Weeoscar4life Glasgow quiz night


The good people running the weeoscar4life campaign have been in touch and asked me to pass on information regarding the appeal and forthcoming quiz night in Glasgow later this month:

“As many of you will be aware the weeoscar4life campaign team have recently been involved in raising the profile of a wee 3 year old boy from Belfast called Oscar. Many of you have kindly supported this initiative by purchasing CQN badges and wee Oscar wristbands and taking part in the “Small Change for US, Big Change for Oscar campaign”, with the money raised all going towards getting Oscar the treatment that he so desperately needs.

The next event that we have organised to help raise the £250,000 required for Oscar’s treatment is a quiz night. This will take place on the 29th September in The Phoenix (Previously Eastenders) on the Gallowgate with a 7pm start.

The quiz will be made up of a variety of questions, 50% Celtic related and 50% general knowledge. There will be raffle prizes and we also hope to have some live music after the quiz has finished.

Tickets are priced at £5 and you can buy as many as you wish for friends and family so long as they are over 18. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to make up a team of 4/5 as we will arrange you into teams before the event. We hope to be able to offer a ‘print at home’ ticket service so that you would be able to simply bring your tickets on the night.

Until then if you can contact us at weeoscar4life@gmail.com then Wecan begin to allocate spaces to those who have expressed an interest.

Thank you once again for your continued support.”

It is sure to be a fantastic night so please book early.

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  1. borrowed from elsewhere……..but very true



    Debt? We’re Newco. Titles? We’re Oldco. Punishment? We’re Newco. History? We’re Oldco. EBTs? Newco. SFA Licence? Oldco. #TheSevcoWaltz


    Wee heads up,folks.



    Was unable to access my e-mail account a few minutes ago-it seems it may be getting used by another person.



    Fortunately I had been on it a bit earlier and it was ok,so shut it down and reset it.



    Anyway,any e-mails from me between say 0800 and this time tomorrow,please……




  3. MWD



    Chunk Green – ” Let’s make no mistake about it. We bought those titles. ”



    I think Green is more accurate in that statement than he actually understands.

  4. Just received e-mail from Amazon telling me my copy of ‘Downfall’ SHOULD arrive between 25th September and 4th October! FFS!



    Delay, apparently, due to them waiting on deliveries from supplier.



    Hmmmm, indeed!




  5. Chuck was giving it large regarding his trip to Geneva to the AGM of the ECA



    ECA Objectives:


    •to safeguard and promote the interests of European club football in particular, and club football in general;


    •to represent the interests of the clubs as employers and to act as a social partner where appropriate;


    •to contribute to the healthy development of European club competitions organised by UEFA, by taking part in the relevant decision-making process;


    •to contribute to the good governance of European football, in particular by participating in the appropriate bodies established within UEFA;


    •to foster the exchange of information and expertise between clubs and other football stakeholders;


    •to support and uphold the sporting values and principles on which European football is based;


    •to maintain contacts, cooperation and negotiations with any football-related organisations, or with any relevant public and private institutions as well as with non-member clubs.



    to contribute to the good governance of European football, in particular by participating in the appropriate bodies established within UEFA;



    Chuck does walking away from appropriate bodies established within EUFA

  6. Celtic have seen a number of their league games rescheduled because of television coverage over the next three months.



    A total of five away games have been changed with the St Mirren clash on 20th October, Aberdeen on 17th November and Kilmarnock on 8th December switched to lunchtime kick-offs. Meanwhile, the champions must travel to Dundee United on 4th November.



    The Tynecastle tie against Hearts has also been moved to a slightly earlier 7.30pm kick-off but still on its original 28th November date.



    The Hoops’ home fixture against Dundee United that was postponed in August now takes place on Wednesday 12th December.



    St Mirren (A) Saturday 20th October 12.30pm



    Dundee United (A) Sunday 4th November 12.45pm



    Aberdeen (A) Saturday 17th November 12.00pm



    Hearts (A) Wednesday 28th November 7.30pm



    Kilmarnock (A) Saturday 8th December 12.30pm



    Dundee United (H) Wednesday 12th December 7.45pm

  7. Celtic FC Tickets ‏@CelticFCTickets


    Ticket Office is now open. 3 match packages are now on general sale. Max of 2 per customer due to high demand and limited availability. (a)




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  8. The whole thing is a blatant smoke screen designed to get the majority of people to accept a lie hidden within the bulldroppings.



