We won the cup, so what now?


Neil Lennon will have learned enough on Sunday to give him pause for thought.  After wins over Lille and Kilmarnock, we shipped three goals, conceded additional good chances and confidence shattered all too easily the moment Hearts scored their first.

For me, the remainder of our season truncates into the next four games; four more cup finals, if you like.  The plan for these fixtures has to be right.

There is no longer a debate about our best defensive formation; moving Kristofer Ajer to right back gives the team a far better shape.  This means playing Christopher Jullien and Shane Duffy in central defence.  As you may have commented through expletives on Sunday, these two are not a partnership.  Not yet, anyway; they have three games to change that.

I vacillate on left back preferences.  Greg Taylor is currently the manager’s first choice, if so, play him in each of the four games ahead.  If Diego Laxalt gets the nod, give him the opportunity to settle into the position.

If the partnership between Jullien and Duffy needs work, the system the defence builds with their goalkeeper requires even more attention.  Neil Lennon opted for Conor Hazard against Hearts, whom he accepted had a degree of liability for two of the Hearts goals.  A more experienced keeper would have got his retaliation in first on Naismith and, as every experienced keeper in the business does, would have ‘bought the foul’ for the third goal.

It is time to put Vasilis Barkas in goal behind a settled defence.  He is 26-years-old, a Greek international goalkeeper with four seasons’ experience at a decent level, including Champions League football.  There is more to come from him than we have seen this season; playing behind a composed defence will establish this.

You, me and the manager saw two games with Ismaila Soro before the Cup Final, enough to demonstrate he is a player, not enough to convince you, me AND the manager he was right for the final.  As fans, we are guilty of recency bias: Soro played well recenly, Celtic played well, therefore Soro is the answer to our problems.

This can be true but it can also be false.  I fell into this trap earlier this season with Jeremie Frimpong.  He was our MVP in wins over Ross County, Livingston and Hibs, but opposing teams adapted, and he’s young, which means form can be variable.  St Johnstone had his number in Perth next time out and his gas has been at a peep ever since.

What we have seen of Soro is encouraging, especially the second 45 minutes against Lille, but we have not seen enough to bet the bank on him.

At 35, Scott Brown is a shadow of his former imperious best, which has consequences for Callum McGregor and how we defend, which is the reason there is a clamour to play Soro.  e HeIt is accepted that Scott cannot play two games a week for long periods.  Consult your textbook, and it will tell you players like this need to be used sparingly, which means Soro is likely to start tomorrow night and against Dundee United on 30 December.

Alternating Soro and Brown directly conflicts with my desire to see a settled team and partnerships establish throughout the side, but desire is a guideline and guidelines can be flexed in certain circumstances.

Playing Soro or Brown at Ibrox feels like a major call.  Thankfully, it is not my decision, because I can see jeopardy in both options.  If you think the answer is obvious, I suggest you have not considered the matter closely enough.  However, this is the kind of decision Neil Lennon is paid the big bucks to make and get right.

Successful teams have a settled defence, central mid and goalkeeper.  They vary their attacking players, often during games, so while it is important to get the four more attacking positions right, we do not need consistency of selection in those areas.  Neil can throw the dice there against Ross County, Hamilton and Dundee United.  We need to see more from on Odsonne Edouard, Mohamed Elyounoussi  and Ryan Christie, none are currently playing well enough to know their shirts will be on a hanger on 2 January.

We dodged a trauma on Sunday but the game was full of information about the team and how to proceed.  In this respect, Hearts did us a favour in not capitulating.  How we use this knowledge will determine the outcome of the title.

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  1. One question for you HT….why is the aims of the Celtic Trust only available to those who are members.


    As the Marx brothers so eloquently put it…


    “I wouldn’t join a club that had me as a member.”


    Yet on CT website it states:



    A copy of the constitution is available to all members on request. The constitution is by necessity a long and detailed document. We seek to combine the voting strength of supporter shareholders and to accumulate shares in Celtic which will be held in common by the membership.



    I quote ..a long and detailed document. It’s as if what is contained therein is difficult to comprehend for the hard of thinking.



