion, he may just do the same for his new club.

  28. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Incomprehensible decision by Mr.Tumelty.


    At best, he was mistaken.


    Nevertheless this resulted in a three point swing and distortion in the league placings.


    Accountability is required at every professional level.


    What sanction will his professional body impose?