Weak, shoddy and inconsistent. The SFA is back on form


Since the beginning of (football) time, the only persistent complaint against officialdom is the lack of consistency.  If the precedent is set, as when Alfredo Morelos grabbed the genitals of Ryan Christie last season and nothing was done about it, then Christie is encouraged to think that behaviour is acceptable (I disagree).

The rules have not changed since last season, when Morelos action was not judged an offence, but how the SFA Judicial Panel interprets the rule is completely different for Christie and Morelos.  We have a clear case of officials condoning a behaviour of Morelos on Christie, only to impose a retrospective ban on Christie for the same misdemeanour.

The seeds of this issue were sown last season, when Morelos was ordered off an unprecedented five times.  The Panel, faced with his incessant offending, succumbed to pressure, forgave one red card on appeal and declined to take action for the offence on Christie.

As though to compound the matter, the same Panel have failed to react to Morelos throat-slitting gesture towards Celtic fans.  Like everything else in disciplinary matters, this looks like a precedent, which I doubt.  Any other player acting like this will be severely punished.  Neil Lennon would be banned from the game for life if he behaved like this.

The world game has always been plagued by inconsistencies in refereeing decisions, which are made on the spot and (in Scotland) without video review.  There can be no legitimate reason for the SFA Judicial Panel to approve an action by Morelos on Christie and subsequently ban Christie for the same action.

That they are apparently happy to condone throat-slitting gestures in our game is unacceptable.  This panel is not fit to administer discipline in our game and if the SFA think otherwise, the Association itself is not fit for purpose.

We cannot acquiesce to live in a Trump world, where shouty statements regurgitated by friends in the media are given any substance.  It is no wonder we want out of Scottish football.


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  1. Scott Sinclair should be thought of as £ for £ as good as any attacking midfielder we have ever signed- up there for me with Alan Thomson n Billy Stark.



    If you go, thank you, Scott and you’ll always be welcome.



    I reckon Lenny will be looking for 2 no. 9s.



    Eddy will play no 10.



    The brutal truth is RC and Tom Rogic are not good enough for the 4 month battle we face to retain the league.



    El Hameed coming back from injury is imperative.



    Frimpong nearly cost us the League Cup and if you forget what age he is then he had a nightmare in our last game.



    Sevcos 2 goals and their other best chance came from our right…. Maybe in 60 games he’ll be ready and be a genuine quality player but I’m sorry I’m just not seeing it, for me, doing dribbles and running riot when 2-0 up at home to Killie or Ross County is worthless.



    We need men to win this league….


    We need to rip up our buying strategy this month and sign exoerienced pros.



    The 2 CFs we sign probably haven’t been mentioned yet.



    Signing big FF would be a massive boost.



    I really need to link my sentences better.



    Hail Hail

  2. I don’t think the owner’s of man city are in the game to earn a few bob.


    In my opinion the American owners of man utd and liverpool are in the game to make a profit.


    God bless the mighty dollar.

  3. any thoughts that we had a a well run football department with list of 1st team players to bring in to replicate our financial gulf on the park V Sevco



    were massively wrong day 8 of transfer window nothing



    but we do have a CEO who is paid 7 times the head of the bank England



    i do note that the 1st statement and 2nd statement are reacted as you don’t get all that money in your bank account by spending money . Bonus on cash flow dont work at football clubs



    we will never park our tanks on the marble staircase until the tanks are 1st parked on the heated driveway



    we have a CEO only interested in his own bank account,


    no rocking the boat with silly things like:-



    1. resolution 12 lol easy job with Uefa lined up for Pl retirement not a chance sweep sweep


    2. Standing up for players with easy job at Uefa lined up for PL retirement



    we are a club run for PL bank account , no forward plan for CL qualifiers hence knocked out by lesser times all the time



    there is now financial gain for PL invest in nine an a row , more gain to keep money in bank for his bonus



    ps well done paul 67 that is 3 headers on no transfer items to keep us talking about anything but new signings , whats next res 12, a dave king story everything but our needs which is a good 2nd striker to play 442 or 433 and no more 451


    either play Taylor or buy a left back, either get elhatem fit or buy a right back a center half sorry ajar not good enough and a midfield battler



    basically fix weakness we have all seen it

  4. Man City is effectively a projection a state foreign policy. One that also happens to play great football.



    HH jg

  5. Prestonpans, I hear ye and agree but if that was Lustig or Bauer there would be outrage.


    Not the bhoys fault of course, but he should never have played and the guys picking our last team should be blamed.



