We were mocked for Jozo, a stunning signing


The siege mentality which Celtic endured two years ago now feels like a different world. The pursuit of £3.5m defender Jozo Simunovic was a significant statement of intent, but even that was mocked by many now close to the club. A critical assessment from a Balkan writer for The Guardian was enough for the club’s critics to tell us how ridiculous Celtic were.

For months I endured one character repeatedly imply we had bought a crock who would never complete a season. This story had what all good conspiracy theories have, a curious fact which, when revealed, was enough to inspire fantasists.

Jozo was injured when Celtic signed him. The club sent him to London for an assessment from the top man available. The verdict was clear: the injury would heal, but while personal medical details are kept private, speculation was rife.

The truth is we did remarkably well recruiting Jozo. If he wasn’t injured, we may have been priced out of the market, but we scouted him (a John Park player), got the best medical advice available and put money on the table, while others read The Guardian and pondered knee injuries.

Many have spent the last two weeks marvelling at the tacking ability of Jozo.

Lisbon Lions Raffle

Last year we got this retro Celtic top signed at an event by several Lions: Willie Wallace, Tommy Gemmell, John Hughes and Charlie Gallacher. Willie has told us he’ll ask the others to add their names, when he’s over later this month. I intend pinning the Original Holy Goalie before then. Former captain, Paul McStay, was also kind enough to add his name.

We’re raffling the top, all proceeds will be spent on the Lions, or descendants, where appropriate. The objective is to give the Lions and their families a memento to mark the 50th anniversary of their greatest achievement. Many no longer have their medals, strips or keepsakes from that era.

£2 each, you can buy a bucket-load HERE, if you like. I guarantee you the winner will cherish their prize.



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  1. thetimreaper on

    I posted after our 1-1 ‘defeat’ at home to Sevco that such a fiasco would not have occurred had Jozo been playing. He has been a different player this season, it was obvious from his first outing at Dens park in September. Still think he can improve a lot on the ball and he’s a bit rash but is improving. If he keeps going the way he is then we will get significant offers. Both Sviatchenko and Boyata look much better when playing with him. Not quite at VVD level yet but heading in that direction.

  2. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Afternoon from a rain drenched Lisbon



    We are trying to raise some money for the restoration of St Mary’s Calton and to feed 265 kids at the VOA 1 Academy in Nigeria.



    St Mary’s is part of our History and the kids? …….. well you just never know, maybe they will be part of our future whether as a player, a doctor, nurse, teacher or whatever.



    What is for sure is that they should be part of someone’s future.



    However, there is a food crisis in Africa and so I need to raise about £1500 to get this wee appeal over the line before moving on to something much bigger.



    So, if you fancy winning one of Mick’s stunning whisky’s, one of the world’s most spectacular vodkas (and I really mean spectacular in every way as even the bottle and case are works of art) or a brilliant vintage Port,



    then buy a few £5 raffle tickets here:






    You will be making a difference to a place that is very dear to the heart of Celtic fans and to the future of a group of kids who will in future make a difference to others —- given the chance.



    We are Celtic ……..







  3. John James and Phil Mac both using the word “passim” in the space of 24 hours.



    Both love to repeat and overuse little slogans and buzz words.



    It’s actually quite annoying.



    Puns – that’s the way to go…

  4. DAVIDOPOULOS on 10TH MAY 2017 12:26 PM



    John James and Phil Mac both using the word “passim” in the space of 24 hours.



    Both love to repeat and overuse little slogans and buzz words.



    It’s actually quite annoying.



    Puns – that’s the way to go…





    They probably both enjoy Private Eye. Particularly Pseuds Corner… :-)

  5. thetimreaper on




    Jozo “The Provo” Šimunović (born 4 August 1994) is a Croatian footballer who plays as a centre back for Scottish club Celtic. He began his career with Dinamo Zagreb before joining Celtic in 2015. He has represented Croatia at all youth international levels up to under-21.



