Weak, shoddy and inconsistent. The SFA is back on form


Since the beginning of (football) time, the only persistent complaint against officialdom is the lack of consistency.  If the precedent is set, as when Alfredo Morelos grabbed the genitals of Ryan Christie last season and nothing was done about it, then Christie is encouraged to think that behaviour is acceptable (I disagree).

The rules have not changed since last season, when Morelos action was not judged an offence, but how the SFA Judicial Panel interprets the rule is completely different for Christie and Morelos.  We have a clear case of officials condoning a behaviour of Morelos on Christie, only to impose a retrospective ban on Christie for the same misdemeanour.

The seeds of this issue were sown last season, when Morelos was ordered off an unprecedented five times.  The Panel, faced with his incessant offending, succumbed to pressure, forgave one red card on appeal and declined to take action for the offence on Christie.

As though to compound the matter, the same Panel have failed to react to Morelos throat-slitting gesture towards Celtic fans.  Like everything else in disciplinary matters, this looks like a precedent, which I doubt.  Any other player acting like this will be severely punished.  Neil Lennon would be banned from the game for life if he behaved like this.

The world game has always been plagued by inconsistencies in refereeing decisions, which are made on the spot and (in Scotland) without video review.  There can be no legitimate reason for the SFA Judicial Panel to approve an action by Morelos on Christie and subsequently ban Christie for the same action.

That they are apparently happy to condone throat-slitting gestures in our game is unacceptable.  This panel is not fit to administer discipline in our game and if the SFA think otherwise, the Association itself is not fit for purpose.

We cannot acquiesce to live in a Trump world, where shouty statements regurgitated by friends in the media are given any substance.  It is no wonder we want out of Scottish football.


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  1. Lawwell is the right hand of our major shareholder. The controlling shareholder whom in an interview I seen some years back, when asked about his long term vision for Celtic spoke about playing in the EPL and how the share price would rocket as a result. In the same interview he also spoke about Celtic being his son’s thing, he bought the shares because of his son…



    Desmond is on record as stating how The Rangers are an “institution”. Not a word of criticism regarding signing policies or corporate governance.



    His strategy for want if a better word, is to sit on his shares (which have tripled in value under Lawwell) , and maybe one day he’ll strike gold and see Celtic playing in a major tv league.



    Lawwell is absolutely untouchable until Dermot Desmond is out of our club.



    China has taken millions out of poverty in their own land. When they go after African or South American resources they usually do deals with the countries ,like building roads bridges and dams-win win for all. Contrast that with US-UK colonialist policies taking the resources by bribery and corruption and leaving third world countries in an even worse condition.

  3. Forgot to add that the dead rangers had a board full of yes men to Murray, and look at how we laughed at them for it.


    At least they can be partially excused as they had no say as Murray was majority shareholder.


    Whereas, if, as some people say DD is indeed the main man for decisions, our board are an absolute disgrace as DD is only a minority shareholder and can be outvoted.


    That makes Lawwell look even worse in my eyes, as he, as CEO, isn’t overseeing with the rest of the board on decisions best for the club, rather he is just carrying out decisions to the benefit of a minority shareholder.

  4. the players should be looking for sick notes when the Scotland games come about…..like the old rangers used to do………no doubt this would infuriate Mr pierre

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Nobody has more admiration for the Chinese ” great leap forward ” of the last 3 or 4 decades than do I .


    Blindingly capitalist.


    You knew there was going to be a ” however ” .


    The Chinese premier has his job for life. China is not democratic and thus is on the horns of a dilemma over Hong Kong. Essentially a one party totalitarian state .


    What`s the difference between that and fascism ?



    Does this remind you of anything or anywhere ?







    Hua Wei in Uk ? No way .

  6. MCNUT on 7TH JANUARY 2020 6:52 AM





    Having read you over the years, and been persuaded by you in this seemingly convoluted and complex case, I once again salute you for bringing it up to date for the umpteenth time.



    I will not address the intricacies of the matter as I do not have your informed grasp, however I should, in light of the club’s latest ‘tussle’ with the SFA disciplinary procedures, ask this: what exactly is being hidden here?



    Prevarication and procrastination have reached such ridiculous levels that there must be some separate connecting matter which is preventing Celtic and the SFA from dealing evenhandedly and openly with supporters and shareholders.



    Is there some ‘quid pro quo’ between Celtic and the SFA? If so, what does it pertain to?



    Are the officers of our club ‘working hand in glove’ with the SFA to mislead our supporters and shareholders?



    What hold does the SFA have over Celtic that necessitates the club to act in this way?



    It must be something very serious.




    I lost the rag at a meeting with Celtic on Res12 a couple of years ago on being told PL had done everything he could on Res12.



    ‘He has done SFA effective’ was my reply.