    Publish and be damned. There is enough effing secret societies in Scotland.



    Not a dig at you Chris but your group (as you seem to be the sole rep on here) is hardly holding the feet of the board to the coals and the meek acceptance of the status quo of the board’s stance and the damning with faint praise of Auldheid does not give me confidence of the Trust and it’s ultimate aims and ambitions.



    IMO, the only force outwith the board is the season ticket holders. Unite them and you have a chance of real change. Otherwise it’s just posturing and pointscoring on a level that cannot affect change.



    As I said, it’s not personal. It’s business.




  2. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND DECEMBER 2020 10:23 PM



    FD- if a more radical change group was out there, more folk would join IMO





    Indeed Bada.:-)



    there needs to be more cross unity with all groups.supporters clubs,groups,supporters clubs,different counrries and those power basis.


    All have different relationships with the club.but its a big job harnessing it all as one.


    I think Peter intentionally uses that in a political (small p).ceo way.:-)



    I like recent recent work by CT


    Good surge in membership ,good at getting what they are about?out there.



    Good use of tech,with zoom conference and exchange/flow of info with other groups.its especially important during these covid times.



    Hope your good :-)

  3. Our players are unfit ,Or our manager / coaches are not fit for purpose


    Hearts on Sunday took control of the game from the second half onwards ,Why..? Was it poor tactical awareness from our coaching staff or poor fitness standard ? or both 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. FRIESDORFER on 22ND DECEMBER 2020 11:48 PM





    I am sure you are well aware that £20k was pledged separately to tackle the legalities if required, this is not from CST funds. If the CST is not to tackle thorny issues, then what is its purpose? Surely it should be to ensure a fair and just representation for supporters’ interests. Because Celtic are not prepared to address the issues, we just leave it there? My hope is (was?) that the CST would garner momentum by increasing membership thus leading to providing an enhanced voice in communication with the Club through numbers. Of course there are a range of issues needing to be dealt with, that is understood and acknowledged. But, governance and corruption are major issues, and should not be left fallow just because they are difficult.









    Yes I’m aware of the £20k which has been donated.



    Genuine question. Do you have any idea of how much it would cost to bring this to some sort of conclusion?



    I think it’s important to point out that The Celtic Trust assisted and supported the original Resolution 12 when it was first proposed. In actual fact the trust were the ones who provided the guidance on how to get a resolution before the AGM.



    At that point it then became the sole issue of those who proposed it.



    I’ll repeat mate, we fully support the proposals, as we did at the recent Celtic AGM, and ideals of the group, but we believe that going by the actions of Celtic in recent years that any further action is futile.



    For 8 years Celtic have had it in their hands to do something, anything. They’ve chosen to do nothing.



    It would be madness for us to direct our attention towards what is essentially a dead duck with so much else going on.

  5. An Tearman, with respect, going with the shareholder route of the CT is pointless. Just look at every AGM vote for the last 10 years or so. No clout. Trying to organise disparate groups with slightly similar agendas still leaves one with different groups. Easy to manipulate and divide.

  6. Hamiltontim, no problem on AL so time on hands.



    Please just consider this one point and get back when you have a moment.



    If you could conceive for a moment a movement that brings the board to account, what would that look like?



    Shareholders? Nah, they have the numbers.



    An alliance of Celtic minded groups? Nope, too many angles for a board to attack, personalities and just plain differing opinions.



    Season ticket holders? Possibly. That hard cash is factored into the accounts. The only thing they understand, Money.



    If a group could attain consensus – and it would never be easy – to represent that larger body, it would open channels hitherto unattainable. An actual voice.



    I fear that the club’s representatives know this is so far off that they can play loosely with the different bodies to their advantage and remain unaccountable to no one in reality.



    A quite unacceptable position for the club we love.



    Merry Christmas to you sir.

  7. HT



    “Do you think our players are better coached now or under Rodgers?”



    Now, that’s a different question to the fitness issue which Neil gets lambasted for.




    My short answer is “I don’t know”. Without being ale to witness the training sesions of the respective coaches and to see them operating with the ir coaching staff, I am in no position to judge. It would be guess work and influenced by my own prejudices.



