Weakened Lazio faced Rennes


It looks like Lazio did not prioritise the Europa League this week.  Only four of their starters against Rennes have started more than half their six Seri A games this season, three have yet to start a league game and one, Quissanga has started only once.

Lazio are a point behind rivals Roma in the league and two points off a Champions League spot.

They visit Glasgow in three weeks then face Fiorentina in Florence, who currently have two points less than them, three days later.  The game at Celtic Park might be too heavy a load for Lazio to risk the full first team.

The return leg comes between a visit to Milan, currently 16th (!), and a home game against Lecce, who are one place below Milan.


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  1. AuroraBorealis79 on




    Good Luck on your recovery man. You certainly got that winning personality pal




  2. Rock Tree Bhoy on 5th October 2019 4:08 pm






    Ave Ave

  3. Neustadt-Braw



    Best wishes on your ongoing treatment.


    Given that you have been one of the most positive posters on here over the years I won’t say stay strong, I’ll take that as said. Slainte!

  4. Mike in Toronto on




    Don’t post here much now, but heard the news, so wanted to come on and wish you all the best with your recovery

  5. Neustadt Braw


    Sorry to hear that news, we are all thinking of you.


    Take care and stay strong. I’ll have fish supper fae the Draw at ready for you in March.



  6. Neustadt-Braw


    Don’t post anymore but had to just add my wishes for a full recovery.


    Keep on keeping on

  7. A favourite on here is “I don’t post much these days” is there a need for this type of post ? Posters & lurkers read the pages so surely no need to point this out …



    One competitive defeat since 9th July 2019 for Neil & the bhoys … maybe infrequent posters don’t have too much too complain about



    Jobo … your man of the match competition is a definite highlight in the years I have been on here, as lurking huns & unhappy Tim’s struggle to say anything good about the team … maybe next season go for the 3 worst Celts … although the responses might even be too much for you to collate :-)

  8. Talk of resting players mañana, please don’t Neil.



    Play our strongest team.



    Why rest players so they can go away and play for their country’s?



    Strongest team and get 3 points.






    D. :)

  9. NB



    The very best of good fortune to you.



    Was in Forfar mid week and of course collected a couple of the local culinary delicacies 😊




  10. Nervous about tomorrow



    Please dont play Ntcham



    My heart sinks when i see his name on the teamsheet the same way it used to when i saw the name Anthony Stokes

  11. Fairhill Bhoy



    My 7.12pm post



    Neil & the bhoys are doing very well



    The blog has been quiet



    Maybe some posters not posting because Celtic are doing well



    It’s an observation

  12. Anyone going to the game tomorrow there is a bucket collection for Urban Nature Retreat . This is a Livingston based company to help hurting & struggling children, families etc.,.


    The company is run by a young Celtic supporter , he is also well known within the Irish Rebel music scene .


    Thank you . HH

  13. Gftb-I said something similar last week,but apologies if I’m wrong,but it sounds like a dig from you like usual

  14. Fairhill Bhoy 8.05pm



    If you or others keep writing things like that people will believe it ..



    If I am having a dig trust me I will make it clear :-)



    A bit like the other week when you posted you knew KT was starting in the u-23 game but you didn’t post it because he didn’t play for us anymore … but then posted KT’s da was paying for your golf day at Mor Hall or whatever it’s called … when did KTs Da sign for us ???



    Now that’s a wee dig :-)

  15. NEUSTADT-BRAW @ 4:29 PM,



    Good luck on the good fight, my thoughts and prayers are with you.



    Hail Hail

  16. GFTB @ 7:12 PM,



    “A favourite on here is “I don’t post much these days” is there a need for this type of post ? Posters & lurkers read the pages so surely no need to point this out …”



    Didn’t you say to me last week that you – don’t see me post much these days…



    Glad to see with Tennents and the like long gone your still producing irony in the brig:)))



    Hail Hail

  17. Gftb-you need to calm down 😉


    KTs dad paid for nothing,we had a day out at the golf because Mick is friendly with the Mar hall owner,it cost us all nothing except for food and beer👍


    Incidentally I knew he was starting Thursday and will again tomorrow 😉

  18. Fairhill Bhoy 8.05pm




    “Gftb-I said something similar last week”



    Last post on the subject, the irony is lost



    Neustadt – Braw



    Apologies … for missing the other posts, take care and with your outlook on life with reading you on here am hoping & praying you will be … braw

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Don’t post much any more but you my friend are worth the effort, thoughts and prayers are with you for a full and speedy recovery..


    Hail Hail braw

  20. Chairbhoy 8.17pm



    As a poster who likes to pick holes



    Surely a poster who posts saying I don’t post much these days …



    Is a bit different



    from a poster posting you don’t post much these days ?



    Naw ?

  21. Weefra, saw your post last night, (I think!) sorry to hear about your health problems and I hope you’re better now. And enjoying our form right now which is a tonic!




  22. GFTB @ 8:26 PM,



    Only kiddin’



    As you know my da’s from the brig, so know not to pick an arguement – never won, one:)



    But… surely there was no need to point it out..;)



    Aff Oot



    Hail Hail

  23. glendalystonsils on




    … maybe infrequent posters don’t have too much too complain about



    There are some very frequent posters who like a good moan , and some infrequent posters like myself who are generally positive .



    Beware of rash generalisation.

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