Weekend at Bernie’s, response to the refugees, Ralph Milne


Well done to the thousands who turned up for the Jock Stein 30th Anniversary game at Dunfermline yesterday. Money from the match is already helping refugees through the British Red Cross’s Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal.

The club site this morning reported David Miller of the Red Cross said, “Celtic FC Foundation and their fans’ support will make a real difference to the refugees and communities affected across Europe and in neighbouring countries. Thank you for supporting the appeal.”

We have a great auction coming up this week for hospitality at the Dundee game later this month, all funds going to the Foundation.  Look out for it.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Ralph Milne yesterday. Ralph was one of the outstanding talents of Scottish football when he won the league with Dundee United in 1983, a day after his 22nd birthday.

His scored the goal which won the league, but the memory of his chance in the European Cup semi-final, a year later away to Roma, still induces regret. 27 years later Roma would admit to bribing the referee for that game, as they progressed to the final with a 3-2 aggregate.  A few years after winning the league the writing was on the wall for Ralph’s career.

I watched him playing a student team on a public park, telling the incredulous English person I was with about Ralph’s European Cup semi-final exploits three years earlier.  He then floated around the English lower leagues before Sir Alex Ferguson signed him for Manchester United.  Fergie remember the Ralph we were all amazed at from the 82-85 era, but by then (1988) Ralph was a a shadow of his former self.  One of the game’s greats became one of its parodies.

Weekend at Bernie’s

Kick back and give yourself 20 minutes to have a read at Weekend at Bernie’s, recently published by the Hostile Monkey blog. In the light of last week’s court appearances it is a fully referenced, line-by-line, assessment of the “same club myth”, detailing six areas instances of the debate:

The Lord Nimmo-Smith Commission Argument
The European Football Club Association Argument
The UEFA website argument
The Advertising Standards Authority argument
The BBC Trust Argument
The SFA Registration Argument

It’s worth bookmarking for future reference.

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  1. Ger57



    I won’t respond in kind to your abusive language, but suffice to say, your fascist mentality of ramming your political ideology down our throats, speaks volumes for what kind of child you are.

  2. Brisbaine 67



    I think you may have been wanting to reply to someone else there. I have not addressed you other than to ask (to paraphase) how you ended up in Oz?



    But now you mention it.



    You are a fanny!



    MWD said AYE

  3. THE EXILED TIM on 8th September 2015 12:04 pm



    We’ve got a government in Scotland.



    They’re the ones who gave us the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.



    The nats are awfae good at telling us what they would do about things they don’t have control of. Personally I’d rather judge them by what they do about things they do control.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BRISBANE 67 on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2015 11:25 AM


    Countries simply have to protect their borders.



    End of story.





    Worse than that.


    If you can`t control your borders ,you don`t have a country.



    “Imagine” that.

  5. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2015 12:10 PM


    Common sense is nothing more than a set of prejudices you happen to share..






    Someone, don’t know who, once described common sense as the metaphysic of the barbarian. Certainly seems to fit most people who appeal to it for justification of their views.

  6. Brisbane 67 who do you think is the best young prospect in our development squad who may break into the first team squad

  7. ‘If you can`t control your borders ,you don`t have a country’







    And wouldn’t that just be awful.



    It would make the bay Jesus cry that would.

  8. B67


    Tory-Fascist-Scum, one and the same.






    I never mentioned the SNP.


    I believe, naively perhaps, when scotland gets their independence, a socialist party will rise to the top.


    It’s all about choice, presently the people of scotland have none.


    If you are happy with the way things are, fine, I know many thousands who are not.



  9. Kip time -but before I do-



    Much hype on the radio re —- ” Europe ” agreeing to take 40,000 of Italy’s refugees / migrants . Sarky correspondent couldn’t resist a ” well -that’s this month and next month dealt with.”

  10. Macjay and Brisbane 67



    I bet the indigenous Australians wish they had protected their own borders from economic migrants.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ger57 on 8th September 2015 12:42 pm



    Lois O` Donahue might disagree with you there.

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I posted this before but Celtic sent out a young team to Spain to play Seville Berget was in the team and he scored an absolute screamer if my memory is right we lead 2-0 at half time but lost the game 4-2. I think we boobed letting him go but that happens.H.H.

  13. BMCUW/South of Tunis,



    I’m now humming Friday night, Saturday morning by The Specials. One of my favourite bands, (not one of my favourite songs though!!).



    Árd Macha

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