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On Thursday I wrote Brendan Rodgers ‘will be a remarkable signing’.  One day after the event, it feels very remarkable.  Some found it so remarkable they have attempted a smile for the first time since Artmedia took the lead.  I’ve even spoken to Newco fans who were engaged by the appointment.  The aphorism, a rising tide lifts all boats, feels apt.

Some weeks ago I heard Peter Lawwell talk about the difficulty of landing a top tier manager in our current environment, however, he finished with a positive “But we are Celtic”.  People want to come here; managers, players, even tourists.  For all the Scottish game’s limits, we are Celtic, let’s not forget.

We’ve used some of that cachet to bring people to the game.  There will be more cameras, more reporters, more international media, more TV viewers and many more glutes on seats next season.  This will reflect on all.

Our media rights are worth more today than they were a week ago.  Consider for a moment how Dafabet and Magners view yesterday’s news?  For all they knew when they signed their shirt deals, we could have had Owen Coyle in charge next season, unless his auntie told them otherwise [an old CQN in-joke].

I’m pleased to hear so many comments that this is a sign of ambition, although ambition is always more nuanced than it appears.  Ambition every year is to win the league and qualify for the Champions League, that’s always the plan, whether it happens, or if it’s only half achieved.  Hopefully the ambition is loaded with a little authority this summer.

Sannabhoy asked me to pass on these comments on behalf of the Kano Foundation to the CQN community:

“To round the season off the Kano Foundation had a visit from Almore to present us with a donation from the Dublin 1916 CQN gathering on Sunday for the sum of £580.

“As you know, this event, to commemorate the Easter rising of 1916, was organised by CQNers Almore and ClogherCelt, and featured 30 CQN members among the 70 scots who travelled over to join the 120 locals at the festivities.  A brilliant time was had by all (just to rub it in to the absentees).

“Brian Ainslie, trustee, is pictured here receiving the cheque from Almore and Delaney’s Dunky.
Kano cheque
“On behalf of The Kano Foundation it gives us great pride and pleasure to accept this fantastic donation.  We appreciate the numerous good causes that are out there and to be beneficiaries of this, and the historically significant events it commemorates, is humbling and makes the efforts of the patrons, ambassadors, volunteers and trustees worthwhile.

“To Martin Connor and Alan Curran, who organised it, we’d just like to say, on behalf of the almost 5000 kids we have taken to Celtic Park, thank you very much.  Without support like yours we couldn’t continue to do this. Hail Hail.

“On that note, I’m away for a kip until next season – I’ll need it – we can take 2000 kids next year . HELP!!”

What a stunning community you are.  Well done.

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  1. Very late to the party due to work commitments but Welcome to Paradise Brendan. Great to see the club show the ambition we all want from the board with Brendan’s appointment. Exciting times ahead for us all.




    If he can mould this young core group of players into the team we all think they can become the the future looks good. Personally I would not put too much pressure on CL qualification this summer and give him the season ahead to create a winning, exciting team that plays the way we like our team to play, although it would be a great achievement if we did qualify.




    HEADTHEBALL on 21ST MAY 2016 11:45 AM




    Who did Brendan have as assistants at his previous clubs?




    At both Swansea & Liverpool his Assistant was Colin Pascoe, although he did sack Pascoe in 2015 when results started to dip citing they needed a change. He then took on Sean O’Driscoll as Assistant and Gary McCallister as coach towards the end of his Liverpool days. It will be interesting to see who he chooses as his management team for us.

  2. The Squad? I think we have a good core of players for the SPL. I think Ronnie’s downfall was not getting them to play as a team, but when they did it was great to watch. I would like to see the fringe players shipped out and a smaller squad with the youngsters feeling they have the chance to get into the first team..

  3. E-mailed complaint to BBC re Mike Bushell’s utterances about Sevco’s 33 cup wins.



  4. Now come on lads, what’s all this talk about Brendan this and Celtic that. Surely every word written and spoke today should be about the ole cup final? Well, at least until Hibs lift the trophy…




  5. lol cheers Hebcelt. I never do the lottery but I might make an exception today :D




  6. Paul67


    I have to agree, Dermot Desmond has put a smile back on tens of thousands of faces.


    Now lets see if Saurez has a buy out clause ;-)

  7. up_over_goal on

    Let’s say we’d kept Ronny. What would have constituted progress? A better run in the Europa league and one of the cups?




    That being said, we didn’t. We have replaced him with a new manager, and not just any manager.




    Had we gone for Neil Lennon, what would we have been happy with? Presumably something similar to the above/a bit more?




    We have employed a manager at the peak of our reach and are paying him £1.7m a year. What, therefore, should Celtic fans regard as sufficient progress?

  8. Clydesider go for it, good luck comes in 3’s, maybe a Hibs win instead of the lottery!!! H H Hebcelt

  9. Paul67:


    Yes, we are Celtic but very few of us, me included seriously thought we could push the Boat out and convince Brendan to come to Celtic even though he is fond of our great Club. Regardless of his reasons and those of DD I am a happy Clapper.


    As I posted on my FB page yesterday evening, there has not been a Ball kicked and there are no guarantees but I am genuinely happy that Brendan and DD have decided it is Brendan time. Some have posted that it is the best Managerial appointment since Martin. However, for me it is the best appointment since my all time Hero, Tommy Burns. Given the way Brendan likes to play, akin to Tommy’s style, the majority of the squad and the experience Brendan will bring in and I am one happy Clapper that cannot wait for next Season.


