Watt ready to push Hooper


There were so many pleasing aspects to yesterday’s performance.  Perhaps most importantly, we won a game and scored goals without our primary creative fulcrum, Kris Commons, and without playing our backup fulcrum, Charlie Mulgrew, in a creative position.

Several players will return for Wednesday’s Champions League play-off decider against Helsingborgs but Tony Watt has given Neil Lennon plenty to consider.  He was by some magnitude the best player on the field, and was considerably more threatening than his strike partner, Gary Hooper, who has had no genuine competition for the main striker position since arriving at Celtic two years ago.  I’ve felt for some time that Gary needs to be pushed.  Tony might be the man to do this.

Do you remember six years ago we mocked Paul Le Guen’s Rangers with, “You’re fourth in the SPL…”  Poor Sevco are fourth in the fourth tier of Scottish football.  Give that guy McCoist another 5% of the shares, he’s absolutely priceless.

We Oscar 4 Life’ have organised a bucket collection for Dundee home game at CP on 22nd of September and require a Lorry Load of Volunteer collectors. To volunteer as a bucket collected please email us at weeoscar4life@gmail.com.

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  1. Snake Plissken on

    Just think, if Elgin beat them next week they’ll be 5 points behind them.



    Now that’s the kind of humiliation that would drive you round the bend.

  2. Think Mr Tumilty can look forward to promotion.


    Will not be surprised to see him being put forward for international duty as one of our top refs


    Unless there becomes serious accountability in refereeing performance Scottish football is doomed

  3. MT is probably one of the few MIB with some sort of shame.


    He let BR take the corner, he allowed the ball to come in and he only blew when saw that the BR player has in a good position and some spring in his legs.



    Other less scrupulous MIB would have blown the minute the ball was kicked.



    Consequently thanks MT you show that you have some appreciation for the game of football.


    You might have disallowed the goal but at least you allowed BR to show that they can take a good corner and that they have a potent threat in the air.



    Either that or you are a bit slow on the uptake and only noticed the threat after the event.


    Just when did you blow the whistle?



    Anyway fair play to BR they showed some endeavour and a lot of skill.

  4. Burghbhoy



    You’re on the right track. We played Hearts in a LC 1/4 final at their place and they drafted in Thorn after having two players sent off at Ibrox in the previous game. We lost 1-0 and I remember feeling cheated that they were allowed to sign him. I think he only played a couple of games for Hearts.

  5. Laugh all you want at Zombie FC but I looked at league and although 4th place behind


    super powers of Elgin Peterhead and Clyde it looks like they are in playoff slot


    so please stop the gloating :>)





    Re Tony Watt,his Dad keeps a close eye on his development.



    For that reason,he blocked his move to the huns as “Rangers are done” when he left Airdrie.



    I doubt his Dad will view a move for English gold,only to sit in the reserves,as conducive to that development.



    Equally,I doubt he will be happy for his lad to be underpaid for much longer.



    Game of poker for PL?



    Whose ace might well be that if a new contract isn’t signed,Tony Watt is no longer a first-team option.

  7. BMCUW






    Long lie this morning?



    It’s actually 3 stops if you get one that calls in to Barassie – but there’s only about 1 a day; or is it a week?



    Not booked up yet but will almost certainly be over 17-27th.



    Will arrange something very soon – and dont bother bringing your golf clubs: it’s just a guid walk spoiled!




  8. HamiltonTim



    I nearly jumped as many yards up the way as the ball travelled from Andy Thom’s boot that day at Ibrox.



    What a game that was.




  9. Auldheid et al



    Admission, or promotion to any reformed leagues in Scotland (which I support) could and should require all prospective members to meet set criteria, one of which should be that all clubs must produce at least three years (five years would better meet stability concerns) of audited accounts before achieving eligibility. Let us get that minimum standard out there, with the concomitant message being that reorganisation or no, Sevco will not be part of it.

  10. Can we still be called paranoid even though we play in a different league from them?Watching the footage of the disallowed goal again and again just makes it look even more like cheating,plain and simple.It would have been better for everyone and everything if they had just vanished instead of coming back in their Sevco guise to haunt,shame and corrupt the game again.


    I wager by the time Daarrill King hits the airwaves midweek he will have spotted an infringement.

  11. BobbyM



    That’s good to hear.



    If he keeps developing at the rate he has, PL will not be holding the aces.



    I would doubt Lenny will push him tho, he will nurse him along gently and see how things go.



    If Stokes had not been injured yesterday, I doubt he would have had a start, but fair play to the young fella, he took his chances, and I have no doubt he will take them again when presented with them.

  12. Gonnae try Liverpool v Man City. Two teams I have little time for.



    Struggle to watch the EPL – no stake in who wins loses.




  13. Although they stole a thoroughly undeserved point, Sevco were utterly dire today, they looked every part a 4th tier side and are evidently in the right division to suit their playing level.



