We don’t have Gothenburg but Scottish football delivers


You and I can kick back and relax this weekend, but most Scottish Premiership teams have something big to play for. Aberdeen look secure in third spot, five points ahead of Hearts, they sold out Pittodrie for the visit of Hibs on Saturday. Demand will be swollen by today’s 40th anniversary of their Cup Winners’ Cup win over Real Madrid – it was as special then as it sounds now. It’s Aberdeen, though, so we should expect them to disappoint their fans.

One point separates Dundee United, Kilmarnock and Ross County, with County at Tannadice. Ask around, everyone is writing County off, a perennial mistake. I hope United stay up, a Dundee derby is good for the game, and inevitably embarrasses the broadcasters who ignore it.

The Plastic Derby takes place at Kilmarnock, as Livingston visit. Kilmarnock have an opportunity to put space between themselves and whoever is bottom, if they fail, Derek McInnes needs to take a look at himself.

Hearts are on a run of seven defeats in eight games but managed to box in the champions for a long period last weekend. They are a side who pick and choose when to play and sit a point ahead of Hibs. St Mirren can move within a point of Hearts with a win on Saturday. There’s prize money as well as pride to play for in the battle between Hibs, Hearts and St Mirren.

Two months ago Motherwell looked most likely for the drop. Form since has been spectacular, they even became the first Scottish team to take a point at Celtic Park this season. A win in Perth could see them move top of the Bottom Six – in England, they’d present you with a huge trophy for this!

Which leaves Celtic, visiting Ibrox without a fan and with nothing substantial to play for, and Newco, who want the season over and done with as soon as possible.

Grounds will be packed, towns energised, kids engaged in the game across Scotland. We might not have Gothenburg nights anymore, but the product still delivers.

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  1. Lullibies – God bless pal.







    Your wife will be in my prayers.







    D :(

  2. What is the Starz on



    Sorry to hear of your wife’s stroke.Hopefully a full recovery awaits

  3. DAVID66 on 11TH MAY 2023 12:00 PM


    Lullibies – God bless pal.















    Your wife will be in my prayers.






    My Prayers also Mate.



  4. bigrailroadblues on

    Lullabies and Battle Cries.



    Lullabies and Battle Cries



    Best wishes to your wife and a speedy recovery.





    Hail Hail.

  5. FRED COLON on 11TH MAY 2023 12:34 PM



    Dan , re the picture you posted at 11.49 , our current captain is older than I thought . I see him in the front row , second from the right LOL









    Haha I posted it on a few places and that was the chat :-))


    Did you get Vic and frankie?


    It’s a fantastic article.Hope the head is grand after celebrations after Hearts.



    Hail Hail

  6. leftclicktic on

    Lullabies and Battle Cries.



    Thoughts and prayers with you and your family at this time. HH



    Just reading back….Not good news, but wishing for better news and a good recovery. Remember to take good care of yourself as well.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “It’s Aberdeen, though, so we should expect them to disappoint their fans”




  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Otherwise, very enjoyable article Paul.



    We have football clubs of considerable heritage and don’t do enough to promote even this fact let alone the game.



    The following all IMHO of course.



    First step to a healthy “product”



    Big six functioning at the top of their game.



    Next – smaller but historically significant clubs get their act together and get into the SPFL.



    Memo: match Ross County’s bang for buck

  10. The Star above The Crest on




    My very best wishes to you and your family, particularly your wife. I hope her recovery is swift and full.




  11. Lullabies and Battle Cries



    All the best for your wife’s full recovery .

  12. bigrailroadblues on

    The Imperial. Good old fashioned Glasgow pub. More than 20 punters in here it resembles a party. 😂

  13. Thanks for the summation Paul and I agree that it has not been a bad season for scottish football so far.



    There was a lot of volatility on the management front, at Dundee Utd and Aberdeen for instance, which is probably due to the volatility of results this season, with the extreme of Darvel knocking Aberdeen out of the SC.



    As you refer to with the plastic derby, it was vital that Livingston didn’t make the top six. St Mirren are now in the top six and the turf in paisley is good going. I agree that a dundee derby next season would be good and hopefully Thistle or Ayr can make it back into the SPFL.



    I have an emotional connection to Ross County as well though and Celtic have had some great nights in Dingwall over the last few years.



    I didn’t realise but wasn’t shocked to hear that Motherwell were the only team to take a point at Celtic Park in the league this season. They are definitely one of our bogey teams, as history shows. They are candidates in the future for a top six as well, so there is competition, at last, in all depths of the league.



    It should also not go amiss in Northern Britain that Celtic have effectively saved Hampden Park in the last 7 years, with our remarkable run of trebles and full houses and our undefeated history at that stadium. A stadium which was rebuilt to end up looking like a Rutherglen car park. Fergus McCann rightly scorned the botched job that it was. But Celtic at least, with the Scotland team on their tails have regenerated the mystique of the place.



    It’s the grand old team to play for.

  14. About 44 hours before we play Mewco and the previous post was over an hour ago !!


    Treating THEM as irrelevant. I like it :-))

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Lullabies- so sorry to hear your news,here’s hoping for a quick and full recovery HH

  16. Tom McLaughlin on

    My first Ibrox Glasgow Derby was Saturday 10th August 1968. I was a month away from my 15th birthday and my dad and uncle took me and my younger brother Brian (13) on the supporters bus for the first game of the season, a League Cup sectional tie.



    I had been to Ibrox once before for a cup semi-final when Celtic thrashed Hibs 4-0, but this was my first Rangers v Celtic.



    It was a hot sunny day as we moved onto the sprawling terracing that was the uncovered Celtic End. Normally we would have been despatched at the front but we had arrived late and such was the crowd, we were lifted onto a crush barrier half-way up. My dad and uncle stood behind us and the wooden barrier was wide enough for us to sit comfortably. My brother and I were enthralled by the crowd and the novelty of being located in the midst of the mass of singing and cheering Celtic supporters.



    Willie Wallace fired Celtic into an early lead and as the ball hit the net, the surge behind us knocked us off the barrier and we were engulfed in the wild celebrations before being lifted back onto the barrier once sanity had been restored. The same thing happened when Wispy grabbed a second before half-time.



    During the break a battle erupted among the Celtic support about 20 yards to our right and a big gap opened up as supporters fled what later turned out to be a local gang fight. It was quite scary for the two of us but my dad and uncle looked after us and reassured us.



    The game finished 2-0 and the season was off to a flier.



    I will be in Bellshill on Saturday for my niece’s daughter’s First Holy Communion and will miss the game, although we are booked into a pub for 12 noon so should be able to see bits and pieces and keep up with proceedings.



    Looking forward to the day.



    3-1 to Celtic.



    Hail Hail.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Who would win a fight between Aberdeen disappointing their fans and Hibs Hibsing it?

  18. Lullabies and Battle Cries on

    To each and every one, many thanks for your best wishes and prayers for my wife on her recovery.


    She has read them all and is a bit emotional that people she doesn’t know have taken the time and effort to wish her well. I’ve explained to her thats what The Celtic Community are all about.



    Last post: 2 free tickets to Wim Tribute tomorrow night available, £73 each so decent seats. Hopefully somebody can take them.

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