We knew KT bids were coming


We have known bids would arrive for Kieran Tierney since shortly after he made his Celtic debut.  There have been inquiries as to his availability for more than two years (all discouraged).  Everton were interested a year ago, but they were chased, and did not take the matter as far as a bid.

Celtic are certainly in no hurry to see the player go.  He has four years left on his contract and he will only appreciate in value over the next two seasons.  From what I hear, Kieran has shown no indication of wanting to leave.  This can change when contracts worth four or five times current earnings are offered, but Kieran is not going to pull a Moussa Dembele-type stunt.

Top players eventually play in the top leagues for six-figure-per-week wages and Kieran is a top player.  He is not going to remain at Celtic throughout his career.  When he goes, the fee will be important.  Dembele increased our top fee by almost 50%.  That £20m raised the value of all other Celtic players.  A big inhibitor to Celtic has been our inability to attract bids that Benfica and Ajax receive for their players.  If we cannot narrow that gap with Kieran, we never will.

There are plenty of targets he could stay to help deliver over the next two seasons, but right now, the club’s overwhelming target is to qualify for the Champions League.  All other considerations, for club and player, have to be secondary.

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  1. ………….and we’re back.



    “You’re Linux kernel is screwed” apparently.



    Apologies for the downtime.

  2. Start the KT bidding at £30 mil.



    Oh and has David UTurnbull signed yet???



    D. :)

  3. my god my wee hoose is spotless, the things ye dae when CQNs doon …….cheers paul :)


    alwayslookonthebrightsideoflife CSC

  4. From what I hear, Tierney has indicated that he will be a go(o)ner by August. and why shouldn’t he? The ‘double hernia’ ? concern will only highlight to him just how close he is to doing ‘a Kennedy’, and he’s only an honest mistake away from having to retire at 22.


    If he can get a £25M contract in London, in a League refereed by professional unbiased officials whose job is to protect him from injury & assault, then good on him. But just like Paul67, Lawwell sees KT as a commodity to be traded, and our inability to qualify for the Champions league will need to be paid for somehow, won’t it?

  5. James Forrest



    From previous blog. I was pulling your chain man, hence the ???’s



    Calm down. You know I enjoy your posts and company even if you are a reactionary sensationalist! Try saying that with a few beers in you….



    As far as advertising and marketing go… I’m with Bill Hicks ✅



    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tHEOGrkhDp0 (Swear word alert on link)



    If I offended you then I apologise.



    Hail Hail my Celtic friend




  6. Re TIMALOY29 on 24TH JUNE 2019 5:15pm



    Are we to believe the ‘Robertson gives advice’ stories when he’s recommending young Turnbull signs for us, but to disbelieve them when he’s encouraging KT to move down south?

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    KT and Callum have been great players for us and been at the Club since they were kids,can’t deny them the chance to make 60/70 k a week, not chancers for a season like di Canio,i think KT will go south on a 4 year deal, then come back on a Bosman



    Re TIMALOY29 on 24TH JUNE 2019 5:15pm



    Are we to believe the ‘Robertson gives advice’ stories when he’s recommending young Turnbull signs for us, but to disbelieve them when he’s encouraging KT to move down south?





    I know. Its just a flat out lie.



    McGarry of course is a failed agent who makes his living chatting about the industry on “5 live” and his podcast.



    Football transfers are horoscopes for men. 99% of it is made up.

  9. That boy billy halliday or whatever his name isn’t a hate figure to Celtic fans



    He’s a joke figure

  10. WDH



    What paradise would that be? News to me and I always appreciate your learned input.



    While I’m on… great to see BigJoe in da House and still bobbin on a boat. Could this coincide with the gowf perchance ??



    Hope all you golfers and pubbers had a great day. Hopefully I’ll make it next year.



    Hail Hail ??

  11. whitedoghunch on



    he went to see Celtic while here


    A friend who did some stand up gave me photo of him at CP


    no idea where it is now

  12. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 24TH JUNE 2019 5:16 PM






    Very well, thank you












    I’m very well, thanks and still look forward to and enjoy your humorous posts. HH

  13. whitedoghunch on

    16 roads


    can’t see myself but I’m in there


    home washed


    Rock Garden


    Barrowlands – Pogues

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    No idea if the stories are true, but it is just possible that a release clause was put into KT’s extended contract. The 25m seems to be widely quoted.


    For me, McGregor could go straight into one of the top teams in England right now, but the way they see our game he may have to go to one of the mid-league teams for a year or two first. He’s 26 now so time is against him as they probably wouldn’t go for someone 30+. Maybe Turnbull was brought in as the “in advance” replacement?


    Players have ambitions and those might well extend beyond being a bit better than “Rangers”.

  15. Tims………..



    Can any of ye confirm if thon Blog “Football Scotland” that pops up on Newsnow Celtic is anything to do with The Rekord ?







  16. According to STV David Turnbull has not travelled with the squad to the Austrian training camp, I would have thought the medical would have been completed by now.

  17. Go tell the Spartim on

    Is the indication in the lead article the one where KT will be gone after we know what European tournament if any we’ll be in?



    I wouldn’t grudge him or calmac they’re moves I’m more concerned by who would replace them with.

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