We hired a builder


When looking for a new manager, Celtic usually try to fix the biggest shortcoming the previous guy had.  In May 2019, Neil Lennon’s biggest asset was his “eye for a player”.  There were other attributes. he twice got Celtic into the Champions League group stage where he delivered some of the most memorable nights in our European history, but Celtic’s decline started with his predecessor’s inability to sign quality players after the arrival of Scott Sinclair.

When it fall apart last season, Neil seemed unable to imagine how to organise a squad that was performing significantly below the sum of its individual parts.  Apparently simple tasks, like how to organise at defensive set pieces.  The answer to that particular question was Eddie Howe.

Howe took a team of lowly £17m misfits and marshalled them into a very solid unit.  He also had other attributes, but that ability to defend a corner kick was very convincing.

I spoke to Peter Lawwell soon after Brendan Rodgers left and again after Neil Lennon’s departure.  Neither Neil nor Eddie fitted the bill he was initially looking at.  On this occasion, Ange Postecoglou fits perfectly.  Technically proficient, capable of withstanding the intensity of our game, with an ability to make us a far better team three years out than we were when he took over.

It’s that last attribute we recruited yesterday.  Neil and Brendan both left teams that were poorer than two years previous.  We hired a builder.

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  1. Paul67


    Sorry but the article doesn’t match the reality – strengthening teams is a collective endeavour

  2. POR CIERTO on 11TH JUNE 2021 11:54 AM


    But, who are “The Brickies” apprentices? :)) por cierto



    Perhaps labourers, por cierto

  3. Builders need the materials and tools. Building takes time.



    After the way our shameful Board have treated the fans with such contempt, I’d be very doubtful if there is any good will left among supporters to be prepared to wait.



    Could be wrong.



    I’ve avoided any future disappointment (this appointment may lead to) by expecting absolutely nothing.



    £833 poorly spent by me, I feel.

  4. ‘Neither Neil nor Eddie fitted the bill he was initially looking at. On this occasion, Ange Postecoglou fits perfectly.’







    Well that’s fair cheered me up.

  5. quadrophenian on

    How’s this for Ange’s passion?



    “I wanna wake up tomorrow morning and the papers are not talking about the next AFL player who fuc&in’ farted or fuc&in’ NRL player who did something stupid, or some fuc&in’ rugby union thing.


    I want them talking about our fuc&in’ game. I want them talking about us.”



    Ange Postecoglou Team Talk




  6. Ange has the know how and the stature with players – but he needs players. Right now we don’t have the structure in place to support him and that is crucial.



    Recruitment strategy has to be rigorous and we need to ID players ands sign with conviction. This is THEE major gap with Celtic right now.



    Way to go GB ?(??) – A board who delivered 9 IAR and a quad treble are not fit for purpose? I’d argue the GB did their part in ruining the energy of the team last season with their childish entitled demonstrations and banners. Hijacking/ruining Scott Brown tribute with Palestinian political propaganda.



    Celtic as a collective had an awful season – not helped by COVID, Injuries and poor management decisions on the playing staff. The strategy didnt work and we got unlucky with covid affecting the momentum off the team. LET IT GO and grow up



    They tried to bring in EH and must have been given assurances – It didn’t work out, these things happen and maybe its for the better with Ange.



    A banner welcoming Ange and Dom and encouraging investment in the team is a much more powerful message at this stage in the rebuild.



    GB is not Celtic – they are a minority but a wrench to the great name of the celtic support.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Fair enough Pablo but ….



    ….. can this builder pour the foundations quickly?



    If so, happy to wait a couple of years for the finished house Kevin McCloud turns up to inspect.

  8. Right, when do the player transfer rumours get into full swing? We always expected Nike Fridays which never materialised but can we get Adidas Thursday rumours going? It will be a refreshing change.



    Or do we set our sights on the DoF job first?



    Seriously, who should we be after in key positions?



    Defence is the obvious priority. But it is looking like we will be seriously light up front before the season starts.

  9. ANGE…” The Builder” ?



    Heres hoping Ange will CEMENT his place in Scottish Fitba AND European Fitba while at Celtic, for all the RIGHT reasons ?


    See what I did there ?





  10. Delaneys Dunky on

    Recruitment is crucial.


    We need a completely new team.


    Get recruitment of players correct, and Ange will smash it in Scotland.


    This guy Ange Postecoglou is the real deal. 🍀💚

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    No harm, Paul, but given the experience of the past two seasons I think we can consign Lenny’s “eye for a player” to the same file as “the election was stolen”, “it’s just like the flu” and “we’ll be home by Christmas”.



    We appointed average people to the key roles at the club and got mediocre results. That’s pretty much it.



    We’ll just need to wait and see if they’ve changed their catastrophic run of appointments with the Athenian Fenian and his support staff.

  12. The revisionism in that piece is breath-taking.



    Rodgers’ “inability” to sign quality after Sinclair was down to a certain other person more than it was Rodgers just not being able to spot talent. In the summer before he left he’d identified John McGinn, Timothy Castagne and Fabian Scharr. God knows whole else.



    It wasn’t Rodgers who screwed up the negotiations. It was the authors mate.



