Wee Oscar 4 Life bucket appeal nets over £31k


The fact that the Wee Oscar 4 Life campaign inspired hundreds from the Celtic community to raise money for the treatment of Oscar Knox will surprise no one, but the stunning amount of money raised by the bucket collection outside Celtic Park on Saturday, £31,918.05, is breathtaking.

I know those who decided something had to be done to help Oscar have no interest in our congratulations or respect, but they have it nonetheless. Well done to all who helped on Saturday and to those behind the campaign. You are a credit to our community. Again.

The team released the following statement:

At last Saturday’s Celtic game against Dundee at Celtic Park over 200 volunteers collected money on behalf of the ‘Wee Oscar 4 Life’ campaign as part of the Oscar Knox Appeal.  Wee Oscar’s Green Bucket Army raised an astonishing £31,918.05 in just two hours between 13.00 pm and 3.00pm before the Scottish Premier League game.

This campaign was launched by supporters of Celtic Football Club (the Celtic family) to raise money for Oscar Knox, a four year old boy who has recently been diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma- a rare form of cancer which mainly affects children. All funds raised on the day through the bucket collection will go directly towards helping to fund immunotherapy treatment abroad for Wee Oscar to help him beat cancer for good.

On the day, the campaign team and family were also joined by four supporters of Rangers and one supporter of Hearts. Oscar’s dad Stephen flew over from Northern Ireland and he also brought along some of Oscar’s family. Also taking part were the partners of Celtic players, Lisa Hague (Partner of Kris Commons), Alana Roe (Girlfriend of Charlie Mulgrew) and Debbie Lawlor (Girlfriend of Tony Stokes). Lisa Hague has just been appointed Patron of the Wee Oscar 4 Life campaign and commented on the day: “It was fantastic to take part and get involved on Saturday. I was overwhelmed to be asked and amazed at the support offered by the fans. I jumped at the chance to be Patron, even though I am 7 months pregnant, because this charity really stood out to me, not only because of wee Oscar but the level of support from Celtic fans. I’m determined to do as much as I can to get wee Oscar the treatment that he so desperately needs”.

Oscar’s family are from Belfast and Stephen Knox commented: “We are totally blown away with what happened on Saturday, I flew over myself with a couple of friends and I am so pleased that I witnessed the generosity of the fans first hand. In particular I want to thank the entire Wee Oscar 4 Life team who led this campaign and made it happen. I would also like to thank each of the 200 strong bucket volunteers who are playing a huge part in helping to save our little boy’s life.”

Oscar is fighting stage 4 neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer which affects 1 in every 100,000 children. He is currently responding very well to treatment but unfortunately neuroblastoma has a very high relapse rate and so to give him the best chance of survival he needs immunotherapy. This helps to stimulate the immune system, so that if the neuroblastoma was to return, his own body can recognise and attack it. The treatment is not currently available to Oscar in the UK and so the family needs to take him abroad to get it. The treatment is likely to cost up to £250,000. Sadly Oscar was also born with Jacobsen Syndrome, an extremely rare chromosome disorder. There are little over 250 confirmed cases in the world, and as far as we are aware, Oscar is the only child in the world ever to have Jacobsen Syndrome and then be diagnosed with neuroblastoma. The odds of this are about TEN BILLION TO ONE.

Future planned events include:

Wee Oscar 4 Life Celtic Quiz Night
This will be held on Saturday 29th September in The Phoenix Bar (X Eastenders Bar) Gallowgate Glasgow from 19.00 pm onwards. Tickets cost £5 (over 18’s only). Teams will comprise of 4 or 5 players but the organisers are happy to take individual bookings and for these people to be placed in a team.

To book tickets for this event, please email weeoscar4life@gmail.com quoting ‘Quiz’ in the subject field.

Wee Oscar 4 Life Race and Auction Evening
This event will be held on the Saturday 17th November in the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic Park from 19.00 onwards. Tickets cost £5 (over 18’s only). To book tickets for this event please email weeoscar4life@gmail.com quoting ‘Race’ in the subject field.

Glasgow to Belfast Cycle Ride
Wee Oscar 4 Life organisers are planning a cycle from Glasgow to Belfast for St Patrick’s weekend in March 2013 and will be looking for cyclist to take part in this event. Interested parties should email weeoscar4life@gmail.com quoting ‘Cycle’ in the subject field and the organisers will get back to you with more details.

For more information please contact the Wee Oscar 4 Life campaign team by emailing WeeOscar4Life@gmail.com.

