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On Thursday I wrote Brendan Rodgers ‘will be a remarkable signing’.  One day after the event, it feels very remarkable.  Some found it so remarkable they have attempted a smile for the first time since Artmedia took the lead.  I’ve even spoken to Newco fans who were engaged by the appointment.  The aphorism, a rising tide lifts all boats, feels apt.

Some weeks ago I heard Peter Lawwell talk about the difficulty of landing a top tier manager in our current environment, however, he finished with a positive “But we are Celtic”.  People want to come here; managers, players, even tourists.  For all the Scottish game’s limits, we are Celtic, let’s not forget.

We’ve used some of that cachet to bring people to the game.  There will be more cameras, more reporters, more international media, more TV viewers and many more glutes on seats next season.  This will reflect on all.

Our media rights are worth more today than they were a week ago.  Consider for a moment how Dafabet and Magners view yesterday’s news?  For all they knew when they signed their shirt deals, we could have had Owen Coyle in charge next season, unless his auntie told them otherwise [an old CQN in-joke].

I’m pleased to hear so many comments that this is a sign of ambition, although ambition is always more nuanced than it appears.  Ambition every year is to win the league and qualify for the Champions League, that’s always the plan, whether it happens, or if it’s only half achieved.  Hopefully the ambition is loaded with a little authority this summer.

Sannabhoy asked me to pass on these comments on behalf of the Kano Foundation to the CQN community:

“To round the season off the Kano Foundation had a visit from Almore to present us with a donation from the Dublin 1916 CQN gathering on Sunday for the sum of £580.

“As you know, this event, to commemorate the Easter rising of 1916, was organised by CQNers Almore and ClogherCelt, and featured 30 CQN members among the 70 scots who travelled over to join the 120 locals at the festivities.  A brilliant time was had by all (just to rub it in to the absentees).

“Brian Ainslie, trustee, is pictured here receiving the cheque from Almore and Delaney’s Dunky.
Kano cheque
“On behalf of The Kano Foundation it gives us great pride and pleasure to accept this fantastic donation.  We appreciate the numerous good causes that are out there and to be beneficiaries of this, and the historically significant events it commemorates, is humbling and makes the efforts of the patrons, ambassadors, volunteers and trustees worthwhile.

“To Martin Connor and Alan Curran, who organised it, we’d just like to say, on behalf of the almost 5000 kids we have taken to Celtic Park, thank you very much.  Without support like yours we couldn’t continue to do this. Hail Hail.

“On that note, I’m away for a kip until next season – I’ll need it – we can take 2000 kids next year . HELP!!”

What a stunning community you are.  Well done.

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  1. Im hearing that Brendan is trying to persuade Stevie Clarke to come as his assistant.







  2. CHAIRBHOY on 21ST MAY 2016 1:23 PM


    Thanks mate.


    I enjoyed Martin’s tenure and it was some ride on the celticrollercoaster. He did well but so too did Tommy. However, the latter was not given the same kitty as Martin. More to the point Tommy had his Team playing football the way I like to see it played and had it not been for cheating his Team might just have won the League.


    And after all that, I am a wee bit biased as Tommy Burns was and is my all time Celtic Hero. The man was a genuinely good person, believed in his Faith, would do anything for the Celtic Supporter. I cried the night we won the League at Tannadice, not because we won it the way we did that Season but Tommy was not there to see it.


    We all have our own Heroes, there are Players and Managers who have been and will be that have and will be more successful than Tommy BUT for me Tommy Burns epitomised everything and I mean everything what being part of the Celtic Family means. I had the pleasure of meeting him on more than occasion, the most memorable was the day he signed his Book for me on my Birthday at Celtic Park.


    Forgive me for going off on one but you’ll understand what Tommy means to me.


    God Bless you Tommy, Legend and my Hero.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  3. There are always moments when you know if things are going to work out or not.



    Celtic haven’t reached that moment yet.



    Rodgers is a great appointment there is no doubt about that.



    But we still have the same board in place which has presided over a disasterous decline. And despite the appointment there is still absolutely no sign that they recognise their own failure.



    Cqn, in a parody to its strapline, refuses to discuss or debate the so called Moneyball strategy (lauded by paul67) and simply will not criticise the board. Further, on the one hand using cqn to get the news about Brendan out, is a positive step forward but questions must be asked about CQNs lack of independent thought when it comes to matters at Celtic.



    As ernie lynch said this morning, it feels like the fix is in. Celtic have been in deep freeze awaiting the return of the Hun and now will show some more , errrrrr ambition. Celtic (and cqn it appears) are delighted that normal service will resume.



    Isn’t it a pity that normal service is just being the victims of wanton racism. That racism will be fervent next season. The Celtic board have colluded in it.



