We had a plan, we had Fergus, we had McStay, Collins, Boyd, they have 10 goal Miller


My brother made the point to me on Saturday, even during our mid-table era in the 90s, we had players like McStay, Collins and Boyd, who would get into any team in the country. We usually had a striker who could boast a better return than 10 goals in all competitions by this stage of the season (the mark Newco’s PotY Kenny Miller has reached), and the Celtic manager would send his team onto the field with some battle in their bellies.

What’s more, Celtic fans had a plan. We had Fergus, he had money, or at least access to money, and the inch of personality he possessed was enough to convince 10,000 to buy shares and put us on the way to several dozen in a row.  Some of us also knew David Murray’s speculate to accumulate strategy would inevitably crash.  So despite the dark decade between Big Billy and Wim the Tim, the forward path was clear.

The Great Anniversary

We are now in May and three weeks away from the Great Anniversary.  Hundreds will travel to Lisbon, thousands will gather at The Hydro.  Television documentaries will air and we will all drink-in the experience.  I truly believe that without Jock Stein and the Lisbon Lions catapulting Celtic from four decades of mediocrity to international fame, very little of what we have achieved since would be possible.  Our modern club was built on their shoulders.

Stein and the Lions stood on the land worked on by volunteers, who 70-odd years earlier leveled ground to create a football field, so that funds could be raised to feed the city’s poorest children.  Without that unique creation story, the Lions would never have happened.

Two weeks ago I decided I would run the Stirling Marathon on 21st of this month, in aid of the Celtic Foundation.  I’ve done ‘the half’ twice before but never gone beyond that.  I suspect the decision was part midlife crisis (story for another day), but I needed to mark one of the biggest influences in all our lives with a  significant act.  This is it.  It will put me in touch with why I’m a Celtic supporter, why I started this blog and mark a turn in my life.

Use this Great Anniversary to get in touch with lots of things we take for granted.  We will never have another opportunity like it.  And if you can’t run a marathon, you can support the Foundation at the page I’ve setup for this purpose, as well as putting some bounce in my shoes on the day.

Thank you.


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  1. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Hope Ra Bomber is taking the stand:)


    Sure he would have plenty to say….”Yooze buy ra pies”





  2. Wonder what European Athletics Task Force Chair, Pierce O’Callaghan, would make of a 4 year old club “going for 55” ?



    “It (a proposal to amend World Records) is intended to give the public belief and credibility in what they are watching in the sport………………


    This is about the bigger picture of reform in athletics and ensuring the public in events like the London World Championships [in August 2017], that they can believe what they are watching”



    Sounds like the perfect man to strip titles and give the SPFL website some semblance of reality.

  3. “19 yrs ago today Bobby Tait asked for and got his last game ref’d at Ibrox. Score 0-0 he added on 4 mins injury time. Killie scored!”



    Nice one Bobby or should I say Booby:))

  4. South Of Tunis on

    Muttonchops doing well on the Where is the Fraud ? front..Second charge could see some real meat.Wavetower /The Rangers Group stuff.







    I sent BJ a text a few minutes before I read your post.




    Similar sentiments,but wow you put it so much better than I could.




    Wur battering against a tsunami,mate. It’s a downright shame



    With ALL due respect Bhoys ( thanks for the text BMCUPW),


    I’ve been kicked in the teeth by Labour Council, and Councillors, MP’s and Labour MSP’s for years who didn’t lift a finger to help me. As I texted BMCUWP, feck me I even wrote to Gordon Brown when he was PM about the injustice and describing how I and my family were life long Labour voters, and could he or someone from his office look into the feckin corrupt labour Council that sacked me me for feck all…oh wait a minute, there WAS reason……..I was sacked because of a LABOUR CONTROLLED COUNCIL’s FAILURE to manage their and the publics affairs properly, and who were £8 MILLION in debt, so because of that Labour MIS MANAGEMENT, they decided that the little man should pay the price……IF POSSIBLE.. sack as many full time contract employees as possible…I wasn’t the only one who was unfairly dismissed, but others got reinstated cos THEIR UNION didn’t hang them out to dry ( The GMB for example), by making political decisions that took my whole way of life away from me forever !


    I was NOT the only victim….my wife at the time was also a victim of all this, as it led to her becoming ill with stress ( as I was also), and her ONLY escape from the misery of me being unemployed and up to my neck in Employment and Legal Arguments was to feck off and leave me !


    After a few months I understood why she had to do it, and we have been friends again for some years.


    So without going even further on and on about my personal crap on here, what I will say is that there are many people out there worse off than I am. At least I now have a good roof over my head after facing homelessness.


    CANAMALAR & BMCUWP…..PLease just don’t expect me to forgive and forget those who have wronged me, cos I never will….it’s NOT in my nature.



