We spoil the league


Illustrating the very high regard the business community and people of Barcelona hold Celtic fans, one of the city’s top restaurants, Cinc Sentis have donated lunch for two towards our annual charity causes.

I am assured by our resident food critic (WDH), Cinc Sentis is a fabulous dining experience.  The auction has just gone live – so get a low bid in early – and ends Sunday.  If you’re heading to Barcelona next week, or anytime thereafter, get your eBay bid in here.

Many thanks to Cinc Sentis and WDH.

Read lots yesterday about the vast majority of people in Scotland missing the ‘Old Firm’ games.  Trying hard to inoculate myself against any “bravado” I really don’t see this.  The edge we used to feel when going into the final minutes of a game needing a goal is no longer there, but I’m really not sure that edge is healthy or necessary.

More than this, I don’t know a single fan from another Premiership club who regrets the liquidation of Rangers, or feels their life is enhanced by the presence of Celtic.  Everyone is aware of the harsh reality – we spoil the league.

We do, of course, sell copy, as did the liquidated lot.

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  1. Liked this and forgot to compliment the posters at the time…


    • Given that there are no rules (no, not even bent, mishappen, even made up rules, designed to accommodate Sevco) which allow for any club (not holding company) to be demoted from the SPL to Division 3, and also there are no official statements made by the SFA or SPL or SFL that RFC were demoted from the SPL to division 3, clearly that didn’t happen.


    So, given this small but critical point, what can possibly account for Sevco FC being in the 3rd tier of Scottish football?


    There is in fact, only one explanation:


    Rangers Football Club (the club, not the holding company) are currently still in the throes of Liquidation. They still exist but have no licence to play anywhere in Scotland.


    Meanwhile, the brand new club, Sevco FC were given immediate entry into Division 3 from nowhere, in complete breach of every rule in the book and with the assistance of many an ‘honest mistake’ (which of course gave them no sporting advantage whatsoever) and have now climbed to the lofty peak of the 3rd tier of Scottish football.


    So, Mr Ogilvie and every other Sevco sympathiser, can you please explain how come, if indeed Sevco are still the same club known as Rangers FC, how come they are down in the 3rd tier of Scottish football.


    They (RFC) were not relegated.


    They were not demoted.


    They were not punished by casting them down 3 divisions.


    If I am wrong here, please show me the official statement by the SFA or any other governing body which explicitly states the charges against RFC, the verdict of the trial and of course, the official punishment given to RFC?




    Of course not. Because it didn’t happen.


    RFC lost their licence. They have no licence. They are undergoing liquidation.


    Sevco FC are a brand new club (not holding company) with only 1 year of inglorious history.



    • Spot on. Why did they not challenge the “relegation”? Surely there can be no grounds for a club finishing second in the league to be relegated.


    As for the “transfer of membership” – why the need to transfer membership from one club to the SAME club??? Makes no sense at all.


    This has always been the point .If it was only the “Company”that went bust,why punish the club.Surely,a new company could have come in and carried on.


    The entity being wound up at the moment is RFC.Not any “Company”In fact,which “Company”are they on about?.Is there such a company known as RFC?.

  2. I think, rather than spoil the league the other members probably enjoy the windfall payments they recieve when we reach the CL group stages.

  3. Marrakesh Express on

    Kev Jungle



    I spoke to an Oldco player who told me about Souness just after losing the 89 Cup final….’he came into the dressing room in a rage and threw away his runners up medal. That mob next door (Celtic team singing in the bath)wont be laughing when they see who I’m signing on Monday. No one, apart from Oldco directors, McMurdo and Petite merde himself, was aware that Judas was going to RFC1872.



    On McNee..I spoke to him in person once and was surprised at how eloquent he came across. This was just before the mcCann takeover and he was totally negative about it, calling the 60k seater idea a stupid move. I asked him why he was so anti-Celtic in his media work he replied..’I am totally neutral when on radio, or on the camera gantry’. So I asked him what his thoughts were on the abuse hurled at him from the ‘suits’ near the Ibrox gantry (his admission in an article the week previous)….he said something like ‘its water off a ducks back after getting it for years over there’.


