Wee Oscar


It’s two and a half years since Oscar’s dad, Stephen ‘Knoxy’ shared the news he’d just received that his three-year-old son had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an apparently rare form of childhood cancer.  All the pains and fears of that day, and the years since, came to the fore over the last eight weeks as the disease took hold.  Oscar’s battle ended yesterday.

On this day we should acknowledge the enormous work by so many people to get Oscar the treatment he needed, many of whom would never meet him.  The treatment cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, a daunting figure, but one which was soon met.  Without this fundraising, Oscar would have died in 2012.  Instead, he lived, played and inspired many with his enthusiasm until recent weeks.  His fantastic “Happy Birthday CQN” video message was recorded just two months ago; a gift to this community.

For now, there are no meaningful words for Stephen, Oscar’s mum Leona, sister Izzie and their family and friends, but we will be there for them in the months and years to come.

This disease, in all its forms, is a curse on humanity.  We need more fundraising, more research, more education on its dangers. 

Before Sunday’s game against Dundee United you will be able to buy a Celtic FC Foundation badge, to aid work with homelessness in the Glasgow area. Badges cost a minimum donation of £1, a price we can all afford to help our neighbours in most need.

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  1. shropshirejambo on

    RIP Wee Oscar. Tears on and off all day. I know your family are so proud of you and hope that they find the strength to help them through their grief at this time.

  2. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/



    It is a good way of weeding the huns out of your list



    2 left

  3. Beautiful Wee Oscar is at peace now.



    My sisters are at peace too.



    Pray for the family left behind.



    It will be tough.



    Beautiful support on here,amongst many other sources.



    They will get through this.



    May the souls of the departed rest in peace.



    Good Night and May Our Gods Go With Us

  4. malorbhoy



    21:19 on 9 May, 2014



    Wife and Ghirls doing a full tour of Vatican on Friday, with a wee Cowiebhoy who will be ordained as Father Walsh in June.



    Enjoy your cruise

  5. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    My Facebook account is scum free …



    I’m very lucky that I ain’t seen any trash talk that you mention

  6. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Oh that kinda F B? Was wondering how thems cld see you were a “F B”??!! <:0)

  7. Oooops, Walsh = Welsh


    And prayers will be offered for Oscar and the Knox family

  8. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    I think it came via twitter. Way way above my IT know how!!

  9. Lennybhoy



    No probs






    Will look out for her, tell her I will be at the Vatican she will recognise me as I will be the handsome Tim LOL ,

  10. Jude…..




    I choke,too….mate.



    Know I will meet my beautiful wee sisters up there one day….




    Wee Oscar too……Our little fighter…..Good Night and God Bless Him…..





    ► 4:09► 4:09




    8 Jul 2010 – Uploaded by TheBonScott33


    Eric Clapton tears in heaven with original lyrics live from new york city 1999 one of his best …

  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    You have mail.



    Sent you the same guide as St Malorbhoy!



    If she is going for the full tour then she is in for a long but worthwhile day.




  12. scotlands shame on

    Didn’t know the wee man or his family personally but having suffered personal tragedy too this year just feels like heaven filling up with all the good folk, leaving earth a much poorer place. Life really isn’t fair an its just so hard to fathom.


    No words can explain or ease the pain, just so sad.

  13. Cowiebhoy…..



    Avoid the ‘official’ tours of the Vatican…..,BORING…..zzzzzz



    Lots of students outside,avoiding the Swiss Guard,will give you an ‘alternative’ view for 10 euro.They know what really happened!!



    Do the ‘official’ tour next time and contrast / compare



    Great fun in a great city……Enjoy.

  14. pauloantony on

    That day the news of a child’s need all those years ago … Made me feel part of a wonderful powerful community of good special people.



    We responded to a plea from a father to his fellow friends most of which he never faced before.



    The response astounded me though I always knew that we would in such situations.



    I have watched this special boys journey … Through the highs and lows and felt that I walked beside him…..


    Urging the wee fighter to keep up fighting ….



    The news this morning devastated me even though deep down … I suspected this day was coming ….



    I hoped for a miracle….



    Tonight though …. I realise he was a miricle ….


    To everyone


    A wonderfully inspirational wee boy …



    I hope that his mum and dad and familyfind strength to cope with the grief.



    God bless you Oscar




  15. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    Thank you … This does bring back some very tough times for me .. But i know I was lucky enough to have 23 years of my sons good health

  16. Cowiebhoy….



    If you haven’t been in Rome before …..it is not the cleanest city in Europe….not by a long way….



