We had a plan, we had Fergus, we had McStay, Collins, Boyd, they have 10 goal Miller


My brother made the point to me on Saturday, even during our mid-table era in the 90s, we had players like McStay, Collins and Boyd, who would get into any team in the country. We usually had a striker who could boast a better return than 10 goals in all competitions by this stage of the season (the mark Newco’s PotY Kenny Miller has reached), and the Celtic manager would send his team onto the field with some battle in their bellies.

What’s more, Celtic fans had a plan. We had Fergus, he had money, or at least access to money, and the inch of personality he possessed was enough to convince 10,000 to buy shares and put us on the way to several dozen in a row.  Some of us also knew David Murray’s speculate to accumulate strategy would inevitably crash.  So despite the dark decade between Big Billy and Wim the Tim, the forward path was clear.

The Great Anniversary

We are now in May and three weeks away from the Great Anniversary.  Hundreds will travel to Lisbon, thousands will gather at The Hydro.  Television documentaries will air and we will all drink-in the experience.  I truly believe that without Jock Stein and the Lisbon Lions catapulting Celtic from four decades of mediocrity to international fame, very little of what we have achieved since would be possible.  Our modern club was built on their shoulders.

Stein and the Lions stood on the land worked on by volunteers, who 70-odd years earlier leveled ground to create a football field, so that funds could be raised to feed the city’s poorest children.  Without that unique creation story, the Lions would never have happened.

Two weeks ago I decided I would run the Stirling Marathon on 21st of this month, in aid of the Celtic Foundation.  I’ve done ‘the half’ twice before but never gone beyond that.  I suspect the decision was part midlife crisis (story for another day), but I needed to mark one of the biggest influences in all our lives with a  significant act.  This is it.  It will put me in touch with why I’m a Celtic supporter, why I started this blog and mark a turn in my life.

Use this Great Anniversary to get in touch with lots of things we take for granted.  We will never have another opportunity like it.  And if you can’t run a marathon, you can support the Foundation at the page I’ve setup for this purpose, as well as putting some bounce in my shoes on the day.

Thank you.


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  1. Neustadt-Braw on

    I am doing braw Jimmy….



    keep up the good fight,


    Sorry if I have confused you …Yer a smart lad you,all get there I am thinking ….



    Here is to ten and more all in a row…



    Hail hail







    ‘Former Rangers pair Kyle Lafferty and Steven Whittaker told they are free to leave Norwich’




    Just the city or the entire county? :-))

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    You get a flight to Donegal and ask some kind person to let you look through their sitting room window.



    It’s on RTE Player at some stage.



    Some people who have them dodgy boxes get the Irish channels.

  4. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Lisbon Update.



    If anyone interested in going to the celebration dinner on the 24th of May who has not contacted me already can they do so now please!



    I have to confirm numbers and names by 10th May.



    I will post a seating list later tonight but in the interim if you have not been in touch with me over the last three weeks or so or made a payment to the specified bank account please get in touch urgently or you will miss out.










  5. ernie lynch on

    BIG JIMMY on 2ND MAY 2017 6:02 PM




    An independent Scotland would be running a 10% budget deficit.




    Just bear that in mind when you are imagining what kind of welfare system would emerge from any review by the SNP.

  6. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    natknow – hahahaha v. funny!


    you may leave, please go, go far and wide and as for you lafferty…………..





  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Art of War, very apt.



    Miller is still in orbit and will get his dinner in the space station tonight

  8. Stairheedrammy on

    Here’s a statement that could easily have emerged from FF in response to the pitch invader at the weekend.



    It was clearly Browns fault. He gave us the vicky, shouted Cmon then, and then pulled his willie out and slapped it across a small picture of her majesty that he pulled from his shorts. Our brother Klan member was just probably hard of hearing and was walking towards Brown to ask if he needed help when that East Coast Tim joined in, singing the Soldiers Song, wearing a crucifix and dressed in green. How much more provocation could we take?

  9. Stairheedrammy on

    I note Shortbread almost fully filling the news with a topical story- The words Jim Torbet, Celtic Boys Club and Abuse repeated over and over. There is no place for abusers in any civilised society, but its also not a subject to use for your own benefit. CynicalCSC.

  10. O.G.Rafferty on

    Where to start…




    A Rangers fan who invaded the pitch and confronted Celtic skipper Scott Brown during Sunday’s Old Firm clash at Ibrox has pleaded guilty.


    David McLellan appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court and Glasgow Live report that the 23-year-old admitted engaging in behaviour likely to incite public disorder by entering the field of play and running towards a player in an aggressive manner.


    The court was told that the incident happened at around 12.06pm after Scott Sinclair had scored a penalty for Celtic.


    As the players celebrated the goal McLellan, from Irvine, ran onto the field to confront Scott Brown and Procurator Fiscal Depute Ruth Ross-Davies described his approach as “aggressive and intimidating” before he was arrested after being held back by other players.


    Speaking in court McLellan said: “I am appalled at myself, I shouldn’t have done it.”


    McLellan’s defence lawyer described him as a “prolific offender” but said he had stayed out of trouble since becoming a father.


    The 23-year-old was released from custody for a previous offence on April 28, 2016.


    He was released on bail to reappear at the end of the month.

