Weekend at Bernie’s, response to the refugees, Ralph Milne


Well done to the thousands who turned up for the Jock Stein 30th Anniversary game at Dunfermline yesterday. Money from the match is already helping refugees through the British Red Cross’s Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal.

The club site this morning reported David Miller of the Red Cross said, “Celtic FC Foundation and their fans’ support will make a real difference to the refugees and communities affected across Europe and in neighbouring countries. Thank you for supporting the appeal.”

We have a great auction coming up this week for hospitality at the Dundee game later this month, all funds going to the Foundation.  Look out for it.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Ralph Milne yesterday. Ralph was one of the outstanding talents of Scottish football when he won the league with Dundee United in 1983, a day after his 22nd birthday.

His scored the goal which won the league, but the memory of his chance in the European Cup semi-final, a year later away to Roma, still induces regret. 27 years later Roma would admit to bribing the referee for that game, as they progressed to the final with a 3-2 aggregate.  A few years after winning the league the writing was on the wall for Ralph’s career.

I watched him playing a student team on a public park, telling the incredulous English person I was with about Ralph’s European Cup semi-final exploits three years earlier.  He then floated around the English lower leagues before Sir Alex Ferguson signed him for Manchester United.  Fergie remember the Ralph we were all amazed at from the 82-85 era, but by then (1988) Ralph was a a shadow of his former self.  One of the game’s greats became one of its parodies.

Weekend at Bernie’s

Kick back and give yourself 20 minutes to have a read at Weekend at Bernie’s, recently published by the Hostile Monkey blog. In the light of last week’s court appearances it is a fully referenced, line-by-line, assessment of the “same club myth”, detailing six areas instances of the debate:

The Lord Nimmo-Smith Commission Argument
The European Football Club Association Argument
The UEFA website argument
The Advertising Standards Authority argument
The BBC Trust Argument
The SFA Registration Argument

It’s worth bookmarking for future reference.

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  1. Wtf…..thought I was logged out….naw it’s ok, new article posted…..1st team or benched








    One thing I try to avoid is being a crawling obsequious git. I’m not very good at it. And that’s why I’m really sorry that we’re gonna miss the pleasure of your company again.



    But while we might miss you,I doubt you’ll miss us.



    Not with the alternative on offer.



    Have a great time wi the wee fella,mate. Bevvy sessions come and go,but time wi yer lad is paramount.

  3. Blantyretim. Cheers mate. Wee mans nearly 3 so that’s ideal. Just not sure if we will get the weather. On a lighter note 5 0 Germany tonight. Scotland r horrendous. FTSFA.

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    MACJAY 1205



    I did read the article. My work mail addy allows me access to The Telegraph,and I’ve long enjoyed reading it.



    I take my reading where I find it,my opinions are a different matter.



    There was nothing in that article which changed my thoughts about Mr J. Merely reinforced them.



    Perhaps Teresa May might allow him to use those expensively-purchased water cannon to repel invaders? I dunno,but it might be an idea. After all,they’re not much cop in the water,are they?

  6. RIP Ralph Milne. When you consider what Dundee Utd did with a 6000 average attendance, there is a case to be made for Jim McLean being the world’s greatest ever manager. Cheated out of a European Cup final, UEFA finalists. Sturrock, Milne, Bannon- scottish, moulded into a side which beat the best from the top 5 leagues.

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Will Broonie play? Will Shaun Maloney float in a series of inaccurate corners? Will Charlie Mulgrew carry on poorly impersonating a centre back? Will Jamsie get a run out? Can Scotland get back in to the running in the group? Will the Germans thrash us? Oh oh oh, I know the answer to that one….. Would a cow lick Lots wife?



    LastChanceSaloonScotland CSC

  8. Paul



    “Ralph’s European Cum semi-final exploits three years earlier”


    Cup surely! ;)



    Took my eldest son and a friend from his class and other than three drunken idiots behind us in the second half, they really enjoyed the day – just a shame more of the players didn’t come over to the fans as Vinne and James McAvoy did.




  9. There are factual inaccuracies in the Hostile Monkey blog about the ASA and it kind of puts me off reading the rest of it.



    There’s no function within the ASA to promote revenue growth within the advertising industry. Nor does it make rich people more wealthy. Given that it’s funding is based on a small levy of all advertising costs, they’d be richer if it didn’t exist.



    In many, many respects the ASA ruling on the Sevco ad (and ads generally to be honest) was totally meaningless in the overall scheme of things anyway.

  10. Macjay @ 11.38



    So much wrong with Boris’s thinking



    First line:-



    “Recognising that not all migrants are refugees is the first step to finding a constructive way forward ”



    No it isn’t. Recognising that there are people dying as they flee the destruction we drop on them, having armed both sides of this conflict, is the first step. A constructive way forward can wait.



