We want a win, but let’s not kid ourselves


We are almost week on from Morton (our only mustn’t lose game in March) but there will be a business-like atmosphere around Lennoxtown today as the team prepare to go to Ibrox, scene of three consecutive wins since Newco were promoted to top flight football.  Brendan and his players are all too aware of the big talk coming from Murray Park.  If ever they needed motivation, they didn’t need to look far.

Fans of either colour, who have been around long enough, will recognise the occasion, but this is not the way you and I used to feel about going to Ibrox.  Back in the old days I preferred to go there as slight underdogs, which was often as good as it got for Celtic fans.  Now, we travel to every ground in the country as strong favourites, no matter what our form.  This is nothing like it was in the pre-liquidation years.

I want to win, of course, but I would have been devastated if we’d lost to Morton.  Sunday’s game cannot reach me the same way.  This is a step on the road to what will hopefully be a treble, don’t pretend it is about winning the league, it’s just not.

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  1. I know that was going to happen,


    From last thread


    Teuchter ár lá on 9th March 2018 12:00 pm




    Enjoyed reading that very informed post.


    Celtic supporters swelling the economies of cities like Munich and Brussels – I know you would have included Lisbon last May, if there had been a game on :-)



  2. Word of The Day




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    alliteration in Culture



    2. The repetition of the beginning sounds of words, as in “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,” “long-lived,” “short shrift,” and “the fickle finger of fate.” Or “hurting huns”, “ransacked rangers”, “savaged Sevco” etc.




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  3. glendalystonsils on

    I would agree that losing on Sunday shouldn’t alter the destination of the title. What would scunner me though would be the msm collective mega-orgasm that would ensue. They would no doubt be promoting that as a power shift in Scottish football with Sevco back on top , the beginning of their Generation of domination ,blah, blah and other such OTT garbage. As much as I try to avoid them, that would scunner me.

  4. Sorry paul like it or not sevco are our nearest challangers in the league right now and as such we should not be so dismissive. Sundays game is very important.



    For me the league is the most important thing, any cup win is a bonus, its that simply.



    BR’S take home message this season should be win the league no full squad resting shite leave that for the league cup ffs and early round of the scottish cup.




  5. What is the Stars on




    Totally agree



    Biggest game for BR to date



    Old Firm R US


    Bigot Bucks CSC

  6. March 1981




    Monday 9th




    I have left this rather late tonight and it is cold. The priest Fr Murphy was in. I had a discussion with him on the situation. He said he enjoyed our talk and was somewhat enlightened, when he was leaving.


    On the subject of priests, I received a small note from a Fr S. C. from Tralee, Kerry, and some holy pictures of Our Lady. The thought touched me. If it is the same man, I recall him giving a lecture to us in Cage 11 some years ago on the right to lift arms in defence of the freedom of one’s occupied and oppressed nation. Preaching to the converted he was, but it all helps.


    It is my birthday and the boys are having a sing-song for me, bless their hearts. I braved it to the door, at their request, to make a bit of a speech, for what it was worth. I wrote to several friends today including Bernie and my mother. I feel all right and my weight is 60 kgs.


    I always keep thinking of James Connolly, and the great calm and dignity that he showed right to his very end, his courage and resolve. Perhaps I am biased, because there have been thousands like him but Connolly has always been the man that I looked up to.


    I always have tremendous feeling for Liam Mellowes as well; and for the present leadership of the Republican Movement, and a confidence in them that they will always remain undaunted and unchanged. And again, dare I forget the Irish people of today, and the risen people of the past, they too hold a special place in my heart.


    Well, I have gotten by twenty-seven years, so that is something. I may die, but the Republic of 1916 will never die. Onward to the Republic and liberation of our people.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    With so much of today’s game being based around money, there’s a bit of a throwback feeling about Sunday’s game – the wee team getting all excited about playing the big team. A bit like the early rounds of the FA Cup when a non-league team gets to go up against Man Utd or Arsenal.


    Wonder if they have booked a bus for the celebration incase they get a draw?

  8. I thought Paul believed in not giving excuses to players?



    Making it up as we go along CSC

  9. Regarding Sundays match, does anyone have superstitions leading up to a certain game etc. This morning for example on leaving the shower i decided to trim my toenails, so when i located the clippers i heard a voice from other room ” what do think your doing?” trimming my toe nails I replied. “what!! ye canny dae that”. How no, “because it’s bad luck to cut your nails at the weekend” EH, “remember the game this weekend, you don’t want the result on your conscious”. Nail clippers back in the cupboard and my toes are chapping each other! The things i do for Celtic.