    The longer answer is in every post I have made since it became evident we were in a rut. There is something wrong with Celtic- we are not playing like we did last season- and last season we were a NFL team not a BR one.


    Neil was the guy who played 2 up front far more often than BR did. Neil was the one that losened our reliance on shuffling the ball along the back 4 (never got rid of it, though) and we were ll grateful for those two developments as it blew Stevie Gee’s revolution out of the water.



    Yet, very quickly that has gone South this year. The acquisition of an EPL experienced multi-capped CB has coincided with a collapse in our defensive strength. At a time when Sevco achieved regular clean sheets we were struggling to avoid conceding more than 2.



    So, obviously we are a much poorer team than we were last year and poorer still than BR’s final season when we were complaining about the fare he served up.



    If you have inside knowledge of deficiiencies in training methods, intensity or game analysis, you have the advantage of me. I don’t know these things and I will not guess on them to try to prove a point spuriously.



    Everyone can see there has been a deterioration in play. Many confidently attribute that to coaching weakness but few provide the evidence of it beyond the very simplistic equation of :-



    We are playing bad = We are being coached badly



    Whatever it is , I hope we take heart from making history and start getting a few clean sheets. we had 3 in August and only conceded 5 goals in 6 fixtures. We had 3 in September and conceded only 3 goals in 5 games but then the wheels came off.



    In October 2 clean sheets in 6 games and 10 goals conceded.


    In November 2 clean in 6 with 13 conceded.


    In December, 1 clean sheet in 5 with 10 goals conceded.



    Fix the defence and we fix Celtic.

  8. It is a simple PLC fact.



    The majority shareholders own it.



    The next majority fact our kids and grandkids will pay to be members or shirt wearing.



    No changes to ownership unless me or HT win the euro lottery

  9. 1st time i havw commented since Monday morning 5am on bus home



    paul67 Neil will have learnt something?????



    we all learnt something in jan to march this year



    Eddie cant play on his own up front and Griffs is number one goal scorer in Scotland and should be part of our two man strike force



    Sunday proved everything wrong with our football department



    1. Neil cant change a plan until its too late sometimes. i thought our back 4 that started was our best defensive option 4 at back then very late he changes it to the old wing backs, gave hertz all those spaces behind our wing backs sorry neil no clue


    2. two up front end of


    3. why is elyounoussi even starting for us a total waste of jersey


    4. a goalie great for hazards to save the penalty’s, but we should not have a goalie so weak , he was a rabbit caught in headlights


    5. John kennedy id you see his face when we went 3-2 up and neil hugged him, he was like a guy hugging his best enemy, no emotion kid on hug


    6. pistol pete and his 35M spent comment over 14 months, mm if he had expanded it to 24 months he could have added in the 69.5M brought in but that is not mentioned indeed asleep at the wheel



    someone said to me the other night who can come in as boss



    i said if any boss worth his salt was interested in job he would phone Brendan Rodgers, and of course he would say don’t touch it a barge pole as long as Peter is still controlling all

  10. HAMILTONTIM on 22ND DECEMBER 2020 11:15 PM


    FRIESDORFER on 22ND DECEMBER 2020 10:21 PM





    Very disappointed in recent responses from the CST. It seems that bolstering their own position rather than addressing governance and corruption is seen as a positive. Not for me.



    Andy, I hope you’re well safe and well my friend.



    A lengthy zoom meeting took place tonight of The Celtic Trust committee members. Amongst many things discussed was Auldheid’s suggestion that the Trust take forward the original Resolution 12 proposal from 2012 and the new Resolution 11 version which was proposed at this year’s Celtic Plc AGM. The suggestion was that we backed this, not just in principal, but also with finances. It was agreed overwhelmingly that this would be a futile and pointless exercise.



    The determination, diligence and honesty of the original proposers is to be greatly admired. The very fact that at least one has stuck with this for such a lengthy period deserves great admiration. The reality is that going by the letter which they received from EUFA many years ago, a letter that was only sent out of courtesy, there is only one group, organisation etc who they are legally required to respond to and that is a member club. When this was received it was duly passed on to Celtic as a member club.



