We spoil the league


Illustrating the very high regard the business community and people of Barcelona hold Celtic fans, one of the city’s top restaurants, Cinc Sentis have donated lunch for two towards our annual charity causes.

I am assured by our resident food critic (WDH), Cinc Sentis is a fabulous dining experience.  The auction has just gone live – so get a low bid in early – and ends Sunday.  If you’re heading to Barcelona next week, or anytime thereafter, get your eBay bid in here.

Many thanks to Cinc Sentis and WDH.

Read lots yesterday about the vast majority of people in Scotland missing the ‘Old Firm’ games.  Trying hard to inoculate myself against any “bravado” I really don’t see this.  The edge we used to feel when going into the final minutes of a game needing a goal is no longer there, but I’m really not sure that edge is healthy or necessary.

More than this, I don’t know a single fan from another Premiership club who regrets the liquidation of Rangers, or feels their life is enhanced by the presence of Celtic.  Everyone is aware of the harsh reality – we spoil the league.

We do, of course, sell copy, as did the liquidated lot.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    Arthur Montford? In Italics no less.



    Arthur was unique amongst sports desk anchors in that he could sing, dance and play the piano while reading out the team lines from Somerset Park.



    You were very lucky to have such a talented rector.



    We had to put up with Regi Bosanquet, who, while capable of reading the Somerset Park team lines, rather fell down at the singing/dancing/.piano malarkey.



    It was though my good fortune to duck out just ahead of Michael Kelly getting the gig.

  2. TBB



    Regi Bosanquet….wow what a blast from my childhood past.



    You could have created a whole new thread here – Mary Marquiss – anyone top that?



    HH jamesgang


    Reading this page while in the pub is NOT a good idea!



    Need to get my sea legs….

  4. Too much lateral movement on here!



    Paul can expect a strongly-worded letter from Pedro.




  5. Am I the only CQN-er not in the pub or on the cidre/cider right now?






    HH jamesgang


    One good thing about the italics.



    AWE NAW has been rendered speechless!

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I will not be silenced …not even by italics



    Looks like a gobal setting




  8. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Reginald Bosanquet, now there’s a man who knew how to drink



    Bosanquet was elected Rector of the University of Glasgow from 1980 to 1984. He was a controversial choice. Shortly after his election he hit the headlines when he turned up at an official reception late and drunk, and insulted various guests, including the Lord Provost of Glasgow (and his eventual successor) Michael Kelly.

  9. The tributes to Nelson Mandela from legends in all walks of life are flooding in.


    Muhamed Ali, Pele, Tiger Woods, David Beckham etc.etc. But the huns insist he’s a terrorist who’s done nothing for rangers. We gotta get out of this place.

  10. cliftonville celt from belfast praying for oscar the wee legend



    22:38 on 5 December, 2013


    Mandela is dead. Remember this, he out-lived Thatcher. When Cameron latches on the Mandela bandwagon this week remember that in 1985 he was a top member of the Federation of Conservative Students, who produced the “hang Mandela” posters. In 1989 Cameron worked in the Tory Policy Unit at Central Office and went on a anti-sanctions fact finding mission to South Africa with pro-apartheid Lobby Firm that was sponsored by Botha. Remember this when he tells the world he was inspired by Madiba.





    You’re absolutely spot on there, and, it is an easy prediction to make!




  11. South of Tunis:


    Thanks for the potted history of Forestieri. Enlightening.



    Would hope someone is at least enquiring, I just see him as someone that could give rigid, dogged, 2 banks of 5 defenders a little chin scratching puzzle. Seeing NFL’s reluctance to use the Derry Pele though, I guess it’s never likely to happen.



    Ho – hum.

  12. In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit…



    please my God, sit Nelson between, Bobby and Bobby.