We had a plan, we had Fergus, we had McStay, Collins, Boyd, they have 10 goal Miller


My brother made the point to me on Saturday, even during our mid-table era in the 90s, we had players like McStay, Collins and Boyd, who would get into any team in the country. We usually had a striker who could boast a better return than 10 goals in all competitions by this stage of the season (the mark Newco’s PotY Kenny Miller has reached), and the Celtic manager would send his team onto the field with some battle in their bellies.

What’s more, Celtic fans had a plan. We had Fergus, he had money, or at least access to money, and the inch of personality he possessed was enough to convince 10,000 to buy shares and put us on the way to several dozen in a row.  Some of us also knew David Murray’s speculate to accumulate strategy would inevitably crash.  So despite the dark decade between Big Billy and Wim the Tim, the forward path was clear.

The Great Anniversary

We are now in May and three weeks away from the Great Anniversary.  Hundreds will travel to Lisbon, thousands will gather at The Hydro.  Television documentaries will air and we will all drink-in the experience.  I truly believe that without Jock Stein and the Lisbon Lions catapulting Celtic from four decades of mediocrity to international fame, very little of what we have achieved since would be possible.  Our modern club was built on their shoulders.

Stein and the Lions stood on the land worked on by volunteers, who 70-odd years earlier leveled ground to create a football field, so that funds could be raised to feed the city’s poorest children.  Without that unique creation story, the Lions would never have happened.

Two weeks ago I decided I would run the Stirling Marathon on 21st of this month, in aid of the Celtic Foundation.  I’ve done ‘the half’ twice before but never gone beyond that.  I suspect the decision was part midlife crisis (story for another day), but I needed to mark one of the biggest influences in all our lives with a  significant act.  This is it.  It will put me in touch with why I’m a Celtic supporter, why I started this blog and mark a turn in my life.

Use this Great Anniversary to get in touch with lots of things we take for granted.  We will never have another opportunity like it.  And if you can’t run a marathon, you can support the Foundation at the page I’ve setup for this purpose, as well as putting some bounce in my shoes on the day.

Thank you.


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  1. thetimreaper on

    The two rockets have pled guilty in a desperate attempt to avoid jail time. Throw the book at them, 12 months in the clink each.

  2. voguepunter on




    I’m good mhate…wee bit worried …not drinking enough :O) hh

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VP- i took a few EK Bhoys to the Vogue on Saturday, a great day was had by all.HH

  4. Ron Bacardi on

    Brendan has taken the baton from Ronnie Delia, who took the baton from Lennie, and with millions from the board NOW will carry the baton forward for many years before passing the baton on to someone steeped in our culture like an ex player with football brain.

  5. Delaneys Dunky on

    Looks like the brain deid invader has a bit of ‘previous’ and was released from custody 12 months ago. Don’t fancy his chances.

  6. Agent Green on

    Frosty atmosphere in the AG household tonight.



    She’s only went and deleted Saturday’s latest horsing of the huns from the ole SKY planner.



    I threw a hissy fit to which her response was… “gies peace. You watched it live, then again on Sunday night! I could hear ye singing and laughing from my bed”.



    Consideringmyoptions CSC.

  7. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    anybody on ff – wondering if there’s any sign of the penny dropping properly

  8. Bateen Bhoy on

    Agent Green,


    If you go to ‘Planner’ and then select ‘deleted’ tab, you should be able to retrieve the deleted programme – Mrs Green may have totally deleted it of course, but you are given warnings before you delte the delted.


    Good Luck !

  9. Bateen Bhoy on

    Real Madrid 1-0 up on Atletico, courtesy of a Ronaldo header from 6 yards, if anyone is interested.


    Real bossing the game and could have had 2 or 3 inside opening 28 minutes.

  10. Agent Green on

    Batten Bhoy, cyber pint to you! Great shout.



    Mrs AG is not sharing my joy.



    Scuttled upstairs muttering some words I didn’t know she knew!



    To the fridge!




  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    OK Folks as we enter the month of May when Celtic will celebrate the 50th anniversary of winning Europe’s greatest football prize, something that should be considered as the greatest day in Scottish Football History, here is what some over at the Evening Shark Jump want you to read:



    Are you ready for this?



    Here you go!



    Chris Jack‏ @Chris_Jack89



    See Wednesday’s @TheEveningTimes for part 1 of our 20th anniversary tribute to Rangers winning nine-in-a-row with Drinkell, Steven & Hateley



    Don’t faint, don’t fall about laughing and close your mouth and stop staring at this post!!!

  12. bankiebhoy1 on



    No furore in the meeja about the missile throwers and the pitch invading marauding currant….?”



    ……….and to think of the sheer volume of hot air generated by the brain-dead ‘effigies’ eh,!



    oneScoddland oneKulchur.

  13. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Agent Green, you can get the game back by going into the deleted programme page and restoring it. Best of luck.





  14. fairhill bhoy on

    JIM PAYNE-3:13pm -‘the main reason was that we were good ‘!A simple but never a truer word said,Jimbo 67:-))

  15. Glasgow Sheriff Court dispatches:



    Hun monkey pitch invader shows remorse at his hearing:



    From the dock, McLellan told the court he was sorry, adding:



    “As soon as I done it I realised I shouldn’t have done it.”




    The presiding Sheriff deferred setencing for background reports but warned:



    ‘In addition to custodial sentencing for your inbred, scrofulous antics I shall be considering a further concurrent sentence for absolutely frightening grammatical homicide of the English language, you unspeakable Hun ned.’

  16. Agent Green on

    Cheers ACGR…. day is saved…. dunno about the marriage though!.



    Happy daze.

  17. thetimreaper on




    Chris Jack still lives with his mother. He’s a silly wee boy in a cheap suit, ‘living the dream’. No tims read that rag anyway.

  18. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Received my Copy of “In The Heat Of Lisbon” book & Jock Stein T-Shirt in the post today. Great!



    Hail Hail

  19. Christiano Ronaldo has now dyed his hair to emulate the look of his hero, Scotty Sinclair.

  20. Greenpinata on

    My friends in Celtic,



    I realise that I am probably in a minority or one., however I believe there is good and bad amongst all.


    I take no joy in our support advocating the use of the OB act.



    The Huns that broke the law deserve to be taken to task, but let’s be wary what we advocate.



    Hail hail to all.

  21. Delaneys Dunky on

    Is the hun pitch invader taking the rap for his faither?


    No way was the guy on that pitch 23. :)

  22. thetimreaper on

    Game now descending into farce, both teams more interesting in getting their opponents booked than trying to score a goal.

  23. Bateen Bhoy on

    Real get a 2nd through Ronaldo, with a Thumping Dembele-like finish from just inside the 18 yard box.


    Decent finisher, that boy.

  24. I’ve no doubt Ronaldo spent his Monday off yesterday in his back garden with his Hoops on pretending to ‘pump ze Huns’.

  25. Bateen Bhoy on

    3-0 Real


    Hat-trick for Ronaldo.


    He really does think he’s big Moussa now