Wee Oscar 4 Life bucket appeal nets over £31k


The fact that the Wee Oscar 4 Life campaign inspired hundreds from the Celtic community to raise money for the treatment of Oscar Knox will surprise no one, but the stunning amount of money raised by the bucket collection outside Celtic Park on Saturday, £31,918.05, is breathtaking.

I know those who decided something had to be done to help Oscar have no interest in our congratulations or respect, but they have it nonetheless. Well done to all who helped on Saturday and to those behind the campaign. You are a credit to our community. Again.

The team released the following statement:

At last Saturday’s Celtic game against Dundee at Celtic Park over 200 volunteers collected money on behalf of the ‘Wee Oscar 4 Life’ campaign as part of the Oscar Knox Appeal.  Wee Oscar’s Green Bucket Army raised an astonishing £31,918.05 in just two hours between 13.00 pm and 3.00pm before the Scottish Premier League game.

This campaign was launched by supporters of Celtic Football Club (the Celtic family) to raise money for Oscar Knox, a four year old boy who has recently been diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma- a rare form of cancer which mainly affects children. All funds raised on the day through the bucket collection will go directly towards helping to fund immunotherapy treatment abroad for Wee Oscar to help him beat cancer for good.

On the day, the campaign team and family were also joined by four supporters of Rangers and one supporter of Hearts. Oscar’s dad Stephen flew over from Northern Ireland and he also brought along some of Oscar’s family. Also taking part were the partners of Celtic players, Lisa Hague (Partner of Kris Commons), Alana Roe (Girlfriend of Charlie Mulgrew) and Debbie Lawlor (Girlfriend of Tony Stokes). Lisa Hague has just been appointed Patron of the Wee Oscar 4 Life campaign and commented on the day: “It was fantastic to take part and get involved on Saturday. I was overwhelmed to be asked and amazed at the support offered by the fans. I jumped at the chance to be Patron, even though I am 7 months pregnant, because this charity really stood out to me, not only because of wee Oscar but the level of support from Celtic fans. I’m determined to do as much as I can to get wee Oscar the treatment that he so desperately needs”.

Oscar’s family are from Belfast and Stephen Knox commented: “We are totally blown away with what happened on Saturday, I flew over myself with a couple of friends and I am so pleased that I witnessed the generosity of the fans first hand. In particular I want to thank the entire Wee Oscar 4 Life team who led this campaign and made it happen. I would also like to thank each of the 200 strong bucket volunteers who are playing a huge part in helping to save our little boy’s life.”

Oscar is fighting stage 4 neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer which affects 1 in every 100,000 children. He is currently responding very well to treatment but unfortunately neuroblastoma has a very high relapse rate and so to give him the best chance of survival he needs immunotherapy. This helps to stimulate the immune system, so that if the neuroblastoma was to return, his own body can recognise and attack it. The treatment is not currently available to Oscar in the UK and so the family needs to take him abroad to get it. The treatment is likely to cost up to £250,000. Sadly Oscar was also born with Jacobsen Syndrome, an extremely rare chromosome disorder. There are little over 250 confirmed cases in the world, and as far as we are aware, Oscar is the only child in the world ever to have Jacobsen Syndrome and then be diagnosed with neuroblastoma. The odds of this are about TEN BILLION TO ONE.

Future planned events include:

Wee Oscar 4 Life Celtic Quiz Night
This will be held on Saturday 29th September in The Phoenix Bar (X Eastenders Bar) Gallowgate Glasgow from 19.00 pm onwards. Tickets cost £5 (over 18’s only). Teams will comprise of 4 or 5 players but the organisers are happy to take individual bookings and for these people to be placed in a team.

To book tickets for this event, please email weeoscar4life@gmail.com quoting ‘Quiz’ in the subject field.

Wee Oscar 4 Life Race and Auction Evening
This event will be held on the Saturday 17th November in the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic Park from 19.00 onwards. Tickets cost £5 (over 18’s only). To book tickets for this event please email weeoscar4life@gmail.com quoting ‘Race’ in the subject field.

