We hurt Newco players, Sunday will not be an exhibition


I know a few who were indifferent about winning the league at Easter Road on Sunday with the prospect of winning it against Newco this weekend, but it is not how Brendan Rodgers views things.

It doesn’t matter how you regard Newco in a historical context, these games bring an inherent pressure for Celtic to win (and Newco to at least lose while competing) that it would suit the manager to have already won the league before crossing swords with Graeme Murty for the third time in seven weeks.

We should also remember, this is not a Harlem Globetrotters game, where an exhibition of slick entertainment will take place with the result predetermined.  We hurt Newco’s players.  They have been professionally embarrassed in a very public manner, something which could inhibit their career opportunities – and let’s be clear, many of them will want to move on from Murray Park this summer.

We have to anticipate that they will play better at Celtic Park than they did at Hampden.  At the very least, someone inside the away dressing room is likely to say “Lads, can you keep an eye on the big Australian guy?”  They have learned several of our stock plays in recent weeks and they have learned what does not work against them.  This fact alone will make them better prepared.  Napoleon warned his generals not to fight the same opponent too many times, as they will learn all you moves.  He had a point.

Scott Brown quite rightly called the prospect of winning the league on Sunday the “sweetest” way, but this is not what you want to hear from players prior to a game.  As the captain himself noted after our Scottish Cup semi-final win, do you talking on the park.  Opponents use words like this to create a common purpose, especially when they are struggling to find any commonality naturally.

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  1. lets all do the huddle ? on

    I know a few who were indifferent about winning the league at Easter Road on Sunday





    P67 was so indifferent he didnt even know what day it was on



    Lazy journalism!!!

  2. Who’d win a fight between New Balance and Hummin…





    Bring back Woolies Sanies and replicas fae The Barras…





  3. 50 shades of green on 24th April 2018 12:13 pm


    Was 79 the last time we won the league against them????..



    Yes. “Ten Men Won The League……”

  4. Sunday isn’t about how they play surely, it’s how we play. We are a far better side , we know it, they know it, so, all we need to do is focus, work and keep 11 men on the park. After all, we want to win the league on Sunday. The bonus of beating them is obvious.




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  6. “ Napoleon warned his generals not to fight the same opponent too many times, as they will learn all you moves. He had a point.”



    So, don’t make the same moves. There’s plenty of depth in the squad to make changes that would throw ‘thems’ off balance. Roberts could start. There’s Musonda. Or, two up front, Moussa and Odsonne is a scary prospect. A fit Stuart Armstrong.



    Personally, I can’t wait for Sunday.

  7. Let’s, just wear that shirt with pride, passion, heart and commitment and we should be ok.



    I will take a scrappy win against THEM in this game, although I would prefer to pummel the Hummel.



    D. :)

  8. Imo, 3 of the reasons we haven’t played as we did last season are Stuart Armstrong, Patrick Roberts and Scott Sinclair. 2 of them have been injured for a fair proportion of this season and the other hasn’t been firing on all cylinders. I would let SA and PR especially loose on the deid team on Sunday, if fit.

  9. 50 shades of green on

    If Moussa is fit I would like to see Paddy on the left wing and Jamsie on the right, cut backs and crosses,Moussas movement when we are attacking their box would cause them problems imho.




    Gary 67 … Cheers mate. I thought it was but wasn’t positive. Funny thing is on Sunday I will probably be round about the same spot as 79 bit albeit about half a mile higher up. ????




    Ry Cooder, what a guy, great.


    He’s done so much backing in film scores too , which are brilliant.


    Check out Southern Comfort, good film with Cooder tracks




  11. The Token Tim on

    As far as I am concerned, Broony has it spot on. Twice!


    It will be the “sweetest” way to win the league and; if we turn up, we win. It is that simple.



    So let’s turn up Broony and the Bhoys, and give us a League Winning game that we will remember with glee forever!!






  12. bhoy on clyde last night.



    we have roughly same goals against but 41 less scored, this is our problem this year.



    Followed everything he`s done from his first album.


    With the great Ali Farka Toure.




    Written by Ali Farka Toure in Bambara (a Mande language). Liner note: “No one can deny the things that make them happy. No one can mistake the things that make them happy. Like a dog with a bone, a cat with fresh milk, and a young man and woman.”

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    TIMHORTON on 24TH APRIL 2018 1:07 PM


    bhoy on clyde last night.







    we have roughly same goals against but 41 less scored, this is our problem this year.





    When we played large chunks of the season minus Rogic, Armstrong, Roberts, Griffiths and Dembélé, it’s not hard to see the reason.