    Perry at right back couldn’t pass the ball straight, Sandancer lived up to his name and Kevin Kyle was playing in slow motion. The big Rangers were in contrast, sharper all over the park.



    Funniest bit of all was with time running out Sally tried to kick the ball to his player but miscued and the ball ran all the way to a desolute corner of the speedway track. Useless in very way.



    They must be praying they avoid us in any of the cups.

  14. I fear for Liverpool here. I really don’t want to see Man City skelp them at Anfield!





    I agree with you re golf-however,if you were heading to my home town,I would defo suggest you brought your golf clubs.



    Or a baseball bat,haha!



    Long lie-not really. In the boozer for ten,skooshing my last can before night shift as I type.



    Which explains the spongy keys,I suppose…….

  16. Celtic Mac



    The whole idea of league construction will be to include the newclub, there will be no minimum requirements needed. I fairly believe the first rule of inclusion by the SFA will be that you must have and ‘R’ in your name.




  17. DontPatmadug



    They are in a few places……sadly NONE next to the Celtic shop, that was last week! :-)



    hail hail




  18. Ah…….”undefeated”, that’s the spin. Watch the ‘support’ start to melt away as this dross starts to grind. Remember….Ticketus have FOUR season’s worth of sb’s to recoup. They’ll take a hit,undoubtedly,but there is no exit from this ever darkening tunnel sevco has entered.


    And I know we have much better things to think about, but today, Schadenfreude Sunday, I am enjoying watch the murderous ones squirm in a cauldron of their own design. Not even ‘huns wi’ a whistle’ will save them from ignominy. And I await the next wheeze from the sfa as it twists and turns in ever wilder gyres to keep the monsters on the road, and the luj content.


    Meanwhile…..back on The Green and White Planet…….


    ……happy days!



  19. voguepunter



    15:59 on


    26 August, 2012





    I texted you the score ,but something was wrong with your phone.




    Of course I believe ye, my phone was most likely on random select mode at the time, must be why my phone bills are so expensive :>)


    Looks like Berwick rangers were cheated, these Huns are determined to destroy football in Scotland, Scottish referees are a joke, it’s time for a concerted campaign against the cheats.



    Vogue mind and check roon the back o the armchair for wee Oscars bucket collection, Nae foreign money please!




  20. Vmhan



    I seem to be the only one adding to collection,will need to round it up.


    Cheep bassas.:O(

  21. Palacio67



    It is interesting that there is talk of reform only after Rangers FC , as was, faced liquidation. Peter Lawwell’s first preference was a return to a 10 team SPL with, you guessed it, four “Old Firm” matches. That option is gone, but without any kind of reorganisation it would take Sevco three years (minimum if today’s performance is anything to go by) to reach the top tier. What I am advocating is consistent with UEFA regulations, ie if you cannot produce a minimum of three years audited accounts you are not eligible for entry into the top league. Repeat ad nauseum!

  22. Remembering that our family name is similar to McCourt…………


    My wee brother Patrick, got married in NW London yesterday………….


    I couldn’t make it as I am currently 9000 miles away and trips back home are dependent on a multitude of issues etc.,



    Anyway, a fair contingent of the Cumbernauld No. 1 CSC did make the do, foregoing the chance to be in Inversneckie where we traditionally have a long weekend of madness………



    Nonetheless, said bhoys, after watching the main attraction (ICT V CFC) got to the ceremony in time to regale the assembled at the ‘signing’ with………………


    ‘ Don’t sign McC…….. Paddy McC……… Just don’t think they’ll understand……..


    Apparently, this lasted for ten minutes or so and as his new wife and family being from ‘dan sarf’ were totally gob-smacked but he called me in the early hours to say……………..


    ‘Brilliant, class, class, pure class and was pissing himself laughing while trying to be sensible at the signing’………



    And his new in-laws were totally taken by the ‘skydivers’ and are now mad keen to see the Tic, whenever, however!!!!!



    Thanks guys……



    Regards & Hail Hail



  23. celtic mac



    15:52 on 26 August, 2012


    Auldheid et al



    Admission, or promotion to any reformed leagues in Scotland (which I support) could and should require all prospective members to meet set criteria, one of which should be that all clubs must produce at least three years (five years would better meet stability concerns) of audited accounts before achieving eligibility. Let us get that minimum standard out there, with the concomitant message being that reorganisation or no, Sevco will not be part of it.





    That is exactly what everyone should be focused on.




    The danger is that we are sleepwalking towards themgetting back up asap.



    Now is not the time to be merely laughing at them.



    I agree with your criteria of a record of financial stability, beginning with three years audited accounts.



    Otherwise, football will just be compounding the mistake of granting them SFA membership without meeting that criteria.

  24. Can anyone post link to youtube highlights from yesterdays game,usually up before


    BBC highlights.

  25. Estadio


    Surprised at the followers on here that do not know about Scottish greats. JL Baird and big Tam Gemmell !!

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