    Although I didnt rate the guy he certainly wasnt a soup-taker in the Keevins mould.




  4. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi, DAM 5 ! on

    Ring fencing is coming to a stadium down Govan way.



    Ring fencing is a new minority sport like chess boxing or pie munching.



    Ha ha ha

  5. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    From very end of last article.






    12:40 on 5 December, 2013


    Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar



    12:38 on 5 December, 2013










    End of conversation.

  6. Kev jungle



    I havent kept a close eye on derby this season but how has johnny russell done ?



    I wasnt too upset we didnt get him in hindsight we probably would have been better off with him instead of bangura, milku lassad

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    In the brave new world 36% is a ‘clear majority’.



    I suppose it all depends on schooling, proficiency in arithmetic or pushing agendas.



    My reading of the survey, on the way it was presented in the same article, is that 64% of Scottish football fans do not miss a fixture that will never be played again.



    But that does not make for a good headline when there is further trouble brewing over Govan way.

  8. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on





    12:52 on 5 December, 2013




    Paul 67 –



    In the brave new world 36% is a ‘clear majority’.



    I suppose it all depends on schooling, proficiency in arithmetic or pushing agendas.



    My reading of the survey, on the way it was presented in the same article, is that 64% of Scottish football fans do not miss a fixture that will never be played again.



    But that does not make for a good headline when there is further trouble brewing over Govan way.



    Think you mentioned this last night mate. I can’t access the poll/article, but I’d immediately want to know :



    – What question was actually asked (important!)


    – What options were there to answer (just Yes/No or more than that?)

  9. Hoops_Neil_Lennon_diditagain on

    In the brave new world 36% is a ‘clear majority’.



    Take it that 36% were all fans of the dead club.

  10. traditionalist88 on

    Can’t see how we ‘spoil’ the league – we take a huge travelling support anywhere we go and I’d say all the clubs are happy with that.



    I’m sure the young players at Dundee United etc enjoyed testing themselves against a Champions league side as well.



    The only way we would be spoiling the league would be if we were where we are due to, shall we say, financial doping.



    Let us dominate for a while and let a couple of natural challengers appear, its not too far fetched is it!

  11. From Celtic Minded- Shocking commemt on Sky golf coverage


    Sitting watching the golf and the commentator just said the helicopter above is noisy and the co commentator just hope they are better pilots than they are in Scotland.


    A sacking job

  12. Paul67 – your opinion is well known on this matter but I disagree with you completely. Reckless spending spoiled the Scottish League. All clubs to some extent embarked upon it in previous decades to keep up as far as they could with a debt ridden and tax avoiding establishment club.



    That’s what spoiled the league. That and a couple of other factors:



    Other challenges faced by clubs in Scotland included the structural problems they faced post Bradford and Hillsborough. Money had to be diverted away from football to structures and development to some extent.



    Sky TV bloated our neighbours in England and meant clubs that could once easily deal with most of the also rans in England financially and on the field could no longer do so. The Championship in England destroyed the ability of most Scottish clubs to keep decent players for any length of time. The money in the EPL and obsession with players from mainland Europe and beyond meant most of our young talent was not given a chance to perform as they once were in the English Top flight and improve their game. Instead if they got to England at all it was to play in the second tier and be forgotten about until Bertie Vogts picked them for the national side.



    You will always have bigger clubs in every league. Would it be ideal if there weren’t and every year we got a different winner? Depends who you ask. Many on CQN would not be able to cope with us not being the big fish!

  13. ten past one and thats the postman just arriving



    they are such a bunch of lazy gits, wish i could have had a lie in til midday




  14. Proudbhoy



    Johnny Russell started reasonably well, but is only just coming back from quite a bad injury.

  15. Traditionalist,



    of course we spoil the league for the others.


    They all KNOW before a ball is kicked who is going to win the Big prize.




