We stand alone


If you live long enough you get to hear or read just about everything. Today some in the old media are telling us Celtic and Rangers (sic) are both chasing a soon-to-be out of contract Manchester United player. The way it used to work is an agent would fly into Glasgow to see Celtic or Rangers, and make sure the other club had an option on the player their rivals were pursuing.

Anyone who thinks Newco can rival Celtic for a footballer had better consult their medication. The rules have all changed, in Glasgow, we stand alone.

Final shout for the ITUC’s 22nd minute Fifa protest tomorrow.

Today’s CQteN raffle winner, of a signed Celtic strip, is John McDonald, from table 36. If it’s the John McDonald I’ve just emailed, congratulations… If not, we’ll find you.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. For too long those with Down’ have been stigmatised, shown a lack of human respect, or worse. The ‘does he take sugar’ days were not so long ago. World Down Syndrome Day is a about raising awareness and changing our perceptions.

Have to say I’m enjoying the Aberdeen fans’ ‘Peter Pawlett Baby’ campaign. Human League’s ‘Don’t you want me baby’ has flown up the charts on the back of delirious Aberdeen fans, celebrating their position as one of Scotland’s top two. Crazy stuff like this is how football clubs grow.

For all those who have supported Marys’ Meals over recent weeks and months, here’s a cheery video from them, with a little help from Pharrell Williams.

Seville – The Celtic Movement is another cheery wee thing.

“Somewhere around 5am and Glasgow airport is only open for Seville flights and is a sea of green and white. I’ve 80 Euros, my passport, boarding pass and a ticket in my shorts, Celtic top on, no baggage of any description. The happiest queue of all time has formed.”

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  1. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on

    HAIL HAIL…..



    The road to Lisbon and the big eared cup…….



    Makes me smile…..



    Memories of an eleven year old….

  2. coatbridge paper bhoy on

    Well done bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon.



  3. Braw ………..


    This old house is falling down around my ears


    I’m drowning in a river of my tears


    When all my will is gone you hold me sway


    I need you at the dimming of the day



    You pull me like the moon pulls on the tide


    You know just where I keep my better side



    What days have come to keep us far apart


    A broken promise or a broken heart


    Now all the bonnie birds have wheeled away


    I need you at the dimming of the day



    Come the night you’re only what I want


    Come the night you could be my confident



    I see you on the street in company


    Why don’t you come and ease your mind with me


    I’m living for the night we steal away


    I need you at the dimming of the day


    I need you at the dimming of the day



    aye Braw

  4. Martin42 would like to pass on his appreciation for all the kind and supportive comments last week. He’ll be on to say so himself shortly.

  5. Hi guys. Important update, and sad news about my cousin Nicola who BRTH recently wrote about…



    Nicola McCurry thanks community for their support on her journey fighting rare cancer



    Cushendall girl Nicola McCurry (26) has thanked everyone who got involved and helped raise funds, which were to be used to send her to America for pioneering treatment for a rare form of cancer. However on learning that she is not suitable for the treatment, Nicola has thanked everyone for their good wishes and support and has asked that fundraising for the appeal now ceases.



    Local people and clubs have raised over £40,000 so far and this money is to be held by the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance for use in any further treatment that may become available and to help with the fight against the disease.


    Speaking from her home in Cushendall and surrounded by her family and friends Nicola said, ‘I have been overwhelmed by the love and support that I have received from so many people while I have been on this journey. I was diagnosed with this cancer in 1993 and while I spent a number of years in remission I learned in 2009 that it had returned. I am fighting hard to beat it and I am grateful to the specialists who are looking after me and who keep looking for new ways to treat it.



    On learning that I am not suitable for further treatment I wanted to tell all the people who have fundraised for me and kept me in their thoughts and prayers that I am extremely touched and grateful for everything. The money that you raised will be used by the NCCA charity to help with the fight against this form of cancer. I remain hopeful that one day a cure will be found.’



    Nicola’s family have also added their thanks to everyone who raised funds for the treatment.