    One of the things I love about NL is that he has no respect and never has for RFC or the new club but he made a mistake playing 4 soft wide players in our last game.



    Time to tweak it a bit……




  6. Burnley78



    Yep,I would call man u a mature asset at the time of purchase,.mature and ripe for the picking,which they did,as jamesgang above you points out the way they purchased the club was cute.to be fair they overhauled the marketing of the brand increasing income.it will be interesting to see how many years they go without champs league



    And man c are doin not a bad job at increasing their brand to give them a club In every continent.i think recently they sold a %


    of the ‘biggest sporting brand in the world’s


    For a fair few Bob:-) hope your good




  7. Sydney Tim



    Was that you phoning in radio clyde tonight putting James Forrest in your team o the decade lol.am jestin mate,hope you enjoyed your trip home.




  8. AN TEARMANN lol no must of been Forrest mum or Corkcelt lol saw pics of training looks like Forrest has a wee beer belly now, maybe reason why he struggles over 90 mins seems exhausted after 5 mins



    trip was great only time i was soo sad to come home i was blessed i attended 3 games



    1st time i have watched jamesie bhoy for whole game , harder when just on TV god he is awefull



    unsure also why they also stated MJ 1st game since September who has always failed V them, when we had a tried player in Scott Sinclair in squad. cutting nose off to spite ones face i think

  9. Good morning CQN from a cold, dark Garngad



    I could have slept on this morning, I am knackered.



    Anyway, signed anyone ye…. Auch what’s the point.



    That Lenoxtown leaked list of names must have blown away.



    D. :)

  10. So still n action taken by FtSFA against


    Kent for his imaginary shooting of our fans in the head


    Morales for his imaginary slitting of our fans throat


    – incidentally 2nd Red Card in 3 games, or 7th in 16 months, so how many game ban does this equate to ???


    Sevco coach and his threats


    Gerard’s assault on cameraman


    Rangers fan ( he was not in their squad) going round Park to back of the goals only to be stopped by a vigilant steward



    So if FtSFA doing nothing, have Celtic FC (plc) complained to Police Scotland on items 1,2,3 & 5 ??



    No need to circle wagons and listen to surrounding noise – plc just deal with looking after your No1 priority, your own fans and shareholders



    Hail Hail

  11. First week of January has come and gone. Who are we buying today? Sure NEil said 2 would be joining the team in Dubai. On the assumption that meant he expected them to be there to participate in team training then signings must be imminent.



    While we are at it, the rags say BR is ready to offer 30 million for OE. Maybe he’s been priced out of a Morelos deal 😂

  12. A more accurately entitled article might be called, ‘Emboldened, Consistent and Entirely Fit for Nefarious, Hun-Promoting Activities’



    Gerard has done a great job keeping them neck in neck on the pitch. Now the blazers and MIBs will play their role.



    Oh for a Board that had possessed ‘resolution’ in 2012



    HH jg

  13. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Man City played some incredible stuff in the first half last night but from that I can see why they’re so far behind Liverpool. 3-0 up at half time, should have been 6 and then one small tactical change by Man Utd and they ‘win’ the second half 1-0.



    Perhaps just as interestingly the fact that there is a huge amount of unrest among Man Utd fans regarding the way the club is being run and the fact that the self proclaimed biggest club in the world couldnt sell out their stadium for a local derby(more than 6000 empty seats).