    You’ve all missed it.



    Sevco are claiming they have purchased RFC Plc’s league titles.



    Duff & Duffer have colluded in the lie that league titles are assets that can be bought and sold.



    Without doubt Sevco will have taken legal advice and know that RFC Plc’s misdeeds will not go unpunished. They’ll already know the oldco doesn’t have a leg to stand on and will be expecting that the oldco’s league title wins will be reduced from 54.



    In knowing this they’re going for a bit of sleight of hand.



    They’re trying to convince the world that the titles are owned by Sevco and that when judgement is handed down that it’ll be against their will but will then spin the further lie that it’s all okay and that they now have, say, 44 titles.



    The fact remains.



    They have 0 titles.















    Don’t fall for the smoke and mirrors that’ll fool the morons that support the Sevco myth.



    The facts remain, you can’t buy league titles. They don’t pass over to a newco when an oldco liquidates. There is no continuation of Rangers.



    The die have been cast and it’s obvious to anyone who is willing to look hard enough.



    They have been beaten already, the bampots have beaten them.



    They’re now just fighting to get the morons to believe that none of it happened.



    That is all fine. Keep buying the tickets. Keep buying the replica strips. Keep buying.



    Nothing to see here. Move along.



    Well all I can say is this.



    We aren’t as stupid as your target audience Mr. Green.



    Your Sevco can change it’s name all it likes, you can change it to Bare Ar$e Alona if you wan’t but we all know that you’ve started an new venture and the new venture has no history, has no league titles, has no way to make us believe the lies you’re peddling.



    Stupid Sevco.

  9. Morning CQNer’s



    Just watched the program on ITV from last night about Hillsborough. OMG !!!


    Liverpool and Celtic have been – Champions of Europe


    Liverpool and Celtic sing the best fitba song of all time(imo) – YNWA


    Liverpool and Celtic seem to be the victims of Miberry – Off the pitch(on a grand scale)


    Liverpool and Celtic fans – Will NEVER Walk Alone


    From The JUNGLE To the KOP – The 96 Will Live In Our Heart’s Forever


    God Bless Hail Hail

  10. Top of the morning to you all from sunny Fife where everyone has a bleary-eyed look after watching TV half the night.



    Well done Andy Murray you did Scotland proud although it looked at one stage in the fourth as if he was finished he rallied and triumphed.



    As Amazon have run out of copies of Downfall it looks like Phil is on to a winner and after Charles Green’s latest ramble the book will probably be the first of a trilogy.



    I think I will post this snippet from BRTH on my wall so that I can keep track of Green’s position:


    “We are Rangers… We are Not Rangers…. yes we are Rangers…. just not the Rangers with the debts… we are The Rangers who are debt free. We are not part of the SPL, but we own the titles that the SPL awarded to someone else entirely who were called…… well Rangers…… and if the SPL, who issued those titles, in any way decide to take those titles away from that other somebody who is or was called Rangers…. then we will not be giving them up because they belong to us…. The Rangers…….and we will not be going to any legal hearings about this issue……. but if there is a decision which we don’t like then we will be appealing to the courts against the decision which we were not party to and which may well have not been against us at all but against that other Rangers… because……. well…… just because……ok?”

  11. Hearts defender Ryan McGowan says he rejected the chance to join Rangers before the transfer window closed as he did not want to drop down to the Third Division.



    Rangers saw a bid accepted for the 23-year-old, but were unable to persuade the Australian to make the move to Ibrox.



    McGowan confirmed he spoke to Gers boss Ally McCoist about a possible deal, but he feared dropping out of the SPL would harm his international prospects.



    “Hearts accepted a bid but I rejected it,” said the full-back in the Daily Record.



    “Ally McCoist called me to go and see him, which I did out of courtesy, but I explained I didn’t think it was the right move.



    “I was put in a position with Hearts accepting the bid. Rangers may have good players but you only improve by playing against the best, and that’s in the SPL, not Division Three.



    “It’s a massive club but it wouldn’t have helped my international prospects. It was a football decision.”

  12. Rangers fc



    The biggest SCAM in football history …


    Put to the 3rd division



    But sponsored by the tax payer fir £130m



    Not bad for a scam