    Celtic have chosen to do nothing.



    We are now 8 years down the line and again, at the recent AGM, Celtic have told the support and shareholders that they will do nothing.



    We support Auldheid’s proposal and greatly admire his resilience, however we, as a committee, feel that if our efforts and finances were to be directed towards this, then it would be






    I’m afraid you misrepresent the position.



    For a start the CST were not asked to contribute a penny, what was asked that any legal avenue be done under the auspices of the CST as they had the structure in place and a group of shareholders not necessarily all CST Members who had pledged £20K to that end if CST would take the lead as a formally constituted body whom lawyers would be able to represent.



    All the CST had to do was in effect front the shareholder group if they saw merit in using Celtic’s treatment of shareholders during Res12 (of which at least one Trust member is aware included lying to them at the 2019 AGM) as a means if identifying if shareholders rights and Director’s responsibilities had been met during the Res12 years.



    Don’t forget some of those shareholders (and non shareholders from CQN) ponied up to meet legal costs of £11, 266 in circumstances where it is not unreasonable to claim Celtic knew would lead no where because of the CAS referral clause in the 5 Way Agreement that Celtic accepted in 2012.



    The second point that is inaccurate and I’ve been at pains to make it clear on social media at least, Celtic did not vote against Res11/12. They said it was unnecessary and why.



    The why was that they would engage with the relevant parties (i. e SFA and UEFA) in response to the Res12 AGM Notice that said in effect you cannot have a game called sport if the rules that make it sport are set aside, which is what the SFA did in May this year when they abandoned the SFA Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal (JPDT) BECAUSE OF the clause in the 5 Way Agreement.



    ( Another another reason the JPDT may have stopped is that the SFA have had evidence from the day before The JPDT started in June 2018 that the UEFA Licence in 2011 was, according to legal opinion obtained since, granted under false pretence. They have sat on that as did Celtic when provided with the evidence in August 2018 before legal opinion was obtained that they and UEFA have.



    So Res11/12 wasnt voted down it was deemed unnecessary because Celtic said they would engage with relevant authorities and so why Res12 was no longer needed (apart from the fact the Res12 guys had done their own investigation and put the results to the UEFA Integrity Unit as Celtic wouldn’t do it , which is all that Res12 of 2013 asked for as stated on the voting form used under Res11 ie



    ” That the Board take steps to refer the Scottish Football Association to UEFA with regard to its licensing practices.



    What was suggested to CST was that the undertaking Celtic gave to shareholders with no time frame in the Board’s response, that was refused by Bankier at the AGM after a number of shareholders wrote to Celtic as the AGM notice enabled seeking one , should be monitored by The CST because of their growing numbers and indeed would help those numbers grow further.



    The moral dilemma for Celtic implied in the shareholders statement to The Board was how can you ask supporters to renew STs without giving them assurances before hand that you have done what you said in response to Res11/12 and tackled whatever stopped rules being set aside?



    Surely it is in the interest of every supporter who pays a penny towards Celtic to know rules will be applied where football justice demands it ?



    (if I may give an example of rules not being applied although in a different context , had Beaton ordered off Naismith on Sunday as the rules required, Naismith would not have been able to foul Hazard for Hearts equaliser and the goal disallowed as the rules required. How long are Celtic going to allow this shit that nearly cost a historic quadruple treble go on?)



    I digress.



    At one or both of the Open meetings two attendees ;) voiced concern about dealing with a Celtic Board that cannot be trusted and I thought both spot on, because until it is made clear that cannot be allowed to continue as they have, the CST and support at large will be shovelling green steam.



    I know what that feels like.



    I don’t know what information was provided at the CST meeting and by whom but it does not tie in with what was sought or as I recall what I asked at the Report back Zoom meeting.

  11. SFTB @ 11:20


    I think some of our problems stem from a combination of lack of endurance and abysmally slow reaction time from our management team. From memory, we have been unable to hold on to one goal leads against Kilmarnock and, I think, Aberdeen, and two goal leads against Lille, Milan and Hearts. We were very fortunate to get through the Scottish Cup semi final without conceding, because we were simply not at the races in the second half.