Glasgow to Belfast Cycle Ride
Wee Oscar 4 Life organisers are planning a cycle from Glasgow to Belfast for St Patrick’s weekend in March 2013 and will be looking for cyclist to take part in this event. Interested parties should email weeoscar4life@gmail.com quoting ‘Cycle’ in the subject field and the organisers will get back to you with more details.

For more information please contact the Wee Oscar 4 Life campaign team by emailing WeeOscar4Life@gmail.com.

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  1. MWD:



    Kano’s the same. A very good friend of his, who was forever round keeping him company, recently moved to Adelaide, putting a wee bit more of a burden onto Ramie. I think it was a wee bit of a blow to our man his mate moving.



    Kano’s birthday is only a few weeks away, I’ll let you know the date and his address and both of us can put a card in the post to him.

  2. Without doubt my favourite phrase from that FF rant is “because they made us riot in Manchester”.



    Just how do you MAKE someone riot?



    I suspect you have to be well and truly inclined to riot in the first place before anyone can give you that wee push over the edge.


    Oops too late. You lot are way over the edge already.



    As a comparison, a crowd of about 60-70 Celtic fans gathered at a pub, in Perth WA, in the early hours of the morning to watch the TV broadcast of a Celtic game, one of the games on our run to the UEFA Cup Final – I can’t recall now which particular game it was.


    So there we all were, freezing our butts off, bleary eyed but bouyed by expectant joy and the prospect of seeing the boys on live TV.



    Due to technical difficulties the TV company totally failed to get the broadcast up. Dejected & disappointed, with some degree of grumbling, we all calmly left and went home again.


    No ripping up the chairs and tables, no throwing glasses of beer at our hosts, no abuse, no rioting in the streets.



    It’s called behaving in a civil manner. Something Sevconians will never understand.



    The Sevconians behaviour has always been thuggish. Ask anyone who happens to live anywhere near any grounds they have visited. Everyone will tell you exactly what they think of their “guests”.



    No-one made you riot. No-one makes you send death threats. No-one makes you sing abusive songs. No-one makes you you.



    And no-one wants you.



    Can’t wait for BDO, FTTT, the Fraud Squad, the EBT Tribunal, the various law suits and a whole array of prosecutions pending…



    If I were Mr CG (thank God I am not), I’d create some sort of exclusive deal to tell the whole awful truth. He’d make a helluva lot more money from that than the pittance he is likely to get from selling worthless assets from a dead club.

  3. Snake Plissken:



    Have I got my dates mixed up? Is there no replay in the event of a draw?



    Oh! oh! now we’re not talking about Celtic here, we’re talking about those ‘livin’ on the tic’ Zombies.



    Mate, I don’t care which of them wins as long as it goes to extra time (elec bill) and it is a feast of farce.

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    james forrest is neil lennon! we are all neil lennon!



    22:57 on 24 September, 2012



    THAT WAS HILARIOUS ……!!!!!!!!

  5. Sorry to lower the tone by harking back to ‘Surrender No’ Johnston’s latest statement:



    I can’t help chuckle at this part of his remarks, which has become a favourite mantra rehashed over the weeks by sundry apologists of RFC (IA):



    “… as has been widely reported, Rangers made absolutely no attempt to disguise or deny their [the use of EBTs] adoption, and they were fully disclosed in the annual reports and independently certified financial statements.”



    Given his firm faith in this remark, a reasonable question AJ should be happy to answer would be: “How many shareholders or other stakeholders [e.g. SPL, SFA, larger creditors and contractors] of RFC understood the import of these repeated references in RFC’s annual accounts to contributions having been made into ‘remuneration trusts’”?



    Of course, the honest answer would have to be ‘Damn few’, even – it would seem – in the board room itself.



