Watt ready to push Hooper


There were so many pleasing aspects to yesterday’s performance.  Perhaps most importantly, we won a game and scored goals without our primary creative fulcrum, Kris Commons, and without playing our backup fulcrum, Charlie Mulgrew, in a creative position.

Several players will return for Wednesday’s Champions League play-off decider against Helsingborgs but Tony Watt has given Neil Lennon plenty to consider.  He was by some magnitude the best player on the field, and was considerably more threatening than his strike partner, Gary Hooper, who has had no genuine competition for the main striker position since arriving at Celtic two years ago.  I’ve felt for some time that Gary needs to be pushed.  Tony might be the man to do this.

Do you remember six years ago we mocked Paul Le Guen’s Rangers with, “You’re fourth in the SPL…”  Poor Sevco are fourth in the fourth tier of Scottish football.  Give that guy McCoist another 5% of the shares, he’s absolutely priceless.

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    That’s the one-though it was a blatant penalty at their end as I recall.



    Every one of our players was in their box believing it had been awarded,apart from Frank Munro-who soon ended up on his erchie in the centre-circle-and Peter Latchford,who could only watch as Greig demanded the pass from Cooper-?-to score.



    From a clearly offside position,too.



    The players refused to restart the game.



    Jock,bless him,centred the ball and told them to get on with it,preventing real trouble,IMO,on the terraces.

  2. From FB. “..the only way Sally could become a coach us if they knock out all his teeth and put seats in…” made me chuckle.



  3. I hope im Naw speaking to soon but the blog has become more chilled since the seasons started, it’s looks like Celts are improving by each game and there’s a decent air of expectancy for our young hoops…..


    Loving it CSC



  4. Vmhan



    Fair comment but still so very much wrong in Scottish football.



    Gollum’s performance was incompetent at best yesterday but probably cheating was more appropriate.

  5. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Sally……”Right youse, get aff the bus an’ start shovin'”

  6. Offski for the night mi amigos, taking 2 lassies into Blackpool for a show and birthday celebration.



    BUCKET COLLECTORS STILL NEEDED for WEE OSCAR at the Hibs game……. Fill yir boots!



  7. bhoywithseethrougheyes @ 17:03



    Do you have different browsers (even versions) on your desktop and laptop?



    I can reproduce your problem in IE8 but don’t get it in Chrome.



    Can you switch to chrome?

  8. Evening bhoys Good day turns bad. Phone call today to tell me my uncle has passed away.


    Great Celtic man he was. End of a generation my da had 10 brothers and 3 sisters and my uncle Henry was the last of them. Absolutely devastated was only with him recently and was chatting about coming over to his for a wee drink and a few rebs next week.



    Y.N.W.A. Henry




  9. It’s evident that Tony Watt even at just eighteen years of age has what you could call the x factor. Liked the look of him when I saw him at the end of last season and he was a game changer when he came on last week against Ross.


    His blistering pace and shooting power with accuracy reminds me of some of the forwards we come up against in European games. It’s great to see that there are still very exciting youngsters like Tony and James Forrest in the local game.


    Good to see Izzy getting back to his best and Paddy had a solid ninety minutes.


    Not the tough game I expected from Caley but a comfortable performance from the Bhoys.

  10. Philbhoy, BB – 50 year old chemistry teacher, diagnosed with lung cancer. Decides to cook crystal meth to make as much money as he can for his family before he dies. In a nutshell.



    Superb show.




  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    If that was the sevco bus, I will need a sedative…..

  12. TerryONeill Neil ah love yae on

    Agree Paul,Watt will soon become a first pick.



    The boy has the lot.



    Play him domestically he will score just about everytime he plays.



    Then it becomes impossible to leave him out.



    He is a star in the making,forget about nurturing just play him and he will score.

  13. sixtaeseven: Supporting the Finest Team in Scotland on

    Was it the famous “TicketBus” that broke down?


    Derek Johnstone will have the answer…

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    18:00 on 26 August, 2012



    It wasn’t a tough game because we took the game by the scruff of the neck, and didn’t allow into the game at all ……FANTASTIC

  15. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Things have to start getting better for Sevco soon because one of the planks on which their assisted ascension will be based is that Scotttish football needs a strong Rangers.



    Now that in itself is a myth in that they never achieved anything on merit for a long long time to merit being considered strong, but that old myth had the smoke screen of trophies and decent players to perpetuate it.



    Sevco do not have that and stand bare/bear like the emperor in the noddy for all to see (and its not pretty). The longer it takes to put the old clothes around the old myth, the more difficult it is going to be to convince anyone, including Sky, that they deserve any consideration for special treatment under reconstruction.

  16. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Mighty Tim



    Sorry to hear about your uncle Henry.



    May he rest in peace.