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  1. One step removed from match-fixing? No. I believe they took that step. The level of financial doping they indulged in, the subversion of the laughable match officials, and their financial doping of large sections of the msm all amounts to match-fixing in anybody’s book…..apart from them and their cronies,of course.


    To them it’s just business as usual.

  2. 67 Heaven



    I’m not so sure. They will be found to owe millions, but will not pay it, because that will be a day on which Monsieur Charles decides that Newco is not Oldco after all.



    The main point is that the tribunal will show the payments to have been contractual, which we already know from Mark Daly’s documentaries, plus it’s what RTC said all along (although RTC hasn’t been on television with his evidence, or has he … ?).



    Anyway, dual contracts are the fellows. If Rangers did not declare to the football authorities all of the money that their players got for being football players (and I’m including Kirk Broadfoot in this), their players were incorrectly registered. The result, as we all know, is a 0-3 defeat in every game in which this was the case.



    It’s a lot of games.

  3. Up Donegal!



    Got back from Croke Park last night after watching Donegal win the All Ireland for the 2nd time. Was there in ’92 for our only other appearance so we have a 100% winning record there.



    It is a truly awesome occasion with over 82,000 crammed in and thousands more left ticketless. 10 of us flew over to hook up with extended Donegal family, 4 of us got tickets and I was one of the lucky ones.



    Mayo fans were fantastic. I think that’s the 4th consecutive final they’ve lost since the mid 90’s but were still shaking hands congratulating us, and having the craic in the pubs after the game.



    Met big Packie Bonner before the game and I know that Neil Lennon and Bertie Auld were there as well.



    Back to work now – it’s a good job we only get there every 20 years…my aging body cannot take the celebrations.



    Now for Celtic Park and the Rovers tonight.



    The new Donegal anthem…. Jimmys Winning Matches




  4. 2 matters.



    Firstly, that is a fantastic effort in raising such a sum.



    Secondly, at what point can we expect to see the newspapers in this country, the ‘leaders’ of this country (Mr Salmond?) expressing their dismay at members of the public questioning the integrity and independence of a Senator of the Court of Session? Lord Nimmo Smith may not be sitting in his capacity as a Senator but the accusation that he is part of a ‘kangaroo court’ and not independent is, at least from a lawyer’s perspective, astonishing.


    The bigger picture may of course be that Mr Johnston and co are pre-empting what they know will be the findings of the tribunal…

  5. Joe McHugh ‏@videocelts



    Any Celts in the Angus area? U-20 side in action against Aberdeen at Brechin 2pm kick off watch @MrAtajicB attempt to add to his 7 SPL goals

  6. This is a cracker



    Rangers Tax-Case ‏@rangerstaxcase


    The “it wiz in oor accounts” myth- Enron declared their off balance sheet structures in their accounts too. Didn’t mean it was legal.

  7. Length of time it takes before some stupid hun hears about ole Lizzie’s Abu Hamza intervention and thinks it’s only a matter of time before she steps in for Sevco?

  8. DBBIA ——–



    Thanks .



    Know —- Behind Closed Doors . Pal sent me a CDR . I love Aaron Neville’s version of The Grand Tour .



    ZZ Top ? Simply not my thing .———- I saw them – on a bill with Savoy Brown . It was a long night . Short haired , loafer wearing, suit clad me and a field full of Quallude victims on the outskirts of Houston. Things you do for love —

  9. Thanks Mort



    My daughter was in Tyrone for the weekend with her boyfriend and his family and couldn’t believe the support for Donegal.






    p.s. was at the Dundee game on Saturday before flying out and I was amazed at the amount of volunteers for Wee Oscar. Well done to everyone involved, you are an inspiration.

  10. traditionalist88 on

    Comforting to know that Mr RTC is never too far away to kick a few myths into touch when the need arises.



    I just hope we can rely on BDO to do the business- assests reclaimed and the new club clearly distinguished from the dead club(should the new club not also be dead by then!)



    At the moment its being portrayed as a straighforward change of ownership and there’ll be a lot of angry creditors if this is not challenged. Not to mention the precedent this could set- I’m sure theres more than a few clubs bound by UK law who would take the opportunity to ditch some debt and carry on as if nothing happened.




  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    I do enjoy Alastair Johnston’s letters home. The Proclaimers should pen a wee number about them. They’re jam backed with imaginitive, humourous material. For instance:



    ““Rangers” are “Rangers” notwithstanding the legal nuances caused by the application of various bankruptcy laws.”



    You got to hand it to the guy. That is quality comedy. Understatement at its finest. My Grandfather is still my Grandfather, notwithstanding the nuances caused by the application of death….