    Almost certainly none amongst the legion of loyal shareholders who were happy to attend AGMs and nod through craftily worded financial statements while lauding the club’s continued use of the occasional ‘Forces Day’ to drum up support and paint the club in an ill-deserved good light … and all the while dodging taxes on an industrial scale and, supposedly, merely confusing trust law with contract law.



    No: Johnston knows that he may soon be up to his knees in litigation, with what remains of his reputation consigned to an unwanted footnote in the history of the demise of the Foe Malign …




  6. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    No dis-respect to Raith Rovers FC,but i can see them being defeated by 6 goals to nil this evening.



    The League Cup is going to be a very difficult competition to win,but it would be nice to see Lenny lifting the trophy,as it is the only domestic competition that he is yet to win as Celtic manager.



    It should be a good wee game of football.

  7. kitalba



    Celtic are on today


    Thems is tomorrow night and extra time tomorrow would be great

  8. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    As ever, looking forward to the game tonight ……MON THE HOOPS …..

  9. This wouldn’t be the same Mr Johnston who abstained from the vote on allowing Sevco to bypass every rule in the book and remained totally punishment free in the SPL?



    Mr Johnston’s opinion is a worthless as CGs or CWs for that matter (remember him?).



    The rules don’t offer get out of jail free cards for administrative errors.



    Historically, even in recent years, clubs have been kicked out of competitions for such trivial errors as failing to put the correct date on a form.



    But most of all, don’t give us that crap about it being an error. We all know it was a deliberate and calculated plan to deceive (ie cheat).


    An administrative error may happen on one or even two forms. But for almost the entire playing squad, plus managerial staff, over a 10 year period!!!



    Mr Johnston, you should be on the stage. You may not think you’re funny but the rest of us are p*shing ourselves.



    The HMRC have already declared that RFCia activity was illegal, an attempted fraud.



    People on the inside of RFCia have already declared that there was MASSIVE FRAUD going on inside RFCia.



    We all know that the fingers of corruption surrounding RFCia spread way beyond Govan. We all know that several officials at the SFA and even at UEFA have been party to this. The game in Scotland has been shown to be corrupt at its very core.


    If the game in Scotland is ever to recover, the corruption must be weeded out, not covered up. It is the covering up policy which has allowed the corruption to spread so far.



    So, please, please, please give us peace from all your it was only an administrative mistake, let’s just forget it, they’ve been punished enough crap.

  10. Sixteen roads to Golgotha


    Regarding us winning by more than a few goals tonight.


    I would disagree.


    Whenever we put out a team not used to playing together agains an opposition’s first eleven, we tend to struggle.




  11. paddy turner:




    I posted the link to ‘celticunderground’ re. the photoshopped banner. I think that kind of crap is indicative of the depths the huns will plumb to further their agenda,as if they didn’t have enough help already.


    I’m not particularly bothered. I just think that censorship is a bad idea.


    I well understand moderation rules on blogs and respect these, but blatant censorship is abuse of power. If debate is to be had, it cannot be weighted in favour of one side or another,and to point out a scurrilous act that is proveable is all part of that debate.

  12. DBBIA ——-



    Mail shot re this ——-



    Country Soul Sisters – Women in Country Music , 1952 -1974 [ Soul Jazz DBL LP / CD .



    It features many a fine choon — not least Kitty Wells – Delta Dawn and Sammi Smith’s -Saunders Ferry Lane.



    Might be worth one of your record tokens.



    Pal sent me a tape of this ——- Keb Darge & Little Ediths’s Wild Rockers Vol 2 [ BBE ]


    Real good / real gone mutant Rockabilly.



    Currently saving up to buy this when it is released——-[soon]



    Omnibus Volume 1 [ Numero Group ]



    A box set contain 45 funk and soul singles from the early 70s .



    Lovely day / low 30s / late September -way down south.

  13. Green Brigade banner for tonight?



    I’m going for: The Nights Are Fair Drawing In.