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    If we win on Sunday – League is all but over.



    If we draw on Sunday – League is all but over – but will be comfortable only after we win a couple of more games.



    If we lose on Sunday – League is far from over. Not panicked – still firm favourites – but it would indicate that our form is still a bit shaky, and we could drop more points elsewhere.



    I’m hopeful of a victory, and if we are on good form (e.g., Hertz after Christmas, 1st leg vs. Russians) we will win. We have, however, been a bit inconsistent, so the risk of a poor performance is certainly there.



    A good week of focused training should undoubtedly help. I’m glad we have been keeping it quiet while the rest of Scotland goes in to a Hun love-in, ‘we ur back’, feeding frenzy – I think that is a sign of focus on our part, and over-confidence on theirs.



    I’m hopeful that we will scud them






  11. Frantic07


    Don’t take this as anything other than a response to your post, but for me…..Green pants on matchday ( mine, obviously ) :-)))



    And. If anyone reposts BRTH’s post from earlier today, please edit out the word ‘gotten’ and replace with something from the English language. I can only imagine it was the Cowboy boots wot made him do it ;-)


    Not liking the way these ‘Americanisms’ are finding their way into our day to day speech, and would prefer if we distanced ourselves as much as possible from anything at all connected to Trump.


    Take care y’all.



  12. Just used the word concomitant in a project update at work



    Snigger , snigger





    WILLIEFERNIE who posts occasionally on the blog,stays in Oz,I believe,is desperate for photies from the Lisbon trip.



    And I know you’ve got hunners!



    I’m not sure,but I genuinely think he is the son of the famed man.



    If you can find a way of sending them to him,I reckon you’ve got a pal for life,and a hotel if you get over. You can send them to me in a folder,or to PAUL67,and the pass will be done.



    You were in fine form over there,bud. As was THEGOODSHIPCELTICA. In fact,we aw wur.



    What a brilliant occasion that was,I’m so happy to have been there.

  14. P67, it’s the next game, so it is now the biggest game in March but not in the remainder of the season. Don’t kid yourself.

  15. BR, SA played a full practice game and played great, missed his goals important for the run in, LG not ready, the rest was about this game which despite the interviewer encouraging it he did not refer to as Old Firm , he used rivals and Rangers

  16. Paul 67


    If this was a game against Aberdeen in second and we had they chance to go 9 clear with a game in hand it would be and is an important game, I hope the team are not complacent or dismissive of what they will face , Sevco will be like their predecessor boot scratch kick intimidate throw stuff shout stuff make gestures and all the rest that makes a visit to their dump special.

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Great post earlier. Completely agree about us not maximising our commercial opportunities.


    Need to work on this as the gap in TV money gets ever wider.

  18. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    FRED COLON on 9TH MARCH 2018 1:08 PM


    Just used the word concomitant in a project update at work




    Snigger , snigger





    Fred – made me snigger, snigger too. Love it ?

  19. You know they truly are daft, one of them (a pal) asked me for my sorting code and account number, the answer:








    He has just come back and said it Dizny Work!

  20. If Dedryck is fit that changes things, he may play on the left of the back 3. Armstrong very useful to have from the bench. Good news.


    Dunno what the problem is,just hammer them and we can all smile sweetly on Monday. Any other team,would we be the slightest concerned?



    Fuck them,put them to bed,let them rot in their own coffin,except it isn’t their own.



    There’s another body in there.



    And it better be big enough for their next zombie reincarnation,cos the current one is toast.

  22. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Today is the day when I annually celebrate the day that Jock Stein was handed the key of the door to Celtic Park.


    It was also the day when I, too was handed the Key of the Door! (It was 21 inthose days!)

  23. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Gotten Himmel, I had forGotten that I had used the Gotten word in that long post and didn’t know that I had Gotten it from America!



    I thought I had Gotten it from Rummenigge or from Brendan who is here to GotTen in a row.



    I’ve Gotten my coat already …………..



    BRTGotten …..

  24. What time the first …… ‘ would bite your hand off for a draw post?’



    quickly followed by



    ‘no way would I take a draw post ‘



    Yada Yada Yada CSC

  25. Play every game as though it’s your last.



    And P67 I can well manage my own expectations without assistance thanks.



    If we show up, tooled up, we should win.



    If we ‘Danny around’ we may well get our arses felt and it’ll be game on in the league with the MSM, MIBs and hordes of ‘anyone but celtic’ neutrals baying for green blood.



    Kouassi in from the start please.



    HH jamesgang

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