    Any money raised from events, which have been planned in the coming weeks, will still go to the “wee nic” appeal.


    an tearmann



    17:55 on 20 March, 2014


    BobbyMurdoch Cuw when is this hootenanny typey drinki plenty typey thingmi going to be happening?






    Sorry,mate-I was a tad busy yesterday and missed this. By a good few hours!



    MAY 10 is slated for the dayooooot/hootenanny. As soon as the post-split fixtures come through,I’ll open the forum to venue suggestions.



    I’m hoping we have a home lunchtime kickoff. And doubtless we’ll end up in a Gallowgate gutter anyway.



    Hope to see ya there,mate!

  7. From previous……



    unew mike



    12:08 on 21 March, 2014




    I share your concerns and have seen some posters on here previously being branded, trouble makers and the like for pursuing the same or, similar lines of questioning.



    Aberdeen have now demonstrated twice that, mark KC out the game and Celtic have no threat.



    The management team watched LG last season and, could have had him for £500k !!!



    Instead, the managers delayed for 6 months and, in the meantime blew £5 mill of Celtic fans money on Balde and Pukki ?



    It’s enough to make you sick.

  8. Re the Federico Macheda rumours, it reads to me as if the agaent is trying to engineer a move, wouldn’t touch it tbh oh and the Sevco 2012 couldnae buy a week of the players time :¬)



    Ps happy Friday Celts.




  9. From previous…..




    A wee football question if you don’t mind ?



    I don’t know the answer myself, that’s why I


    came on here to see if some ‘esteemed’ tim


    could help me out ?



    Right, here goes……



    Is it true that, The Original Holy Goalie, played in eleven Cup finals for Celtic


    without losing any ?



    As I said, I don’t know the answer but that is some record if true, eh ?



    Catch yeez after…..

  10. e=mc2 skiving at work



    12:34 on 21 March, 2014



    ‘Ernie I agree that the majority of Scots don’t know about our history in oppressing Ireland on our own or as part of the British empire.’







    I’m more concerned about the anti Irish Catholic racism that to a greater or lesser extent permeates aspects of Scottish life.



    The causes of that are entirely Scottish.

  11. tomtheleedstim on

    Paul67 – as a father of a wee girl with Down Syndrome I would like to thank you for doing your bit to raise awareness. I am very proud of the way Celtic has showed support for both the Thai Tims and the DSA.


    Roisin would also like to say thanks https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BjPdaJuIcAAK-Iu.jpg:large


    (hope the link works – I’m beyond useless)

  12. Catalogue of THIRTY ! disappointments under Neil Lennon



    Season 2009/2010


    1)10/04/2010 Scottish Cup Celtic 0 Ross County 2


    Goal Scorers Craig 55, Scott 88



    Season 2010/2011


    2)08/04/2010 UEFA Champions League SC Braga 3 Celtic 0


    Goal Scorers Alan (pen) 26 Echiele 76 Matheus 89



    3)26/08/2010 UEFA Europa League FC Utrecht 4 Celtic 0


    Goal Scorers van Wolfswinkel pen 12 pen 20 van wolfswinkel 47 Maguire 63



    4)10/11/2010 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Hearts 2 Celtic 0


    Goal Scorers Black 29 Templeton 58



    5)27/02/2011Clydesdale Bank Premier League Motherwell 2 Celtic 0


    Goal scorers Sutton 2 Sutton (pen) 49



    6)04/05/2011 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Inverness CT 3 Celtic 2


    Goal Scorers Mulgrew Og 7 Munro 53 Sutherland 62


    Celtic Commons 9 Commons Pen 90 + 3



    Season 2011/2012


    7)21/08/2011 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Celtic 0 St Johnstone 1


    Goal Scorer MacKay 60



    8)25/08/2011 UEFA Europa League FC Sion 3 Celtic 1


    Goal Scorers Feindouno (pen) 3 Feindouno 63 Giovanni Sio 82


    Celtic Scorer Mulgrew 78



    9)02/10/2011 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Hearts 2 Celtic 0


