LAST MAN STANDING is a regular feature on Celtic Quick News these days, where there is a great deal of excitement as readers select one team per week to win – it is much harder than it sounds!

There’s an element of public humiliation for those of us who have had to take an easy bath (flaming Czech Republic couldn’t dispose of Northern Ireland!) and there will be real tension as the weeks go by and we get to the business end of the competition.

Thanks to a few roll-overs there is now a prize total of almost £2500 and with no further roll-overs allowed, this will be won in the coming weeks by a lucky CQN’er.

Below Celtic Roller Coaster (CRC) and Jobo, who do a brilliant job running LMS, provide us with an update and after that we hear from Mary, wee Shay’s mum and you will see the real reason the two Bhoys work so hard to make this all happen.

It even makes the humiliation of an early exit almost bearable!

Good luck to everyone still in the competition!

Here’s what CRC and Jobo have to say…

Shay McGinlay Update and prize & donation monies declared for LMS8

Having now made it through the first 4 rounds and fast approaching week 5, we are now in a position to let you know about the prize monies and donations raised.

150 gallant entries started off with us at week 1, including a number of new players and some also taking advantage of the ability to enter more than one team.fb_img_1465748657099

We are delighted to announce a whopping prize fund of £2,490 for that Last (Wo)man Standing. With no more rollovers in LMS8 some lucky person is poised to scooped the lot!

We are also over the moon to announce that a further £1,005 will be heading very soon across to support Wee Shay, A fantastic effort, so thank you for all your support.

We are now down to 95 teams, but would like to thank all entrants for their support and we hope to see those who are no longer with us in LMS9

We started our support for Wee Shay in August 2014, and it would be good to give you all an update. To date, through LMS and other related fundraising activities we have raised over £10.5K towards Shays treatment and with funds raised by his family and other friends we understand that the third year of treatment is nearly financed. Each years basic ABR treatment costs around £6k.

So a wee update below from Shay’s mummy, Mary

Thanks for your support

CRC and Jobo


Shay is doing well with his Abr therapy and his private physio sessions we have been doing with him. He is a lot stronger with still a long way to go for him.

We are now looking to start another year of ABR Therapy (the third year) on the 26th October in Glasgow, Shay will get an initial assessment first and then we can do some therapy training as well. Thank you to everyone at CQN for all your help with our fundraising. As you all know ABR Therapy Treatment isn’t available on the NHS so we are doing different fundraising events ourselves.

With your help & all our friends & families help we have managed to raise enough funds to cover our first and second year and into our third which is amazing in this time that everyone has been fundraising.

From the private physio Shay has had different exercises to push himself to try and stand with little boots with us holding him for support. We are asnapchat-8794767962546467539lso looking into getting him an Upper which will give him the total sensation of walking while attached to one of us with the harness.

Shay started nursery on 22nd August and this should also help him progress great and hopefully reach some different milestones. He does still get small regular tasters but he isn’t ready to eat quite yet.

We had previously agreed with Abr to do the 3 years which we are going into. We are now looking into Boncath Scotland which is a cerebral palsy therapy centre in Glasgow which will do therapy blocks for shay to hopefully get a place on and attend.

We are hopefully going to try and get Shay a standing frame which will maybe help him with standing and with his posture. This is all being looked into at the moment and this is what we are hoping to go for in the near future.

Shay is continuing to sleep well and avoid hospital as much as he can. He has had one overnight visit in the past 3 months and one day for an X-ray but got home. Shay is continuing to babble more and more and we have found the reflux does stop him from doing it more which we are trying to get under control at the moment.

You can read about shay here:

I have attached some photo updates too.

Thanks again to each and every one of you for getting us this far, We look forward to continuing ABR Therapy and looking into starting Bobath Scotland in the near future with shay & hopefully continue to see positive results.

He is our little superstar, Shay Bhoy will always have a smile on his face no matter what life throws at him.

Mary, Tam & Wee Shay Bhoy.


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