We had a plan, we had Fergus, we had McStay, Collins, Boyd, they have 10 goal Miller


My brother made the point to me on Saturday, even during our mid-table era in the 90s, we had players like McStay, Collins and Boyd, who would get into any team in the country. We usually had a striker who could boast a better return than 10 goals in all competitions by this stage of the season (the mark Newco’s PotY Kenny Miller has reached), and the Celtic manager would send his team onto the field with some battle in their bellies.

What’s more, Celtic fans had a plan. We had Fergus, he had money, or at least access to money, and the inch of personality he possessed was enough to convince 10,000 to buy shares and put us on the way to several dozen in a row.  Some of us also knew David Murray’s speculate to accumulate strategy would inevitably crash.  So despite the dark decade between Big Billy and Wim the Tim, the forward path was clear.

The Great Anniversary

We are now in May and three weeks away from the Great Anniversary.  Hundreds will travel to Lisbon, thousands will gather at The Hydro.  Television documentaries will air and we will all drink-in the experience.  I truly believe that without Jock Stein and the Lisbon Lions catapulting Celtic from four decades of mediocrity to international fame, very little of what we have achieved since would be possible.  Our modern club was built on their shoulders.

Stein and the Lions stood on the land worked on by volunteers, who 70-odd years earlier leveled ground to create a football field, so that funds could be raised to feed the city’s poorest children.  Without that unique creation story, the Lions would never have happened.

Two weeks ago I decided I would run the Stirling Marathon on 21st of this month, in aid of the Celtic Foundation.  I’ve done ‘the half’ twice before but never gone beyond that.  I suspect the decision was part midlife crisis (story for another day), but I needed to mark one of the biggest influences in all our lives with a  significant act.  This is it.  It will put me in touch with why I’m a Celtic supporter, why I started this blog and mark a turn in my life.

Use this Great Anniversary to get in touch with lots of things we take for granted.  We will never have another opportunity like it.  And if you can’t run a marathon, you can support the Foundation at the page I’ve setup for this purpose, as well as putting some bounce in my shoes on the day.

Thank you.


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  1. TheLurkinTim on




    wtf r u a paper vendor…..I. never read any of that….it’s why I’m sane lol







  2. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Interesting comments at the trial yesterday.



    I will refrain from saying more but some of the testimony yesterday was lamentable.

  3. Thoughts and prayers for Franny/TBM, his family and friends at this sad and difficult time




  4. Thoughts and prayers also for the friend of BRTH – Joe, his family and friends.




  5. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    The Times, The Irish Times, The Telegraph, STV, BBC, ESPN, The Independent, international news feeds, parochial papers all over the UK and beyond are all reporting the abuse of Scott Sinclair.



    I’m not saying this to be controversial nor to detract from the racist abuse that Scott took, but only one or two of those news feeds deems it newsworthy to report the sustained and loud sectarian abuse of the Catholic demographic within the Celtic support by supporters of the same team that harboured the racist who abused Scott Sinclair.

  6. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day(Inspired by The Gap, Moussa and (obsolete) Donald Findlay QC!)



    prodigious /prəˈdɪdʒəs/ 





    1. extraordinary in size, amount, extent, degree, force, etc.: 


    2. abnormal; monstrous.


    3. wonderful or marvelous: 


    4. (obsolete) threatening


    5. (obsolete) ominous.



    Derived Forms 


    prodigiously, adverb


    prodigiousness, noun



    Word Origin 


    C16: from Latin prōdigiōsus marvellous, from prōdigium, see prodigy





  7. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    People that are non-white and follow and even play for ‘them’ must feel very uncomfortable at the carry on in the last few days. Then I ask myself do any RCs take offence as they wrap the’them’ scarf around their neck and listen to the bile that fills the air. Remember the klaxon horn.Remember the bucket collections(embarrassing)

  8. TheLurkinTim on

    word of the day



    so far……lamentable…..hahahahaha



    mine is squirell…..










    Shocking news!



    Rest in peace THE BARCA MOLE.



    Prayers said for his family and friends.



    I have wondered for some time how one minute they can cheer a goal scored by an RC member of the team and immediately follow it with being up to their knees. Also how do the RC members of the squad really feel about the bile that emanates from the stands. Money must buy a lot of deafness.

  11. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    We will soon find out, that these racist thugs dont like to be..er…challenged on their racist views.


    Id imagine, they are in hiding right now, cowards that they are.


    Typical huns….brainless zombies.







  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    BhoyJoe& Gene



    While we were learning about the world at school, they were listening to bigots tell them how to hate.


    They are damned by their ignorance and stupidity.


    They better run quick and hide, like they usually do.