    And still Lawwell and bankier, having attacked the Celtic support at every turn over the last few years and presided over a frankly disasterous performance, stir in their positions and have the temerity to talk about ambition, having showed absolutely none.



    Perhaps the board will now say something about res 12 having been silent for years on one corruption. But I have doubts. They have been dragged into the light by so,e remarkable Celtic supporters. They aren’t there willingly. What does that tell you about them?



    The more I think about things the more I think there is no returning to Celtic for me. The board disgusts me. CQNs editorial stance is equally appalling.



    My youngest daughter has caught the Celtic bug, it’s terrible that I can’t take her to games, but she understands.



    I am delighted Brendan is here but it saddens me a little that this is all it took for many of you to let the board off the hook we had put them on. I do understand it though.



    For true progress Lawwell and bankier must go. The club must admit it’s mistakes and finally the club must address the cheating and corruption.



    Time will tell.

  4. CultsBhoy - likes Lawwell back in his box on

    Brendan is great for fans, great for Celtic, great for Scottish football but I’d suggest really fantastic for Desmondo. How highly has his stock risen with all?



    My view of Desmondo has always been that his ego would kick in.



    He pays (club shrinking) Lawell handsomely so that he can enjoy his life without needing to micro manage what is a small part of his business portfolio. I understand from others closer to him that he does likewise with other interests ..



    That he has had to intervene in this and that he has had to leave his preferred privacy out of the limelight will have consequences.



    Brendan is great for lots of aspects of Svottish football but I’m not sure he is great for Lawwell’s future?

  5. NegAnon2 on 21st May 2016 1:41 pm




    It’s been pointed out to you many many times that Celtic don’t have a moneyball strategy

  6. Fáilte Breandán and hail hail



    Great moral booster for the fans. I honestly thought the best we could hope to attract was Roy Keane. Hopefully Breandán will be allowed free rein to sign whoever he wants to ,obviously within an agreed humongous budget. But please no more wasting millions on useless feckin’ projects.



    We are Celtic, let’s not forget

  7. Lennybhoy on 21st May 2016 1:41 pm



    A very fine post sir :)



    Hail Hail,



  8. Donegal Democrat………emerging story – Owen Coyle’s…………. granny……………. in Laptop meltdown at CQN snub!



    Hold The Front Page!

  9. Thought for today…





    IF we had won that penalty shoot out, we would be at Hampdump today…





    an Brendan would not be our new Manager. Lesser of 2 evils?

  10. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy on

    What’s going on here?



    The Lustigs are at Nissi Beach (Cyprus).



    Hebcelt is going to Lara Beach (Cyprus).



    And ZIHUATANEJO is in Cyprus!



    Is there a convention?




  11. Paul67: Thanks for the kind words. There are many in the Celtic community who are far more worthy of praise so best wishes to everybody doing their best to make this world a better place for all of us.




  12. South Of Tunis on




    Your perspective re the Celtic Board is your personal construct – so be it – expound it all you want – but – please – Celtic do not practice Moneyball .See the relevant Simpsons episode for an insight into what Moneyball is and isn’t..

  13. Neg



    When can we anticipate a flounce? Or are you continuing your board struggle ad nausea

  14. Cm’n Neggy take a break from the blog, this positivity is having a negative affect on you. Get Steve Clarke / John Hughes and I’m delighted. When the surplus players are gone, Celtic will have at least £6 million to add to BRs budget. Extra 5k Season Books £2.5 million. Enjoy!!!

  15. South of Tunis. Personal construct? I won’t list some of the boards actions or inactions but did I construct them on my imagination? Did they not really happen. Is Bobby Ewing in the shower?



    Pretending that they didn’t do what they did is your choice of personal construct and self delusion is your choice.



    As for Moneyball there is far more evidence that Celtic practice Moneyball than there is to suggest otherwise. Whether it was Paul telling us how fantastic Moneyball is (a sure sign that Lawwell was employing it) or the silly collection of midfielders and projects it’s clear we do practice Moneyball. We haven’t even tried to build a team, simply we have bought players to sell them.



    Celtic refusing to tackle cheating. A personal construct. Lol.

  16. up_over_goal on




    Thanks for the reply, and good answer.



    The question wasn’t designed to set up ‘reasons to get annoyed with Brendan’ but rather to see where supporters’ expectations are right now.



    When MON came in, he failed to qualify for Eurpe, but that was a different time, and one where Celtic had to kick the Rangers brute squarely in the balls. Mission accomplished.



    I’d love to see us play in the CL again, but worry about the quality of the players. That said, the return of old firm games will undoubtedly provide the opportunity for atonement should we crash out, and yes, an extended EL run would be great.



    Should we have another season like the last, though, I suspect the board will cop it more than the manager.