    M6BHOY on 24TH APRIL 2018 10:09 AM



    Given that we produce fairly detailed annual accounts which are actually audited, it’s prity easy to make accurate assumptions about revenue streams such as merchandising.




    The accounts are not detailed enough to identify how much the club receives as an up front annual payment from New Balance so it’s not easy to make an accurate assumption. Also, you assume the figure would be included in the merchandising revenue stream. Merchandising is about the products and services the clubs sells directly from its own outlets. Income generated through contractual deals with partners such as new Balance are more likely to be included in the Other Multimedia and other Commercial Activities revenue stream. Either way, neither of these revenue streams breaks down how much the club generates from the New Balance contract so still none the wiser. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

  16. Good afternoon, friends.



    Sorry to go off topic but the answers from here are always more reliable than Google! My Bhoy is off to a Stag do in Liverpool this weekend and the group are looking for some sort of pub crawl idea, having been let down by their organiser. Happy for any suggestions, posted on here or sent to me at jobobaldie@yahoo.co.uk which I can then happily pass on.

  17. Jobo Baldie on 24th April 2018 1:32 pm



    Bit off topic also Jobo but I remember at uni a stag doo began in the pub I was visiting and they didn’t know the area one student offered to take them on tour for a pint in each pub. The pub I was in hada lounge snug and bar with two entrances , he brought them in twice through both doors never annoyed them as we all had a laugh and enjoyed the craic. As long as they stay together they’ll have fun




  18. MIKE IN TORONTO on 24TH APRIL 2018 12:36 AM



    TAL … I thought you were up near there, as is Torontony, so I am pleased to hear you are ok. Hope TT is okay as well.



    *a bit disappopinted but have tae admit no shocked, I did spend a bit of time at Torornto Pearson International Airport after 9/11 in the safety/security area so was aware what was out there.



    This time last week were were getting ready to head out for the Toronto Western, a wee bit away fae North York as you are aware but I still have a bit of trepidation heading down there, mibbees its the inborn Celtic paranoia in me.



    I was sitting in the family room reading when Mrs TT told me, first thing both of us said was it was only a matter of time, it’s the world we live in now. Of course you also think terrorism right away, many years ago I lived in North York and again as you know the North York Centre is one of Toronto’s major corporate areas with many office buildings and businesses.



    It also has one of the world’s largest urban Jewish communities, with a significant population of Holocaust survivors so I’m thinking either a nutty white power eejit or one of the many Middle East groups that have arrived here in the past 20 year or so. BTW the London Subway bombers allegedly were linked to the Toronto 18 plot to bomb high-profile targets in the city’s downtown, hopefully not so and just a lone wolf.

  19. Ie Paddy Roberts, Armstrong,Dembele, Gamboa,Rogic, Sinclair, Will be at other Clubs,next season,hope Ralston, Johnson,Aitichison,Miller,will get more first team football,too

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Jobo – Lark Lane?



    Lots of pubs/ restaurants, all a bit hipster.



    Not sure if they can provide the lassies that do the trick with the ole ping pong balls.

  21. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    There’s also the famous Philharmonic , round the corner from the cathedral(s)



    The lavvies are listed, but still a bit smelly.

  22. South Of Tunis on




    Been a while -but -affairs of the heart saw me visiting Liverpool a lot .



    The woman lived in Catherine St ; Liverpool 8 -we did the boozers in the Georgian part of town –


    The Dispensary


    Ye Cracke


    The Pilgrim


    The Grapes


    The Belvedere


    The Swan ( with a mighty fine jukebox ) .



    Might all still be there and hopefully not gentrified .

  23. What is the Stars on



    Liverpool pubs ?


    Best suggestion is ..get taxi to airport/ferry and get plane/boat to Dublin

  24. GARY67 on 24TH APRIL 2018 9:37 AM



    New Balance deal is larger than last Nike deal (£30m v £25m over 5 years). New Balance is a huge brand in Asia and the US and is growing again in Europe. In the last year I’ve been in New Balance shops in Lisbon, Madrid and Milan, all of them had the latest Celtic tops for sale (along with Liverpool, Porto and Seville).



    *absolutely, I travel a bit down in the States and NB are huge, I was led tae believe that the reason Nike wanted out is that they were concentrating on individuals rather than teams. Right now their UK sponsorship is limted to:



    Coventry, Chelsea, Leyton Orient, Man City, Peterborough, Preston NE, Spurs, Southend, Brighton, Northampton, Brora, Arabs, Kllie, Montrose and Morton. Should be a few there moving on when their deal expires.

  25. South Of Tunis on




    The Philharmonic on Hope St was a fine boozer. . I don’t know if it still is



    Within staggering distance of the great Eric’s Club . Opened by Roger Eagle who spun choons at The Twisted Wheel.

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