We knew KT bids were coming


We have known bids would arrive for Kieran Tierney since shortly after he made his Celtic debut.  There have been inquiries as to his availability for more than two years (all discouraged).  Everton were interested a year ago, but they were chased, and did not take the matter as far as a bid.

Celtic are certainly in no hurry to see the player go.  He has four years left on his contract and he will only appreciate in value over the next two seasons.  From what I hear, Kieran has shown no indication of wanting to leave.  This can change when contracts worth four or five times current earnings are offered, but Kieran is not going to pull a Moussa Dembele-type stunt.

Top players eventually play in the top leagues for six-figure-per-week wages and Kieran is a top player.  He is not going to remain at Celtic throughout his career.  When he goes, the fee will be important.  Dembele increased our top fee by almost 50%.  That £20m raised the value of all other Celtic players.  A big inhibitor to Celtic has been our inability to attract bids that Benfica and Ajax receive for their players.  If we cannot narrow that gap with Kieran, we never will.

There are plenty of targets he could stay to help deliver over the next two seasons, but right now, the club’s overwhelming target is to qualify for the Champions League.  All other considerations, for club and player, have to be secondary.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Raging West Brom have blasted Neil Lennon over his treatment of £15million loan flop Oliver Burke.



    And the Championship side insisted the Scotland forward will never go anywhere near Celtic again while Lennon is boss.



    The 22-year-old was on loan at Parkhead last season from January till May but has now returned to the Baggies.



    And West Brom technical director Luke Dowling revealed they were furious at Lennon’s treatment of the player on the day West Brom unveiled Slaven Bilic as their new boss.



    Dowling said: “He won’t be going anywhere near Celtic with the current manager.

  2. BADA



    Guy who plays Cameron Meikleson on Scot Squad was a writer on Spitting Image. Must have been just out of school at the time.



    I was wearing my Tic T-shirt in Kew the Monday after the treble treble. Saw him going into a house (his own I presume!!!) around the corner.



    Told him there was no way his character would be a Hibee, he’d be a Jambo. He looked somewhat unsettled, smiled and hurried inside!



    HH jg

  3. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    bankiebhoy1 on 24th June 2019 8:49 pm



    Can any Tims please confirm that the blog ” Football Scotland” that appears on Newsnow Celtic is associated with The Rekord?












    Bankie yes they are one and the same, Daily Rainjurz, if you look at the Editor Jonathan McFarlane he’s employed by the daily liar, the reporters write for them too




  4. CHAIRBHOY on 24TH JUNE 2019 10:26 PM


    Didn’t really want to comment on the last Article. Much as I’m sure Keiran’s Grandad is a man of wisdom, I’m somewhat lost in the relevence.






    I’m guessing they telephoned John McGinn’s grandfather at the last minute desperately trying to save their bacon after making a complete mess of his transfer.

  5. quadrophenian on



    “He is a cultural hero with fans but he is not anywhere hear (sic near) our best player.”


    Not a popular view but I concur. Many fans mix up KT’s dyed-in-the-woolness with his skillset and value.


    A great athlete, tough as nails, total Tim and a useful forager. I hope he stays but okay if we cop serious dosh.


    Particularly if his fitness issues are chronic. Much as I love Celtic and enjoy KT’s passion, Robertson seems a more complete FB – largely by dint of having upped his game thanks to his EPL exposure.


    As another poster said, follow the money.HH

  6. Robertson is an (even) better attacking full back. (Especially in the season just past, where KT seemed to lose some swash from his buckle)


    KT is a significantly better defender.


    Robertson benefits from playing in a stronger league with better players.


    Robertson always enjoys the advantage of not enduring Football Association-sanctioned violence on his body every time he takes to the field.



    HH jg

  7. Wish those cheap skate Goons would fk off now.



    The club should increase the cost to £40million or nada.



    Taking liberties they are, as they say in London town themselves.



    No deal.

  8. I think KT’;s injury problems held him back quite a bit last season. Didn’t have the same zest up and down the park. Here’s hoping he’ll recover that this season, I’m pretty sure he will por cierto.

  9. Robertson or Tierney?



    Splitting hairs.



    One thing for sure though, Andy Robertson has been the best ambassador for Celtic since Rodney Stewart.



    An absolute credit



    HH. ?

  10. Every celtic players is for sale, has been the case for as long as i can remember, the last 10 years however has saw celtic sign younger players based on future potential resale.



    I have no problem with that plan so long as the money brought in is used to produce and/ or purchase the next group of young players looking to make a name for themselves.



    The better we get at producing quality players, the better our team will preform, the result of which is better reputation and better transfer fees for our players. Players are also more likely to come If we have a good reputation for development.



    it starts and ends with the spend/ investment. As a supporter it is hard going because your better players are always being sold and celtic make it easy for people to be critical because of the slow approach to business.



    If we get a £25 million fee, add ons and 10% to 15% cut of future sale for KT (so long as he preforms well) we will enhance our reputation. If we repeat enough times we will soon enjoy highter initial fees and add ons etc… The sale of kt and the likely sale of ntcham, like the sale of dembele is key to fostering a good reputation as a developer of players and also a stable club financially. The growth of the bank account allows the club to push for the best price because there is never a need to sell.



    The only way we will ever get remotely close to the euro elite is by following a plan which forces them to part with their money for.our players and BY investing in infustructure projects i.e. bigger stadium, corporate seats, parking, hotel, museum, bars, cafes superstore, holding events i.e. sport events, concerts etc… and on top of that hope that we have to hopefuply we have a great season and the elite clubs have shite season. Maybe a last 16 or 8 becomes possible.