  17. Gordybhoy64 sadly not me unless Mrshebcelt is preparing a wee surprise for me!!! Looks a great place and hotel – enjoy. H H Hebcelt

  18. LENNYBHOY @ 1:41 PM,



    Great post and an awesome tribute.



    Tommy did epitomize what Celtic are; in every way.






    Hail Hail

  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Strange move from the glibster there.


    I would have thought a real statement of intent would be unveiling your £30m warchest. Unless of course it doesn’t exist…..?

  20. The Comfortable Collective on

    If it hasn’t been mentioned already, can I be the first to sat that I thought the penalty rangers got in today’s cup final was really soft.



    In hindsight, I sure referee Steven McLean (brother of ex rangers player Brian McLean) will be disappointed that he got such a game changing decision so badly wrong.



    But these honest mistakes do happy from time to time.

  21. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 21ST MAY 2016 1:55 PM


    Hibs last won the Scottish Cup during the Boer War.






    C’mon now be fair!



    It was towards the end of the war!





    Just put a tenner on multi-bets in a game I’m not really interested in.



    Took me back nearly thirty years to South Shields,1987.



    Who’s gonna win the cup-who cares?



    I looked at the odds,a 50-goal striker 4-1 to score first.






    For an interest,I did that,Spurs win HT draw FT and 2-2



    3x20p singles,3x10p doubles,10p treble.



    Independent bookie looked at me when I put it on like I was styoooopit. I explained,interest only,I know it’s an illegal bet.



    He said to come back in 30 minutes.






    I watched the game wi my mates,not bothered about it till it went 1-1.



    Then I shouted on Spurs,big-time-yeeha 2-1 at HT.



    Second half,supporting Cov. Getting some funny looks!



    Equaliser wi twenty minutes to go?



    Break his legs,don’t let him near the goal!



    Very confused pub as a result.



    6pm the bookie walks in wi £157 for my quid. I thanked him and apologised in equal measure.



    He told me that he had made much more through lay-offs,it was a result as long as Allan scored first.



    A lot of people now had my madness explained,and soothed by a chilling beer.



    And the bookie was buying pretty much after that.



    Nothing means more than yer team winning. But beating the bookie-and then having him buy you beer all night-comes gey close!




  23. NegAnon2 on 21st May 2016 2:05 p


    As for Moneyball there is far more evidence that Celtic practice Moneyball than there is to suggest otherwise. Whether it was Paul telling us how fantastic Moneyball is (a sure sign that Lawwell was employing it) or the silly collection of midfielders and projects it’s clear we do practice Moneyball. We haven’t even tried to build a team, simply we have bought players to sell them.




    Do you know what Moneyball is? I’m not sure you do.





    Celtic refusing to tackle cheating. A personal construct. Lol.


    Just a thought…



    I’ve taken 18/1 on the huns to miss a penalty.



    Which one do you think it will be?

  25. Hail Hail..


    Canny wait for the start of the season.. Canny wait till the CL Qualies!!


    The resurgence in our support has been staggering.. a genuine belief and optimism, a real sense of positivity and a great anticipation that we could be on the cusp of a great period for us and our Club.


    Can you imagine every league game at Paradise like the last game of the season v Motherwell?? Noise, Singing, Chanting, Skill, Goals, Happy, Supporting, Huddle, Jumping, Smiling, Mon the Hoops, Goal, Goal, Goal…. CELTIC!!!!


    Canny wait for the start of the season.. Canny wait till the CL Qualies!!


    The Board have honoured their commitment to the Management of the playing side.. Our Top Team of Supporters have started the ball rolling re Res 12, Corruption, Fair Play and wrong doing in the Scottish game, and the forthcoming Newspaper adverts will start a fire that will be unstoppable until it consumes its fuel.


    This is gonna be a year to remember, I can sense it, I can feel it.


    Hail Hail, God Bless all who support Glasgow Celtic.





    Time for you to be positron,bud.



    I’m no fan of PL either-you mighta noticed!



    But if you don’t get behind this manager signing you need to ask yourself what more you want.



    The likes of yourself saw the dark days coming. God knows,I’ve been heavily critical over the years.






    Come back into the light,young man.



    The rebels have won,and we genuinely have the negatrons et al to thank for it.

  27. saltires en sevilla on

    Catman hope you are hearing right :>



    BMCUW – I never saw that miss penalty option – tried to get something on I corals. But ‘ we don’t dad they kinda bets…”



    Paddy power 7-1 thems to score a penalty 2 Nd half – also a wee bit more -1st half.



    Methinks appointing Steven McLean is a rod for their back another dodgy decision this game will have severe consequences…. Wait a minute..



    Money on!





    Bhoycotted that lot for a while now.



    Garbage article,garbage company.

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