Weakened Lazio faced Rennes


It looks like Lazio did not prioritise the Europa League this week.  Only four of their starters against Rennes have started more than half their six Seri A games this season, three have yet to start a league game and one, Quissanga has started only once.

Lazio are a point behind rivals Roma in the league and two points off a Champions League spot.

They visit Glasgow in three weeks then face Fiorentina in Florence, who currently have two points less than them, three days later.  The game at Celtic Park might be too heavy a load for Lazio to risk the full first team.

The return leg comes between a visit to Milan, currently 16th (!), and a home game against Lecce, who are one place below Milan.


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  1. FB 8.28pm


    CB 8.32pm



    When Neil & the bhoys are doing so well we must disagree about something/anything …



    I would have preferred my 7.12pm post to be more about Jobo’s competition but then we would have to concentrate on Celtic



    A terrific addition to CQN … should nearly always be about the fitba :-)

  2. Gftb-incidentally I posted last week on SC about the lack of posters,not on cqn 😉


    Are you stalking me 🤔😉

  3. Glendaly 8.34pm



    No disagreement … this is the place we can all bump our gums .. I wasn’t complaining about any posters, the more posters the better … so many times this week my tea break is cut short because no stuff to read on CQN



    As for rash generalisation … we all do it :-)

  4. N.B.


    I hope all your treatment is successful and wish you as speedy recovery as possible.

  5. Fairhill Bhoy 8.42pm



    My posting/lurking on SC finished many months ago .. so I can assure you anything you posted on there would not be read by me



    Am a bit unsure still how my first & 2nd thoughts are “digs” … need to get that bag of tatties off your shoulder mate

  6. glendalystonsils on

    GFTB on 5TH OCTOBER 2019 8:43 PM



    Noticed a huge difference in the number of posts and posters on here over the past year or so which has robbed one of the best Celtic blogs of much of it’s vigour. Have they all defected to sentinel Celts or Celtic Noise?

  7. Fairhill Bhoy :-)



    Am stalking you … ffs, your reading my mind one and telling me what my posts mean …



    But you do love mentioning KTs da :-)

  8. Glendaly 8.49pm



    Honestly don’t know … I logged on to SC at the early stages mainly through BMCUWP who I think was a loss to this site … but like everything else things move on … SC & CQN are the only two sites I have ever logged on to… which isn’t a surprise as I needed my niece to set up an email address for me for here



    I think CQN has wained a bit because we are doing so well, I think CQN was set up when we weren’t doing so good (before my time) … I think there are many many lurkers but sometimes many just read a post and totally agree therefore no response … I try not to post Monday-Friday to give myself (and many others) a break but love posting at the weekend when wife & child are in their kips as I have nobody else to communicate with :-)

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Star bar. A sophisticated south Glasgow bistro with a cultured, erudite clientele.



    I think there are many and varied reasons.


    A few were banned, a few fed up,with petty squabling.


    A few decided not worth the name calling that goes on.


    A few ,as you say, on the other sites, not forgotten Winning Captains, going to Celtic Star and a few going with him.


    Twitter, for me, I get most Celtic things there, before I read it here, so spend more time on that.


    The young team, in my work, perceive this,as the pensioners Celtic site , where posters just say the same thing over and over, Lawwell good, Lawwell not so good, one example,so very few new posters.


    Adverts has driven many away, it’s alright saying there is a workaround ( which I and many others use ) but a few think, they shouldn’t have to and I understand that, point of view.


    I dare say, there’s many more, that’s off the top of my head


    Night all



  11. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    Evening BRRB



    Speaking of sophisticated establishments, i’ve been working away from home for a while, and asked one of the locals if there was a local pub to watch the Rennes v Celtic game, he said theres one he knew of, but it can be a bit rough, I thought surely can’t be as bad as that, and took a walk along and peeked in the bar door, only to see the barmaid with a black eye looking back at me.



    Thought to myself pay more attention to local knowledge…here endeth the lesson.




  12. JNP 9.13pm



    The best advice you gave me was don’t flounce just take a break and don’t tell anybody :-)



    CQN would be rubbish if we all agreed but it’s still the go to place for Celtic stuff, some great insight on here on a lot of things



    Fairhill Bhoy



    Never a bother, by the way on the fitba do you think Callum’s pass to Bolingoli for Edouards goal was as good as PaulcStay to Chris Morris against the Huns ???



    I loved Calluns pass but the Maestros was special … Paul McStay for me 👍

  13. DAVID66 on 5TH OCTOBER 2019 7:23 PM


    Talk of resting players mañana, please don’t Neil.



    Play our strongest team.



    Why rest players so they can go away and play for their country’s?



    Strongest team and get 3 points.





    Totally agree.



    Tomorrow is a must win.



    It’s OK to think about utilising the squad if we have a midweek game, followed by another at the weekend.



    Not required when it’s an international break.



    I’d go with the same team that started on Thursday.

  14. GFTB.9.21


    Agree x2.


    The, unnecessary,name calling is the thing that wears me doing the most.


    As you say, though, switch off for a few days.




    Best wishes to NEUSTADT-BRAW,the Forfar loon. You’ve got a bit of a battle,old son,but I think yer gemme fur it!!!!








    From SentinelCelts

  16. The way I see it, but i’ve no idea….. :0….


    …Those that got barred, thought they were bigger and better than others. Smarter. Thought they could break the (few) rules beerilly breengin’ in with some unsupported feeling of entitlement. The cold water of reality shocked them I bet……… but not enough to see the simple truth behind their defenestration. The hangover never finishes for some.

  17. Livvy tomorrow is massive .. going into the international break is so important being in front… do not give the Sevs a sniff… I honestly think their “luck” will run out … a couple of games dropping points and Seethin Gee will erupt … he is like a spoilt kid…



    Am not one for changing the team but tomorrow I hope Neil doesn’t play one player that the park doesn’t suit .. Hatem has been magic but if not 100% get Bauer in … watching the players after the final whistle the other night was terrific, loads of smiles, high fives, dodgy hand shakes (rapper style not Masonic) with the starting 11 and subs



    I think this Celtic team is in a right good place

  18. glendalystonsils on

    Agree there are far too many personal attacks lately on CQN and posters who are like a dog with a bone . Maybe if the team weren’t doing so well it would give those with a gripe , something else to obsess on.

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I think all this “fractionalisation” (is that even a word?) is exactly what our enemies and detractors would want. Encourage infighting amongst your enemies, and lessen the threat to yourself, a Machiavellian tactic (probably 😃). Different blogs are just different Celtic Pubs, or even different shifts within the same Pub.


    What we seem to get these days, it’s “Pythonesque” (is that even a word?). Judean Peoples Front, Peoples Front of Judea etc. Unnecessary imo. We’re all Tims, we all want the same thing, in a football context anyway.


    A Pub’s a Pub.



  20. glendalystonsils on




    Spot on . Might as well give the Sevvies their 3 points now from the Hamilton game so it’s vital that we keep out in front by beating LIvi.

  21. JNP 9.27pm



    Both posts worked … :-)



    CQN is the boomerang site (Macjay style) we mostly come back



    I think the good stuff on here fae outweighs the rubbish stuff …



    I know I don’t take my posts too seriously so I shouldn’t take others too seriously



    Again on the fitba front Neil is probably a defeat or two away from “some” vultures… but now in October with one defeat it’s hard to pick faults in our manager … am just glad he won’t settle for this …

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Godamit, FACTIONalisation. Still no a word, but better than FRACTIONalisation.


    An another thing, why do people get annoyed when someone else disagrees with them? On a blog? Irrational is a nice way to describe that.



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