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On Thursday I wrote Brendan Rodgers ‘will be a remarkable signing’.  One day after the event, it feels very remarkable.  Some found it so remarkable they have attempted a smile for the first time since Artmedia took the lead.  I’ve even spoken to Newco fans who were engaged by the appointment.  The aphorism, a rising tide lifts all boats, feels apt.

Some weeks ago I heard Peter Lawwell talk about the difficulty of landing a top tier manager in our current environment, however, he finished with a positive “But we are Celtic”.  People want to come here; managers, players, even tourists.  For all the Scottish game’s limits, we are Celtic, let’s not forget.

We’ve used some of that cachet to bring people to the game.  There will be more cameras, more reporters, more international media, more TV viewers and many more glutes on seats next season.  This will reflect on all.

Our media rights are worth more today than they were a week ago.  Consider for a moment how Dafabet and Magners view yesterday’s news?  For all they knew when they signed their shirt deals, we could have had Owen Coyle in charge next season, unless his auntie told them otherwise [an old CQN in-joke].

I’m pleased to hear so many comments that this is a sign of ambition, although ambition is always more nuanced than it appears.  Ambition every year is to win the league and qualify for the Champions League, that’s always the plan, whether it happens, or if it’s only half achieved.  Hopefully the ambition is loaded with a little authority this summer.

Sannabhoy asked me to pass on these comments on behalf of the Kano Foundation to the CQN community:

“To round the season off the Kano Foundation had a visit from Almore to present us with a donation from the Dublin 1916 CQN gathering on Sunday for the sum of £580.

“As you know, this event, to commemorate the Easter rising of 1916, was organised by CQNers Almore and ClogherCelt, and featured 30 CQN members among the 70 scots who travelled over to join the 120 locals at the festivities.  A brilliant time was had by all (just to rub it in to the absentees).

“Brian Ainslie, trustee, is pictured here receiving the cheque from Almore and Delaney’s Dunky.
Kano cheque
“On behalf of The Kano Foundation it gives us great pride and pleasure to accept this fantastic donation.  We appreciate the numerous good causes that are out there and to be beneficiaries of this, and the historically significant events it commemorates, is humbling and makes the efforts of the patrons, ambassadors, volunteers and trustees worthwhile.

“To Martin Connor and Alan Curran, who organised it, we’d just like to say, on behalf of the almost 5000 kids we have taken to Celtic Park, thank you very much.  Without support like yours we couldn’t continue to do this. Hail Hail.

“On that note, I’m away for a kip until next season – I’ll need it – we can take 2000 kids next year . HELP!!”

What a stunning community you are.  Well done.

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    Did any of you notice that on the BBC scoreboard at the bottom of the screen during the game it said



    ” Ran 2, Hibs 3.



    In a neutral venue that caption should have appeared in alphabetical order i.e vice versa.



    Is this the BBC trying to subliminally tell all other clubs that the pecking order has not changed in Scotland and that the team formally known as “Rangers” are still the establishment team?



    Also, why did the police horses face the Hibs fans after the game, instead of vice versa?



    Remember any SFA action against Hibs will be years away.



    I mean – aren’t they still investigating the sectarian singing at the Rangers-Kilmarnock game from February 2012?



    Letter writer to today’s Herald commenting on SFA’s reluctance to deal with sectarian bile. Have had three goes at them about it within last year. Waste of time.

  3. mullet and co 2 on

    The strangest thing I have read was Lee Wallace being quoted as saying that on reporting the alleged assault on him to the ref, the ref called him a grass!


    Did the ref not want to write it in his match report or did he genuinely feel Wallace was a grass. It will be interesting to see if the SFA bring any case against Wallace or if McLean makes any comment. If McLean denies it what happens? The Rangers captain is telling lies? My bet would be a joint statement from the SFA and Rangers stating that things were taken out of context or in the heat of the moment.


    Interesting and bizarre

  4. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    harryhoodsdugbitme on 22nd May 2016 11:12 am



    Pat Nevin is a green soup taking hun. CQN magazine had the opportunity to nail him especially for the ‘sectarian singing has been heard’ a couple of years ago at Hampden along side his BBC hun mates but they shat it. Sad to say. HH.






    I have to say I disagree with the above for a couple of reasons and if you look back over the piece you will find that interview to be very interesting as a marketr in th sand.



    After watching Sportscene last night I commented on Twitter that I now never ceased to be amazed about what is not or never commented upon.



    The Nevin interview confirmed that Nevin never heard any singing at all on the day when he went off on one and that all he heard was a message from a producer in a van who instructed Rob McLean to introduce the topic live on air despite this being a breach of the existing BBC protocols agreed for the broadcast.



    So point 1 is that each BBC prog has a set of protocols agreed before a game — by their very existence what you are seeing live on TV is not and never will be live random chat as the whole thing is very controlled from the outset.



    Next, the instruction to introduce the alleged instance of singing came from a Hearts supporting producer who had previous for anti Celtic leanings.



    Rob McLean — who supports neither of the teams involved was smart enough to make it plain that no one in the studio could hear anything and introduced the piece by saying “Those outside who cam hear such things tell us ……” and made no real comment whereas Nevin jumped in.



    I am told that afterwards McLean was less than happy with the instructions that were sent down his earpiece and let this be known.