    Letter writing doesn’t cut it, it gives the appearance of support but it changes nothing.



    I remember saying (perhaps same meeting) to the SLO that Celtic were facing a criminal organisation and needed to tool up.



    They haven’t, which leads to the question why not?



    Is it just part of a passive nature that comes from the CEO or is there more that prevents Celtic taking a more aggressive approach?



    That question is being asked more and more with suspicions that the answers lie in the 5 Way Agreement, which Mr Lawwell denied sight of when a shareholder at the AGM posed the question had he seen it, but could he have agreed to it without seeing it?



    It would be the greatest of ironies/misjudgments , if what was an understandable attempt commercially to retain 50k paying customers in the Scottish football industry, became an own goal because Celtic did not realise what end they were facing at kick off.



    I see Phil is speculating on another reason but with reason to do so.




  7. From @CraigAConnolly



    Is anyone beginning to think that the reason Celtic aren’t fighting the SFA/SPFL on the rangers game fiasco or the R12 because they might have been involved in the 5 way agreement? Something stinks at Celtic and it’s reeking from the boardroom.

  8. Bamboo – as I said, no need to invade a country when you can buy it. I would agree with you that they are mighty smart in how they are going about it. Economic and political influence is a far more effective strategy than bombs and bullets.


    Sometimes it can go wrong though for the host country. Venezuela is up to its eyeballs in debt to China and cannot pump enough oil to service the debt. So oil and oil revenue that could be helping the country out of its crisis is instead transferred straight to China.


    I know it is all incredibly complex and beyond my intellect to understand. But if you sell the family silver for jam today there will be a price to pay down the road.



    7TH JANUARY 2020 13:28 PM





    7TH JANUARY 2020 13:42 PM






    Agree with all both of you say – some on here will gang-up to call those daring to accept and be wary about this real Ibrox challenge, derogatory names and question their allegiance.



    This is the pivotal year for Ibrox – everything has been thrown ‘into to the pot’, and it’s not finished yet. It will be no surprise to see one, or, two, Defoe type loans coming in this month. They see us as vulnerable this season. Although we are in a much better position this season, than last, points-wise, we are under more pressure.



    We disposed of them early in the season at Ibrox and it looked like plain-sailing. The results at Livingston and Easter Road, opened the door for them.



    They then took great heart from their defeat at Hampden – the Celtic Park result has convinced them that this is their year.



    We are still in the ‘box seat’ and it’s about what we do that will determine the destination of the title. If we respond correctly in the ‘window’, on the pitch, with so many away fixtures, and in the dugout, by learning from our recent ‘head to head’ games against them, I have no doubt it will be 9iar.



    Like you, I believe that if we ‘do’ them this season, next will be easier.

  10. When you work at a company for a long time chances are you’re gonna get paid more than others for doin’ the same gig.


    Especially so if your tenure coincides with a period of success.



    I’ve never met Big Peter, probably never will. He’s on a great deal that’s for sure. Is there better out there? No idea, but there’ll deffo be cheaper.



    Here’s the thing tho’ – I very much doubt The Sharp Suited Man is the Boss. Rather he is an efficient emissary of the shareholders (lead by Dermot) bidden to do God’s work on Earth.



    Oust Pedro and another similar suit slots in with corporate efficiency, in fact we’d probably promote from within.


    Desmond and O’Brien have very defined ways of working and I’m guessing this culture is reflected internally, behind closed doors and far away from the headlines.



    I hope DD and Co have enough cop-on to read the reaction of fans now and take heed of well-founded fears around titles, 9 and 10 and the on-going discriminations we face on and off the field.



    I’m a hopeful kinda guy.




  11. There is no point in coming on this Blog & moaning ones head off


    about the way Celtic PLC are runned we all know Footy nowadays


    is a big business too much money involved players & there Agents


    are on big bucks & have too much clout & can also cost Managers


    their Job if they don’t like them which is a fact the only way to change


    a football Club is to buy the main share holders out wipe the board


    clean & start afresh however one requires Billions of pounds to achieve


    that outcome/goal Clubs boards who own the majority of shares will


    vote in whatever they want & they will outvote the idease & suggestions


    they don’t like end of & that is the crux of said matter

  12. Dermot Desmond is the biggest share holder of Celtic PLC which he has handed


    over to his Son. Peter Lawwell is the Chief Executive of Celtic PLC

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Ok, tin hat on. I think the Ryan Christie incident is a strange one for Celtic to publicly raise questions about, and to challenge the SFA on. If a Sevco player had done that to one of our players, I would have been screaming for the referee to take action. I don’t think Christie went in with malice, but I would not have been surprised (astonished?) if the referee had taken action at the time. In my view, the incident merited a yellow card.