    For all the great issues that a strong Labour Party once stood and fought for, in my opinion it has disappeared doon the fecking stank, this current mob don’t have the “know how” on how to tackle these feckin Tories….even when faced with a Tory Government who have NURSES ( amongst others like myself who are forced to rely on feckin Food Banks) in 2017 !



    i will leave there for now gentlemen, but please CANAMALAR don’t try and test this worn out old man/Bhoy on what previous Labour Party members / governments have did in the past…that was then, this is now, and quite frankly it is TESTAMENT as to how BAD this current Labour mob are when they are UNABLE to make a decent fist of a fight against such a despised Tory Government especially in Scotland….I mean how weak and hated must the Tories become before any Labour Party can be smart enough to take them on /



    I SINCERELY hope that I am wrong, but between the fecking Tories, weak weak Labour and feckin BREXIT….my vote ( and I will vote ), is between The scottish Socialists and more than probable The SNP ( WHO HAVE A LOT OF FAULTS ALSO)….but at least The SNP have promised a severe overhaul and some fairness to the Welfare System if Independent….it’s cos of Labour Councillors and MPs and my so called feckin Trade Union “UNITE”…..that I have been TOTALLY RELIANT on the feckin Welfare System for over 8 feckin years !


    My life is not gonna change for the better by voting Labour either in Regional or the General Elections….I am stuck in this “Welfare Trap” until I die ( Hopefully sooner rather than later) …….as long as I live long enough to see The Celtic win 10 in a feckin Row….I will die a happy man !


    God Bless you both lads…..but this Bhoy aint for turning.


    Hail Hail.

  6. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    This is the point where somebody runs in to the court and shouts at the top of their voice “Look there’s a squirrel”:)




  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A bhoy who posts here was in the Victoria Bar, Victoria Rd after the game on Saturday, he found a wallet and handed it behind the bar, it had cash and cards in it.If someone could stick thid on FB /Twitter, thanks

  8. South Of Tunis on

    The Green Man.



    More than 1 squirrel Shirley but I have High Hopes for a least One skunk ,a cuckoo and a suitably mimetic reptile with swivelling eyes.

  9. DAVIDOPOULOS on 2ND MAY 2017 3:16 PM


    Armstrong, Dembele, Sinclair and Jonny Hayes are the nominees for player of the year.




    Jonny Hayes? Eh?




    An insult that it isn’t 4 Celtic players.



    WHIT….NO Scott Brown….now there’s a surprise ?


    They run to Broony when the ” National” team needs help….but he’s ignored when it comes to acknowledging his superb achievements this season in particular….Scott Brown tell the SFA to feck aff !

  10. ernie lynch on

    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 2ND MAY 2017 4:08 PM



    His line seems to be ‘the bank forced this through, Murray was just a puppet, the bank weren’t bothered about what happened after they were paid, so any conditions regarding what was to happen once the bank was paid off were just window dressing. The deal was going through regardless’. And that would take care of the first charge.



    The second charge? Technical, arcane stuff, and by rights the jury would have to understand the statutory provisions it before they could consider convicting.

  11. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I just thought f–k it – im going to go to Lisbon


    So I look forward to a couple of days with like minded people



  12. Reading the court Tweets it would appear that Findlay’s questioning of this witness from Lloyds has been more robust thanMurray’s,seems to be blaming the bank for turning the screw

  13. ernie lynch on

    BIG JIMMY on 2ND MAY 2017 4:10 PM



    ‘but at least The SNP have promised a severe overhaul and some fairness to the Welfare System if Independent’







    They’ve got power to alter the welfare system now. They won’t do it because it would cost money and they would probably have to raise taxes.



    They are a shower of hypocritical *****, and I’m surprised that you’ve fallen for their crap.

  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Sir David Murray cross examined by a Victorian gentleman/bigot advocate who obviously reads too much Kipling before his bedtime lung-busting version of Land of Hope and Glory.


    You truly could not make it up.


    Findlay is a loon, parading around the court like some Dickensian villain.






  15. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ernie Lynch



    Bring back Marx…he will sort it out:)





  16. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ernie Lynch



    That time Marx was drunk and bored and described the executive of the modern state as ” a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie”:)


    Was he on to something?




  17. Neustadt-Braw on

    Big Jimmy …take no notice of the shoite….the man is a strip of pure bile…



    St John will mark his card…




  18. thetimreaper on

    Lets say for a minute Brendan didn’t take the job last summer and Davie Moyes got it. The landscape would have been unimaginably different. There would be no Scott Sinclair, Dembele or Kolo for starters. No Chris Davies or the coaching and sports science guys. Probably no Champions League. Certainly no chance of being invincible and little of going for the Treble. Where would Armstrong be, on loan at Blackburn Rovers or similar? Broonie, would he be written off as finished? Efe and Bitton would probably still be in the team, Kris Commons too. How would James Forrest be performing, if he was still here? Warburton and Barton would probably still be at Sevco. Would we be locked in a three way fight for the Title?