    At certain points during each game, it becomes apparent that we are being overrun, with the opposition carving through our midfield at will. Then our manager either does not recognize the danger, or is slow to react to an opposition change, and we do make an adjustment or substitution until we lose one goal, or even two. I think Hearts used the old rope-a-dope tactic on us on Sunday, and we were frankly out-coached. I was out of my seat with joy when Ajer clinched it, but very conscious that we had papered over a hell of a lot of cracks.

  12. So Charlie Nicholas says that Neil Lennon ” Is NOT a Celtic Legend or a Celtic Great ” ?


    He is entitled to HIS Opinion I suppose…BUT….



    Has Nicholas EVER told the MSM/Sky etc ……” I NEVER Was Nor NEVER Will be a Celtic Legend or Great, as I didnt hang around long enough… or play well consistently enough to merit being described by the MSM/Sky etc, as a Celtic Legend/Great, so please will ALL the MSM/Sky etc STOP introducing ME as such, as is the case on occasions ” ?




  13. Hello again all you young rebels.



    One of our CSC members mailed me asking about a Glasgow cup


    final which was never completed for whatever reason.


    He thinks it was 1966 but when checking with wiki it says Celtic beat


    Partick Thistle in the final 3-0 and if It was I was probably there.


    He’s convinced and reckons it’s something to do with Der hun ( what


    a surprise ) lol.


    Embody got any info ?


    H.H Mick

  14. Chris



    The narrative that you set out re Res12ers wanting to go alone is not accurate and I set your acting secretary straight on this via DM a couple of months ago.



    We did get technical guidance to assist putting a resolution on the table in 2013 and were grateful for it but when a adjournment was agreed with Celtic because we were given access to SFA although not UEFA and the adjournment afforded time to understand the rules both tax process and UEFA, the requisitioner without whom Res12 would never have been tabled, was subject to anger from at least one CST member on leaving that 2013 AGM.


    Perhaps there was a sense of betrayal having provided guidance but whatever the reason it was undignified at best.



    Thereafter Res12 went its course doing the uncovering and deciding what to do next with each layer of the onion peeled.



    There was little point involving the CST in that and besides you guys were doing great work on challenging the OBAF legislation and later on FAC which the requisitioners fully supported in terms of using social media to promulgate.



    We also got voting advice in 2019 when that Res12 to take the case away from UEFA went to a vote which really was appreciated.



    However in July 2018 after evidence emerged that later legal opion considered was a strong indication that the licence in March 2011 had been granted under false pretence, both the CSA and CST were approached and you arranged the meeting with a CST


    official and he was updated on this change of events and consequences in McDonalds along the London Rd.



    The CSA to their credit arranged a meeting with Celtic with there vice President present and a recognised Celtic blogger although both Paul Brennan and Harry Brady to use his social media name were unable to attend.


    The CST if I remember correctly discussed the report back of the McDonalds meeting that was very enjoyable and decided they would observe, so the narrative it was a Res12 choice to carry on alone is not true and it is disingenuous to repeat it.



    I can quite accept that CST might have had good resource reasons not to get involved but their presence at the meeting in Aug 2018 with CSA and Celtic might have seen Celtic act on the new information rather than ignore the suggestion they take it to UEFA quietly to confirm not just that UEFA rules had been breached in terms of overdue payables but criminality was involved.



    As to supporting the vote in 2019 which probably came as a result of the info provided in July 2018 that support made no real difference at the end of the day for the very reason the CST wishes to acquire more shares, ie to try and get their resolutions passed I saw it as no more than lip service given the outcome of the meeting in July but had no desire to say so.


    The CST indicated support for the original Res in 2020, indeed thought the case just, but after the Res presented took the form of a statement because the way it was framed was unacceptable under Company law but Celtic waited 7 weeks before saying so, giving no time to deliver a revised one, the advice from the CST chair was to work with Celtic to drop it and I’ve already explained that the old Res12 was dropped because circumstances had changed since 2013 and Celtic stated they were going to address the shareholders concerns making it even more unecessary.