    Daryll Broadfoot will be watching carefully, with his Twitter account at the ready.


    Daryll Broadfoot is a very, very, very important man in Scottish football. That’s right Daryll, isn’t it? Fortunately, there is very little else going on at the moment and Daryll can devote himself to the scrutiny of banners and tweeting about what the banners say, the procedure around bringing banners into grounds, putting them up, taking them down and putting them up again.



    Where would we be without him?

  14. Mr Johnston’s statement is the equivalent of one of the great train robbers pleading:



    “We’re very sorry your honour, we forgot to fill out the withdrawal slip. We promise not to do it again. Goin’ tae let us oaf wi’ it?”



    Major differences though:


    RFCia are still denying that they have done anything wrong.


    Have never apologised.


    If anything, have given the distinct impression that they will do far worse in the future.



    Remorse? Humility? Never! No Surrender. Not for ra peepul.

  15. Great stuff on Twitter from RTC, Barçabhoy and TBB re Surrender No, for those of you who are so inclined.

  16. Findings in Fact



    The Tribunal , having heard evidence and submissions of the Parties, made the following findings in fact:






    That The Rangers Football Club plc (“Rangers FC”) is a public limited company and is a full member of the Scottish Football Association (“the Scottish FA”.)






    That Rangers FC and its directors are required to lodge Annual Accounts on behalf of the company with the Registrar at Companies House, Edinburgh and to hold an Annual General Meeting, both events being required to occur within time limits imposed by the Companies Act 2006. The Annual Accounts in 2011 required to be lodged by 31st December 2011 in terms of section 447 of the Companies Act 2006 and the Annual General Meeting required to be held by 1st January 2012 in terms of section 336 of the Companies Act2006.






    That Rangers FC was a member of the PLUS Stock Exchange during the period from 6 May 2011 until 6 March 2012 and remains a member. As a public limited company its shares are available for trading by the public on that stock exchange and its financial and business circumstances are matters of importance to members of the public in any trading. The PLUS Stock Exchange as a regulatory authority operates within a set of rules to which Rangers FC and its directors are subject, which includes a requirement that members and directors disclose to the PLUS Stock Exchange any matters of significance in their corporate governance arrangements, including the fact that director of any member company has at any time been disqualified as a director pursuant to the Company Directors’ Disqualification Act 1986. The said rules are intended to provide transparency in the corporate governance of members and are intended to protect the public. A failure to make a disclosure of a disqualification of a director of a member is a breach of the PLUS Stock Exchange rules and results in the member being liable to sanction.






    That during the relevant period Rangers FC was an employer under a statutory duty to make deductions of Income Tax at source from the wages and salaries of its employees under the Pay As You Earn scheme and to remit said Income Tax so


    deducted to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) by the 19th day of each calendar month.






    That during the relevant period Rangers FC as an employer was under a statutory duty to make deductions from the wages and salaries of its employees in respect of National Insurance Contributions and to remit such contributions along with any employer’s National Insurance Contributions to HMRC by the 19th day of each calendar month.






    That during the period from 6 May 2011 until 6 March 2012 Rangers F. C. was registered with HMRC for Value Added Tax purposes. It was required to lodge quarterly VAT returns and payments with HMRC at the end of August, November, February and May in any year.






    That the Board of Directors of Rangers FC immediately prior to 6 May2011 comprised Messrs Alastair Johnston (Chairman), Martin Bain(Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director) Donald McIntyre (Executive Finance Director), David King, Paul Murray, Donald Muir, Michael McGill, John McClelland, and John Greig (all Non Executive Directors).






    That prior to 6 May 2011 the Board of Directors of Rangers FC was provided with management accounts and information on a regular basis and it would meet to discuss and agree policy and strategic matters, and discuss implementation and general management issues. The frequency of these Board meetings varied but there would normally be at least one formal meeting of the directors each quarter.