  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    67 European Cup Winners on 2nd May 2017 4:31 pm



    67 — e-mail me with the details of when you are going and where you are staying.







  20. glendalystonsils on

    According to those sharp, finger on the pulse guys in the MSM, almost all of our best players will be heading to various EPL clubs at the end of the the season.


    YIKES! we’re gonnae have to sign almost as many players as Pedro if we want to keep up with Sevco next season

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Public Service Announcement.



    To those of us who live on this sainted island and have access to TG4, there is a Celtic slanted programme on tomorrow night at 8.pm.



    Rumour has it that among those featured is a veteran contributor to CQN.



    See if you can spot him/her.

  22. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    I’m really looking forward to us playing back at Celtic Park this Saturday with the added bonus of a 3 o’clock kick off. We have not played at Celtic Park for 4 weeks.



    Our pitch should be in a better condition , with the amount of dry weather of late and the forecast of sunny weather for the rest of this week into the weekend.



    Getting as near a capacity crowd as possible would be a sign of appreciation for our players and management for all their efforts over this marvellous season. I hope those who can get to this Saturday’s game , do so.



    We are still waiting for the word company to be mentioned in Craigy’s trial . Maybe Jabba might get Level (5 not to be mentioned after last Saturday’s game) to get company mentioned more

  23. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    ‘Former Rangers pair Kyle Lafferty and Steven Whittaker told they are free to leave Norwich’

  24. ERNIE LYNCH on 2ND MAY 2017 4:35 PM


    BIG JIMMY on 2ND MAY 2017 4:10 PM




    ‘but at least The SNP have promised a severe overhaul and some fairness to the Welfare System if Independent’









    They’ve got power to alter the welfare system now. They won’t do it because it would cost money and they would probably have to raise taxes.




    They are a shower of hypocritical *****, and I’m surprised that you’ve fallen for their crap.






    With respect I haven’t fallen for any ones crap …yet ?


    I say yet, as until some party ( and it won’t be the Tories or Lib Dems) can offer someone in my shoes some hope of Welfare changes ( including Gov medicals that are feckin rigged and with serious loaded questions), i reserve the right to hold fire…and then maybe I will fall for some ones crap ?


    I never thought I would see the day when Labour were so weak, especially in Scotland, then again I’d never thought I’d see the day when Labour Councillors and MP’s ( so called Socialists ?), would stand by and watch a Labour supporting man “Crash and Burn” ?



    I posted about The SNP and possibly the Scottish socialist party ? I know that to vote for the Scottish Socialists would be a wasted vote sadly, but i would ask your good self and others to realise that what I really want is to have the Tories out of my life, and determining how my life is on a quite miserly day to day basis ?


    Up to now ( For ALL their faults), The SNP and Independence appear to be the nearest I will ever come to being rid of the Tories in my lifetime….which may or may not be too much longer ?



    It’s obvious for people like me there’s only a life of misery under Tories and others, and I do wish Labour were stronger…but they have literally shot their bolt in Scotland, again something I never thought I would live to see SADLY ?



    Up to now the SNP have not did me any harm ( as far as I know ?)….on the other hand…The Tories, Lib dem ( jumping into bed with the Tories)….likewise labour also jumping into bed with the Tories whenever it suits them……for Labour to have did that is unforgivable in my book ( I am also aware that some years ago The SNP were accused of likewise with the Tories, but I can’t remember what about ?)….AULD AGE ?



    As you may have gathered I have no time for the Tories, and sorry if that offends anyone on here, but I long for the day when I am free from their policies against ordinary Joe’s like myself.



    anyway…time for tea.. hope you are well ?



  25. Hoopy Birthday to Cayman and Kickinthenakas…trust you are both having a champion day…:)


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  26. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 2ND MAY 2017 4:49 PM


    Big Jimmy …take no notice of the shoite….the man is a strip of pure bile…




    St John will mark his card…







    Sorry NEUSTADT….Your post has left me a wee bit confused……what man ?


    hope you are well mate.



  27. Anyone think Scott Allan would be worth bringing back to have some Brendan magic dust sprinkled on him. Always felt he could be a player for us?



  28. Greenpinata on




    A very warm Welcome. You do know what you are signing up for?



    Cliques galore, take your pick.



    HH my friend in Celtic.

  29. LENNYBHOY on 2ND MAY 2017 6:04 PM


    Hoopy Birthday to Cayman and Kickinthenakas…trust you are both having a champion day…:)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!



  30. An Tearmann on



    on2ND MAY 2017 4:31 PM



    I just thought f–k it – im going to go to Lisbon


     So I look forward to a couple of days with like minded people 





    Teehee mind an bring your ‘moothy’


    and songbook.see you there

  31. Hearing that surfboarder is to personally thank Kenny Miller for giving his position to the coastguard! :-)