Weak, shoddy and inconsistent. The SFA is back on form


Since the beginning of (football) time, the only persistent complaint against officialdom is the lack of consistency.  If the precedent is set, as when Alfredo Morelos grabbed the genitals of Ryan Christie last season and nothing was done about it, then Christie is encouraged to think that behaviour is acceptable (I disagree).

The rules have not changed since last season, when Morelos action was not judged an offence, but how the SFA Judicial Panel interprets the rule is completely different for Christie and Morelos.  We have a clear case of officials condoning a behaviour of Morelos on Christie, only to impose a retrospective ban on Christie for the same misdemeanour.

The seeds of this issue were sown last season, when Morelos was ordered off an unprecedented five times.  The Panel, faced with his incessant offending, succumbed to pressure, forgave one red card on appeal and declined to take action for the offence on Christie.

As though to compound the matter, the same Panel have failed to react to Morelos throat-slitting gesture towards Celtic fans.  Like everything else in disciplinary matters, this looks like a precedent, which I doubt.  Any other player acting like this will be severely punished.  Neil Lennon would be banned from the game for life if he behaved like this.

The world game has always been plagued by inconsistencies in refereeing decisions, which are made on the spot and (in Scotland) without video review.  There can be no legitimate reason for the SFA Judicial Panel to approve an action by Morelos on Christie and subsequently ban Christie for the same action.

That they are apparently happy to condone throat-slitting gestures in our game is unacceptable.  This panel is not fit to administer discipline in our game and if the SFA think otherwise, the Association itself is not fit for purpose.

We cannot acquiesce to live in a Trump world, where shouty statements regurgitated by friends in the media are given any substance.  It is no wonder we want out of Scottish football.


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  1. Never mind FT(SFA)…………………….



    Bhoycott The SFA……………………………………….




    We should have upped our bid to sign John McGinn.



    You make good signings and bad signings from abroad as well.

  3. Timaloy29



    I was thinking more about Cosgrove in a Celtic shirt. You confident his robust play wouldn’t be seen differently ?



    Think SFA. Think so.

  4. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    JAMESGANG on 7TH JANUARY 2020 1:28 PM



    WWII in colour on netflix is well worth a watch – frightening, eerie footage but important lessons to be learnt. Not that a certain buffoon in the USA cares.




  5. That man took the stage, his towel was swingin’ high


    (Oh Tino)


    This man was my bombers, my Dexy’s, my high


    (Oh, Tino)


    How the crowd, they all hailed you, and chanted your name


    But they never knew like we knew



    Tino, Tino, Tino …..



    Apparently Le Havre willing to sell but want him loaned back for rest of season. That’s not going to work.

  6. BIG WAVY on 7TH JANUARY 2020 1:54 PM



    I was thinking more about Cosgrove in a Celtic shirt. You confident his robust play wouldn’t be seen differently ?



    Think SFA. Think so.





    Overall Celtic have an excellent disciplinary record. We have topped the fair play table for 9 out of the last 10 seasons.



    Cosgrove hasn’t got a bad disciplinary record. Even with the SFA, Celtic players generally play fair.



    I don’t see the problem.



    I think he’d be an asset. Not necessarily our first choice striker but somebody we can trust in reserve (like Griffiths). He’s not a suitable replacement for Edouard.



    You are right to point out Chris Killen as a cautionary tale. But to be fair to Cosgrove, he’s been tested over a longer period.



    Chris Killen at Hibs scored 19 in 32. Cosgrove has scored 41 in 76 games for Aberdeen.



    More than double the sample size.



    We need to sign somebody that is clear. If its Campbell, Sporar, Kadewere or Cosgrove I’d back them.

  7. We got beat and they can can see a real possibility of stopping 9-in-a-row.


    A 3 game ban for one of our top players will just be one of many hurdles that will have to be overcome in the next months.

  8. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    What is the deal with one game ‘add on’ to Christies ban? How does that work?




  9. Paul67



    Weak, shoddy and inconsistent



    I’ve no issue with Ryan Christie’s citation, sanction or Celtic statement as they are all very consistent, in the world where we are treated differently.



    Name calling the SFA in watered down, lily livered statements is an insult to the Celtic support and an affront to ‘the good of the game’ as if anyone somehow gives a flying **** about that in Scotland.



    Inconceivable, even allowing for Scottish maladministration that a banned player in his very next away game repeats his offence without being cited?



    It’s a lot of things weak, shoddy and inconsistent don’t feature, the unpunished events of a week ago on Sunday were seven years in the making, and Celtic are now seven years too late in communicating with our long suffering support about this so called ‘good of the game’



    Totally inconceivable

  10. Great article from The Celtic Star


    You Did This


    You, Mr Lawwell, the highest paid non playing employee in the entire history of Celtic Football Club. You. Did. This.



    Your policy of Appeasement, of turning the other cheek, occasionally saying you are ‘surprised’ or ‘astonished’ and now ‘disappointed’ at the corrupt Scottish game that has of course made you a personal fortune.