    As for Pat Nevin, well in interview he wanted to stress how proud he was of the Celtic mission statement that appears within each Celtic programme, his links to the club, how brilliant the club was but that after that broadcast he received a huge amount of hate mail from Celtic fans which he found surprising and vicious.



    He fully accepted that he never heard the singing and provided the explanation given above.



    Most importantly he explained that given the level of complaints, for a period of time his media work from BBC Scotland dried up altogether.



    What is important about the interview is that since that date Nevin has rarely if ever commented on sectarian singing though he did give evidence to the justice committee re the OBAF act.



    His media work rate has recovered and improved and he has gone on record to say that he was advised to get a hair transplant in order to keep that media status or indeed boost it. He duly had the hair transplant.



    Since then, I have been approached by another BBC broadcaster on a specific occasion and asked to comment on a statement by Celtic where the BBC were deliberately reporting that Celtic had used a word which was not in their official statement. When I pointed this out, the journalist accepted that Celtic had never used the word concerned but explained that it how the matter concerned would be reported had been taken “at an editorial level” and so the journalist had no option but to peddle the line.






    Little of what to hear from the BBC is determined by the presenter who does the reporting or the summariser who does the talking. Everything is spoon fed from an editorial base and, if necessary, the facts, as reported and relayed, will be distorted or fully bent.



    Pat Nevin, does not strike me as a strong man as his journalistic integrity is determined and undermined by the need for a regular cheque. In my opinion he lacks the courage of his stated convictions, and is, at times, only to willing to please his paymasters with a view to preserving his position.



    His objectivity has to be in question, and is there for all to see and for their own opinion on.



    Rob McLean struck me as far smarter, far more policy savvy, and far more likely to be fair, square and objective.



    There was no question of “Shitting it” as question after question was put to Nevin and like all people he had some good points to make and some where he fell down in my opinion.



    Shitting it is where you don’t ask questions, ducj the issue and make no comment or observation.



    That piece was designed to go beyond Nevin and his words and bring out the fact that the BBC is a very controlling body within which you have individuals who will, and can, determine a live broadcasts path long before any presenter says a word.



    That became blindingly obvious by the time we got to the Independence referendum.



    Had we simply sat there and called Pat Nevin a wee hypocrite and a scumbag he would not have stayed for more than 5 minutes and we would never have gotten to the editorial or producer part of the story.

  5. Neustadt-Braw on

    whatbecomesofthebrokenhatted ……brilliant



    if the late great Tommy Cooper was their coach it wid be ;ma fez is fecked;


    or ifToulouse la trekkie wis their manager it wid be ; ma beret is bolloxed;


    or witaboot ;ma tammy,s beeen tampered we;


    or ma Kepi is Kaputt…..



    hahahaha the hat door is open….jump through….






    whit a braw braw timtime….



    TC45 and ACGR …..braw




  6. thetimreaper on

    MULLET AND CO 2 on 22ND MAY 2016 2:57 PM



    The Wallace statement isn’t real, it’s a wind up.

  7. The Semi-final defeat (on pens) could turn out to be our best result of the season. Had it not happened we would still have Ronny at the helm, imho.


    Nice guy as he is, and I truly thank him for the 2 Titles and all his efforts. I could not see much progression. Stuck with too many favorites for me, and wasn’t hard headed enough to truly be his own man.


    Sideways football, no imagination at set pieces, corners, throw ins, omg if it wasn’t for the Griff!!! Doesn’t bear thinking about.


    So that defeat woke up our major Shareholder to the truly vile nature of the beast.


    I can imagine his face when they won the pens as they burst into a rendition of the BBs in the corporate lounges at Hampden an started playing imaginary flutes Gazza style!


    ok I’m stretching it a bit here, but you get the picture. But it was an eyeopener for him no doubt.


    Also had we won we would not have had the arrival of BR. Anto and Liam would not have played, and the Hibees would still be waiting for another SFA Cup, (maybe ;-) ).


    Its funny how things turn out when you lose sometimes. HH




    “That piece was designed to go beyond Nevin and his words and bring out the fact that the BBC is a very controlling body within which you have individuals who will, and can, determine a live broadcasts path long before any presenter says a word”




    So, it would seem that the BBC are not much different to RIA Novosti or Russian Today, when sanitizing the message to suit the establishment agenda.

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Watchin’ the play off game it occurred to me that it’s a good job that Willie Collum has eyes in the back of his head………….


    ………….because the ones in the front of his head urny very good :)

  10. From Paul 67… Due to so many elated supporters of my blog, could you keep your post to three lines maximum as the system is struggling ….BRTH, nothing personal ;))

  11. TheLurkinTim on

    Depressing climate in Scotland where attacking Rangers in any form is deemed acceptable. Hibs idiots emboldened by that dehumanisation.



    Question….is it even possible to dehumanise zombies….;-))







  12. Just spent an enjoyable hour reading back from about 4PM when my flight took off to Atlanta. In my favourite wee pub Cypress Street Punt and Plate having some Sweetwater 420 and pub fries.



    The Huns are delusional. Their statement is amazing, in that any sane person would sanction its release! Great times to be a Tim.



    Bed shortly, enjoy the Brendan Rodgers show tomorrow at paradise!!!!