    Goal Scorers Skacel 58 Stevenson 81



    10)18/03/2012 Scottish Communities League Cup (Final) Celtic 0 Kilmarnock 1


    Goal Scorers van Tornhout 84



    11)15/04/2012 Scottish Cup (Semi Final) Celtic 1 Hearts 2


    Goal Scorers Hearts Skacel 47 Beattie 90+2 Celtic Hooper 87



    Season 2012/2013


    12)15/09/2012 Clydesdale Bank Premier League St Johnstone 2 Celtic 1


    Goal Scorers St Johnstone Tade 18 Vine 80 Celtic Commons 4



    13)27/10/2012 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Celtic 0 Kilmarnock 2


    Goal Scorers Sheridan 43 Kelly (pen) 62



    14)20/11/2012 UEFA Champions League Benfica 2 Celtic 1


    Goal Scorers Benfica Ola John 7 Garay 71 Celtic Samaras 32



    15)24/11/2012 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Celtic 0 Inverness CT 1


    Goal Scorer McKay 64



    16)29/12/2012 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Hibernian 1 Celtic 0


    Goal Scorer Griffiths 9



    17)27/01/2013 Scottish Communities League Cup St Mirren 3 Celtic 2


    Goal Scorers St Mirren Gonclaves 8 McGowan (pen) 64 Thompson 69


    Goal Scorers Celtic Hooper 45 Mulgrew 90 + 4



    18)12/02/2013 UEFA Champions League Last 16 Celtic 0 Juventus 3


    Goal Scorers Matri 3, Marchisio 77, Vucinic 83



    19)27/02/2013 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Motherwell 2 Celtic 1


    Goal Scorers Motherwell Humphrey 31 Higdon 73 Celtic Samaras 63



    20)06/03/2013 UEFA Champions League Juventus 2 Celtic 0


    Goal Scorers Matri 24 Quagliarella 65



    21)09/03/2013 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Ross County 3 Celtic 2


    Goal Scorers Ross County Munro 30 Morrow 36 Steffen Wohlfarth 90 + 1


    Goal Scorers Celtic Mulgrew 15 Hooper 21



    22)28/04/2014 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Motherwell 3 Celtic 1


    Goal Scorers Motherwell Ojamaa 45 Higdon (pen) 50 Forster OG 55


    Goal Scorers Celtic Hooper 40



    Season 2013/2014


    23)20/08/2013 UEFA Champions League Shaktar Karandy 2 Celtic 0


    Goal Scorers Shaktar Karandy Fionenchenko 12 Khizhnichenko 77



    24)18/09/2013 UEFA Champions League AC Milan 2 Celtic 0


    Goal Scorers AC Milan Izaguirre OG 82 Muntari 85



    25)24/09/2013 Scottish League Cup Celtic 0 Morton 1


    Goal scorer Imrie pen 97



    26)06/11/2013 UEFA Champions League Ajax 1 Celtic 0


    Goal scorers Ajax Schone 51



    27)26/11/2013 UEFA Champions League Celtic 0 AC Milan 3


    Goal Scorers AC Milan Kaka 12 Zapata 49 Balotelli 59



    28)11/12/2013 UEFA Champions League FC Barcelona 6 Celtic 1


    Goal Scorers


    Barcelona Pique 7, Pedro 39, Neymar 44, 48, 58 Tello 72


    Celtic Samaras 88



    29)08/02/2014 William Hill Scottish Cup Celtic 1 Aberdeen 2


    Goal Scorers Celtic Stokes 9 Aberdeen Anderson 38 Pawlett 50



    30)25/02/2014 Clydesdale Bank Premier League Aberdeen 2 Celtic 1


    Goal Scorers Aberdeen Hayes 41 Rooney 45 Celtic Forrest 62





    A player who has fallen from favour with a large club and is looking to be rehabilitated.



    We’ve got one of those in Tony Watt. Bring him back,Machedo couldnae lace his boots.

  14. Cowiebhoy supporting the Celtic to 3 in a row on

    Stay strong Nicola McCurry



    Wee Oscars Army is behind you, with thoughts, prayers and love



    Hail Hail

  15. An additional creative attacking midfield player to KC is the only signing we need to make this summer, assuming no one leaves.

