Watt ready to push Hooper


There were so many pleasing aspects to yesterday’s performance.  Perhaps most importantly, we won a game and scored goals without our primary creative fulcrum, Kris Commons, and without playing our backup fulcrum, Charlie Mulgrew, in a creative position.

Several players will return for Wednesday’s Champions League play-off decider against Helsingborgs but Tony Watt has given Neil Lennon plenty to consider.  He was by some magnitude the best player on the field, and was considerably more threatening than his strike partner, Gary Hooper, who has had no genuine competition for the main striker position since arriving at Celtic two years ago.  I’ve felt for some time that Gary needs to be pushed.  Tony might be the man to do this.

Do you remember six years ago we mocked Paul Le Guen’s Rangers with, “You’re fourth in the SPL…”  Poor Sevco are fourth in the fourth tier of Scottish football.  Give that guy McCoist another 5% of the shares, he’s absolutely priceless.

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  1. Morning, I have been reading for over a week we were after this guy.




    Celtic will this week pursue a deal to sign Croatian striker Srdjan Lakic on loan from German club Wolfsburg.


    The 28-year-old has become surplus to requirements at the Bundesliga outfit after spending the second half of last season at Hoffenheim. A former Croatian Under-21 international, Lakic has also played for Stuttgart and Hertha Berlin and, at 6ft 1in tall, meets Neil Lennon’s requirements for a more physical presence in attack.

  2. also pursuing deals for Rosenborg’s Markus Henriksen and a central defender. Auxerre’s 21-year-old centre-back Willy Boly has emerged as the latest target, with Nigerian international Efe Ambrose also in the frame.

  3. FF see the crux of their travails in the colour of Captain Blackmouth’s boots:



    “I dread to think what will happen if we draw a decent side [as in any side] in one of the cups because right now we’re not at the races – not even close !



    And I know this is the least of our problems right now but what the **** is our Captain thinking of wearing green and white boots ?



    Can you imagine for one moment the likes of Greig, Gough, Butcher,Ferguson or Weir doing this ?



    And why the **** is no one from the Management telling him to get it ******* sorted



    Maybe that would help explain how absolutely sh**e he’s been of late !




    I wonder what went through his mind when he decided to wear green and white boots? And what Super thought when he clocked them? Surely it must’ve occurred to them to think of what the fans might feel?




    Green and white boots (did not see btw)


    are not just green and white boots.


    It’s a mindset.


    It’s about pride and standards and discipline.


    It’s about honouring the tradition and your great



  4. The Green and White boots debate on FF sums up the mindset of the Sevco Cheats FC supporters , you will never be able to rehabilitate these people .


    Already we have the MIB showing us what lengths they will go to try and help the NEW club and the MSM are trying their best to promote this myth that they are still the same team ( unchallenge by anyone in authority ) .


    Only in this bigoted backwater , I despair of this country.

  5. SSN showing the goals from yesterdays 3rd tier match have already whitewashed the last minute disallowed goal for Berwick to history.




  6. Morning all,just checking the BBC website for footie headlines which are, in order, MAN CITY, PREMIER LEAGUE (Man City),PREMIER LEAGUE (Stoke and Arsenal), then SCOTTISH THIRD DIVISION (Sevco draw at Berwick)…..well I made up the Sevco bit…….TFOD alive and well.

  7. Morning Bhoys from a decidedly gloomy north Glasgow.



    Huge game this week let’s hope some of the injured recover in timely fashion.

  8. I am having big problems with this Twitter thingy. Why has CQN gone this way and how do I retrieve the situation? If this post does appear, it will have been a matter of luck.



    JJ confused dot CQN

  9. Belated congrats to Donegal for that inspirational victory over Cork yesterday.



    The same 2nd half pattern emerged yesterday as previous games – close at HT (Donegal were 1 pt ahead) then a real surge early in the 2nd half to pull away, racking up the points.



    Incredibly fit team and the plaudits have to go to Jim McGuinness.



    Flights booked for Dublin, will worry about tickets later.



    Sam is heading for the hills!