    You and those around you have demonstrated a remarkable lack of good faith in dealing with the concerns of the Celtic shareholders and supporters who have conducted a self-funded campaign on behalf of fairness and justice. You told the AGM in 2018 that the Res 12 guys were happy with the way you were dealing with their concerns and had to be corrected from the floor by Auldheid. That was misleading to say the least.





    On Resolution 12, you finally surrendered at the last AGM back in November telling the shareholders that it was not in Celtic PLC’s best interest to pursue the matter. At that AGM you also told the meeting that you had never seen the 5 Way Agreement, a document that has significant impact on the way the game in Scotland is governed. You run Scotland’s biggest club, yet you claim to have never seen this crucial document.



    Despite running a club that turns can turn over £100m in a year, you left it to the Celtic support to put their hands in their pockets to crowd fund the legal costs of pursuing the corruption. You also left it to the supporters to crowd fund the newspaper advertisement that outlined exactly the legal status of the new Rangers ahead of our first ever meeting in February 2015. An action that was deemed necessary because Celtic were saying nothing.





    You allowed, perhaps encouraged Neil Doncaster to concoct a formula that transferred the honours won by the old Rangers – and don’t forget that some of these honours were won while the cheating was in full flow – to the new club that Charles Green formed in the summer of 2012 after the CVA had been rejected at Ibrox in June 2012.



    You did nothing after the Supreme Court – the highest court in the land – ruled against Rangers in the matter of the Big Tax Case and you failed to make any meaningful move to challenge the hasty and flawed Lord Nimmo Smith finding that was of course all based on the premise that the Big Tax Case was lawful.





    You failed to act when Nimmo Smith’s remit deliberately excluded the Wee Tax Case, which has been the focus of the Celtic fans self funded campaign but you believe is not in Celtic’s best interest.



    You allowed them to chase people from positions of authority within the game – the non-exec director who had made a harmless football fans joke decades before in a trade magazine interview was chased out the door and you did nothing.



    Over the last year you have failed to act as their players have physically assaulted our players on the field of play with apparent immunity from the Scottish FA, have threatened to murder Celtic Supporters and have branded Celtic Supporters racists despite the evidence this widely reported claim is based on is clear and obvious fake news.





    You allowed a referee to rub our noses in it by drinking in a Rangers bar after his controversial and biased handling of the game at Ibrox in December 2018.



    You did this. They know you are feeble. Their referees know you are weak. Their friends in the media have been emboldened and willing to resort to the dark arts of their profession to attack Celtic. They all know that you will never stand up to them. They are on the march and there’s a battle fever. They understand that a stand to you is simply the place where you complacently assume we’ll also fill to pay your multi-million bonus and salary.



    Yesterday the Scottish FA simply confirmed your own personal humiliation as a Celtic leader unwilling to fight and therefore unfit to lead. Unless you are prepared to stand up for Celtic then it is clear that you time is up.





    You have unquestionably done some great things at the club but that is increasingly becoming less relevant. Put it this way, today many would rather have a less commercially successful CEO who is willing to fight our corner than a great money maker who isn’t.



    Let’s look at your statement released last night on the official Celtic website. Here’s what it says…



    Celtic Football Club and Ryan Christie are extremely disappointed at the outcome of the hearing today.



    Given the recent treatment of Celtic players and the lack of sanctions being imposed on those responsible, the fact that a sanction has been imposed on Ryan for the incident in question demonstrates a worrying lack of consistency in the Scottish FA fast track process.



    Naturally, we will be contacting the Scottish FA regarding our concerns. Scottish football deserves a disciplinary process which is fair, consistent and fit for purpose.



    ‘Disappointed’ joins ‘Surprised’ and ‘Astonished’ it the words of feeble Celtic responses.



    ‘A worrying lack of consistency’ at the Scottish FA – this is only being noticed NOW?



    ‘Scottish football deserves a disciplinary process which is fair, consistent and fit for purpose’…yet it is unfair, inconsistent and unfit for purpose and who is to blame for that?



    You allowed this to happen. You said nothing with Alasdair Johnston this week attacked the Celtic Support for believing the facts surrounding the liquidation of Rangers FC in 2012. You have failed Celtic. All we want is a fair and honest game. Today it is clear that this is not the case.



    You did this. It’s time to fight back or it’s time to go.

  11. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    DENIABHOY on 7TH JANUARY 2020 2:20 PM







  12. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    LAMBERT14 on 7TH JANUARY 2020 2:29 PM



    Probably, in a nutshell, the reason the Celtic Star website was born. That article wouldn’t have seen the light of day on here obviously.




  13. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    HOT SMOKED on 7TH JANUARY 2020 2:37 PM



    From an unmoderated poster, obviously (to most).



    I’ve posted on this site plenty of times.


    Your sleekit comment is typical of the people who have Lawwell blinkers on.

  15. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    LAMBERT14 on 7TH JANUARY 2020 2:47 PM



    I was referring to the guy who set up the Celtic Star website and how he couldn’t have posted content like that here, not to you. Thanks for sharing though, good article.

  16. Lambert14,


    Don’t usually rate the Celtic Star articles, ( Too emotional, lacking balance imo).