    The Celtic board see nothing wrong in a rival club breaking registration rules, with the prior knowledge of the “sport’s” governing body, to gain an advantage over the rest of Scottish Football for ten, or more, years. They see nothing wrong in the Governing body of Scottish Football subverting their own, and UEFA’s rules, to defraud Celtic out of potentially, millions of pounds of revenue. They see nothing wrong with a rival club (or clubs 😉) making secret agreements with the governing body, which mean that one club is treated differently from other clubs.


    But hey, let’s kick up a stink about a borderline disciplinary judgement.



  14. Interesting to see Alistair Johnston’s core objective from last week coming to pass.



    Divide an erstwhile successful Celtic, wind up the keyboard rebels and hey presto the ‘aligned’ new Sevco have a better chance to prevail.



    Sevco who will always call themselves Rangers anyway whether we do or Aberdeen fans do or Hearts fans it doesn’t matter. Just as Fiorentina and Cluj and many others have done. In their minds and 90% of the rest of the world that will be so.



    A record of 75% league wins and over 50% all domestic trophies whilst Pragmatically balancing the books in a doped football environment with a hard ceiling is simply an incredible achievement. Credit to PL for his part. I would love to see the CV of anyone applying to do better.



    That said this past 2 weeks is really disappointing in terms of leadership leading from the front when it matters and it is vital we do see a proper response to align behind. Big support in personnel for Neil off the pitch ( get him off the beta blockers (not serious) too !) Big support in terms of recruiting the right targets who can be leaders off it. This is tough mid way through a season but that is what the big money is paid for.

  15. Hunderbirds – spot on. Like complaining about the bedroom being too hot while the house is burning down.

  16. Some of you guys make me laugh you remind me of my M8 who I transport


    over to CP for all the home matches I’m in the South Stand Front aka the old


    main stand front enclosure he/my M8 is in the Club Celtic he likes a swally


    infact he is normally the last one to get his marching orders out of the Bars


    he is basically a Bar Staffs nightmare client anyway he also moans his head off


    about Celtic’s transfer policy & approach he is also a shareholder like myself


    I say to him when we go along to Celtic’s Yearly AGM’s to get upi @ the Q&A


    part of said AGM’s & give them pelters if he is not a happy bunny about the


    way the Club is being runned however he must be shy cause he sits there as


    quite as a mouse

  17. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Ah, so Celtic were in cahoots with Oldco?



    If they’d stayed alive they’d both be in the EPL?



    What was the final amount due to creditors in order to exit administration and avoid liquidation?



    Does anyone really believe that if there was the slightest possibility of EPL riches the cash would have come from someone/somewhere to pay the creditors?

  18. I hear a caller phoned up Clyde Sportssound stating that the SPFL


    Review Panel are not fit for purpose damn tooting they are a shower


    of cheats end of & Celtic PLC Board have set a Presidency of not


    Appealing against their bias & ridiculous decisions against them


    talk about up against it yeah corrupt cheats who are not fair end of

  19. Burnley78


    had dealings with AJ at SE and not moons ago, when I was manufacturing


    pops up all over

  20. The Blogger – good point. If there was a realistic chance of us or/and them getting into the EPL before they went bust then corporate sponsors would have been ready to pounce. Indeed HMRC would have seen it as the way of getting its money back, no? A couple of years of Sky money and it would have been business as usual.


    Pure fantasy on Phil’s part I think. Not to say he is not right about us being in cahoots to keep the old firm rolling along.

  21. In true Scooby Doo fashion, Peter Lawell’s mask is ripped off to reveal David Murray….



    “…and he would’ve gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for those pesky requisitioners……”




    Yeah PL was moaning when old co/new co THe Rangurs International


    FC where not in the SPL he said it was 2.5 million pounds loss over the


    course of each Season they where not there yeah gate receipts & bums


    on seats a fellow sharesholder raised a point @ a past AGM as to why


    does Celtic FC hire & use Douglas Park Bus/Coaches for their transportation


    too & from to which the Board replied ah yes but we don’t want to rock


    the boat what a load of crap if Aberdeen can afford their own personal


    Team Bus then surely Celtic can don’t try & fob us off the bottom line


    here is that its not in the Celtic Board mind to let Sevco go bust & I agree


    they are both in Cahoots with each other

  23. I suspect there has been a change of strategy inside the walls of Celtic park now that the realisation that 9 in a row is slipping away. The commercial side of the company will take a short term hit but that will be offset by the sale of Edouard. The Board will take the view that season ticket uptake will remain strong as long as there is a version of Rangers in the League. I expect that Lawwell and Desmond will move towards damage limitation over the next few months and we have already seen some evidence of this during the past week or so. It will be interesting to see how it plays out particularly when the League trophy makes the short journey over the water. There will be some protesting, banners and unrest but i think Peter Lawwell will tough it out and with the backing of the majority shareholders, will remain in position.