  14. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    CORKCELT on 7TH JANUARY 2020 5:33 PM



    Paul has never written an article like the Celtic Star one





    I made a similiar observation yesterday that the Celtic Star article wouldn’t have appeared on here from P67 or in the magazine section.



    Some smart a*se with too much time on his hands said it did appear on here as it was posted by a site member. Quickly shot down when it was pointed out that this was from an unmoderated guest, and as we have seen countless times unmoderated guests(ie. any of us) can post anything we like and post it before it is essentially peer reviewed and reported if it contains sensitive or offensive content.



    Glad the article was posted though and that it wasn’t censored retrospectively.




  15. If Celtic sign Patryk Klimala it better be alongside another striker.



    Patryk looks like a prospect not a guaranteed starter

  16. TIMALOY – What are the chances you’ll be saying the same thing three weeks from now? 😂😱

  17. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 8TH JANUARY 2020 9:29 AM



    Two strikers would be nice.





    Not sure about ‘nice’, essential would be the word I would use given the circumstances in that area of the pitch.



    3 would be nice!




  18. Re Klimala:



    ` FC Copenhagen,…..Italian outfit Genoa and a raft of Bundesliga sides have also been monitoring the forward’s progress.`



    We really should respect the Daily Record more than we do. Any Scottish newspaper with access to such inside information on Clubs from Denmark,Italy and a whole raft of German Top Division Clubs is only to be admired.



    CQN is less to be admired for seemingly giving credence to such nonsense.

  19. HOT SMOKED on 8TH JANUARY 2020 10:10 AM



    The Klimala story originated from McGowan at the Daily Mail. He’s usually more reliable than the rest of the Scottish press.



    The story says he’s high up on a list of targets. Bear in mind that Joe Aribo and Brandon Barker were once high up on a list of targets. We never made an offer for either.



    The report says Copenhagen & Genoa have been ‘linked’ ie that there are stories out there but McGowan hasn’t corroborated them.



    To recap: We are looking at Klimala, Kadewere and Sporar but have yet to bid for any of them.






    Celtic make £4m-rated Polish striker Patryk Klimala a top priority as Neil Lennon seeks four January signings


    The under-21 international has claimed seven goals in 17 matches this season


    He is also linked with Celtic’s Europa League last 32 opponents FC Copenhagen


    Sportsmail understands the 21-year-old is high on a list of potential incomings




    Polish striker Patryk Klimala has emerged as a £4million target for Celtic.


    The under-21 international has claimed seven goals in 17 appearances for Jagellonia Bialystok in Poland’s Ekstraklasa this season.


    Also linked with Celtic’s Europa League last 32 opponents FC Copenhagen and Italian club Genoa, Sportsmail understands the 21-year-old is high on a list of potential reinforcements this month.


    In the market for four new players, Neil Lennon has prioritised support in attack for Odsonne Edouard.


    The Parkhead club held discussions with Slovan Bratislava over a £5million deal with Slovenian international Andraz Sporar before Christmas, but have yet to lodge a formal offer.


    Le Havre’s 23-year-old Zimbabwean striker Timo Kadawere has also been monitored, but would require a record transfer outlay in excess of £10million and is attracting interest from top tier clubs in England and France.


    Cruzeiro central defender Fabricio Bruno, meanwhile, is poised to stay in Brazil with Red Bull Bragantino despite agitating for a move to Glasgow. Celtic are assessing other defensive options in the South American market.

  20. Weak shoddy and inconsistent



    Paul67. Are you talking about Celtic recruitment procedure



    Time you put a header showing what we should be doing now


    8 days into a so important window



    Hopefully not the cheap pole. It will show that PL has given up using our financial muscle




    Not sure about ‘nice’, essential would be the word I would use given the circumstances in that area of the pitch.



    3 would be nice!





    Having 5 senior players to cover 1 place in the starting 11 might be overkill.



    Unless we are able to get rid of Griffiths and Bayo.



    My personal preference is to get two in and get Griffiths or Bayo out on loan.

