‘We deserve better’ narcissistic nonsense


‘We deserve better’ is one of those phrases which sounds reasonable at first pass but does not stand up to scrutiny.

Fans deserve honesty, good governance and a safe environment to watch football, but do you think any team’s fans deserve on-field success?  No.  And if there is one club out there where this mantra holds true, they don’t train at Murray Park.

Football success is not a right, conferred by the aggregate number of season tickets bought, divisions played in, or successful campaigns to unseat investors completed.  You buy a ticket to be entertained and watch your football team.  This act does not come with an implicit understanding of what the outcome of any individual match will be, or an entire season’s undertakings.

It is narcissistic nonsense to think you deserve football success.

‘We deserve to watch our team win, lose and draw.’  This isn’t likely to replace ‘A club like no other’ on your season ticket, but it is the ultimate truism in football and we should all hear it occasionally.

‘We deserve frankness, in times of success and failure.’

‘We deserve to know there is no way to bridge the ‘gap’.’

‘We deserve to be told the old ways are gone forever and there is nothing anyone can do about it.’

‘We deserve to know if we put the club in the hands of a charlatan.’

‘We deserve to know that many of us will never see the league title go to Ibrox in our lifetime.’

You will never see these phrases on a bedspread at the gates to Murray Park, but the day will come when they are acknowledged truths.

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  1. Afternoon Celts!



    Looking for a space on a supporters bus or a lift from the Balloch/Luss area for the game against Der Hun on Sunday 29th April…



    Will be staying the Sat night in the area due to a wedding therefore only require a lift to the game if possible!



    Hail Hail!

  2. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    “Celtic have pocketed £28million from this season’s Champions League campaign.



    The Hoops made it back-to-back campaigns in the group stages of the competition under Brendan Rodgers by beating Linfield, Rosenborg and Astana to qualify earlier this term.



    That’s a big achievement for the club considering the gulf in quality and finances between them and the majority of Europe’s big teams.”

  3. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    “Rangers can confirm two players, Lee Wallace and Kenny Miller, have this morning been suspended pending investigation into a team related incident.



    The club will make no further comment until this investigation has been completed.”

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Very well put, Paul.


    Their current status is exactly what the old club would have been without the £250m of other people’s money. If they could accept that it would be so much easier for them. But it will never happen.


    The MSM haven’t helped in this regard. They could have told the truth but choose not to.


    Things ain’t gonna get any easier for them.

  5. Paul 67



    They were the people


    They cheated


    They liquidated


    entitlement eh


    rip 2012




  6. glendalystonsils on

    AULDHEID on 17TH APRIL 2018 12:41 PM



    Most apt (and one of my favourite westerns too).

  7. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    As William Munney says in Unforgiven just before blowing the head off Little Bill Dagget……………………………..



    “Deserve’s got nuthin to do with it.”

  8. I read the match thread from Sunday on their RM site, this is a group of people who when losing to us advocate, leg breaking, maiming and attacking our players. Pitch invasion to have the game stopped and other suggestions of certain of our players being chinned from the stands.



    The idea that they will have a “road to Damascus” moment at any time in the future seems highly unlikely to me.



    Evolution stopped at the gates of the we deserve better dome…

  9. mullet and co 2 on

    Not sure I agree that they are exactly where they would be if they hadn’t have used EBTs. If they hadn’t they may not have been liquidated / used Whyte etc. They are where they are by virtue of paying off the Whyte legacy and having no funds to pay for some of the essential stuff.


    The fact their support will accept no other investor than a chap of a certain demographic with West of Scotland roots just underlined the handicap they continue to give themselves. They made the same mistakes in recruitment and handicapped themselves to the benefit of Celtic.


    Where they are now could actually get a lot worse unless they appoint a manager with some Midas and sack their Calamatous PR.


    Hibs, Hearts and possibly Motherwell and Killie will take more points from them next year. If Aberdeen part with McInnes possibly Aberdeen May lay a glove on them too.


    What manager is going to take that job now other than McInnes or an unemployed former player?


    Unless they get lucky it’s 30k season ticket sales. There’s a distinct prospect of them having no access to Europe from this season.