    Bring it on…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  10. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    when paul67 said yesterday that the 15m cash splurge was not far off what we have been spending over last few years is indeed true ( maybe about 5m more )


    But it’s the way it’s has been spent has been the problem


    Peter Lawwels fixation on finding projects like vic has cost our club dearly. The team ended up as full of projects incapable of competing against European greats like Molde



    Paul 67 said about 6 years ago the only way forward for us was a balance of home grown youths backed up by some experience pro’s in the backbone of the team


    Unfortunately Peter Lawell had other ideas with a strict Salary cap that stopped those pro’s coming



    I think this will be the way our team will now shape up


    Talk of this round of qualifiers of CL not important are way off the mark



    This is our last chance of being seeded for a number of years due to incompetence of Peter Lawell



    A change for the better is now on the cards

  11. heard that clown Craig Paterson on 5 Live saying what a great achievement it would be for them to do the treble. League champions, Petrofuck Cup winners and now Scottish cup. Serious knob!!



    Hail Hail




  12. Hebcelt,


    don’t suppose you are heading to Lara Beach on holiday this year

  13. On top of the great appointment, another thing worthy of mention is that we heard it here, first.


    Communicating directly to Celtic fans, another well done to the club, and chapeau to Paul67.



    And now, to Res.12, get it done Peter.



    Off to a wedding, not mine.

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    So it wasn’t a dream…..? Great night last night,happy Tims,sheepish Huns ,Sunshine on Leith on the jukebox,and a couple of bhoys renewing STs,when they were wavering…..,I think we will have 48-50k season tickets next season. DD has taken stick on here from me and plenty of others,he has stepped up to the plate big style. Thank you.

  15. theglasgowcelticway on

    You can sense the fear from the fans of the 4 year old club,don’t know why they’ve over achieved in 4 years. There’s been plenty telling us how poor a manager Rodger’s was at Liverpool. FEAR!!

  16. UP_OVER



    Progress? – the season base has been at least stabilized, despite the new spectre SFA fraud and assisted FC.



    Football wise, progress will be a continued total dominance of the only Trophy that counts in Scotland.



    Prolonged Thursday night football will be ‘success’ this year where should Celtic fail to qualify for the CL, we have credibility to be restored in the EL.



    Three key signings including a new striker bought out of the market up the hill from where we’ve been shopping.



    A manager called Brendan for two of the biggest club sides in football , is enough betterment for today.,

  17. We have plenty of skill in the team it just needs shaping into a tough professional hard to beat outfit ,against better opposition. Priorities for next season


    – back up goalkeeper


    – old head not to be messed with midfielder


    – centre forward who shows for the ball and can hold it up



    In Europe , we need to avoid the ridiculous situation with both full backs miles up the pitch , centre halves with no cover , think Molde 1st goal ….



    … Think organised and professional outfit as opposed to TB and Ronny cavalier stuff leaving us wide open at the back




  18. kinglubo………………………….lololololol are they really calling that a treble ….pathetic ! Drove by that newco pub ,( cant remember the name of it ) on bridge st just past central station and they had the red white and blue flags with “league champions 2016 ” on it …….does nt mention what league they won mind you……..more to be pitied than scolded as my wee maw used to say …mon the Hibees . Brendan, Hibees and just maybe some progress on res 12 now that would be a nice treble

  19. LENNYBHOY @ 1:09 PM,



    That’s a very good point re: Tommy Burns team. When I was thinking this is the best appointment since MO’N it occurred to me, much as I loved Martin and his team(s). They never played with the Glasgow Celtic philosophy – seems a bit harsh when we think of the great skill and football Lubo, Henrik et al gave us, but I think most Celtic supporters will get what you mean.



    Tommy Burns RIP



    Hail Hail

  20. ....PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on

    Great signing



    Even better timing ….overshadowing the cup final …still sore we’re not there but BRs signing makes it easier to bear

  21. ....PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on




    Do you not think we need a reliable CB to play beside Eric ?

  22. The appointment, the timing everything so far has been perfect.


    Now only if Hibs could grow a pair and get stuck right into the 14 men of sevco and make it a fantastic double.

  23. clogher celt on

    Thanks Paul67, for the kind words.



    I don’t know who the guy in the baseball cap is to the right of Sannabhoy? Looks like Almore and DD have a shadow:))



    Great day for a First Communion in Dublin.



    Enjoy the weekend.




  24. CultsBhoy - likes Lawwell back in his box on




    I find Lawwell’s comments intriguing


    ‘We are Celtic’…. We were Celtic 2 years ago?



    Brendan being an appointment ‘ that matches club and fan aspirations’.. Have these changes since 2 years ago?



    I don’t get it..



    Lawwell had a tiny conservative club shrinking vision… DD has had to intervene to remedy the situation.



    Why keep a dog and bark?



    If DD wants to improve his golf he needs a CEO who can grow the club and allow him to focus on his putting.



    Be careful on tying your flag to


    Lawwell.. He may be gone soon?

  25. The reaction to the appointment of Brendan reminds me a bit of the euphoria on CQN when we signed Roy Keane. I hope it works out a bit better this time.



    I think it’s a good move but every appointment of a new manager is, without exception, something of a gamble. I will be surprised if we win the league by 15 points again next season, though I’m confident we’ll be champions. And as for Europe, the first season seems to be a problem for every Celtic manager.

  26. SSN live from the Mos Eisley spaceport cantina there…



    Big Jabba with the Harry Potter hat and butcher’s apron waistcoat…




    Re centre halves , Boyata and Jozo are good enough , some doubts about what is going on between their ears , it’s as if the requirement to win every week is too much and they become a bag of nerves



    I’d hope a better organised outfit will protect our centre backs but if the right candidate at CH was available then I’m sure it would be a position that will be strengthened… – a Mark Reiper type signing if you like

  28. Hebcelt,


    was reading TripAdvisor and there is a poster Heblady going with her man to the same hotel as I am ,put 2 and 2 together and had a wild stab in the dark ;-)))

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