Wee Oscar 4 Life bucket appeal nets over £31k


The fact that the Wee Oscar 4 Life campaign inspired hundreds from the Celtic community to raise money for the treatment of Oscar Knox will surprise no one, but the stunning amount of money raised by the bucket collection outside Celtic Park on Saturday, £31,918.05, is breathtaking.

I know those who decided something had to be done to help Oscar have no interest in our congratulations or respect, but they have it nonetheless. Well done to all who helped on Saturday and to those behind the campaign. You are a credit to our community. Again.

The team released the following statement:

At last Saturday’s Celtic game against Dundee at Celtic Park over 200 volunteers collected money on behalf of the ‘Wee Oscar 4 Life’ campaign as part of the Oscar Knox Appeal.  Wee Oscar’s Green Bucket Army raised an astonishing £31,918.05 in just two hours between 13.00 pm and 3.00pm before the Scottish Premier League game.

This campaign was launched by supporters of Celtic Football Club (the Celtic family) to raise money for Oscar Knox, a four year old boy who has recently been diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma- a rare form of cancer which mainly affects children. All funds raised on the day through the bucket collection will go directly towards helping to fund immunotherapy treatment abroad for Wee Oscar to help him beat cancer for good.

On the day, the campaign team and family were also joined by four supporters of Rangers and one supporter of Hearts. Oscar’s dad Stephen flew over from Northern Ireland and he also brought along some of Oscar’s family. Also taking part were the partners of Celtic players, Lisa Hague (Partner of Kris Commons), Alana Roe (Girlfriend of Charlie Mulgrew) and Debbie Lawlor (Girlfriend of Tony Stokes). Lisa Hague has just been appointed Patron of the Wee Oscar 4 Life campaign and commented on the day: “It was fantastic to take part and get involved on Saturday. I was overwhelmed to be asked and amazed at the support offered by the fans. I jumped at the chance to be Patron, even though I am 7 months pregnant, because this charity really stood out to me, not only because of wee Oscar but the level of support from Celtic fans. I’m determined to do as much as I can to get wee Oscar the treatment that he so desperately needs”.

Oscar’s family are from Belfast and Stephen Knox commented: “We are totally blown away with what happened on Saturday, I flew over myself with a couple of friends and I am so pleased that I witnessed the generosity of the fans first hand. In particular I want to thank the entire Wee Oscar 4 Life team who led this campaign and made it happen. I would also like to thank each of the 200 strong bucket volunteers who are playing a huge part in helping to save our little boy’s life.”

Oscar is fighting stage 4 neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer which affects 1 in every 100,000 children. He is currently responding very well to treatment but unfortunately neuroblastoma has a very high relapse rate and so to give him the best chance of survival he needs immunotherapy. This helps to stimulate the immune system, so that if the neuroblastoma was to return, his own body can recognise and attack it. The treatment is not currently available to Oscar in the UK and so the family needs to take him abroad to get it. The treatment is likely to cost up to £250,000. Sadly Oscar was also born with Jacobsen Syndrome, an extremely rare chromosome disorder. There are little over 250 confirmed cases in the world, and as far as we are aware, Oscar is the only child in the world ever to have Jacobsen Syndrome and then be diagnosed with neuroblastoma. The odds of this are about TEN BILLION TO ONE.

Future planned events include:

Wee Oscar 4 Life Celtic Quiz Night
This will be held on Saturday 29th September in The Phoenix Bar (X Eastenders Bar) Gallowgate Glasgow from 19.00 pm onwards. Tickets cost £5 (over 18’s only). Teams will comprise of 4 or 5 players but the organisers are happy to take individual bookings and for these people to be placed in a team.

To book tickets for this event, please email weeoscar4life@gmail.com quoting ‘Quiz’ in the subject field.

Wee Oscar 4 Life Race and Auction Evening
This event will be held on the Saturday 17th November in the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic Park from 19.00 onwards. Tickets cost £5 (over 18’s only). To book tickets for this event please email weeoscar4life@gmail.com quoting ‘Race’ in the subject field.

Glasgow to Belfast Cycle Ride
Wee Oscar 4 Life organisers are planning a cycle from Glasgow to Belfast for St Patrick’s weekend in March 2013 and will be looking for cyclist to take part in this event. Interested parties should email weeoscar4life@gmail.com quoting ‘Cycle’ in the subject field and the organisers will get back to you with more details.

For more information please contact the Wee Oscar 4 Life campaign team by emailing WeeOscar4Life@gmail.com.

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  1. Ledley & Kayal set to make a return tonight, Brown to be rested, Miku, Lassad, Stokes, Twardzik, Samaras & Lustig all out injured.



    I’d go Forster; Matthews, Wanyama, Wilson, Izaguirre; Forrest, Kayal, Ledley, McCourt; Commons; Hooper.*



    Ambrose is being earmarked for CM tonight, but I’m not sure of the wisdom in starting him. It’ll be frenetic, and Raith Rovers will no doubt pack the midfield. Bring him on from the bench.



    *Not worth the dots, as it’ll never be that XI in a million years!