    That for some years prior to 6 May 2011 Mr. Ken Olverman, C. A., had held the position of Financial Controller of Rangers FC and he continues to do so. Prior to 6 May 2011 Mr. Olverman as Financial Controller had responsibility for the day to day management and operation of the finance department of Rangers FC. Prior to 6 May 2011, when signing along with an Executive Director he had a joint bank instrument signing authority up to a value of £10,000. His role would include the overseeing of payment of bills for all goods and services provided to Rangers FC. His role would include the overseeing of the preparation of any invoices raised by Rangers FC in respect of any sale or service provided to a third party. His role would include the preparation of management accounts and reports for the information of directors and departmental line managers. It would include the overseeing of the calculation of Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions deductions from wages and salaries of employees and employer’s contributions and the preparation of payment instruments in respect of these sums in favour of HMRC. It would include the overseeing of the preparation of the quarterly VAT returns and payments and accountings and the preparation of payment instruments in respect of these sums. It would include making arrangements for the payments of sums payable to HMRC.






    It would include the preparation with the auditors of Rangers FC of the annual accounts of Rangers FC which required to be lodged by the directors with Companies House in terms of section 447 of the Companies Act 2006 by 31 December in any year. It would include preparation of accounts and reports for the purposes of providing information to shareholders prior to holding the Annual General Meeting which required to be held each year prior to 1 January interms of section 336 of the Companies Act 2006.




    Which one of them is the patsie that is turning Queens?

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    SofTunis -thanks for the tip, will put it on the ole wish list.



    Am mainly goin’ with ZZ Top this week [ the new album produced by Rick Rubin].




    THere’s a very good Ace label compilation called ‘Behind Closed Doors’ that’s worth checkin’ out.

  18. Well done to everyone in the collection on saturday and throughout the months.



    Is the match on the tellybox tonight anywhere?




  19. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar.


    07:51 on


    25 September, 2012


    Complete set of Wee Oscar 4 Life Green Bucket Army







    the photies are magic, cheers Danny bhoy.



    certainly captures the spirit of the day, and the sun was out.



    well done.

  20. kitalba, 09:52


    Yes it is an interesting list, is it not.


    There are two key men in this, one of whom is not on that list – and there was much speculation a few months ago that either he or one named would be forced to help with enquires as otherwise a jail term awaited… interesting times

  21. Fassreifen:



    When you read that it lends credence to the opinion that Celtic should mortgage the ground, expand the south stand, open up standing areas and make the cost of admission a wee bit more affordable. Oh! and let the Supporters who want to buy a beer buy a beer. We could have all sorts of memberships aroung the ground all contributing to a collective goal.

  22. MWD / Kit


    Martin is doing well and we regularly pop in to CQN on a Wednesday night for a look at what is going on


    Our mate has moved to Melbourne and has a wee bit more work for me….which entails sitting and talking with Martin over a cold beverage or two!!


    not a hard job for me to do…..dont know about Martin though!!!


    MWD….I often think of you too when I look through my photos form last August


    hope all is well with you and yours


    Kit…will call later this week ….now you have found your voice!!!






  23. One has to wonder why Mr Johnston is getting involved in any of these things as he is long gone from that club and has nothing whatsoever to do with it any more. If the time comes when he is required to give evidence by the authorities, I hope he will do so.



    In my opinion, some are beginning to get very jittery and are preparing to bring down the SFA with them. The leaking of the ‘confidential’ document regarding the proposed deal to squeeze Sevco into Div 1 is indicative of this.

  24. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    mea culpa



    09:29 on


    25 September, 2012




    “The HMRC have already declared that RFCia activity was illegal, an attempted fraud.”



    THAT is the most important point in all of this, and a point which the media and all the zombie conspirators are TOTALLY IGNORING ……. But the legal teams are not ..!!! ……. The FTT is an appeal tribunal ….!!! …..

  25. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    10:22 on 25 September, 2012



    Is it possible Mr J may have had an EBT ?……. Just wondering like

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