    So how that isnt a spoiler for them I dont know.



    Were we playing elsewhere, then there really would be a title fight, with any one of a number of the current also-rans, having a very good chance of winning the League.


    I have no doubt they would all relish a league without us.



    As for “natural challengers”, who the hell is going to fit that role anytime, soon, later or ever?


    We are miles ahead of the other clubs and we and they all know it. There are no challengers and will not be be for many many years ahead in my opinion.






  16. I have been fortunate enough to eat in very many of the best restaurants in the world.Cincsentits is the one I would choose above all others.


    The staff are all fluent in english and with no pretence will explain and guide through their beautiful unique world of food and wine.

  17. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on

    Catching up on some news. ..



    Where did this 36% majority story come from

  18. .



    It’s my Birthday and a Special lady took me to Hungry Jacks..



    Sometimes it’s Not about the Food..It’s about the Company..



    This was one of them Times..



    Summa of ChickenNuggetsCSC

  19. Som mes que un club on

    I imagine news like this won’t be helpful to Joe Ledley deciding where his future lies….





    Regional airline Flybe is to cut a number of flights from Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow as of next month.



    The Exeter-based carrier will drop three routes from Glasgow (Paris, Cardiff and Shannon), one from Edinburgh (to Knock, Ireland – a summer-only route) and two from Cardiff (Paris and Glasgow).



    The Glasgow to Shannon route will end on January 5, while all other flights will be withdrawn from January 19.

  20. traditionalist88 on

    The Token Tim



    I daresay that without Celtic in the league the calibre of player that your Dundee Utd’s, Aberdeens, Hibs and Hearts could attract would be even lower, particularly bearing in mind the reduced sponsorship deals that would inevitably come about.



    We didn’t spoil the league – Rangers did. Look at how the league was before they started splurging the cash.



    We can be part of the recovery. Our resources are much higher than anyone else at the moment, of course – but whats to stop someone putting a run together and challenging?



    We’re 5 pts clear at the moment, not an uncommon situation in European football by Christmas is it?




  21. eddieinkirkmichael on

    The Moon Bhoys


    12:39 on



    No one on this site or indeed any Celtic site needs to hear this story we already know the truth as do most fans of every club in Scotland. The problem though is that you will never hear the truth repeated in public by anyone in authority.


    The newco/oldco debate has raged since Sevco were admitted to division 3, at that time a simple statement from SFA or SFL would have nailed that argument once and for all.


    At that time most commentators and newspapers considered Sevco as a brand new entity, Rangers forums even at that time were still mourning the death of their favourites.


    Then out of the long grass came the lie, a lie which was seized upon by those in the media who supported deadco, they lie has been spread far and wide. Ask most fans in England what happened and most will say RFC were relegated as punishment for non payment of tax, I’ve spoken to some who actually think they were treated badly as they think RFC actually did no wrong because they won the tax case. When you try to explain it to them they really don’t care as it doesn’t effect them.


    Here though we do care and it’s beginning to annoy us all how complicite the media are in perpetuating the lie at every opportunity.


    When we point out to these media people that what they are promoting is a lie they call us “obsessed” it’s the new “paranoid”. We are the itch that wont go away and they hate us for our persistence.


    I do wonder though how long we will maintain our stand as already I’ve heard some amongst our support say they have tired of it and they really class newco as the same club and can’t wait to play them again as they miss the games.


    Personally this attitude horrifies me and though I understand on one level what they mean, I still don’t get how anyone could miss the bigotry that goes comes with those games.



    On the current article, whether other fans think we enhance the league or not, there is no way we are going anywhere. We are a Scottish club and we aren’t wanted anywhere else.

