We had a plan, we had Fergus, we had McStay, Collins, Boyd, they have 10 goal Miller


My brother made the point to me on Saturday, even during our mid-table era in the 90s, we had players like McStay, Collins and Boyd, who would get into any team in the country. We usually had a striker who could boast a better return than 10 goals in all competitions by this stage of the season (the mark Newco’s PotY Kenny Miller has reached), and the Celtic manager would send his team onto the field with some battle in their bellies.

What’s more, Celtic fans had a plan. We had Fergus, he had money, or at least access to money, and the inch of personality he possessed was enough to convince 10,000 to buy shares and put us on the way to several dozen in a row.  Some of us also knew David Murray’s speculate to accumulate strategy would inevitably crash.  So despite the dark decade between Big Billy and Wim the Tim, the forward path was clear.

The Great Anniversary

We are now in May and three weeks away from the Great Anniversary.  Hundreds will travel to Lisbon, thousands will gather at The Hydro.  Television documentaries will air and we will all drink-in the experience.  I truly believe that without Jock Stein and the Lisbon Lions catapulting Celtic from four decades of mediocrity to international fame, very little of what we have achieved since would be possible.  Our modern club was built on their shoulders.

Stein and the Lions stood on the land worked on by volunteers, who 70-odd years earlier leveled ground to create a football field, so that funds could be raised to feed the city’s poorest children.  Without that unique creation story, the Lions would never have happened.

Two weeks ago I decided I would run the Stirling Marathon on 21st of this month, in aid of the Celtic Foundation.  I’ve done ‘the half’ twice before but never gone beyond that.  I suspect the decision was part midlife crisis (story for another day), but I needed to mark one of the biggest influences in all our lives with a  significant act.  This is it.  It will put me in touch with why I’m a Celtic supporter, why I started this blog and mark a turn in my life.

Use this Great Anniversary to get in touch with lots of things we take for granted.  We will never have another opportunity like it.  And if you can’t run a marathon, you can support the Foundation at the page I’ve setup for this purpose, as well as putting some bounce in my shoes on the day.

Thank you.


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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I also think there should be major investment into sevco he he he he

  2. When I say that ” I will never vote for Labour ever again”…what I really mean is IF Mr Corbyn offered me an EBT or even a wee DOS…..well I may be forced to reconsider my decision on the voting front ?



    Maybe we should contact the Child Support Agency ( CSA)….They would track down the missing NOMAD and Director of Football in no feckin time at all !




  3. Alasdair MacLean on

    I would like to know why more isn’t being made of Garner’s cheating attempts to get Boyata sent off on Saturday.

  4. Huns.




    Their supporters/lickspittles in the press trying to distort the actual events despite all the evidence to the contrary.


    Sinclair provoked the racist hun.


    Broonie and Griff gestured to the pitch invading shitebag to come ahead.


    The stuff thrown from the terraces was just moonbeams.


    We Kenny was assaulted by that big foreigner Jozo.

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Afternoon Celts



    Sevco should be fired into space,…. the park ,gates,marble staircase,jimmy bell…the lot


    Blast off, whoosh:)


    End of story.




  6. Bada



    I’ve not studied that bit of the replay but I saw like everyone else that John Beaton did his best to avoid the second of two penalties shouts, difficult call for one of the peepil.



    He wouldn’t have hesitated at the other end..



    I rewatched Kenny Miller hitting Scott Brown’s arm with his face, then lying down only to find out raging that Scott didn’t get booked for ‘elbowing’ He then verbally abused John Beaton in a long tirade.



    Good news for us on the contract front, though.

  7. There should be ” Major Investment” in my BEER FUND !



    I demand an Enquiry, whoa ert these peepil that deny me an appropriate beer fund…what are my rights over this most viable issue……..Bhoys this is what being sober for over 7 feckin weeks has reduced me to…a ranting raving Happy Hoopy !



    Where’s my EBT’s…….Extra Beer Tokens ?




  8. An Tearmann on




    Lol aye also part of the logic for changin career hehe :-)


    murrays numbers never made sense.


    You goin to lisboa?



    Because he is so irrelevant nobody noticed.


    I commented during the game that he came on with purpose and 2 moves.


    One was to jump into people and the other was to fall over and gain free kicks.


    He did both well but actually forgot that he was supposed to play football.


    Guess thats not what he is trained for.


    Even the huns think he’s pathetic.

  10. ALASDAIR MACLEAN on 2ND MAY 2017 1:24 PM



    I would like to know why more isn’t being made of Garner’s cheating attempts to get Boyata sent off on Saturday.




    Probably just lost in all the racism, sectarian singing, batteries being thrown, pitch invasions….oh and the biggest HUMPING at AyeBrokes since the 19th Century. But yo are correct – it’s been conveniently ignored by the MSM…

  11. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    You forgot to mention the sheer ugliness of the huns…surely a factor :)










    You forgot to mention the sheer ugliness of the huns…surely a factor :)







    Good shout. As ugly inside as they are externally.

  13. IniquitousIV on

    Regarding the photo of the Ibrox Pitch Invader posted by Winning Captains, I hope the Celtic Board is inquiring why a Rangers player (Tavernier) and Referee Beaton are performing a job more properly the responsibility of the police or trained (and paid) stewards.



  14. I think Glasgow Sheriff Court this morning should issue the following sentences to the Pitch Invader and Racist Hun Bassa’s……..



    SHERIFF Mac Tim……” I now pronounce sentence, and let the punishment fit the horrendous crimes……I will insist that Sevco/Newco give you “Life Sentences”, by MAKING you both accept 20 year season books…in Orange Order……sorry in order that you are BOTH FORCED to watch that shoite every 2nd week for the next 20 years at least, and should the New The Rangers cease to also exist BEFORE the expiry date of 20 years…then the sentence will be afforded to licking the Magical Boots of Scott Sinclair and celtic Captain Scott Brown, for every day thereafter,


    In other words….yous are no gettin aff SCOTT FREE ” !