    Full name Jozo “The Provo” Šimunović


    Date of birth 4 August 1994 (age 22)


    Place of birth Belfast, United Ireland


    Height 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)


    Playing position Sniper

  6. Hrvatski Jim on

    I didn’t know that Kenny Miller was also a Balkan writer from The Guardian.








    Paul Elliott was deemed a dud-by those who use such words-after his first season.



    Booked every second game,nullified as a defender for that reason,a liability,etc. Injured a lot,too.



    Yet still a legend after nearly thirty years,because second season he was IMMENSE!!!!



    (C’mon,that demanded capitals…)



    When a player signs for Celtic,he’s a reject from somewhere. When he signed for Rangers,he was a top prospect superstar. I love the SMSM,most successful example in history of disinformation.

  8. Geordie Munro on

    I said from pretty much the start big jozo was a player.



    He was unfortunate with the injury (which was nothing to do with the one he had previous) that kept him out for so long.



    There’s worse we can do than keep him at cp for the next few years.








    It’s only while he’s on-unpaid-leave from his 48-weeks-a-year Sevco contract.



    I wish Barry Ferguson had one!

  10. Geordie Munro on 10th May 2017 12:40 pm



    I said from pretty much the start big jozo was a player.





    Cue Daily Record “Love Rat” story…

  11. “If he wasn’t injured, we may have been priced out of the market, but we scouted him (a John Park player), got the best medical advice available and put money on the table”



    but then tried to punt him to Torino?

  12. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    The Advocate Deputy giving Whitley a hard time, but from my laymans perspective Whitley is on firm ground and holding his own. Not only holding his own but again advising prosecuting council to read the documents fully, to understand them, and then question accordingly. Again the Judge had to interject seeking clarification of the prosecutions line of questioning. 2nd time today. The prosecution dropped it and moved on.



    I can’t see Findlay sharpening his fingernails for this witness.




    Strange you use the comparison to Paul Elliot. I always liked Paul as a player and he talked sensibly and articulately.


    But legend? Let’s not forget what he was dismissed from the FA for, or are some more equal than others after all.



    HH to you.





    TBH,I was talking about his two years at Celtic.



    Honestly unaware of how that has been tarnished. Can you mail me the info?




  15. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    If we all knew that Jozo Simunovic was a player why was there no outcry when we tried to sell him to Torino?



    And if he was such a good player, and we had every confidence in his health, why did we try to sell him in the first place for pennies more than what we bought him for which would in effect translate to absorbing a loss on the player?




  16. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on



    All the talk last night from Phil about upgrading the main stand,I remember a few years ago the club had plans and pictures of a huge glass front for the main stand,I’ve tried to find them but had no joy.




    Anyone on here remember this that can maybe help me out?







    I noticed a few posts last night about the veracity of PMG’s scoops.




    Looks like he did,too!











    We were being linked with Solanke before Phil’s post.









    He’s right to call out the Record on their “exclusive” but he does the same thing himself.



    His stuff about stadium expansion is guff. A moonbeam for renewals.

  18. What is the Stars on

    Most of phils stuff is guff



    Entertaining but guff



    A paper never refused ink

  19. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    Can you remember which year this redevelopment was proposed? If you narrow your search you usually find what you are looking for. I’ve had a look, but can find nothing that looks like what you describe.



    Happy to help though. Any dates?

  20. Paul67



    IMHO Jozo is our best Central defender when fit.


    I think he will be sold for a handsome profit after he is offered a new contract.



    But those that were concerned with his fitness have every right to be concerned.



    Since signing Celtic have played 125 fixtures.


    Jozo has made 47 appearances.



    Therefore he has missed 62% of our fixtures.



    Concerns about his injury frequency are well merited .




  21. Broonie was frequently heard screaming passim in the two recent huns games.


    When we had possession he pointed at Paddy and screamed passim the baw he’s tearing that diddy wonderkid a new one.


    When Paddy received the ball he then was heard shouting passim he’s utterly crap.

  22. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    by Robert McAulay








    This is all I could find on KDS




    CELTIC have dumped plans to build a new POUNDS 3MILLION main entrance at Parkhead after club bosses admitted they can’t afford it.