  2. Celtic_First


    “If Rangers did not declare to the football authorities all of the money that their players got for being football players (and I’m including Kirk Broadfoot in this), their players were incorrectly registered.”



    I am led to believe Broadfoot’s EBT was the first clue to something dodgy. HMRC had suggested the scheme could leave people at Ibrox with egg all over their face. Then Broadfoot fronts up. Cue the tax assessment.




    Just catching up and reading about the bucket collection. Unbelievable, truly incredible. The bucketeers, organisers and the interweb bams for a great awareness campaign that led up to it. Stunning. A hearty chapeau.

  3. charles kickham


    11:38 on


    25 September, 2012


    Saint Stivs






    Screensaver for today.




  4. **because you cannot ninja-edit posts**



    …My grandmother, mother and daughter all shared the same surname, so each of them were called (x) Mary (y), where x is the optional prefix Madison and y is our common surname.



    It’s like being called (The) Rangers (Football Club), but without the thousands of orcs, trolls, hobgoblins and zombies following you.

  5. Tally



    Celtic have nearly double the number of season ticket holders than The Rossineri, ( just for example ) not too shabby, considering wee play in a league where you’ve to eliminate the Swedish Champions and the Finnish Champions, just for the privilege of adding a CL package to your season ticket, and getting into the ( CL proper copyright MSM )



    Given the weather warning, yada, yada, yada if Celtic break 20,000 brave paying souls tonight for the Communities (third level tournament) they’ll being doing exceptionally well.



    Makes sense to me why Big Vic is being urged to bump his gums.



    Mon the Hoops

  6. My neighbour has a long haired labrador. He used to have one just like it when the kids were wee. Not long after the younger daughter moved out the family dog died. That was one loved dog. Exercised, taken to parks and lochs and to the seaside. A huge oil painting of the dog adorns their lounge wall to this day. Fed well, bones from the butcher for treats, even a heat pad in the floor of it’s huge kennel in the garden. ‘Ger’ (I kid you not) was petted and played with by the local kids.



    When Ger passed away many tears were shed.



    Much soul searching was done but many months later my neighbour got himself a new best friend. The new dog looks just like it, it’s a bit frisky but it’s still just a pup. It lives in the same kennel and gets the same food. ‘Barry’ it’s called. I asked my neighbour if he had though of calling it Ger.



    “Are you ******* sick?” he asked.



    I think that just about covers it.

  7. saltires en sevilla on




    Great job with the collection team on Saturday- was nice to put a face to a name




  8. Philbhoy



    lots of pain but getting through it….



    I’ll speak to my brother later on today and update will follow..



    thanks for asking.., been away all weekend so haven’t read back…

  9. Tallybhoy @ 11 36 .



    I went to Catania 0 – Napoli 0 [ AKA — The Derby of the Two Volcanos – there’s a quiz question ]



    Sunday afternoon – a 3pm kick off . Beautiful sunny day —– temp in the high 20s . Ticket prices reduced . 150 million euros worth of talent on the pitch. Attendance @ 13,000 . Tiny Napoli support A few years ago it would have been a sell out.

  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    He is in my prayers too. I do hope he is on the mend.



    Did you give him a hug for me?

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    10:31 on


    25 September, 2012



    That too ……LOL ……..there so much cormruption on the marble staircase……….and they’re all in denial

  12. Good Luck to Celtic this evening, hope Raith Rovers put up a good account of themselves and make a game of it, but no dancing in the Streets of anywhere in Fife please.



    Looked RR up on Wiki and found this…



    Chairman: Vacant



    Now is this how RFC’s top position looked during Alastair Johnston’s tenure?



    Experienced and Wiser fholk have highlighted much of what is wrong with his lastest statement.



    Now it’s the umpteenieth time that AJ has claimed the – technicality not cheating defence.



    Two points, firstly if Clubs fail to accurately register a player at any level of Football, whether deliberate or accidental, the game(s) that player is involved in is forefeit and penalties are applied.



    Secondly and let me put this in a non-technical way R@ngers FC by knowingly not disclosing the full terms of some Player’s particulars they were infact playing ringers.



    Playing ringers is cheating. Simples.

  13. BlantyreKev



    Surely you’re not alluding to the fact that the huns are a shower of flea infested, slabbering, smelly, matted mutts?!

  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I’d play Watt from the start tonight. We know what Hooper can/cannot do.



    If we can’t give the youngsters, the very good youngsters, a game against lower league opposition, when can we?

  15. up over goal



    I always prefer players to play in their natural positions. For that reason I’d have Wanyama in midfield and Rogne at centre half.

  16. Philbhoy



    Even against lower league opposition, I’m in favour of starting with established players/partnerships, and letting new players come on from the bench. New players aren’t used to the style Celtic and Scottish teams play, and their lack of experience can affect the other players around them.



    Anywa, the above is moot, as I’m sure we will see some unusual choices tonight – should be interesting.

  17. HT



    Wilson will definitely play. He and Rogne are a) too similar (good at getting rid but launch too many long balls to no one) and b) have a poor record together. Rogne’s recent form isn’t encouraging.




  18. Up over goal



    For your second reason I think tonight is an ideal opportunity to give them some game time together.

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