    IF ONLY ?

  15. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    Thank goodness the police, stewards and security staff were on the pitch in a flash. That pitch invader could actually have got to one of our players.

  16. INIQUITOUSIV on 2ND MAY 2017 1:41 PM



    Regarding the photo of the Ibrox Pitch Invader posted by Winning Captains, I hope the Celtic Board is inquiring why a Rangers player (Tavernier) and Referee Beaton are performing a job more properly the responsibility of the police or trained (and paid) stewards.





    ————— —————————-


    Police Scotland should be requesting footage that Sky TV surely have but failed to broadcast. From what I’ve read on hun media, a few of them spilled through a gate. A steward looked at them then looked away (probably didn’t want to get a black eye). The guy who eventually ran onto the pitch apparently fell over a hoarding and then (perhaps to avoid embarrassment?) ran towards our players. Whatever. The thing is a number of them easily got onto the pitch because of insufficient stewarding. I seem to recall that many of them are now volunteers, presumably because they can’t afford proper security/police?

  17. williefernie on

    Hi lads.Long time lurker etc. Thought I’d say hello before I hopefully meet up with a few Bhoys at the Dinner in old Lisbon town later this month.Been an excellent season so far and here’s to finishing it off in style.HH.

  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    The PLC have got nothing to say about the mindless zombie huns.


    They encourage it, by refusing to take a stand against it.


    No point moaning…..thats the OLD FIRM for you.


    You play with the burny fire…you get burnt.





  19. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on






    Are you a hun?





  20. An Tearmann on

    Policing of the govan stand was light.the stewarding was lighter still.surely a safety concern.


    3 stewards running from opp side.


    It could have blown up easily.




  21. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    That was the traditional CQN welcome:)




  22. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    An Tearmann



    Surely…er, observers would be noting that type of nonsense.


    So-called professional club run like a prize bingo’


    Talk about amateur hour:)




  23. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Any info on cup-final tickets?



    Ta in advance,will check back later.



    WILLIEFERNIE….you a hun?

  24. FAN-A-TIC



    I’m surprised he didn’t get a mention for his fresh air kick at the one chance he got in the box to have:))



    Classic shitehunstriker move:))



    We’ve got Joe Garner, We’ve got Joe Garner:)))



    Boyata has more goals than this fraudster..

  25. BABASONICOS71 on

    2 dangly dolls = plethora of SMSM attention.


    Pitch invader,racist gesturing,battery (and other items) thrown at players = non event,nowt to see,nothing to write (why don’t you go) home about.



    I can taste their ever increasing desperation.The knowledge that those uppity tarriers have left their favourite hate conduit behind has exacerbated their grief at the loss of ye olde rANGERs and their insanity of the same club delusion.They are now a gnats chuff away from collective sectioning.Hun flew over the cuckoo’s nest.


    Very timtertaining. ;))




  26. leftclicktic on

    HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPY Birthday to Kickinthenakas and James from Larkhall CSC

  27. williefernie on

    Thanks for the traditional welcoming question.”NO” is the answer.Named after my dad’s favourite player of the 50s.

  28. Delaneys Dunky on




    While the brain dead zombie was on the pitch, there were dozens of polis hiding in the space between the Main stand and Copland stand. They remained there after the pitch invader decided to leave field. What were dozens of cops doing hiding and failing to act?

  29. Delaneys Dunky on

    Wilie Fernie



    In that case, warm welcome and see you at dinner in Lisbon.






    I wonder if the SMSM have seen the video that’s doing the rounds, the pre match warm up of their support and their new song.



    ” we hate catholics everyone hates roman catholics”



    I’m sure it’s only a tiny tiny weeny minuscule part of their support that indulges in such behaviour(sic)




  31. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big Jimmy,


    a question in the form of a wee loose analogy if I may



    When the old Celtic board allowed the club to become susceptible to threats from unethical and unscrupulous banking practices, was it your first thought to turn your back on the club or join the rebels ?


    That the labour party the only party in the history of mankind to peacefully implement a a social change program of


    Social housing


    Social health care


    Social Education


    Social higher Education


    That was infiltrated and overrun by capitalists intent in alienating those who sought social justice as extremists in line with capitalist dictate and is now fighting for its very existence to maintain social justice, you will walk away and leave the rebels to their own devices, joining in with the capitalist dictat that they are radical extremists.


    If you believe Corbyn is a genuine supporter of social justice what makes you think refusing to vote labour helps achieve social justice ?


    or is social justice no longer your concern ?

  32. BlantyreKev on

    Interesting to hear from a guy who was at Ibrox on Saturday, Celtic end. Hadn’t been for maybe a decade. In the intervening years became an asbestos surveyor. Says that the roof tiles on the suspended ceilings in the toilets need testing if they haven’t already. Not that they were made of asbestos, but needed testing based on a preliminary visual. In effect there’s modern types of roof tile, often flimsy, that are totally safe and these were not of that type, they were of the type that he has been trained to test. So in short a question can be as specific as ‘have the roof tiles in the bogs been tested?’


    The note of caution was that IF they were positive for Asbestos, and IF there was a rammy as destructive as there was in the Rangers end at Celtic Park then a public health catastrophe was not entirely beyond possible. A sensible cautionary note from him rather than over excited tones of scandal.

  33. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    What can you say to a bigot who believes all Celtic fans are Catholics.


    Its pathetic really.


    Maybe they should ask that wee Indian fella i was talking to in Tesco…..his wee son wore the hoops with pride.


    Father and son, both Celtic fans:)



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