  16. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    ole roofless hampdump was our underdog paradise


    It’s only Wiki (Iknow, I know) :)))




    “In the summer of 2005, Boruc joined Scottish Premier League side Celtic. In his five years in Glasgow, Boruc made 221 appearances for the club,[2] winning the Scottish Premier League three times, the Scottish Cup once and the Scottish League Cup twice”.

  17. e=mc2 skiving at work



    12:34 on 21 March, 2014



    Just one other thing.



    Don’t single out the Irish for their treatment of Jewish refugees, it makes it look like you have an issue with the Irish.



    The truth is that at the Evian conference of 1938 the the UK and the USA (and France) decided as a matter of policy not to accept Jewish refugees.





    I worked with kids like Roisin for a wee while in the mid-90s. They were brilliant!



    Give her a wee extra hug from me,please.



    Lovely bunnet!

  19. Paul we may stand alone but as long as Campbell Ogilvie stands at the head of the SFA Celtic will never get a level playing field

  20. Cowiebhoy supporting the Celtic to 3 in a row on




    12:39 on 21 March, 2014



    You have been blessed with a very special child, given to special parents


    The love in your family will be inspiring



    Hail Hail

  21. Paul whilst your articles on FIFA are commendable we should not be distracted from the stench of corruption at the SFA



    sincere condolences to Jim McGinley (BRTH) on the death of his father Pat

  22. knoxy2000



    Very sorry to read your news about Nicola. May she have the strength to cope with her ordeal.

  23. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    “Anyone who thinks Newco can rival Celtic for a footballer had better consult their medication. The rules have all changed, in Glasgow, we stand alone.”




    Aye. File under ‘B’ for ‘Bonkers’ which is located somewhere between ‘Billionaire’ and Casino’…

  24. e=mc2 skiving at work on

    Ernie – see if you go on the rangers sites, they are all saying ‘the anti-protestant racism that permeates Scottish life.’ Personally I have never witnessed either one in my life, and I don’t know anyone who has. Cue a torrent of people…….



    I guess when someone lives their life in tribal terms, they will see or seek out what they regard as discrimination.



    Personally I feel the only tribalism worth bothering about is the war being perpetrated by the 0.1% on the 99.9%, trying to reduce us to drone worker slaves.

  25. Hah! as if “They” could afford an ex- Man U player!



    as for “Seville” for those who haven’t bought or read it yet, go for it. Its a great read.



    Im more than 2/3 through it now and really enjoying it. Had a few LOL moments too, the best so far – when I managed to wake my Mrs TTT last night with my laughing – was reading about “Mooney” and his caught short moment. Brilliant!



    “Mooney” whomever you are, I can just imagine your mates on the floor laughing at you. Cheers mate.






  26. unew mike



    12:43 on 21 March, 2014



    Paul we may stand alone but as long as Campbell Ogilvie stands at the head of the SFA Celtic will never get a level playing field





    Celtic don’t really need a level playing field in Scotland but All the other teams definitely do.



    Jackie and Sid, I hope, will give them the most monumental of hidings, although I’d settle for a 1 nil. The Utd team is young and vibrant, inconsistent, aye, most definitely but that is to be expected. Sevco 1 – United 5 would make up for my one and only time at that place of hatred.





    As with my reply about Roisin,a wee extra hug for Conor,please?



    I wish all of you the best. I only saw the kids I worked with for about a quarter of the week.



    I know how much I enjoyed it. But I also know of the strain the rest of the week can involve.



    Somehow,I think you fellas and your families will cope fine….

  28. thomtheleedstim



    Your daughter looks lovely buddy. I did actually mean to wear odd socks today but alas I broke a habit of a life time and managed to wear a matching pair instead :-) I worked with kids/young adults with Down’s syndrome when I was at college in my spare time at the college. They still bring a smile to my face each day I think about them and the amount of happiness and love they each had for life and those who cared for them and loved them.




  29. Well done to everyone at CQN publications on Seville The Celtic Movement, I had intended to keep it for later but as soon as I opened it became compulsive . BRTH and the rest of the gang deserve a big congratulation on producing a book that captures the spirit of the Celtic support perfectly.



    Well done and I’d thoroughly recommend it.

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