  10. I think the blog is just pretty quiet, seems to be working fine.



    Good morning from an overcast Barcelona. The August roast fest seems to be finished for this year, I am very thankful for this. Sept and Oct are beautiful months here with a few public holidays for good measure.



    Read the Daily Mail article, 3 signings eh? Don´t know too much about any of them apart from we have been sniffing about Henriksen for awhile now.

  11. Four and a half days to transfer window closes, nothing will happen at Celtic for two and a half of those days leaving two days of madness. No doubt the ever reliable press will have us linked to many players over next few days, but today its Willy Boly for CH, Markus Henrikssen as Ki replacement and Sdjan Lakic for striker.


    Never seen Lakic but can’t see the point in loan deals that will only hamper the progress of our youngsters. Likewise Henrikssen, would his signing hamper the chances of Twardzik, or is another midfielder sold either this week or in January.

  12. The question about sevco and disallowed goal is simple



    Did the referee give a foul at all the other corner kicks in the game ?



    Answer. NO!!!



    Did the referee punish every player at corners who stood in front of keeper( at both ends)



    Answer. NO!!!



    So only conclusion can be that he deliberately chose to give foul on this occassion to spare sevco blushes



    In other words he CHEATED! but then we knew that

  13. @ Kayal33



    I think they have identified Henriksen as another add value project.



    I would love to see Russell sign for us but at the moment Hooper, Watt and Stokes are all quite similar players. Lakic might give us a different option in attack.



    Bangura and Murphy are no´s for me.



    I doubt however we will sign 3 players this window.

  14. Summa



    Before, when you posted, there would appear:


    Summa of Sammi and the date and time would be underneath your name. Now, a little box with: Tweey#undef (there is obviously more but I don`t know what) appears instead of time and date. It is also not possible ( for me any way) to go back to previous pages. So, for instance, I cannot check out the disallowed goal clip (anyone?) to help The Cheats.

  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Your thoughts and prayers are respectfully sought for my wee mum, who died peacefully yesterday.



    She had dementia and had been in hospital for over 9 years [she’s not been home since the same week as we suffered a disappointing defeat to Anderlecht in the Martinist time].



    So while I’m sad [it’s a sair yin to lose your mum] I’m not sorry as she’s in a much better place; up in heaven doubtless tormentin’ the hell out of my dad.

  16. From the BBC:


    Celtic are vying with Arsenal for the signature of Auxerre defender Willy Boly.



    However, Italian outfit Fiorentina are also in the hunt for the £1.5m-rated centre half who is ready to quit the French club.



    Don´t think we will be signing him then….

  17. KJam



    Russell is a no brainer for me. If we don’t sign him this week then we don’t sign him, he’ll be off down south and outwith our price range (see McFadden, McCarthy, Fletcher). He would give us 4 strikers and he can also play in the wide attacking role that Sammi and Forrest play. Rather him than a loan journeyman striker from Croatia.

  18. Jungle Jim



    Try the site in Google Chrome. For some reason it works fine on it but has those twitter things in Internet Explorer




  19. Dontbrattbackinanger



    Condolences on your sad loss.



    I can understand the conflicting emotions when you lose a loved one who has been suffering from dementia.



    My thoughts are with you and yours

  20. Dontbrattbackinanger



    Thoughts and prayers with you



    I lost my own mother nearly 18 months ago now and although I also know she is a much better place with no more pain, I still think about her every single day



    Prayers offered for your mam as we speak

  21. ********* Tech help needed ********



    My laptop is failing to start.



    It states “windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause”



    When I click “repair” it then states “Windows cannot repair this computer automatically”



    Anything I can do or do I have to contact system admin, whoever they are!



    Many thanks




  22. @ Kayal33



    In an ideal world Russell would stay at DU for another year then join us next summer. Not going to happen I know.



    It is just our big guys, Sammy and Murphy appear to be better wingers than front men.

  23. DBBIA



    My sincere condolences on your sad news. Going to Mass today for the feast of St Monica, I promise to light a candle and say a prayer for your mum and all those who’ll miss her.

  24. dontbrattbakkinanger


    Deepest sympathy to your loss


    Takes time and help from friends and family to get over the loss