    However that, I believe is a very good, concise, well constructed article, laying out succinct evidence for all to see.


    The Lawwell bashing aside.


    I would however like to hear the board’s counter arguments to justify their apparent inaction.


    Not everything can be as black and white as the article outlines one would suspect.


    I believe the board have a responsibility to explain/ examine the grey areas, for us supporters to gain some understanding of their ( lack of) responses to the catalogue of issues affecting the game in Scotland, and more specifically our club, since the death of the old rangers in 2012.




  17. LAMBERT14 – thanks for the article. Perhaps the author overlooked the fact that PL has a boss who he answers to? That he will have been “guided” on his decision making as it relates to Celtic/SFA/TRFC by DD?


    If PL goes, as the article demands, the next boss also has to work for DD – so what would change?



    DD’s corporate legal teams could destroy Hampden if he felt the need or desire to do so. He loves the old firm.

  18. Paul67 et al



    Is this the same Ryan Christie who got himself sent off, for a challenge you could only describe as reckless, in the 25th minute at 0-0 against Livingstone back in October? A game we lost 2-0? Is Morelos now the template as to how we behave on the field? Is Alfredo now a role model for Christie, beginning to look that way, without the appeal appeal. Christie was lucky not to get sent off on the 29 December, not that we would have missed him, though we might not have missed the penalty had he been sent off early doors? Plenty battles to choose from, but from where I’m standing, Ryan’s ban is not one of them.

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    JAMESGANG on 7TH JANUARY 2020 1:28 PM



    WWII in colour on netflix is well worth a watch – frightening, eerie footage but important lessons to be learnt. Not that a certain buffoon in the USA cares.








    You may not see the blatant military expansionism emanating from Beijing and Moscow.



    Thank God the Donald does .



    Obama , of Syrian ” red line ” infamy was the buffoon .






    DENIABHOY on 7TH JANUARY 2020 2:56 PM


    You overlook the fact that Desmond is a minority shareholder and can be outvoted on all opinion and matters.


    Lawwell is given an easy ride by people who blame Desmond for Lawwells decisions on matters.


    It’s nonsense.


    Lawwell should have been binned years ago for his running of the club.


    Are you saying he is a CEO in name only?


    Then why are we paying a puppet multi million bonuses every year?



    EUROCHAMPS67 on 7TH JANUARY 2020 2:51 PM


    Lawwell doesn’t get bashed enough.


    His bonus are obscene.

  21. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    I didn’t mention any names, but strangely you seemed to know who I was referring to.

  22. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    LAMBERT14 on 7TH JANUARY 2020 3:09 PM











    No probs




  23. MACJAY1 – the Chinese strategy to world domination has been, so far, a bloodless revolution.They have taken over much of Africa and Latin America already. If something is worth owning they go after it – natural resources are being hoovered up. No need to invade a country when you can just buy it.


    I have friends on the Russia/China border who say the Chinese are taking over huge areas there too. Moving in, farming the land then claiming it as theirs.

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Good lad.


    Point made . No rancour.

  25. Lambert14 – happy to be proven wrong but I think most people, including me, believe DD has the final say on the big decisions. MoN, Roy Keane, Rogers etc. were all DD appointments/signings. No?

  26. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DENIABHOY on 7TH JANUARY 2020 3:17 PM



    It`s been going on since before Kojo`s time.



    The creation of a military base in the South China sea , thereby restriction the flow of hitherto unimpeded shipping , and therefore trade , is particularly alarming.


    Thank God , the Donald is on the case.



    JFK. Why England slept revisited.

  27. Lawwell gets paid too much. He runs Celtic in DD’s way.



    You get rid of PL you will probably get another one just like him. Maybe on a lower salary… for a while

  28. Lambert14,


    EUROCHAMPS67 on 7TH JANUARY 2020 2:51 PM



    Lawwell doesn’t get bashed enough.



    His bonus are obscene.



    You appear to miss my support for the article.


    I only object to the Lawwell bashing as it, imo, adds nothing to the understanding of the issues, rightly identified in the article.


    Nor does it suggest any solutions.



    Getting rid of Lawwell and his massively overpaid salary would do little to positively affect the way, Celtic are treated differently from every other club in Scotland, by the SFA, Scottish football in general and the wider Scottish community.


    Lawwell is not the problem. Part of it possibly, but not the creator of it.




  29. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’ve read that ‘Celtic Star’ piece a couple of times.



    I may be missing it, but I can’t find the bit where he suggests things Celtic should do about it.



    Can anyone else help?

  30. DENIABHOY on 7TH JANUARY 2020 3:25 PM



    I’ve heard this before but took it to be rumours as Celtic never confirmed this.


    As I said. DD is a minority shareholder and can be outvoted on every decision, and if we have a board who aren’t willing to fight for what is right on every major decision and put it to a vote internally then they are completely useless.


    Why then pay a nodding dog millions every year when he isn’t actually being a CEO at all, just a pet monkey for DD?


    I don’t believe he is, and saying he is a puppet for DD is letting Lawwell off on his running of the club.

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