  22. Timalo29


    Thanks for that. It was the reference to the DR in this CQN piece that led me to assume that the DR was the source:



    “Klimala has been impressive when the Hoops have watched him, according to a report in the Daily Record, and has moved up the target list with seven goals in 16 appearances this season.



    Coincidentally, FC Copenhagen, Celtic’s Europa League opponents in the last-32 encounters next month, have also been linked with the hitman.



    Italian outfit Genoa and a raft of Bundesliga sides have also been monitoring the forward’s progress.”



    Cheerio for now.

  23. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 8TH JANUARY 2020 10:39 AM



    Having 5 senior players to cover 1 place in the starting 11 might be overkill.






    The reason we need any new striker(s) at all is that 2 of our current strikers cannot be relied on for different reasons.



    If we only sign one striker and he or Eddy gets injured we are back in the same boat.



    Hence, 2 are probably essential.



    Also it needn’t necessarily be one position, having the option to go to two up front would add another string to our bow.




  24. From @marcmcardle



    Celtic’s transfer policy summarised in a tweet: identify who you want, let it be known but don’t make an offer, allow other clubs to sign who you wanted. Rinse and repeat before finally getting it together in a panic with 4 days of a window left.



    Tweet below by @celtic1967_com



    🗣️ Bratislava’s general director, Ivan Kmotrik on Andraz Sporar: “We discussed with Celtic the possibilities for a potential transfer. Celtic responded that they would send an official proposal. But they didn’t make any more calls and didn’t send any proposal after our meeting.” https://twitter.com/Celtic1967_com/status/1214493776812691458/photo/1

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Re. criticism of our signing policy.



    I think we have signed some good players in the last number of years who have performed well for us and some of whom subsequently made us a fair chunk of money.


    Inevitably , some boobies as well.


    Our signing tactics I will leave to the professionals.


    They obviously know what they are doing .


    Does marcmcardle ?


    Who has he signed recently ?

  26. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Agreed. Too many jumping the gun. Whos to say Sporar bid won’t be imminent or that a better option is now a possibility.




  27. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Also, telling Bratislava we will send an official bid is not legally binding.



    Additionally, Bratislava could be trying to start a bidding war.



    There are tactics used by all sides when it comes to negotiating.







    Generally, I agree.



    It’s commonplace for clubs to be linked with players over a number of months.



    There is an underlying trauma within the Celtic support that stems back to Steven Fletcher! Every year the same complaints will be rinsed and repeated regardless of what actually happens.



    The expectation is big signings, who are always successful and always completed within the first week of the window.

  29. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    I know my place.


    I leave the professionals to do their job.


    By all means criticise failure , but I see significantly more success than failure in the last number of years.

  30. South Of Tunis on




    As promised —



    Back home – feels colder than it did in New York / Baltimore or London .



    Assuming it’s Taormina –



    Impossible to eat badly there . .Huge range of options / prices . NB – Italian Law requires bars / resturants etc to publicly display their prices! .. Like similar Italian resorts – Taormina has the rep of operating a 3 price system -one for locals / One for Italians and one for tourists who don’t check the price list before they sit down. No pubs as such but lots of bars / cafes which sell alcohol ( from early morning to whenever they close ) Getting drunk is frowned upon . Seen as the personification of Naff ..


    A beautiful lively place



    Very good shopping



    Lots of places to people watch .



    Recommend a guided trip up Etna / Recommend a trip ( bus or train ) to Catania .



    Assume if you are doing a package you” ll be staying in Taormina . I know nothing re hotels – I prefer apartments . If you are self organizing – you might want to consider staying in Mazzarro or Giardini Naxos -both very close to Taormina.(and cheaper than Taormina )



    June is typically sunny with highs around 80 but recent years have seen highs of 90 .



    If arriving at Catania Airport ( and not being picked up by your hotel etc ) then either take a bus ( buying a ticket from the relevant kiosk ) or take an official taxi from the official rank outside the airport entrance .


    Enjoy ! .


    A North American view –




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