We know to expect silence from Crawford Allan


It is with a heavy heart I write about referees.  Don Robertson made a glaring mistake in not awarding Celtic a first half penalty against Ross County on Saturday for a remarkably obvious handball incident.  Maybe its because we won the game that I feel generous enough to accept it was a mistake.  I’m less convinced that all three referees on active duty missed the incident.  That doesn’t sound credible.

I bet Bobby Madden has some interesting thoughts on the penalty he awarded at Dens Park yesterday.  This is less easy to explain as a mistake, how can you miss seeing something that did not happen?  What Madden’s motivation was to make his decision is worthy of consideration by SFA head of refereeing, Crawford Allan.

Allan has only spoken out against his referees’ decisions when he believed they benefited Celtic.  We know to expect silence from him this week.


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  1. DREW67



    Johnny Russell plays for Sporting Kansas City. Last season, he scored 16 goals in 32 games, not a bad return.

  2. Recycling for completeness …



    Toaty Trumper @ 10.31



    You are the one who sold his bean counting soul to the City of London / Big Bang.


    You are the one who has no political history / past but complain ad infinitum.


    You are the one who howls at the moon and then complains about any other moon howler who appears to big up GG the politician.



    Consequently you are the man of mystery regarding background / opinions / outlook.


    You have issues to the point of frontier gibberish incoherence with certain posters.


    You are at the wind up — or you are stupendously ignorant — with all your TB chat.


    And now you are painting yourself green and using Guinness for aftershave.


    And nothing original regarding football — very strange



    Not good — I think you are trying too hard and you have to wonder why?


    All the BJ chat is starting to look very needy.



    Working towards getting some time off to go to a game.


    Man of a certain vintage currently snowed under with all the stuff that comes at my age.


    And over the past three and a bit weeks — leftfield is where the world is at.


    Currently a pretty tough gig but that is life in a pandemic with a big war in Europe.



    So your wish will be at my command in the near future.


    If not in April / May then definitely next season.


    By all accounts there is a CQN corner — see you there.

  3. Ludge MIB — losing the plot.



    The issue is not our game but the TFOD2.1 penalty.


    Plus BM going out of his way to return a loose ball so that TFOD2.1 could take a free kick.



    These are all happening in plain sight and need highlighting.



    Our penalty claim — on first viewing I thought it came off his chin.


    Happy to be proven wrong but if we are to make a song and dance about it then we have to get it right.

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  5. Ludge MIB @ P/head — Plus there would appear to be plenty of other examples of poor decision making.


    Or blatant cheating as it is sometimes described.

  6. Kenny Clark dines alone without VAR?



    ‘Penalty to Rainjurz’ was a music hall joke, its no joke it is a massive problem for Scottish Football this weeks Sevco award verse Dundee could have turned the the stomach of ‘the big strong man’ Are you Bobby Madden in disguise? the beard couldn’t cover his cheating and the ‘decision’ was more than a cunning stunt, it was breath taking and must have been tuped over from original Rainjurz ( RIP 2012 )



    Setting the tone for that awkward moment when red card Ross might appear, he hasn’t gone, but hopefully he’s too Tory fat for the next Bigotdome extravaganza? In the meantime wee Celtic, will need to be super, super anti Bobby immune, whilst he ring fences , Share Issue 55 FC whose faux 150th birthday just passed and even they managed to miss it.



    Wishing for a red card whilst acknowledging that a penalty wasn’t warranted in the first place could only occur in the mindset that can’t escape it’s barren zombie wastelands , shirley ? No BBC, no VAR calls this weekend, Sevco and the jaked up keeper’s ‘arsehol*s’ collected all three points. Sevco and their hammer throwers now preclude £20M Juventus bound, Kamara (mind him?). Copycat’s and even the ball boys will be super staunch stoked, when Celtic and ‘ the Japanese players ’ dare cross the Clyde. A new phenomenon awaits, absent since the Sevco inception is a title race, a short summer after we flopped on J league Ange, a bond created with old and new players , oh how he laughed at being second prize in the two horse race with Eddie Who.



    Sunshine Celtic were made to scrape by with a one in three, but still won by four, omitted by Sportscene of course was any positive talk The loveable Ange and his no known backroom staff, was already busy hiring when the shell shocked Celtic support were still hurting, happily he’s learned from inside to treat SMSM with the utter contempt they deserve, and his gib cut, was never so well compared than with the late great Jock Stein.



    Form couldn’t be better for Celts, with the international break to come and Furahashi in waiting, Celtic have an edge sharpened since the pandemic took hold, too long, a time ago. Our recruitment was swift and the manager thinks he’s poised to win, the support are hungry for missing invincibility.



    We need to excel on the old floating pitch, whilst we neuter the blatant Bobby card carrying zombie, and the callous call for more penalties by their own VAR, stick around especially if you’ve a brief and pencil in Parkhead just before the lovely month of May. Big Ange and his ball fest were six behind when the season resumed after the winter break, he’s three clear before the last episode of Neighbours or how to teach masons in after dinner speak.



    M.O.M VAR



    God Bless Celtic, and every single Celtic supporter.

  7. Mitchy


    God bless ye


    Your insecurity is feral.