    All the CST have been asked to do since is check Celtic act timeously to address shareholder and supporters concerns in terms of assurances the rules that govern the game will be applied.



    I think it only fair I point out the reasons why CST were not involved since the AGM in 2013 and their response once presented with good reason to be more involved in July 2018.



    The point here Chris is you yourself know this Board cannot be trusted and the CST were given the opportunity to do something about it and passed.



    It’s not as if I didnt do my best to prevent this happening from the moment your Chairman was elected and I can show where.



    I’m afraid I’ll have to withdraw my membership of the CST as its disheartening to see what was embarked upon with Peter Lawwells encouragement as an attempt to bring about SFA reform has led to such divisiveness .


    He will be having a right good laugh at his good fortune will the bold Peter unless we ALL take him on and stop pissing about.

  15. My friends in Celtic,



    During these dark and uncertain times what a tonic it is to have Celtic play tonight.



    To say I look forward to our games now is an understatement.



    I did not agree with tthe hounding of the manager by our more vociferous support. Our manager has earned the right to create history and I wanted him to bow out as a winner and a history maker. I still advocate that policy. We need a new start.



    However and it’s a big however; I am so missing attending Parkhead and the whole match day experience. It is a major focus of life and I will not give it up voluntary.


    Win, lose or draw and God willing, I will be roaring our bhoys on as soon as is practicable.



    HH to all and COYBIG.

  16. Excited. Not for Christmas. For the Hoops playing tonight.



    Can’t wait to see the 4×3 winners get back on track. A couple of changes to the starting line up, Soro for Broony (injured), Griff for Moi (uninspiring in last few games. Not bothered about which keeper gets the no 1 jersey, it should be irrelevant.



    Mikey to get some more game time.



    And a 4 goal victory. Not much to ask.

  17. Yes, I’m persevering with Eddie up front. He missed three good chances in the final, but I saw him smile. And also looks like his fitness is improving post Covid.



    And as Steve Bruce has been describing, the effects of COVID can range from minor to really major. Eddie may still be in the minor bracket.

  18. Good morning cqn from an excited to see the Hoops again Garngad



    A good and insightful read back, well done all who contributed and thanks for no infighting.



    Big Jimmy – Nicholas is a walliper always has been always will be, I never liked his attitude.






    D :)

  19. MELBOURNE MICK on 23RD DECEMBER 2020 6:17 AM





    Celtic Gubbed the Huns 4-0 in the semi final of The Glasgow Cup in 1966…with Big Billy scoring with a SHOT…and Bobby Lennox getting a Hat Trick.


    The attendance was just over 76,000, which is surely a record for a Glasgow Cup Tie ? Im not sure.


    Celtic gubbed Partick thistle 4-0 in the Final, which was played on a Monday night with 31,000 in attendance.


    Your mate may have got the year wrong about, the Final not being played to a finish, for whatever reason…but in 1966 it was as above.


    Cheers mate.



  20. Interesting read back,from a couple of well informed guys ,re R12/11, governance of the Club, and the Celtic Trust.I think the support need a stronger vehicle, with more teeth than the CT,and I say that with respect to the CT.Can we get ourselves organised, to hold Lawwell and the Board to account,but with more consequences, rather than having tea with Peter? I don’t have any answers, but I do get the impression, that PL,has an element of control with the CT.

  21. NFL – In my eyes is a Legend and for a human being to put up with all the shoite that he has had to endure in this infested country makes me so sad but so proud that he has held his head high and up until now won near enough every fight that comes his way. A 1 fingered salute to bonnie Scotland if you ask me.



    BUT in my opinion his time as a manager is up.



    We need fresh thoughts and a whole new management team.



    BUT he is in position and I will support my (our) team till my last breathe.



    So COYBIG let’s pump RC and keep the winning run going.



    2 Centre Firwards every single game against SPFL opposition for me.



    D :)

  22. Good morning friends from a damp and cold East Kilbride and Happy Matchday! Another chance to see The Champions play.