    “everyone feels for those who are fleeing torture and misery in Syria, or whose homes and lives have been wrecked.”



    No, you don’t. You described them as a swarm, with all the connotations that has. You emphasise the benefit-seeking, queue-jumping aspects of their behaviour, rather than the conflict-fleeing aspects, and you are just now getting caught changing tack because you have been shamed, though you still behave shamelessly.



    “the UK is by a long way the number one European donor of humanitarian aid to Syria”



    When the figures were published on humanitarian aid to Syria in September 2013, the largest donors in order were










    Saudi Arabia













    However, as a percentage of GDP, the order was this



    Kuwait- by a long way








    Saudi Arabia


    The UK was lying in joint 6th place with Finland, Denmark and war-torn Iraq


    The USA donation was a smaller proportion of GDP than Ireland’s



    Leaving Syria aside- General Humanitarian aid, in absolute terms, is ranked as
















    but ranked by percentage of GDP, we have:-















    However, all these contributions become less significant when you see the Med countries which are having to cope with this influx of desperate peoples. Greece, Malta, and Italy are having to spend monies which are not yet being calculated and compared as they struggle to support people staying alive. Germany and other countries have shamed us in our willingness to allow people in to their country, to take their share of this desperate group, when we have played the “swarm” card.




    “Germany, Italy and several other western European countries have seen a marked fall in their indigenous birth rate. They have ageing populations, and are failing to produce enough young people of their own. In accepting large numbers of energetic young migrants, they are actuated not just by compassion – though that cannot be denied – but also by a certain economic logic. It cannot be said Britain is in exactly the same position. We are going through a population boom. Our schools are bursting ”



    Shameful sleight of hand. The UK has had a better population growth rate of 0.7% compared with the European average of 0.34%. Our population grew by 400,000 between 2012-13, compared with 300,000 for Italy and France, and 200,000 for Germany. We are in the same boat as our European colleagues with the same issues. The only difference is that they have built enough school capacity to cope while we have refused to do so, and that is a shameful red herring with which to insult our intelligence.



    In summary, The UK is not uniquely bad. Our attitudes compare favourably with nations like Russia and China which have the economies now to do more.



    But, we can criticise the UK because it is the only country we get the chance to influence by voting and campaigning. If we did not put pressure on our Bullingdon government, they would try to get away with doing as little as possible.



    P.S. Macjay- did that photo of the Syrian lad dead on the beach get published in Australian newspapers or is it banned by law?

  11. •-:¦:-•**• -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    How am I supposed to keep track of what day it is when there’s international football on Monday nights?

  12. I’m looking for two tickets to the All-Ireland football final in Croke Park on Sunday September 20. Tickets are impoosible to get in Dublin. Can anyone get me two tickets………please?

  13. Was just thinking, over some lunch there – how many refugees could Ibrox and Minty Park hold?



    I’d pity the poor souls until they spruced the shiteholes up a bit, however, finally some good could be wrought from those dens of iniquity after all these decades of marinating in the dark side…

  14. Too many plastic politicians on here, not thinking through the dire long term consequences of opening the floodgates.



    Deal with the root of the problem. Extremism in their own country. Help them help themselves.



    Funny that these refugees are not fleeing to Saudi, Yemen, Iran etc. Plenty of mosques and Arabic there. Cultural allignment.



    So why would they want to go to Germany, UK, Australia?



    Because they are Economically orientated migrants.



    And the silence from the Arab nations is deafening.





    You and I can have our disagreements on occasion,but I’ll buy you a pint for that post.

  16. Afternoon Timland from a wet hun free mountain valley[Childish I know, but I don’t give a feck]




    Well said.






    And then we have another brainless fascist, Oh Dear.

  17. One of the troubles with Political thinking in Scotland is the continued hangover from voting generational with Labour and then the Braveheart effect and the swing to SNP – the party of no morality.

  18. SFTB



    Your argument is with macjay, why do you demean yourself by broadening it to having an obnoxious and puerile dig at Australians as a people?



    I never took you for a racist.

  19. •-:¦:-•**• -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Sometimes in idle moments I like to imagine how Brisbane and other Australian towns and cities would be had all immigrants been willing to adapt to the customs and traditions of those already living there.





    The countries surrounding Syria are supporting around six million refugees.



    Without the infrastructure to do so.



    A million and more in Turkey. 600,000 and climbing in Jordan.



    Four,yes four,million in Lebanon.



    That’s about the equivalent of that country’s population beforehand. In a country which is less than 70 miles square.



    No offence,bud. I appreciate your point of view because it is a very difficult and emotive subject.



    But the neighbours are doing their bit.

