Weakened Lazio faced Rennes


It looks like Lazio did not prioritise the Europa League this week.  Only four of their starters against Rennes have started more than half their six Seri A games this season, three have yet to start a league game and one, Quissanga has started only once.

Lazio are a point behind rivals Roma in the league and two points off a Champions League spot.

They visit Glasgow in three weeks then face Fiorentina in Florence, who currently have two points less than them, three days later.  The game at Celtic Park might be too heavy a load for Lazio to risk the full first team.

The return leg comes between a visit to Milan, currently 16th (!), and a home game against Lecce, who are one place below Milan.

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  1. Paul67,


    Probably fair to say that most of us on here are also currentl prioritising the league over the Europa. However, we’re doing a prett good job in both, what with being top of 2 leagues!

  2. What are chances of picking up ticket outside ground tomorrow ?



    We very rarely get away tickets but got two for game but gave them to the pups.



    They are struggling to get a bus from EK so muggings here might have to take them.




  3. A Saturday article. N1.



    I expect Lazios best 11 to be playing at Celtic Park – the players themselves will want to experience it.



    Anyway thats a long way aff. Livi will be a tough nut to crack the morra, their pitch is not hallowed turf, as ever, the teamsheet will be eagerly anticipated.

  4. TIMBHOY2 on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 11:40 PM


    BADA BING,Do you know who at Sportscene ,is responsible for having all these ex Sevco Players on there football channels.



    Don’t know mate,Misser and ‘Boydy’,are the next regulars to pedal the pro hun agenda,

  5. Just checked the SPFL table there…………




    …………… huns still a point behind, when every right-thinkin’ fitba’ supporter knows thems should be way behind the Champs, Steevee Gee should be gettin’ pelters and things should be lookin’ rosy for the good ghuys………………..



    Summits no’ right.



    Fix Fitba’ Empty Hampden.




  6. Today’s CQN Coupon picks –


    Pogmathonyahun – Huddersfield


    Lennybhoy – Norwich


    Jobo – West Brom


    GFTB – Partick Thistle


    AWATR – Sunderland


    BMCUWP – Port Vale


    TET – Clyde

  7. Just checked our fixtures to find that we not only have to play Livingstone but also Ross County before we play not the Forza Lazio many of us expect but a weakened version. Which also means La Bella Lena needs a hasty rewrite; “Two games at a time” (Sweet Jesus)

  8. Just turned on NBC Sports to watch Liverpool v Leicester. Liverpool dominating. Unfortunately I just heard the co-commentator speaking, it’s Andy Walker ….

  9. South Of Tunis on

    Lazio v Rennes?



    Attendance was 13,702. /@500 of those were supporting Rennes.Rennes were the better team in the first half..Lazio fielded 2 subs at the start of the second half-Milinkovic-Savic and Luis Alberto.Those 2 were way too good for Rennes.Cue Lazio scoring twice and settling for a 2-1 win

  10. Bada


    Sort of?


    SoT will be off again if you don`t qualify that remark !





    Give us an appropriate tune to welcome you back.

  11. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I am worried about tomorrow, Livingston away, after the high of Thursday night, facing a team of hammer throwers on a bumpy dead zone plastic pitch,



    This is an opportunity for Neil to really earn his wages, he has to field a fully motivated 11 hell bent on victory, anything less and it will be another big party in Sevconia,



    A similar performance to Thursday nights should get us the points, but what are the chances of that I wonder.

  12. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Good news: Goliath 3 is not on amazon


    Bad news: The Redbreast bottle’s empty




  13. i'vehadtochangemymind on




    the Irish History podcast is very good -( I get it on spotify) Finnsomebodyorudder. I listened to one about whether the famine constituted genocide – wouldn’t use such mild language myself!

  14. Re Benkovic, I am really surprised he isn’t starting for Leicester. Jonny Evans is an average defender, culpable for the Liverpool goal today

  15. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Interesting response from abc sport to a red card



    ‘Curtis Main and his team-mates look rather perplexed as the red card is brandished his way. It was a bit of a reckless lunge from the big striker. Watch out for it on Sportscene tomorrow evening.’

  16. oor loon fae Sooth Texas……howdy……having a braw day the day…..am hoping I get the same result as your good self did …chemo till March….but wtf it is a braw time to be a Tim …



    smiley smiley thing





  17. braw tunes …thank you…



    smiley “hope we never bore you ” thing





  18. NB,


    Tough news bro, sorry to hear that.


    Hang in there and stick with whatever program they set up for y’all. Above all, stay very positive.


    If you have my email, drop me a note, if you don’t, snag it fro CRC / Bateen Bhoy / ACGR /BMCUW / P67





  19. nae worries pal…..Forfar loons are born with a load of positives…hahahhaha



    smiley twas on the 25th of May thing








    Terrible news for you.



    Big prayer said for a full recovery.



    Take care and God bless.

  21. NB



    A cyber hug an’ HH to you bhoy.



    Keep on keepin’ on………….




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