    Their fans deserve what they get. The press and their chearleading former RFC employees have got them here.



    The MSM haven’t helped in this regard. They could have told the truth but choose not to.




    The MSM have sold the peepul a dream that to their shame they have bought in droves. The misreporting of goings on in Govan is staggering and would make North Korean news agencies blush.


    Equally staggering is how many follow followers believe the BS they are being fed.


    Until their is some kind of honest appraisal and acceptance of where they actually are ( miles behind us on and off the park ) they are stuck in this ‘ groundhog day ‘ scenario.




  11. VFR gives us Word of the Day. Here is my Phrase for the Season.



    Yesterday, I sought professional advice from our insurance broker who is very much a top Celtic Ghirl.



    I made the usual courteous enquiry about her health and advised that I had very recently been extremely ill with a suspected over exposure to Nitrous Oxide or something similar and that the condition was proving very slow to recover.



    She laughed and promised to respond to my enquiry “In Double Treble Quick Time”

  12. Watched the game at the Market Inn, Ayr. Most enjoyable.


    Then myself and a couple of pals went walkabout. Most pubs simply refused us entry. We were smiling, you see, so obviously Tims. Not allowed in Ayrshire after the ‘tic dishing out such a pasting.


    Anyway, in one pub, we were served and somebody put on Simply the Best. The juke box was switched off abruptly when we roared out the song, our sides aching. We were asked to leave, No badness or aggression, just resignation and them asking us politely not to rub their noses in it.


    Ayrshire was green and white on Sunday. HH

  13. Miller & Wallace suspended.



    This will be fantastic.



    Fraser Wishart will have to represent them and he’ll be asking why his members have been victimised while others (Halliday, Candeias, Morelos and Docherty) have escaped punishment for, arguably, worse, and more public, acts of indiscipline.



    Then Wishart will have to defend them … aaaaah … the whole thing is about to get really messy.



    Oh the gift that keeps on giving.



    Wonder if the MSMS will follow follow up the story of all six of them deserving to be disciplined?



    Naw, maybe not.

  14. Who was that Joey Barton had a scrap with on the training pitch?



    Was it Na na na na na na na, Andy Halliday, Halliday, Andy Hallidaaaaayy?

  15. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The reason that so many huns believe the lies fed by the SMSM, is, because they have to.


    Accepting the truth is a country too far.



    On another note.



    Watching the celebrations at Tom’s goal, I noticed that Scott Brown arrived to the party like a Motherwell tackle…..late and over the top.



    However, the main thing I noticed was,when he somersaulted over the pile, he landed awkwardly, how quickly KT and Callum checked that he was ok.



    Watch it again and see if anyone agrees.

  16. Quick quiz question:



    Can you name all the players who have been suspended by sevco since their inception in 2012?

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Mullet &Co 2


    Could they really going back for McInnes after the statement they put out when he turned them down (saying he wasn’t ready). Is he ready now, six months later?


    And would McInnes want it, after that? Pretty much public humiliation in the name of cheap points scoring.


    If he is offered the WBA job I think he would probably take it.


    Sevco will probably go for either Robinson or an out of work RRM.

  18. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    NOtice on phil’s blog that there is a new rangers support group totally independent of the club.


    Calling themselves Follow Rangers or FR.what Phil doesn’t tell you is that there is an elite group within this which is Follow Rangers The Elite department or if you like



    Fr Ted




  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Yeah, spot on.


    The problem is if they accept they are miles behind us now then they must wonder how the old club was able to compete with us. That’s where the penny doesn’t drop. Or maybe they know but just can’t admit it.

  20. The sevconians are not very grateful and demand answers my arse, they would rather keep their heads in the sand and win.



    Wonder if there is a race between Celtic getting hotel up and running vs the big hoose falling down, bets in




  21. The SMSM are indeed culpable for enabling this misplaced sense of entitlement that the new club Rangers forever find themselves asking . However, how can you get through to a support, who to a man cannot find it to blame “Sir David” for the spectre of liquadation of oldco and to a man believe the continuation myth??



    There will be no getting through to the numbskulls. In this instance we are indeed ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ .

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