    Turning to one of his main points though:



    “The eminent members of the Commission must ask themselves – what were the real, not fabricated, consequences of Rangers not registering the information on EBT’s directly with the SPL. On the contrary, what actions would have been taken by the SPL at the time if all the detail of the EBTS, the total of which was reported annually in public accounts, had been submitted in a timely form. I genuinely suspect that the compliance officer would have reviewed the documents, ticked the important boxes that dealt with the players status and then routinely filed them for posterity.”



    He’s quite right. Had Rangers submitted all contractual information in a timely form as required by the Rules of the Game, there would be no issue. Unfortunately, it would have completely scuppered the Tax avoidance scam. You see, the essence of the EBT is that all payments are discretionary, NON-CONTRACTUAL. In order to disguise the contractual nature of the payments being made to the Rangers players, it was necessary to invalidly register the players with the Football authorities.



    The real consequences of Rangers not registering these details was the continuation of their huge tax scam, conceived entirely to permit Rangers to wage players they otherwise could not have afforded. The benefit to Rangers was, in round numbers, £47 Million over 11 years. And that’s the scams we know about.



    And finally….



    “whatever misdemeanor could be validly charged to Rangers, surely it was [just] a breach of procedure…”



    Well, yes Alastair. Not so much ‘ breach of procedure’ though, more a breach of FIFA’s Rules on the Registration of Players, causing such players to be invalidly registered and ineligible to compete. FIFA’s rules are implemented worldwide, and for good reason.



    I’m sure we would all be sympathetic had there been a simple ‘administrative oversight’, a mistake, happened once, never happened again type thing. But so many players? Over so many years? Well, let’s just say we are all just a little sceptical.



    Still, keep ’em coming Al. We look forward to them.

  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    Loved the wee Post Script to AJ’s latest:



    “PS Apols. I was going to enclose a cheque to help, but I had already sealed the envelope.”

  13. tully57,



    Good to hear from you and that you quite enjoyed your wee visit to Dublin.



    Hard to believe it was twenty years since the last one. I was at that one, too.



    Took my wee boys and both my big boys were there on Sunday.



    I was thinking about the chat we had, with your cousin, in Sean Og’s, re Donegal’s chances.



    T was doubtful that we had enough to beat Cork, but there was something very tangible about the spirit and focus in the Donegal squad that gave me confidence.



    Tactically, Donegal were superb and, I thought a master stroke on Sunday was the introduction of Christy Toye at that crucial closing period of the game.



    His steadying influence and sureness of handling eased us over the line.



    Congrats due also to the support, especially after the game, for staying off the pitch.



    This allowed the party to start on the field.



    RTE had a street interview with Neil Lennon before the game and Neil mentioned that he had met Jim when he visited Celtic recently.



    He looked at our facilities and they had a chat about their respective jobs. NL was very impressed with him.



    Tommy had a good interview with J.Mc.G yesterday, when the team took Sam to Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

  14. Even if it was just the Scottish Cup.



    In 2010, Dunfermline were initially kicked out for fielding the suspended Calum Woods as a sub in the 7-1 over Stenhousemuir. Dunfermline appealed and won the right to a replay at Stenhousemuir instead, plus having to pay a fine. In addition to the Woods problem, Dunfermline had filed a team-sheet without including players’ ages. This was pointed out before kick-off. When they added the players’ ages, they noticed they didn’t have the required minimum of two U21s and sought to change one of their listed subs.



    A certain Mr G D Smith, said at the time of the initial decision: “The integrity of the Active Nation Scottish Cup was paramount in the decision making process.” Some guy.



    Anyhow, Dunfermline appealed and got to play the replay, which they won 1-2 after extra time, going on to play Celtic in the fifth round. We beat them 2-4 at East End Park, but they were winning 2-1 at one point in the first half. Calum Woods scored an go to put us 2-3 up on 59 minutes, but I digress.



    There was a precedent for the replay and fine decision. Brechin City in 2008. Brechin achieved a great result by drawing 0-0 with Hamilton in the fourth round when Brechin were a second division side and Hamilton were at the top of the first. In the replay, Brechin won 2-1. Then it came to light that they ought not to have played Michael Paton because he had not been a Brechin player at the time of the first match against Hamilton; he signed in the interim on loan from Aberdeen.



    Initially, like with Dunfermline, the deal was that the game would be replayed and Brechin fined £10k. However, upon slightly more careful scrutiny of the Brechin team-sheet for the replay, some genius noticed that Willie Dyer was in exactly the same dire (sorry, Willie, couldn’t resist) situation as Paton. He had become a Brechin player, signing from St Johnstone, between the first cup tie and the replay and was therefore ineligible.