    Bhoys and Ghirls are raging everywhere.





  13. Bateen Bhoy on

    BOSTON, MA – The following is a statement from Red Sox President Sam Kennedy regarding last night’s incident at Fenway Park involving Adam Jones.


    “The Red Sox want to publicly apologize to Adam Jones and the entire Orioles organization for what occurred at Fenway Park Monday night. No player should have an object thrown at him on the playing field, nor be subjected to any kind of racism at Fenway Park. The Red Sox have zero tolerance for such inexcusable behavior, and our entire organization and our fans are sickened by the conduct of an ignorant few. Such conduct should be reported immediately to Red Sox security, and any spectator behaving in this manner forfeits his/her right to remain in the ballpark, and may be subject to further action. Our review of last night’s events is ongoing.”



    Compare with the statement released by Hierarchy at Iborcs in response to weekend incidents.


    wonder what MICHAEL O’HALLORAN thinks about the atmosphere in the dressing room now.HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  15. Celtic skipper Scott Brown misses out on PFA Player of the Year shortlist and Chris Sutton leads chorus of shock on Twitter


    Brown has been the engine of the Parkhead side on their tilt at the Treble under Brendan Rodgers but missed out on the shortlist.



    Who are these “Peepil” ?…what’s their names ?….I demand to know who omitted Scot BROWN ?….




  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    So the failure that is Duffield, would rather watch El Clasico, than his beloved huns getting horsed by Celtic…..oh diddums…





    He’d rather watch his parents than his beloved huns getting horsed by Celtic!

  18. 31 years ago today



    Pld W D A F A GD Pts


    Celtic 36 20 10 6 67 38 29 50


    Hearts 36 20 10 6 59 33 26 50



    Just watched the highlights again on Celtic TV – brought a wee tear the my eye – strange feeling as it is the first time that I have stopped smiling this week.

  19. One of the finest CQNers, Barca Mole, has gone to his eternal reward. May God be good to him and be with his family and friends at this sad time.



    May he rest in peace.

  20. TheLurkinTim on

    big. jimmy….it is a mistery….



    …..Broonie for me…..never thawt i’d say that…..not even player of the year can encapsulate what he’s done…..







  21. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I see Steven Naismith is to be freed by Norwich now in my opinion he would be a great signing for Celtic and he works his socks off every game and he scores his fair share of goals.He would fit into Brendans style of play and he cost city 8.5 million not so long ago whats not to like ? H.H.

  22. RIP Barca Mole, this place has lost a well liked contributor but from the stories it seems that the world has lost a damn good guy.



    Someone mentioned earlier Winning Captains (I was there also) meeting at Hampden yesterday and Neil Doncaster’s view on new club/ old club. It was the same as he has publicly stated time and time again. Same club.

  23. Dubaibhoy-Ur they still deid? on

    Dubai Hoops‏ @DubaiHoopsCSC · 15h15 hours ago



    RIP ‘The Barca Mole’ a true friend and founder member of The Dubai Hoops. Franny McClure, YNWA

  24. TheLurkinTim on




    given the. true reality….am surprised u are ;-))



    what was sed?







  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    POTY is voted by fellow pro’s, Broony winds a couple up in most games, hence the lack of votes IMO

  26. TheLurkinTim on




    given the. true reality….am surprised u are ;-))



    what was sed?








    he sais…fuk politics

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ronaldo has scored more goals in the Champions League, than 113 of the 135 teams who have played in the competition

  28. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good morning CQN, from a gloriously sunny Central Highlands. The weather matches my disposition since Saturday afternoon :)



    I find myself wondering what the weather is like in East Kilbride. Why is that? Can anyone advise?



    I never knew The Barca Mole, but my thoughts are with his family and friends.

  29. Keving



    No doubt the punter who took Coral bookmakers to court, and lost, after they deemed his ‘Rangers to be relegated, season 2011/12’ to be a losing one, wishes Donkey had been the judge.



    From The Scotsman



    ‘His betting slip read: “From SPL – Rangers to be relegated” and maintained that relegation meant an SPL side started the next season in a lower league.



    Coral contended that relegation was confined to going down only one league on points, according to league rules.



    It said Rangers Football Club Plc sold its one share in the SPL to Sevco Scotland following the sale of assets by administrators, which required the approval of at least eight members of the SPL and the application was refused, making it no longer eligible to play in the top tier.



    It then applied to join the SFL and was permitted to come into the lowest league.



    Lord Bannatyne said: “The foregoing process cannot be described as being moved by anyone to a lower division, or being moved down or demoted.”



    The judge said: “I am satisfied that what did not happen was that the SPL moved or demoted Rangers to a lower division.” ‘

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