  11. the Hun pled Guilty , and was released on bail, and is to reappear at a later date. ( from Daily Rectum tomorrow)






    As the players celebrated the goal David McLellan, from Irvine, ran onto the field to confront Scott Brown and Procurator Fiscal Depute Ruth Ross-Davies described his approach as “aggressive and intimidating” before he was arrested after being held back by other players.



    Speaking in court McLellan said: “I am appalled at myself, I shouldn’t have done it.”

  12. ernie lynch on

    O.G.RAFFERTY on 2ND MAY 2017 6:53 PM


    ‘Where to start…’






    Well I think the first question has to be, ‘Why was the Procurator Fiscal Depute on the pitch?’






    ‘As the players celebrated the goal McLellan, from Irvine, ran onto the field to confront Scott Brown and Procurator Fiscal Depute Ruth Ross-Davies’

  13. ART OF WAR on 2ND MAY 2017 6:12 PM


    Hearing that surfboarder is to personally thank Kenny Miller for giving his position to the coastguard! :-)



    Utterly Superb ….I Like it …LOTS !







    How about this one…………………..” Kenny….gonny have a look at my Ariel when your up there ?

  14. Thanks to those of you who offered prayers and condolences for Perth’s Mr Celtic Jimmy Carroll whose funeral took place today, much appreciated. HH

  15. Wonder what happened to the Racist in Court……see Huns like him , I would make it a Jury Case….with the Jury made up of non whites…..lets see how feckin racist he is then ?




  16. Wait a minute…just a thought….would a Jury of non whites be deemed as racist by the “Peepil” ?







  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A journalist on Shortbread talking up BR and Celtic………his name?….Keit….aye right.Oliver Kay Chief Football Writer for The Times, Jingle Jangle was very quiet, only piped up with clubs he would go to down south.

  18. Bateen Bhoy on

    A seating plan for Dinner in Lisbon ?


    I usually eat my Red Pudding and chips propped up in a doorway somewhere.

  19. Where are all the investigative journalists in this country, when, what can losely be descibed as the collapse of a company with some £800m owing to a bank that needed bailing out by the taxpayer is completely ignored and the main players in this are allowed to continue unquestioned for their role in this.

  20. Margaret McGill on

    I dont think depraved indifference is against the law in Scotland. Is it?

  21. The Other Wan



    A Rangers fan has admitted making racial gestures at the weekend’s Old Firm clash.


    Paul Kenny appeared from custody at Glasgow Sheriff Court where he admitted the offence contrary to the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.


    The 28-year-old, from Girvan, South Ayrshire, made the gestures at Ibrox Stadium on 29 April after Celtic player Scott Sinclair scored a penalty early in the game.


    Celtic won the match 5-1.


    Kenny admitted engaging in behaviour that would be likely to incite public disorder by shouting and making “racial gestures”.


    He was granted bail with the condition that he cannot go to any regulated football games.


    Penalty celebration


    No narrative of facts was read out in the court and it was continued until a later date for background reports.


    Sinclair, a Celtic forward, said the abuse he suffered at Ibrox in the weekend win over Rangers was “very shocking” and the ‘first time it’s happened’ in his career in football.


    He said it all came as “a big surprise” and that racism “shouldn’t be around” in the game.


    Fellow Rangers supporter David McLellan also admitted an offence under the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.


    The 23-year-old from Irvine, Ayrshire, ran on to the field, behaved in an aggressive manner and confronted Celtic player Scott Brown.


    Procurator fiscal depute Ruth Ross-Davie said that six minutes into the game at the Rangers home end Celtic were awarded a penalty.


    She said: “They scored the penalty, players started celebrating.


    “Players were running around the home support end at which point Mr McLellan ran on to the pitch towards the Celtic player Scott Brown and confronted him on the pitch.


    “His approach was aggressive and intimidating. He was held back by other players on the pitch and the referee before making his way back to the track side where he was stopped by stewards.”


    Court apology


    Defence lawyer Emma Skett described his actions as the “most idiotic of behaviour”.


    She added: “He immediately realised what he had done and stupidity of what he had done.”


    From the dock, McLellan told the court he was sorry, adding: “As soon as I done it I realised I shouldn’t have done it.”


    Sentence was also deferred for reports and bail granted with the same football condition as Kenny.


    A third Rangers fan, Steven Morrison, from Pollok, admitted singing sectarian lyrics of a song at the match.


    He too will be sentenced at a later date and was granted bail with the same conditions not to go to any regulated football matches.

  22. voguepunter on

    !!BADA BING!! on 2ND MAY 2017 1:08 PM


    BSR- the linesman bottled it, you seen Beaton saying ‘Bobby..’ after the glaikit look from the clown with the flag




    Bada……Beaton said it was a foul ,it was fourth official who confirmed penalty.

  23. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Due to good fortune I will be in the oul country for the Scottish cup final for my sisters birthday


    We’re going back to moville,Donegal.


    We’re staying in Derry for the weekend but the focus will be moville where we “summered “. Listen tae me, back in the sixties


    I know we’ll be safe in moville but if we decide to watch the game in the big smoke,where should we watch


    We went to Derry for the Halloween celebrations a couple of years back and we’re in pubs in the area between the city walls and the foyle. Are we safe enough there?

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VP- correct,Beaton asked Madden after linesman bottled it, hope you are well old bhoy :)

  25. glendalystonsils on




    2 out of 2 arrests for racism, 0 out of 30,000 arrests for sectarianism? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.