    One ineligible player led to the replay and fine decision. Upon realising Brechin had listed not one but two ineligible player, the SFA said the only outcome could be expulsion from the Scottish Cup.



    “I feel for Brechin, but rules are rules,” said Hamilton boss, Billy Reid.



    What, ergo, should the outcome be if almost all your players and subs are ineligible? What should the fine be? Is it £10k per ineligible player? Over how many cup ties? Over how many years?



    You might be tempted to feel sorry for any club in such a predicament, but rules are rules.

  15. “VICTOR Wanyama insists Celtic will treat Tuesday´s cup clash with Raith Rovers like they would a UEFA Champions League game.”


    Big Vic W. A superstar in the making.

  16. The Battered Bunnet, 10:52


    Very true. However I must take issue in that it did only happen the once – a bit like WWII, but lasting twice as long

  17. different subject.



    happened to read the Sun sports pages yesterday in a relatives house.



    They do a feature on “your 5 dream dinner guests”.



    Jim Ballantye, Airdrie (Zombie Clydebank ) chairman and head honcho at the SFL.



    His guests are –





    in the Dictionary under Dignity , its should just say “Her Majesty the Queen”.








    I am British, proud to be British, he is the ultimated British hero.






    What gallery do we think this yin plays to.



    Now remind me the SFL dont want to be involved in stripping the old co of Leagues cups, for why ?

  18. Very well done to all those involved in the collection on Saturday



    A couple of points from watching the football on the settee at the weekend, Zonal marking at corners, players can’t grab the concept and invariably leave it to someone else to pick up the runners as seen in Man Shittys goal against Arsenal and you can stick as many men behind the ball as you want against Barca and maybe hold out for 89 minutes but in the end they are going to spank you

  19. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    …I think you enquired about Paddy Gallagher last night.



    He posted during last week.



    He is more than doing well!



    Gets married in about 3 weeks time so too busy to blog at the moment.

  20. St Stivs,



    its been a standing joke with “real” Airdrie Utd people (including some ex-directors) about Ballantyne.


    He used to leave the games early to run into the boardroom to stick on SSN and whatever radio station was covering the huns games so he could listen to the last few mins of their games.



    He was forced to be the Aidrie front man by his parents and sister who are/were Airdrie fans…….unlike their son/brother, who was a real blue-nose.






  21. Ramie:



    Longest spell off work in twenty years, got sick of the pills doing no good so last night I went down the drive thru’ and got a bottle of Grouse. Going back to work tommorow. There is some truth in the ‘Water of Life’.

  22. Celtic_First



    11:18 on 25 September, 2012



    Even if it was just the Scottish Cup.




    Good point.



    Duffield and Co have in the past been punctilious in dealing with any minor irregularity yet now they all take a very laid back look at the misdemeanours of their old favourite.



    You have to admire the nerve of them don’t you?

  23. Slightly off-topic I know – but here goes.



    Under the heading – ‘Falling attendances – a sign of the times’.



    Interesting article in today’s ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’ about Napoli.



    During the 2004-05 season – while they were consigned to Serie C1 (the Italian 3rd tier) -for a local derby against Avellino they drew a crowd of 64,626! World record?! Probably!



    Last season their average home attendance in Serie A was just under 40,000. So far this season it is c30,000 – and for tomorrow’s match against Lazio they are expecting no more than 35,000.



    A ‘sign of the times’ indeed!




  24. if you ever want a laugh and have some free time go look the MIH website. tells you net to nothing, has no financial date in sight but opens with the usual bluster…….


    ” “Murray International Holdings is a rare commodity today in Scottish business. We are a privately-owned, multi-faceted group.



    It is our intention to continue creating and nurturing businesses with strong Scottish roots, to develop a Scottish company with a truly international perspective.



    Murray International currently employs 3,500 people worldwide in the metals, property, oil & gas and outsourcing sectors.”



    Sir David Murray, Chairman.”

  25. re different name, different entity = same thing, true story



    My late mother was called Mary. My late paternal grandmother was called Mary. By virtue of marriage to my dad, my mother shared the same surname as my aforementioned grandmother for some time (although they divorced in 1981 and my mum later re-married and changed her surname again).



    My youngest daughter’s first name is not Mary; it’s Madison. Her middle name is Mary though.



    My mum died in 2008, My youngest daughter was born a year and a day later. I can’t recall the exact date my paternal grandmother died, but it was a year ago give or take a couple of weeks.



    Today’s CQN Sevconundrum is:


    Which relative of mine is my wife taking to nursery this afternoon?

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