    And Lennon’s ability to spot a player? You want a list of the dreck Lennon has signed? It’ll be long.



    We don’t know if Postecoglou will be able to withstand the pressures here. He’s never worked under this kind of pressure before so that’s a ridiculous comment.



    And a three year plan? We’ll see. We’ll see if he gets through the first campaign before we talk about what kind of legacy he leaves behind. The Friends of The Man can promote this guy as a miracle worker as much as they want, but he’s going to need serious backing with serious money or this is going to go down, to paraphrase John Sullivan, “like a one legged man doing the hokey-cokey.”

  13. TONY ROME…


    I hope that you read the last Thread and my Posts about todays Beer Fest in my Local Pub being POSTPONED..For now.


    I am a bit unwell and one or two other Bhoys couldnt make it.


    Hopefully, it can be rearranged for Two/Three weeks time or so ?



    HH Mate.

  14. THE BATTERED BUNNET on 11TH JUNE 2021 12:17 PM




    I agree 100% mate.


    MON the ITALIANS……I know they play in Blue….but its a nice shade of Blue…….



  15. ADI_DASSLER NOT FOR 2ND BEST on 11TH JUNE 2021 12:21 PM


    Big Jimmy









    I see yer mate D66 flounced the steamboats session. He must be barred from any future ones now surely :)




    NOT at all….DAVID66 was/is the Guest of Honour….it wouldnt be the same without the Big Yin. He’s a nice man.



  16. I am a big fan of the GB sometimes over the top,but their never flinching support for the team in the stadium is a joy to behold,and hear.That said,I would have thought a Welcome Ange Banner would have been a lot more suitable at this time.Just feeding into the SMSMs agenda.Made their point about the Board.Time to get behind the new Boss and team.


    Same could be said about a few on here.I see Lynch is still persisting with the sleekit wind up comment.A total cu-t.

  17. Garngad to Croy on

    From the little I have seen of Ange’s teams on Youtube they don’t set out to defend, his ethos seems to be much the same as the late great Tommy Burns, you score 3 we will try to score 4. It should be exciting to watch but I don’t expect many clean sheets (or underpants).

  18. Delaneys Dunky on

    Big Jimmy


    Cheers my friend.


    Looking forward to joining you and that scallywag childhood friend of mine, DavieBhoy 66 for a few ales soon.


    Peace and Love fae Sunny Dalmuir.


    Saor Alba


    Forza Polska 💪🇵🇱

  19. Welcome to our new manager . What would I like to see from him . A touch of Martin O’Neil To get us playing Celtic football , to stop buying wee soft players , Get steel Into the team , get rid of those who aren’t good enough to wear the hoops , and those who don’t want to be here . And don’t stand for interference on team matters from anyone within the club who think they know better . Also to inform the main people the fans of what’s happening before the jacksons ,Keevin’s etc people who hate our club . That would be a good start . Good luck HH

  20. It will be all the more impressive if Ange builds a stronger team year on year when he’ll have at least one top player sold every year to keep the balance sheet healthy.




    🍀 Watch Celtic TV’s exclusive first interview with new Celtic manager, Ange Postecoglou and incoming Chief Executive, Dom McKay, as he welcomes Ange to Celtic. #WelcomeAnge🤝#OneClubSince1888






    Easy to identify players.Getting them to come,different thing entirely,Mc Ginn chose Villa.Castagne,Schaer, not interested in coming to the SPL,and stated the fact.If I was manager of Celtic,I would want Kane,Grealish,De Bruyne,and Bruno Fernandez.Fantasising gets you nowhere.

  23. James Forrest on 11th June 2021 12:18 pm





    I could be wrong, but did Celtic not offer £8 million for Castagne only for Atalanta to demand £12 million?




  24. DD – Good to read you on mate.



    We can try and get big Drew1967 to a swally as well, I heard he is minted, working in the yards now.



    D :)

  25. STEBHOY on 11TH JUNE 2021 12:08 PM





    GB is not Celtic – they are a minority but a wrench to the great name of the celtic support.




    100% correct in the above and all you say. The GB & other factions aren’t even 1% of the great Celtic support.



    They are a politically motivated bunch of mischief-makers.



    They appear to think that they are important because of their ‘chanting’ during games- they’re not – they are ‘chanty-wrasslers’ who embarrass the club and the support on a regular basis.

  26. Ange is a builder, yes.



    But, have you seen the price of cement these days?



    And what about planning permission?



    And that Clerk of Works is a hun with the building regulations.



    And the Trade Unionists are just Unionists with a trade.



    The (Cash) Generator has broken down and there’s nothing in the pipeline.



    There’s so much BS we are shovelling it away.



    So take your Pick and Hod Your Wheest, the Scaffolding’s rigged by the SFA and the roof leaks.



    We have plumbed the depths and the electricity is creating a strange buzz around the place.




    Can we fix it?



    OOOH it’s gonna cost ye

  27. Paul writes:



    When it fall apart last season, Neil seemed unable to imagine how to organise a squad that was performing significantly below the sum of its individual parts.



    To perform at a level greater than individual parts is called synergy. It seems to me that has been the story of Ange’s time in management. It is also, apart from our surrender, why the Ibrox mob won the title.



    #Synergetic Ange

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