Weekend at Bernie’s, response to the refugees, Ralph Milne


Well done to the thousands who turned up for the Jock Stein 30th Anniversary game at Dunfermline yesterday. Money from the match is already helping refugees through the British Red Cross’s Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal.

The club site this morning reported David Miller of the Red Cross said, “Celtic FC Foundation and their fans’ support will make a real difference to the refugees and communities affected across Europe and in neighbouring countries. Thank you for supporting the appeal.”

We have a great auction coming up this week for hospitality at the Dundee game later this month, all funds going to the Foundation.  Look out for it.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Ralph Milne yesterday. Ralph was one of the outstanding talents of Scottish football when he won the league with Dundee United in 1983, a day after his 22nd birthday.

His scored the goal which won the league, but the memory of his chance in the European Cup semi-final, a year later away to Roma, still induces regret. 27 years later Roma would admit to bribing the referee for that game, as they progressed to the final with a 3-2 aggregate.  A few years after winning the league the writing was on the wall for Ralph’s career.

I watched him playing a student team on a public park, telling the incredulous English person I was with about Ralph’s European Cup semi-final exploits three years earlier.  He then floated around the English lower leagues before Sir Alex Ferguson signed him for Manchester United.  Fergie remember the Ralph we were all amazed at from the 82-85 era, but by then (1988) Ralph was a a shadow of his former self.  One of the game’s greats became one of its parodies.

Weekend at Bernie’s

Kick back and give yourself 20 minutes to have a read at Weekend at Bernie’s, recently published by the Hostile Monkey blog. In the light of last week’s court appearances it is a fully referenced, line-by-line, assessment of the “same club myth”, detailing six areas instances of the debate:

The Lord Nimmo-Smith Commission Argument
The European Football Club Association Argument
The UEFA website argument
The Advertising Standards Authority argument
The BBC Trust Argument
The SFA Registration Argument

It’s worth bookmarking for future reference.

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  1. 16 roads – Celtic über alles:



    I live and work in what could be described as the middle east. Every Sunday Muslims make sure that I am picked up from my apartment and driven to a FREE CATHOLIC CHURCH and taken home again. At their expense, at their time, at their families time. Now I walk instead. I won’t take advantage of their time on earth.






    How many bombs have the Muslims reigned down on the UK or Ireland? Or America? Compare and contrast and try to understand. Put the other mans shoes on even if you don’t feel comfortable in walking in them.



    Feel what he feels.



    Feel his pain.



    Understand his anger… regardless whether you agree with it or not… feel his pain. Her pain. His and her dead child’s pain. The child that died from a bomb dropped by a western ‘endorsed’ WAR plane.

  2. macjay1 @ 1:35 pm



    “Recognising that not all migrants are refugees is the first step to finding a constructive way forward ”






    “Now that`s where the big divide exists.



    Yes it is the first step.



    The basic issue is to provide assistance to the needy. Not to economic migrants.”




    Sorry, I am not clear if you are agreeing with me or with Boris here. What is your first step? If it is agreeing with Boris, you would feed, clothe and rescue no-one, until you had determined which category you could place them in. By that time, it may be too late





    “You would be aware of the circumstances surrounding the tragic drowning of the child.


    $16,000 worth of dental implants was the driving force.IF the aunt of the child is to be believed.


    Now don`t argue with me .Argue with her.”



    Is she on here? No! But you are and you were the one who was buying that point of view, even after it had been explained to you that his teeth had been smashed out by one form of the IS barbarian armies. You still sure the aunt had a point? You still sure that this was her main point? You still sure that he had no concerns about his children and families future in a society and land where Barbarians were behaving like this? I heard what the man said about his kids and his family in his grief- I noted that he made not one plea to get his teeth fixed. If that had been his sole or even his main motive, he would have callously stood on the sympathy he was receiving in order to obtain hundreds of offers of free dental treatment. You still sure he was that callous or does projecting such callousness onto him make it easier to ignore?



    Too late ,I`m afraid for me to continue our discussion.


    However,Australia is the biggest accepter of refugees per head of our population in the world.


    And in real terms second or third.


    Oz accepted 4,500 refugees from Syria one year ago before the rest of the world took much notice.


    Sorry, beddy byes.”




    I never made any accusation against Australia’s attitude towards aid or immigrants. It forms no part of my argument.

  3. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Kitalba – I put this to you – Western government is not Christian, on the contrary – Western government, NATO, Zionism is vehemently Anti-Christian.



    None of their Satanic acts are carried out in my name or in the name of Jesus.



    Perpetual war, destruction, chaos – that’s their agenda.



    Do you understand that we are on the brink of a third world war?



    These people are criminally insane – and they will stop at nothing to achieve their evil agenda.



    I believe that some people /sheep are living in a cocoon.



    This is real time, happening right now.




  4. I look at Islam being 1000 years behind Christianity, 1000 years ago Christianity thought it was strong enough to declare holy war on the world and slaughters thousands probably millions in the name of the Christ, a thousand years later Islam is following suit. The difference being Islam is not being hypocritical, they are simply following the example of their prophet, who butchered anyone who opposed his message, Medina being the first example where he wiped out the Jews who refused to conform to his message.