    If Duffy and Brown are out (as reported) I still hope we play with a back 4 and I imagine Neil will bring in Bitton either as the centre back or as the right back with Kris moving into the middle. Personally I’d leave Kris where he has been – after all he has just been voted MOTM but the good folk on here for the last 2 games running ;-)


    Up front I share the views of most on here – 2 strikers please. Any two from the 4 we have!!


    Goalkeeper? I think Neil has to pick one and stick with him for the next 4 games to start to build some sort of understanding with the defence in front of him. I still think Barkas might be the answer but as Sunday was the first time that Hazard had looked very nervous maybe it was just down to the enormity of the occasion and something he’ll have learned from?


    As for the 4 across the middle I hope there’s starts for Soro, Turnbull and Johnston. If Neil agrees with me I’m happy to allow him the final wild card pick!


    6pm can’t come around quick enough



    The Kick Off is at 6pm Tonight v Ross County !





    I must admit that I loved Nicholas when he first appeared for the hoops til he left for Arsenal.


    Me and Two mates were in the old Main Stand at Ipox when Nicholas scored a WINNING Screamer past the Huns goalie Jim Stewart as the Celts won 1-0. he took the ball from a Celtic throw in and did a couple of wee shuffles before skelping the ball about 25 yards out….right in front of the Celtic End.


    Me and my Two mates nearly got a ” Doing” at the end cos of us celebrating when Nicholas scored….as we were surrounded by ugly, angry Huns LOL.



    I would have ben around 26/27 at the time, but I cant remember precisely what year it was ?


    HH Mate.

  24. DAVID66 on 23RD DECEMBER 2020 8:16 AM



    2 Centre *Firwards* every single game against SPFL opposition for me.









    I was thinking we could do with signing a big guy for up front. But 2 lumps of wood is taking it too far. 😂




    Thanks for that JIMMY, I can’t think of any Glasgow cups not


    completed, but he’s convinced.


    Maybe it’s another cup and year ?


    Perhaps Tontine Tim will have an idea what he’s on about.


    Hope you’re good, I know you don’t drink In the house, but


    surely a wee toast for Christmas and New Year ?


    H.H. Mick

  26. Big Jimmy- I was at the game and CN was having a nightmare, a couple of guys behind me, were saying the whole game,that they were at the same NY party as CN the night before……

  27. HT


    Good Morning C


    Had hit the hay last night so didn’t reply then.


    Hope you and yours have as good a Christmas period as possible. We are just about hanging in there, as they say, although missing the footy terribly.


    To be honest, I don’t have any idea of the projected cost of legal action, although the £20k pledge would be sufficient for a few legal letters I would imagine, and there is nothing to stop seeking further pledges if deemed appropriate and necessary.


    Perhaps a possible way forward is to conduct a public survey of CST members, along the lines of:


    . What should the major objective be in the short term?


    . What metrics should be used to determine this?


    . Timeframe, e.g. by end February and before season ticket renewal.


    . Further action to be taken to enable consensus view resulting to be represented to Celtic?



    I’m sure there must be more that could be added, just a few thoughts from the top of my head. As a democratic organisation, all of these matters should be open and transparent, and published on the CST website. I will access shortly, but for example, is a record of the CST Committee Zoom meeting referred to now on the website for members to see? If not, why not ( and I haven’t looked as yet)? No doubt you will appreciate that many folks are unenamoured with the closed nature (to put it politely) of dealings between the Celtic Board and supporters, thus anything that changes the status quo via transparency is to be welcomed.


    Take care and all the best.



  28. MELBOURNE MICK on 23RD DECEMBER 2020 8:38 AM




    No, I will probably be in my bed before the bells anyway or trying to stay awake watching some movie ? Likewise, I will be having a Christmas By Pass like most years due not having any family etc ( and obviously Covid). Its obviously worse this year with the pubs being closed, but I just cant bring myself to drink in the hoose, it can be even more depressing imho ?


    I dont take ANY drink even when watching the Hoops in the hoose.


    I RAELLY Enjoy going to a Pub and having Pints of Beer aplenty, and telling auld jokes and many Lies to other auld geezers…..when I am not trying to chat up some Wummin LOL.


    HH Mate.