  22. Summa of Sammi happy birthday from both Marsaili and myself,hope to catch a beer when you are over next time.Hail Hail Hebelt

  23. charles kickham on

    now I mentioned the rise of 4p in Celtic shares yesterday and got various reasons – well they’re up another 4p today – surprising – but very nice

  24. as i look on the game in scotland the former club that was rangers have not had any punishment for the clear and deliberate cheating they were involved in, liqidation is a consqence of there financial mess but punishment nothing, the fact that our club as well as others have not seen fit to dump campbell ogilvie is a crime in itself and for him to be


    returned as chief ex of our national game beggars belief mr lawell as you are our spokeman i ask have you no shame in being alighned to this episode of farce for him to actually admonish us about pretence [rory episode] is farsical from a man so clearly linked to oldco and its cheating, hold yer heads in shame as you have just lost a supporter


    via this disgusting episode and the fact that you never even attempted to right this wrong disgusts me, im sorry but this hold your fire is nonsense its cowardly and is actually mocking in its nature even if they go bust as a new entity it does not negate the shame of being craven and not tackling the failth that pollutes scottish football name the cheats of the sfa, its my opinion and its been said and its how i feel, yes i still come on cqn but is to


    vent my anger at the shame that is celtic plc,if anyone wants to defend this plc thats there


    right but honestly is there any shame left.

  25. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Oops, KevJ is on……i’m off oot…..hehe

  26. Alasdair MacLean on

    Completely irrelevant, childish and even a wee bit sad but thought I’d like to share this.



    Toying with the idea of a new car at the moment – an almost once a decade event – and was alerted to the DVLA website where you can now buy the new 14 plate numbers to suit yourself.



    Hope I’m not breaking any rules here, but I’m wondering if my wife would allow me to purchase this one which is going for £399……..



    YA 14 FUD

  27. celt55



    13:11 on 5 December, 2013





    Johnny Russell started reasonably well, but is only just coming back from quite a bad injury.





    Cheers for that.



    Must remember to keep an eye on him



    Usually on check champi

  28. celt55



    13:11 on 5 December, 2013





    Johnny Russell started reasonably well, but is only just coming back from quite a bad injury.





    Cheers for that.



    Must remember to keep an eye on him



    Usually on check championship to see how mccourt gets on.

  29. Opps… Clearly bedtime



    Medication for getting wisdom teeth removed kicking in id say



    Anyone thats board.. Check out the misses new business page






    Canas,frames etc.. Just did great tommy burns piece and padraic pearse for 2 different people .

  30. Tallybhoy


    21:02 on


    4 December, 2013


    Jungle Jim @2020



    The Coppa Italia – the Italian Cup – is sponsored by TIM: Telecom Italia Mobile.






    Bring to mind a tale my friend told me in the aftermath of Rubentus gubbed the corruption 4-0 in Turin in the 90’s.


    Mate was at dinner with A.Hood and other business associates,He was the corruptions then security manager,and told a tale of coming back From Turin to 30 complaints from their fans.


    The reason for said complaints was about their mobile phones,wondering wtf was going on with their phones?


    on investigation the complaints were thrown out.


    Why? The silly silly hun could not comprehend why his phone was changing from their UK provider to….yes you guessed it T.I.M,


    All fenian and romanesque conspiracy theories were dismissed by advising said bigots that their provider in Italy must have been T.I.M. heehee.






    hail hail An T

  31. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox




    13:14 on 5 December, 2013




    Catching up on some news. ..



    Where did this 36% majority story come from



    A poll by YouGov for the Glasgow Herald :



    “A clear majority of people believe senior football in Scotland has been diminished by the loss of regular Old Firm matches between Celtic and Rangers.”



    “In total, 36% said the league was worse, split evenly between “much worse” and “somewhat worse”. A total of 19% said it was better – with 10% saying “somewhat better” and 9% “much better”. A further 14% said neither better nor worse, while 31% didn’t express an opinion.”



    However…..as SteinReignsSupreme pointed out, their conclusion is not bourne out by their numbers, which are :



    – 36% think the league is worse


    – 33% think the league is no worse or is better


    – 31% expressed no opinion



    Hardly a “clear majority” who think the league is diminished! In fact 64% believe it is better/no worse or they just don’t care. I just submitted a post on the Comments section to point this out to them. Awaiting moderation….




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