    I am told there were two writings, the initial the Madinat being more respectful of other sons of Abraham, the later became less sympathetic due to the criticism, I’ve tried to find a bit more to support this but as yet not a lot.


    I do know that since the sixties the wording of the Koran has been changed to bring a more violent meaning to the word jihad.


    Again I’m told the initial meaning was like missionary, bring the message but like Christianity most missionary work was the initial infiltration into local communities until they became strong enough to impose their beliefs and morals.

  5. I learned this afternoon that Roy Stewart has incorporated the Green Brigade in to his forthcoming album. I’m not really a fan of his but it tickles me that he obviously loves the Celtic as much as any of us.

  6. SFTB



    I have always admired your approach to CQN debate and would aspire ( forlornly) to your concise and analytical thoroughness.



    It wouldn’t have anything to do with your schoolin’ wid it?






    lang may yer lum reek oul’ bhoy!

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I dont pretend to know the answers to the troubles in the middle east but in my simple mind if we followed Jesus and loved our neighbour as we do ourselves the World would be a much better place. H. H.

  8. JFH,


    We don’t know that, it’s more likely Christianity would be wiped out. But that’s no excuse for what was done in his name.

  9. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Canalamar. Anything that man is involved in has its weaknesses and as you say many things have been done in his name which had absolutely nothing to do with Jesus but all to do with mans own weakness. However,a true Christian like Mother Theresa has shown us a first class example in my opinion. I believe we will have to answer for our transgressions .H.H

  10. ISIS are obviously maniacla zealots with no respect of people or anciaent cultures killing peolple who won’t convert to their religion and destroying ancient temples…. they remind me of someone who has a statue in london,,at parliament..

  11. Canamalar,



    Lol. Ive never heard of the dude before in ma puff so he’s obviously not very good ;)



    I didn’t catch the game on Friday but a couple of mates tell me they were pretty good.




  12. oooooooooooooooooo getting close …..The Germans ….world champions and hot favourites ….my 20 odd years here tell me that we have a braw chance to survive with oor tackle intact ! …anything else is a bonus ….hahahaha enjoy ….



    meine augen sind geschlossen ….hoffenlich der Schiedes auch ….




  13. JFH,


    Yep that’s about the jist of it but there are many many good souls doing good works, not all are Christians.

  14. I wee post away from the politics, religion…



    Watching the Scotland game with my bhoy whilst my daughters boyfriend is watching the Eire game in the living room with my daughter, although I would prefare Scotland to get the play off place, I’ll play Devils advocate tonight :))

  15. Time to watch the Scotland game.



    I expected a bad result in Georgia as we do not travel well to what we perceive as smaller countries.



    By that token, I expect a better Scotland performance tonight. Unfortunately, better might still not be good enough. Might need Georgia to do us a favour in Dublin

  16. NZB - Beelin' and greetin' Troll Heids on

    NB I fear you’re spot on there ha! Happily share a weissbier with ya watching this one pan oot but I think we’re gonna be chasing our wee puppy tails here. Oh and a lurker hour…spot on. Time to suggest to the big mhan, and keeping religion out of it now I’m talking ’bout P67. Braw? I’ll leave your line to you ;)

  17. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    Robert Tressel,



    Agree with everything in that post and would adk the question – who’s buying the oil from them?



    Arguments over Islam and Christianity are futile surely, terrible acts have been done in both their names, and in none of them



    These things are possible because either a man believes his God thinks its right, ir because a man believes there is no God and he can do what he wishes

  18. Gross inequality between the rich and poor breeds resentment and encourages the militants to ferment violence. The West’s war industrialists are only too happy to supply the weapons. The banks will lend the developing/mineral rich countries cash to buy these weapons. Simples!


    In the meantime civilian casualties and refugees are dismissed as collateral damage. But it becomes a crisis when these refugees want to come to our country. The stench of hypocrisy from our business and political leaders is nauseating.


    I don’t pretend to have the answers but surely it must involve making the refugees’ own countries safe and comfortable to live in.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    I have absolutely no idea of the spatial position of SFTB relative to his self, but in my experience, the chap’s by no means boring.



    Lobbed in, now skying it.

  20. Sipsini



    Is Devil’s Advocate a game on xbox? ;-)



    Very low key in Dublin tonight before a game. I’m hoping for 0-0 in both games

  21. Mother Theresa !! the company she kept and horific care patients endured under her eyes and name


    It seems the BBC and papers are where folks are getting news.


    enjoy the game.

  22. Coneybhoy…



    I can’t see us keeping a clean sheet against the Germans and reckon Ireland will take two off Georgia.


    Catch a beer with you in Dublin in March. HH

  23. That is the most seriously poor Scotland side since the last Scotland side, strikers that don’t score, midfielders that don’t create, defenders that can’t defend. Several ‘off form’ Celtic players , a few ex’s to boot.



    Not looking good for WGS, but he took the job.

  24. £80,000,000 been spent bombing Iraq this year alone, that’s going to bring peace and stop the flow of refugees eh, well done Britain

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