  24. DAVID17 on 7TH JANUARY 2020 5:10 PM



    “I suspect there has been a change of strategy inside the walls of Celtic park now that the realisation that 9 in a row is slipping away. The commercial side of the company will take a short term hit but that will be offset by the sale of Edouard. ”



    This is pretty paranoid.



    We can sell him and move on like we did with Dembele or let him stay and run his contract down like Boyata.



    The decision will be made based on the squad we have available in the summer. Neil Lennon strikes me as the type willing to cut the cord, take the money and rebuild.



    That’s what we did with McGeady.



    We haven’t received a bid for Edouard. There is no decision to make until we do.

  25. BSR


    Only a couple of days ago Phil was saying the board maybe pursuing res12 – bit of a change in tone

  26. glendalystonsils on

    DAVID 17



    when the League trophy makes the short journey over the water.




    Don’t you mean ‘if’ ?

  27. David 17 the League is not a give Me there is still 18 League matches to go


    time will tell there are some people counting there chickens before they


    hatch time will tell I know we are one defeet away from adisaster its doom


    & gloom time aye we will see time will tell



    The Co-Operate Match Packages Prices are ridiculous & money grabbing


    exercise I heard the League Cup Final package cost £276 that’s ridiculous


    & totally over priced although there are some people out there who will


    pay that amount of money what for a football match ticket/a program &


    a meal they would charge a monkey (£500) if they could get away with


    said asking price

  28. Celtic’s Premiership clash with Rangers achieved Sky Sports’ highest ever audience for an SPFL clash.



    The December 29 showdown was watched by 1.4million fans from around the globe – including those watching on Sky Go.



    The record-breaking figures bode well for Sky Sports who recently became official and exclusive partners for the Scottish Premiership beginning next season.



    Neil Doncaster, SPFL Chief Executive, said: “The record viewing figures for the December Celtic vs Rangers match is fantastic news and highlights the increasing interest in Scottish football, not only within Scotland but across the whole of the UK and around the globe.





    Am i the only one sickened by this? Sky can ram their O** F*** publicity train.

  29. Who would have thought that nearly 8 years on from liquidation day we would be at this point – 8years FFS

  30. Paul has never written an article like the Celtic Star one, but he has never stopped a Poster from reproducing the likes of it here or he has never stopped anyone for posting anything they like providing they stay clear of swearies & racist stuff.



    An earlier Post stated that Desmond could be outvoted. In theory yes but in reality no.



    First off you would need the Lindsell Train Fund to vote against him. not a hope in Hell of that. they don’t give a toss about Football, our Heritage or anything at all to do with Celtic. They correctly identified that the Celtic Share Price was undervalued & bought in to make a Profit.


    They will not rock the boat & between themselves & Desmond, they hold a majority that can’t be outvoted.



    The only interesting thing is that Lindsell Train have made a Take-over of the Club easier for any prospective buyer. They have done a bit of work in building up a stake , so any interested Investors have only 2 parties to deal with to get a controlling interest.



    I have said this before & got knocked back for saying it but I firmly believe that we will be part of a European League in the not too distant future, Unfortunately when it does happen. the Huns will be part of it too.



    My final point is why have we built up such a hefty cash pile. Silly responses like to fund Pedro etc are missing the point. Pedro is paid on performance issues, having a big pile of cash in a Bank is in itself not good business. Clever business men invest cash & make it work for them, leaving it slumber in a Bank is not the done thing.



    There must be a reason or a strategy, whether it’s to build a Hotel or a hedge for possible compensation claims or and maybe this is wishful thinking but is the prospect of European Leagues closer than we think & are we gearing up to be ready when the day dawns,



    Whatever the reason be it a Potential Sale by Desmond or any of the above , I have little doubt there is a longer term specific strategy in play.

  31. David17. Very strange post from a Celtic Supporter. If your theory is correct and Pedro and DD are resigned to the Trophy going across the water then they won’t be wasting money buying in players this window.


    So let’s give it a week or two & see what happens & then we can assess whether or not your theory has substance.

  32. glendalystonsils on

    Gene on 7th January 2020 5:33 pm



    Could be the shortest ‘Generation of Domination’ in history.

  33. Yeah that’s typical propoganda by Sly so why don’t they pay us a fair amount of


    money for their viewing of these matches instead they are more interested in


    financially backing English Football & paying us Peanuts in return & also


    hyping up & backing Sevco



    Where is David 17 yeah Sevco played us off the park although their second goal


    came from a corner which was never a corner to them & they also made two goal


    line clearances in the same match however they have also got the bias & corrupt


    SFA/SPFL/ & Review Panal to back them up & to stop the Bhoys making it Nine In


    A Row however we have an unbroken history & don’t live in denial

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