  29. Auldheid @ 2:18 & 6:44am



    Sir, I salute your indefatigability!



    I have taken the gut wrenching decision to not renew my ST next year. But why should I after 50 years supporting Celtic, my first game was at Muirton Park in 1970, feel like the only way to actually tackle fraud, corruption and shocking governance is to punish myself?



    Throughout my life I have supported the club in whatever way I can. My dirty secret (oh the shame) is that I even had a season ticket in the final years of the Kelly/White/Grant era by virtue of being a Pools agent down here in England. In the past 26 years there were only 4 seasons that I never had a ST which was down to full time caring responsibilities. Celtic are simply my one love and passion outside of family and yet it’s clearly unrequited and that’s hard to bear. I always held out hope that the truth would out and justice would be done, however long it took, but that no longer looks likely and I have to say it’s sickening. As someone who attended Fir Park in 2005 and watched as the EBT Huns celebrated at Easter Road, I have often wondered whether there was a legal avenue for me to pursue as an individual season ticket holder under Consumer Law as I’d been regularly sold something under false pretences and that those who sold it to me, i.e. the PLC, and those who “governed” the game (SFA), were liable for failing in their duties to me as a customer?



    No doubt such things have been considered by greater minds than me but it sticks in my craw that I regularly travelled up and down the road to Paradise to watch what in essence was a bent “sport” and that in spite of knowing that to be the case for thousands like me, our board don’t think that’s worthy of pursuit. As I said a love unrequited.



    Anyway, late for work so will have to sign off but Auldheid, please keep the fight going and if there’s anything I can do to help in any way, please let me know. I would happily make a financial contribution equivalent to the cost of a ST (in my case an unholy £666 – how ironic) to any action that has the potential to bring proper scrutiny to the (non) actions of the PLC and anyone else for that matter and I have at least 2 fellow ST/Shareholders friends who would do likewise.



    Feck the PLC, I want my club back!




  30. MELBOURNE MICK on 23RD DECEMBER 2020 6:17 AM


    Hello again all you young rebels.







    One of our CSC members mailed me asking about a Glasgow cup





    final which was never completed for whatever reason.





    He thinks it was 1966 but when checking with wiki it says Celtic beat





    Partick Thistle in the final 3-0 and if It was I was probably there.





    He’s convinced and reckons it’s something to do with Der hun ( what





    a surprise ) lol.





    Embody got any info ?





    H.H Mick


    17/04/1968 GCF Celtic 8 Clyde 0



    *Celtic progressed to GCF versus CFC after Rangers withdrew from SF (scheduled for Ibrox on 23/02/1968, 27/02/1968, 03/03/1968 and 11/03/1968) citing fixture congestion; Celtic’s 26th GC win and joint record margin of victory in a GCF to this date. On the same day the Reserves defeated RRFC 2-1 (Quinn, McMahon) at home in the RL. CELTIC :- Fallon, Murray, Cattanach (Newman – Danny McGrain), Young, Hay, Taggart, Newman (Vic Davidson), Quinn, McMahon, Gorman. On the previous day the Herald reported that Real Madrid had declined an invitation from Celtic to play a Scottish Select in Glasgow sometime in August 1968 on account of their players’ holidays.




  31. !BADA BING!! on 23RD DECEMBER 2020 8:43 AM




    I canny remember too much about that Huns game, apart from Nicholas’s winning goal and the Ugly, angry Huns ALL around me and my mates. It must have been one of my mates who could only get us tickets for that Main Stand…FULL of Huns, cos it wisnae me LOL.


    In January 1983, I had just became 27 the month before. I was with a mate who was also a Fitba team mate, and our Manager at that Huns game.


    Believe it or not, many Folk including my mates used to comment that I was very like Nicholas…and I was mistaken for him in one or two Pubs at the time, with folk asking for autographs as some thought I was Nicholas LOL !


    My Fitba manager at that time was a John Cleese lookalike, and Celtic daft. He would LITERALLY be like a Raging Basil Fawlty on the touch line IF we made any mistakes on the pitch, especially if I was having a poor game…He used to ” Flip his Dish” LOL.



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