Week with a sting in the tail


The narrative was set for Aberdeen.  After six consecutive league wins without losing a goal, their bubble was burst when they drew with Dundee and St Johnstone, but it hasn’t turned out that way.  They have scored 10 and not conceded in the three league games since.  Out of the Scottish and League Cups, their entire focus is on beating teams less resourceful than them in the league, which is everyone apart from Celtic.

Despite Celtic’s impressive ability to collect points dating back several months, Aberdeen are hanging in there, a remarkable achievement.   The only thing which separates the teams are Celtic’s two 2-1 wins in their previous meetings this season.  From Saturday afternoon Aberdeen’s complete focus will be on their visit to Celtic Park on Sunday.

By contrast, Celtic will return to Glasgow early Friday morning after their trip to Milan.  They will face Aberdeen pretty much as that trip leaves them.

If I was offered a win and a defeat this week, I’d take the win in Milan, but we will need enough in te tank for Sunday’s game.

Thanks to everyone who booked a ticket over the weekend for the CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner on Friday on 13 March at the Kerrydale Suite.  Anyone still to catch up, let me know, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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  1. Ahhhh timing :-)



    The version of The Soldier Song sung at Parkhead is mostly instigated by the Green Brigade who don’t sing the add ons.



    Ps GM I’d imagine there’s a fairly large percentage of Celtic supporters who although not ‘Irish’ would claim their ethnicity as Irish.



    In my opinion that entitles them to sing it mate.


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:23 on 23 February, 2015





    Bearing in mind that Celtic supporters belt out The Soldiers Song with only the add-on of GBTP-which I agree is best left out-I think that most Irish people would only hear their anthem being sung,with pride and respect to their land.



    If anyone takes exception to the above because of one single additional line,they need to get off their high horse.



    And in many cases it will be the proverbial white charger.

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    In a staff room in a school somewhere in the west of Scotland this lunchime, teachers are bemused as a colleague runs round them shouting “Podium! Podium!”

  4. leftclicktic


    12:22 on


    23 February, 2015




    12:18 on


    23 February, 2015





    Waste of time trying,bud.



    Richie is cool personified.



    I know that now :)))


    Now I need tae buy a bike ,Yon Jamesgang is getting younger looking.

  5. Told my good lady I was taking a half day on Thursday for the big one.



    “How sweet” she replied. “What’s the plan? What are we doing?”



    Turns out it’s her birthday.




  6. Disagree Paul, league is our bread & butter, Europe is a bonus, treble is our priority this season!

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    Nir Bitton is so relaxed on a football pitch, he keeps his hands in the pockets of his jeans. Or so it appears.





    Rank outsider wins,in the face of heavy competition from more fancied options.



    Cheltenham must be roon the coarnir…



    Well done,bud. Is your recovery from last week coming along,cos I’m back home in less than three weeks and drink may be taken,subject to escape clauses/tunnels.

  9. shamrock hoops


    12:25 on


    23 February, 2015



    I’d take league and progression past Inter Milan plus 1 other trophy over a treble. European football is a far better test of where we are as a team than the domestic cups.

  10. The Battered Bunnet on

    Inter or Aberdeen? Unfortunately we can’t trade results.



    Let’s take Inter and see what Sunday brings.

  11. leftclicktic



    Indeed. I had the headphones on at work on Thursday and gave the game away with what I thought was a subdued cheer when the 3rd went in. Every stood up across the office.

  12. BMCUWP



    In the context of the media you described the bigger nutcracker.



    I was thinking more of the SFA who are not fit for purpose.

  13. I think the games will take care of themselves, a win in Milan will have the guys buzzing, a loss in Milan will have the guys determined…………….2 wins for this Fenian.





    12:29 on 23 February, 2015




    NATKNOW. 1218 previous



    Stunning punchline!




    Ithankyew! :-)

  15. TBB



    Watching Bitton yesterday I almost shouted out “He’s behind you” panto style just as he released the ball.



    Cool or wit?

  16. skyisalandfill




    12:30 on 23 February, 2015




    Natknow from the last thread.



    Very droll








  17. Those of a certain age might remember Leeroy Thornhill the long-legged and long armed dancer with The Prodigy.



    Nir Bitton reminds me of him.





    Brilliant,bud. You’re screwed.



    I say that by consolation…

  19. TBB



    Ha no I was on way back from a conference in the City Chambers and as luck would have it…..:-)

  20. winning captains 12:30 on 23 February, 2015






    Tickets for CQN 11 will be sent out next week.



    Winning Captain –



    Cheers, thanks for that.



    H x 2




  21. MWD………….Usually scroll past your stuff but smiles at your pain with the “Brit loyalist” stuff.



    Is it really beyond you that I can be a unionist/republican/socialist?



    Hurts being a minority, been there, you’ll live.





    Personally I would apply it to the SPFL/SFA as well.



    Then move on to the next target which has seen us in the position we now are.



    All those with a responsibility to society have surrendered to equivalency,due to cowardice and interests. The time is long past when they should be challenged and taken out,but what the hell,do it now just for the hell of it.



    Dragging us into it now is just that step too far and it has to be stopped.

  23. leftclicktic



    12:18 on 23 February, 2015


    starry plough


    They were all telling visitors as they came in the front door,


    “please dont mention computers especially dont mention Copy & paste or we will have to listen to him again” :))))))))))


    Till later all









    Visitors coming through the front door?!?!



    I have this vision of them selling tickets, giving ‘roll up, roll up…….come and watch the amazing auld Ghuy copy and paste….!’ & queues of gobsmacked all done the street waiting their turn to be amazed.



    It was quite like that, wasn’t it?!!?



    HH jamesgang





    City Chambers,eh? Discussing the oul’ mineral rights,no doubt.



    Careful not to give them too much,bud. They’ll only spend it on an unexpected asbestos problem in the sooside.

  25. BMCUW



    Really struggling with it ol pal it took me an age to climb to the heights of 406 yesterday.



    Never mind, foot elevated on a bar stool will do it the power of good :-)

  26. Bawsman


    12:38 on


    23 February, 2015


    Oh, the irony that Alex wanted to keep the Monarchy is sweet anaw. hahahaha.



    Well,you should know about that.You must have been on his side.You actually voted for it.

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