    You’ll never turn up.we both know that.(big jimmy may offer a libation and a tete-a-tete at the ship beforehand:-)))



    But thats fine,you keep typing wi each letter exuding insecurity.



    and you done it twice too.



    Care,love and attention for you as a wee response.Back to Celtic with you Mitch.




  8. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    It’s a corrupt little country run by huns, for huns. Starting from the FM and her dentist-in-chief and absolutely extending to the head of referees. And Sportscene. Not even trying to hide it!

  9. Weebobbycollins on

    They cheat. We know they cheat. They know we know they cheat. They don’t care that we know that they know that we know they cheat.


    Cultural hegemony…

  10. Dundee and other provincial teams don’t see what Madden did yesterday as bias, no, they see it as the “Big 2” getting all the decisions. That’s why there’s not a weekly outcry of bias against Sevco, as they believe were “2 cheeks of the same ar*e”. We have our PLC to blame here, and some of our fans who make songs up using the name “Rangers”, which makes them look like the same team, can’t understand why they don’t use Sevco! por cierto



    “It’s a corrupt little country run by huns, for huns. Starting from the FM and her dentist-in-chief and absolutely extending to the head of referees. And Sportscene. Not even trying to hide it!”



    Is that why we won a quadruple treble? Jeez oh, they’re hopeless at it, if that’s the case! por cierto.

  12. The Ross County bodybuilder, Kayne Ramsay, should have been booked earlier in the game. That he wasn’t, gave him the licence to continue with his thuggish ways. The art of the legitimate tackle appears to have been lost to the modern game.



    Was surprised by Madden’s 42’nd minute penalty award decision, thought he would have waited until the final quarter to influence the outcome if things were not going to plan. A bit of panic there Bobby ?



    I don’t know if the ref for Ibrox has been named yet but I hope that Ange comes out with a few choice words in the run up to the match. Our manager certainly has it in his locker, mate.

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Por Cierto



    Not sure how that provides evidence contrary to the stacks we’ve seen the other way. Every opportunity to confer advantage/disadvantage is taken. That they might not always succeed doesn’t make them any less corrupt.



    “Por Cierto


    Not sure how that provides evidence contrary to the stacks we’ve seen the other way. Every opportunity to confer advantage/disadvantage is taken. That they might not always succeed doesn’t make them any less corrupt.”



    My point stands though, they’re not very good at it! por cierto.

  15. Madden giving that penalty so early really did blow things for him to add a late penalty, por cierto.

  16. Garngad to Croy on

    A remarkable turn-a-round in Celtic since Christmas, Celtic have to be able to win matches in spite of the MIB’s, Ange seems to have installed this into the team’s mentality. ‘In Ange we Trust’

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Admittedly without too much forethought



    … I reckon this was a blunder by Madden



    Suggest we (Celtic cyberspace) gets a “penalty count” out there quick



    Either all competitions refereed by SFA officials or just SPFL …



    … whatever data looks worse.



    Keep away from couldas and shouldas.



    Simply promulgate this statistically based narrative EVERYWHERE copiously over the next 2 weeks ….

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Clarification ….



    ” I reckon this was a blunder by Madden”



    Should have read



    “If Madden was trying to help his pals, I reckon timing of the intervention – the last league game before a Glasgow derby – was a blunder”

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I’m less sanguine than our host on this one.



    Stakes couldn’t be higher for Sevco



    I fully expect dark arts to be deployed broadly to secure the desired outcome.

  20. Tom McLaughlin on

    Forget about trying to educate the English about the pro-Rangers and anti-Celtic bias in Scotland. They don’t give a dog shit about what happens in Scottish football. They’ll just laugh at us, as per usual.



    Good afternoon all from Shawlands. Still a lovely Glasgow Monday.




    BRRB – Wish I was with you I’m having the Monday from Hell in work.



    D :)

  22. Unfortunately Andy Walker spotted a shirt pull on Morelos, that’s all that’s needed to put the thing to bed for many. Maybe it’s being unfair, he’s just one guy trying to make a living and we are only talking about football here, not life and death, but you wonder if people like him understand the responsibility they have to be honest and true.



    Who knows what the answer is, far more intelligent people than me can’t find one. There probably isn’t one that’ll satisfy us in the short term, it’ll likely be a longer fight.



    What’s patently clear is that publicly complaining about decisions in their favour won’t help and will be counterproductive. Ange, and the players don’t need the distraction that a public spat with no winners will bring

  23. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 21ST MARCH 2022 1:51 PM



    People in England love the “intensity” of the rivalry. It’s entertaining, they’re not interested in fairness.

  24. bigrailroadblues on

    D66, don’t worry young fella, you can look forward to buying me beer soon. 😂

  25. If Madden was trying to help his pals, I reckon timing of the intervention – the last league game before a Glasgow derby – was a blunder






    More than likely his application for the Glasgow derby. He’s strong competition from Beaton and Robertson though.

  26. Whatever the reaction is in England or anywhere else, I DO think it is important to let as many as possible become aware that Scottish football is (and has been for much of its organised existence) biased in favour of the Establishment’s team, even after the liquidation of that team.

  27. As a matter of interest, does VAR get used to check a penalty that has been given or is it only the other way around ?




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