  11. EXCLUSIVE: Derby County chairman Melvyn Morris confirms to








    have tonight contacted




    seeking permission to talk to Steven Gerrard.


    por cierto

  12. Wouldn’t be contacting them unless he or his agent has given them some encouragement por cierto

  13. Mike in Toronto on




    Gerry Dee is quite well known here



    Drop me a line if you have time to meet up


    When you are in town

  14. Fool Time Whistle on




    Thanks, I’ll do that. Be good to meet up.


    Likely to be mid July.



    Gerry Dee’s real last name is Donaghue & his Dad is Mrs FTW’s uncle and godfather.


    Gerry’s Grandad played for Celtic.




  15. JAMESGANG on 25TH JUNE 2019 12:17 AM



    16 Roads



    ‘Love’ a la SOAL!



    HH jg






    Another likeable lunatic / loveable rogue.



    Haste ye back chieftain.



    HH. ?

  16. There is not much substance to the West Brom criticism of Neil Lennon.



    Burke was dropped by Brendan in his final 2 league matches vs Killie and Well, though he had played him in both Valencia ties (he did get 20 mins from the bench against Killie)



    Neil Lennon played Burke as a starter in his first 3 games away to Hearts and Hibs and in the goalless draw at home to the Dons.



    Only then was he dropped for our away win in Dundee and our 2:1 win over Sevco.



    He got back as a starter vs St. Mirren in April, got on as a late sub in the goals home draw with Livi, was out of the squad for the semi vs Aberdeen, stayed on the bench for our draw with Hibs and our win vs Killie.



    Olly Burke scored 4 goals in 14 games for us, all of them under BR in Jan and Feb (his last was the 4th against Motherwell on the 24th February). He played 7 league games under BR and 4 under NFL, being kept on the bench for 2 and he never scored for Neil.



    Looks to me that NFL gave him. a fair chance in picking him for his first 3 games in charge but he wasn’t doing it and was dropped.



    West Brom are falling for a sob story here

  17. Fool Time Whistle on




    West Brom had him as surplus to requirements and would have been hoping that Celtic would buy him after having him on approval. The player himself falttered to deceive at Celtic & didn’t do nearly enough to convince staff or fan that he could bring something extra to our squad.



    Always felt as if he was playing within himself & had much, much more in the tank on every level of the game.



    West Brom are unahppy because they paid over the odds for a player they now don’t want.



    There’s nothing quite like a wee bit of deflection and transference of anger to someone who’s not really got a dog in the fight. This is all between Burke & West Brom.




  18. !!Bada Bing!! on 24th June 2019 10:52 pm


    Dowling said: “He won’t be going anywhere near Celtic with the current manager.




    Burke won’t be going anywhere near Celtic Park ever again unless he can skip the season ticket queue.

  19. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on 24th June 2019 7:50 pm




    I have faith in Celtic Plc that have a proven track record delivering success.


    You panty wetters have had yer ears bitten by too many manky huns that you choose to associate with.

  20. BANKIEBHOY1 on 24TH JUNE 2019 6:26 PM





    Can any of ye confirm if thon Blog “Football Scotland” that pops up on Newsnow Celtic is anything to do with The Rekord ?







    Internet is full of tiem, hun association sites inspired by gokki and delusional crayon writing.from their nooz desks.thex tend tn block when askin bout formation of club or when one points they are 7 year old.


    Hope your good





  21. Mike in Toronto 8.25



    Re Ajax comparisoo



    Hi Mike,hope your well.one thing that shows there is a dif between our club and Ajax is in the ownership of stadium



    We own ours outright and pay for the upkeepg maintenance and standards of our 60k seater ourselves



    Ajax pays a peppercorn rent.they are a tenant



    Celtic have this cost Ajax dont


    Hope yir good




  22. Good Morning… Lovely Day…



    A pal~O~mine starts his chemo in Oxford today



    A good aul’ bhoy from the Port, my thoughts and prayers are with him.



    Hail Hail




    Re cqn and sentinel celts



    I tend to introduce parliamentary jargon



    Sentinel celts is ‘the “other place”





  24. Good morning CQN from a grey skied but dry Garngad



    Chairbhoy- your friehnd will be in my thoughts today.???



    My wife has her 4th year check up for breast cancer and hopefully will be all clear again???



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  25. DAVID17 @ 11:12 PM,



    Yes, not sure how that works!?



    Hi Jack, we were working on this ruse to do Hibs out of a transfer fee regards your grandson. We wanted to screw him about for a Season and pick him up cheap. We’d appreciate it if you could get him to go along with the scam…



    HENRY JOY @ 2:17 AM,



    “I have faith in Celtic Plc that have a proven track record delivering success



    Yes, this is very true, however I got the feeling he was less interested in Celtic PLC balance sheet and was more interested on the success of Celtic Football Club.



    Ronny Deila was cheated out of a treble in the most blatant and disgraceful of honest mistakes.



    Ronny was sacked and replaced by Brendan Rodgers.



    Are we really going to keep winning trebles and making progress in Europe?



    Hail Hail

  26. Noone said it was ever gonnae be easy.



    Celtic are playing their fitba in a hostile Country (Establishments) and doing incredibly well, all things considered.



    Celtic just has to be itself.



    Win, Lose or Draw.



    When the Almighty isnae given his place, the Human race will debase.

  27. GooooooooooooooooooooooooooD morrow













  28. Chairbhoy on 25th June 2019 6:33 am




    As long as NFL keeps our feet on der huns filthy squirming throat, whilst I get paid my dividends, frankly my dear, I couldn’t give a damn.

  29. David17


    Re us getting 9m from liecester



    That was the figure Celtic advised the stock exchange they were in receipt of, a real authenticated figure.








    On transfers


    I think kt will stay


    Calmac i hope not as he makes us play but i have been worried since our ex manager left



    Sometimes i feel we dont handle the close season well lol patience




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