    The new-look south stand at Celtic park was set to be changed from red brick to a stunning checkerboard of green glass and white marble.



    Celtic had plans drawn up and applied to Glasgow City Council for the green-light to kick-off the project.



    But last month the cash-strapped club announced losses of POUNDS 15million.



    And club chief executive Peter Lawwell has told fans that plans for the impressive new facade had been put on the back burner due to the cost.



    Speaking in an interview given to the Celtic Supporter’s Association, he said: “We wanted to raise the level of facilities at Celtic Park.



    “The football side was done last year and we now have a five star set-up.



    “The proposal to build the facade went into several millions and we felt at this time that it wasn’t the best use of our money.



    “The project has been postponed and we have refurbished some of the entertainment areas in the main stand, including the boardroom.



    “I’ve seen it described as lavish but although it has certainly “upped” our image it certainly wasn’t at a lavish cost, and that’s what we’ve settled for in the meantime.”



    Detailed drawings of the abandoned project had shown the club’s Jock Stein Lounge almost doubling in size.



    They also showed the ground-floor players’ area being modernised, with the inclusion of a purpose-built “dope test” room.



    In a frank interview Lawwell also told hoops fans that there was little chance of Celtic ever allowing a fan to sit on the Parkhead board.



    He added: “The reasons were given at the recent AGM. From my point of view it just wouldnt work on a practical basis.



    “There are fans on the Board, part of my job is to look after the fans and I believe my background allows me to have that slant.



    “Anyone else coming onto the Board would have to have the same fiscal responsibilities and the same duties as everyone else.



    “I dont see what they could particularly add.



    “And It would put them in a pretty difficult position in terms of Board confidentiality and how they could cascade that to the people they represent.”

  23. mullet and co 2 on

    It’s amazing how facts are overlooked or part used to tell someone else’s truth.



    Brendan Rodgers has gone on record stating that Dedryk Boyata is his first choice centre half. Others are correct that we agreed a deal to let Jozo go. A price was acceptable to us and the wages on offer were acceptable to the player. One tackle doesn’t make Jozo the number one centre back.



    That brings me to the team as a whole. Big Virgil looked world class and has gone on to prove that to the doubters down south. His class should be a reminder of what we need to recruit or retrieve in order to progress.



    If you look at our performances in the Champions League where would you say we fell down? The Goalkeeper, full backs, centre half, midfield, front 4?



    The goalkeeper changed as Gordon got better at distributing the ball. He was also a better shot stopper than his replacement for the game at the Nou Camp. Gordon will do for now but if you want to go higher you need a better shot stopper than any keeper on our books.



    Kieran won’t be as overawed as he was ever again in the Camp Nou but at times he looked the 19 year old prospect and not a future player who could command a fee as per Van Dijk.



    Lustig is a great big guy. A Swedish international no less but if you want to progress and make iterative improvements then a right back who can kick with both feet and has a bit more pace is a must.



    In midfield we find a gem in Armstrong. If Stuart can retain the ball a bit better then we have found a stalwart who could form the bedrock of the midfield. He reminds me of a few of those recent German international midfielders. He really needs to stop giving the ball away though.



    Scot Brown will need to be replaced eventually. I wonder how Scot would look in an opposing Champions League side. His stats and on field visible actions are certainly impressive. I can’t see how you could really improve on Him within our budget.



    As for the front 4. Roberts, McGregor, Sinclair, Forrest and Rogic really impressed in stages of games. When you look at Forrest against Man City he looked to cause them problems. Rogic controlled parts of the home game from a high area of the pitch at times at home against Man City. Roberts at times added the unexpected including an away goal at Man City. McGregor missed that sitter in Germany but added poise and control off the front. Sinclair was perhaps not as effective as he was domestically.



    If you are going to play 3 of the striker then you need these players to cause more damage and be more consistent in helping when we lose the ball in helping to get it back. They are all certainly skillfull enough. A notch up from what we are used to when we played 4 straight forward midfielders who where workmanlike rather than forward thinking creators.



    Dembele will only get better but we need an option of pace as a 60 min replacement if needed.

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