  21. The US along with its faithful puppies (UK France Turkey Israel Saudi etc) are determined to oust the Assad regime. Theyve armed trained and encouraged the various motley crew of depraved terrorist groups, including Isis ,to bring down the government. These countries have no true interest in the collateral damage ie: civilian deaths and refugees and they only take in refugees due to puplic pressure. If they get their way in Syria watch out for the next victims like Yemen ,already a work in-progress,Tunisia and Algeria.

  22. Brisbaine 67



    I assume from your Avatar you live on the Isle of Oz?



    Are you born and bred Oz national with native Australian ancestory or are you a product of economic migration from Western Europe, Asia for a better life in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s? Or did you migrate later due to job prospects based on your skills were Autralian companies offered extremely competative salaries to those migrating as well as sponsoring them?



    MWD said AYE

  23. Kitalba



    “Your argument is with macjay, why do you demean yourself by broadening it to having an obnoxious and puerile dig at Australians as a people? ”



    Sorry, you have mistaken a genuine question for a dig.



    On a UK programme, aired at the weekend, the assertion was made, by the Aussie comic, Adam Hills, that the picture could not be published in Australia because of current laws. Personally, I thought that his assertion was unlikely to be true, which was why I asked a question of the Australian I was replying to.



    But, you can beat him to the answer. Is it illegal to publish that photo?

  24. BMCUWP…..how can you afford it…..pretty sure you’ve pledged to buy every1 on CQN a pint….;-))



    SFTB…..that’s a good post….however….how much money does that equate to?….do u have the figures



    Sparkleghirl…..that’s ok…I thawt yesterday was Monday….I swore never to follow Scotland wen Craig Levine was in charge…..then whilst Calderwood & Hutton wer playing….then wen Hutton was playing….ach 1 of these days….;-))










    Their neighbours don’t have a lot of say in the matter.

  26. bamboo



    There is absolutely no doubt that the Taliban, Assad, Hussein and Gaddaffi were all monsters.



    However, there appears to be no understanding from the west that they cannot successfully re-build these nations after toppling their dictatorships.

  27. Brisbane 67 and Macjay



    The refugee crisis has been caused by the Western powers and their rich Arab allies. The destablisation of Iraq, Libya and Syria is completely down to the neo-cons in USA and their allies in Europe, the foremost among them being Tony Blair. The biggest gains in the crisis have been made by the arms manufacturers and so called security consultants.


    The losers are the civilians in these countries. There will be many “economic” migrants amongst those desperate to escape the war zones. It is clear that the best way to stop the mass migration is to stablise their countries of origin. Good luck to anyone who takes that task on.


    Cheap platitudes from the likes of Johnson do nothing to help the situation. His mates in the banking and arms industries are making fortunes out of the misery of hundreds of thousands of innocent refugees.


    Shame on you for supporting such an evil b…….d.


    His comments are reminiscent of Sleekit. You call yourself a Tim? Aye right.

  28. thom the thim



    Have to get back to work.



    I don’t have the absolute figures to hand but, if you google



    Humanitarian aid by countries


    Humanitarian aid by countries to Syria


    Humanitarian aid by countries as a proportion of GDP


    Humanitarian aid by countries to Syria as a proportion of GDP



    Two of these came from the Guardian, I recall



    Back to work- lunchbreak over

  29. SFTB:



    I believe every caring Australian has seen the pictures, I believe every caring person in the world has seen the pictures. I also believe that a lot of callous swan neckers have seen the pictures too. Is it illegal, I don’t know, you tell me, but for the first time in twenty years I missed a whole nights sleep watching Australian generated pictures of the crisis. Do you think the Australians don’t care? Really?



    You, like so many others, like to quote statistics – in isolation – that support their argument alone whilst conveniently ignoring the bigger picture.



    You quote GDP statistics. Here is one for you to look up, how big is the land mass of Europe compared to that of Australia? What is the population of the U.K., never mind Europe, compared to that of Australia? How much does the commercial, transportation and social structure cost an Australian per annum compared to most counties in Europe? What is Australia’s biggest contibuter to its GDP and how is she going to survive if the world continues to tear itself apart the way it presently is? Where do all the profits garnered from the sweat of the Australian workforce actually end up? Which country is buying up Australia like once when the Arabs had their land grab on London?


    There is no water in the desert; None. You can’t drink sand….


    Australia does not have a great track record when it comes to giving safe haven to fleeing refugees, but it is far from the worst, but don’t forget its relative isolation. Don’t forget a lot of things, unless you have an agenda.



    I’m so pious, I’m so good, I’m so much more compassionate than you are or your fellow nationals.



    So feckin easy to say. So feckin easy to boast. It is not what nations do that will make the difference, it is what individuals do and what they force their respective governments to do.



    Am I doing my wee bit… Yeah I think so but if I get caught God alone knows what my punishment will be. I’m not doing it as a Scotsman, nor as an Australian, I’m just doing it.



    It is not the colour or the creed, nor the race….

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