    Goes without saying the Architechture is quite good though!!

  17. Some moving tributes on this great blog today.



    Saw the news earlier today and even tho I’ve never met wee Oscar, its difficult not to have a heavy heart and great admiration for his struggle and sad passing. If there are angels, they are with him now.



    We are lucky enough to have a 19month old boy and he is my beginning and end . I can’t begin to imagine the pain Oscars parents are in and send all my prayers to them.

  18. Delaneys Dunky on




    Aye bud, looking forward to meeting completely new faces. That I feel like I know, and maybe do in some cases?

  19. Thanks for memories wee mhan. May you rest in the eternal paradise with the Father forever. Mass will be offered for your repose of your great soul tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with the Knox family tonight. thank you for the great example of family unity and courage you have shown to all of us.

  20. Rye



    Thanks, wife’s first visit, but both Ghirls been before, and they will be well looked after by young Deacon ( soon to be Father ) Welsh, plus now armed with BRTH guide book

  21. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on

    Would hope that lots of people donate to the justgiving page in wee oscars memory

  22. Jobo Baldie on

    Cowiebhoy –



    My wife and I were lucky enough to go to Rome for the first time last year. BRTH’s guide was invaluable and a fantastic read.

  23. West Wales Celt on

    Sad, sad news.


    All life is precious but, I’m sure, none so much as your own kid.


    My heartfelt sympathy for Oscar’s family, I can only imagine your feelings at the end of this journey.


    Oscar, much admired and missed my his family…

  24. Cowiebhoy….



    Take the Ghirls to the Spanish Steps….



    Easier to climb up to the top of the Jock Stein stand at my age…..they will love the shops at the bottom…..



    Wee restaurant across the road from the Coliseum does Pizzas to die for…….Your credit card limit will die too lol

  25. Someone posted earlier about losing a child. They had been consoled with the advice that the more important thing is the impact you had, rather than the length of the life you live.



    This is undoubtedly the case with Oscar. He has had a wider impact, whether that be on public knowledge and concern about Neuroblastoma, the disgraceful limitations on treatments provided by the NHS or, even now, the Children’s Hospice which is only a few miles from where I live and which continues to treat other life limited kids. Oscar’s parents have reacted with amazing fortitude and selflessness in promoting the issues surrounding this illness- for the benefit of all other children afflicted by Neuroblastoma. I hope and pray that they can find renewed strength in the coming months and years and that they reflect on the positive influence Oscar and they have had on us all.



    Oscar is one of many children who will require treatment for this illness, treatment which may need families to raise money, requiring parents to become fundraisers, PR and social media experts in a time of obvious other priorities. Whilst successive governments administer a system where there is insufficient funding for children like Oscar, there are no questions about continuing to fund nuclear submarines, wars abroad, multi-billion political vanity projects, HS2 and tax breaks for multi national conglomerates.



    Political priorities in Britain, Ireland and the wider capitalist world truly stink when Oscar Knox had to go to America for treatment, said treatment being paid for by voluntary donations.



    I hope that Oscar’s amazing legacy will prick the consciences not of his legions of fellow Bhoys and Ghirls but those of our political masters whose priorities to this point do a disservice to good people like Oscar and his family.



    God bless wee mhan. God bless.





    It is,mate. I didn’t notice you had also posted it.






    When stuck for words,the correct ones will have to do….

  27. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    St Ambrose Coatbridge beat Springburn on pens to win the Scottish Shield tonight at Douglas Park.

  28. Been a long day (of reflection) since I posted my condolences just after BRTH broke the sad news this morning about the loss of our Wee Hero Oscar.



    A remarkable wee Bhoy – much loved judging by the many posts these past 12 hours. I hope Stephen, Leona and Izzie will take comfort from the words in days to come.



    Some lovely pics posted – but my abiding memory of the Wee Fella was the night of the Cliftonville game. Broonie was holding his hand as he and the Match Officials and the Cliftonville Captain were having their pictures taken pre-K.O.



    The ball was on the centre-spot and Wee Oscar lets go Broonie’s hand – takes a run at the ball and hoofs it up the park – MAGIC (wish I could find a clip of it – I smile every time I think of it).



    For those wondering how to make a donation (as requested by the Family) – I used the text option: 70070 and KNOX55 then £5/10/etc.



    The donation goes to the N.I. Children’s Hospice – a worthy cause. H!H!